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  1. Name | Alaude Tataru Nickname | False Samurai Title Name | N/A Gender | Male Age | 17 Home Link | Alaude's App Village | Water Terrirtory Clan | Tataru Clan Village Ranking: | C Rank Shinobi Ranking | Genin Element(s) | Water Specialties | Primary: Ninjutsu (Novice) Secondary: Bloodline | Tensogu (Elemental Spirit Ninjutsu) Chakra | 200 (Ninjutsu Perk) Stamina | 100 Jutsu | Equipment | Forms | Creatures/Summons | Styles | Mentors & Pupils | Friends & Family | Tataru Clan Members Recent History |
  2. Update Type | Mission Completion Update Name | Spy Mission Update Training | N/A Update Cost/Pay | +15 EXP and 500 Ryo Update Links | N/A ----------------------------------------- Update Type | Mission Completion Update Name | Training Mission Update Training | N/A Update Cost/Pay | +15 EXP and 500 Ryo Update Links | N/A
  3. Mission Name | Training Mission Type | Water Village Ranking | C Repeatable? | Yes Reward | 500 Ryo, per Participant Mission NPCs | 1 D Rank student Mission Description | You are tasked with teaching an academy student the basic techniques requred to pass the shinobi academy. Teach them the following three jutsu to prepare them for their exam. Transformation Technique Clone Technique Surface Walking Technique Word Count | 600 Words Requirements | C+ ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mission time yet again for the false samurai, this one would probably be the easiest one yet, this one involved working at and helping students in the academy, particularly Alaude would have to teach one of the students the very jutsu needed to pass the ninja academy which at this point would be easy as a summer breeze. Alaude would make his way to the to the academy's training grounds where the student was patiently waiting. While this was going to be easy it could just as well be challenging, especially since Alaude had to instruct as well as teach the student how to use the various jutsu. Alaude himself was a very talkative person, in fact he believed that the less words you spoke the better, the less chance that someone would misunderstand your intentions. In any case Alaude was going to try and do his best during this mission. Alaude would watch as the student walked up to him, "You must be Mr. Alaude, I was told that you were gonna help me learn the three just important for graduation? Don't worry I almost have the techniques down all by my self so I don't need you to explain them to me, I was just hoping if you could just show me the techniques in action and I am positive that I will be able to catch on quickly without needing little to any assistance..." Alaude was happy inside, the boy was confident in his abilities that the false samurai didn't need to instruct it was perfect, this job was going to be a walk in the park Alaude had thought but he would decide to take precautionary measure and teach the kid anyway, "Okay kid, lets just start off with the Surfacing Walking technique. Its easy all you need to do is focus your chakra into your feet with a bit of concentration to keep your self from falling or sinking through surfaces." Alaude would began to build up chakra in his feet before walking up the side of a tree next to the training grounds, he would gesture to the kid to give the technique a try as Alaude stood horizontally on the tree looking down on him. Alaude would watch the kid build chakra into his feet easily, it would see the child had skill in chakra control. As the boy mad his way to the bottom of the tree would would slowly step onto the side of the tree before climbing to Alaude's height, "Yay I got it! See I told you I don't need you to give me instructions just show me." Alaude would agree that he no longer needed to instruct the child just show him, some people were capable of learning things by just seeing it once and maybe that kid was apart of that group, Alaude wouldn't call his kid a prodigy but he had skill indeed not many ninja could master the surface walking technique that fast, Alaude himself didn't get the hang of it on the first try. In any case it was time for him to move on. Alaude would leap from the tree as the kid would follow him, "Now here's the transformation jutsu visualize your target." Alaude would form the hand signs before transforming into a mirror copy of the boy. He would wait for the boy to observe him before returning to normal and allow him to try. The boys attempt once again had been perfect, he had managed to turn into a copy of Alaude, could this child actually be a genius? If so the next generation of ninja were going to interesting to say the least. Now it was time to preform the very last technique the clone technique one of the most popular jutsu for most ninja without an explanation this time Alaude would preform the jutsu. he wanted to see how the kid would preform without a hint. Even still the boy was capable of using the clone jutsu but at his current state he was only able to produce a single clone which would still be enough to pass the academy. The boy would jump and down as he was happy he learned the jutsu, "Thanks for your help Mr. Alaude I have to go tell sensei about this I'll catch you later!" Alaude would watch as the kid ran off into the building. Boy had this been a interesting and informative mission, Alaude would be sure to watch out for the next generation for ninja but for now he needed to turn in his mission. [EXIT] Chakra Remaining: 185/200 Word Count: 764 Jutsu Used: Surface Walking Technique, Transformation Technique, and Clone Technique
  4. Konan: 23Kisame: 18Deidara: 9Hidan: 30Obito: 20 Kill Deidara, Save Kisame
  5. Mission Name | I SpyMission Type | Water VillageRanking | CRepeatable? | YesReward | 500 Ryo, per ParticipantMission NPCs | 1 Stealthy C Rank rogueMission Description | You've received a report that there is a spy in the Market District. Go there, find the spy and either kill or apprehend the spy. The spy is skilled in Fire Ninjutsu.Word Count | 600 WordsRequirements | C+ ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This time Alaude had been alone to handle daily mission tasks, he was confident enough in his skills to be able to handle a mission like this especially since it involved investigating a undercover spy. The mission called for him to kill or bring the spy to the higher ups and with Alaude's skill set it would be easy enough for him to accomplish. Having acquired a couple of new jutsu recently would almost ensure that he would end this mission in complete success but of course he would not use the jutsu if he did not have to. To kick off the mission the false samurai would make his way to last sighting of the spy in attempt to trace his steps. From what he could find the spy had yet to leave the area. Could they have been hiding or transformed into something else? Alaude would then began to observe some people in the area, non at first looked suspicious but upon further inspect Alaude had came across an elder woman with a leg holster of a ninja tied around her leg. Alaude himself had been hidden between two small buildings allowing the shadows between them to hide him perfectly from view. Despite the fact that his target could not see him he still have full visual access to her. Just as stated the woman would continue to act suspiciously as if they were searching or looking to find something. He could see that the woman's attention a focused on this building but he couldn't understand why. Moving slightly out of his cover to get a better look, he could see an equipment shop filled with various other ninja tools that a rivaling group could stockpile and steal. Not only would this allow for the spy to steal from the village but this would also allow him to do some major damage if he was truly hostile. During that time the spy could steal whatever they wanted who would suspect an elder lady of theft? There would be no away that Alaude would allow this to happen, he needed to get in between the shop and the "elder woman" before it was to late and there was only one way he could think to do that. Upon making the appropriate hand signs Alaude would activate the body flicker technique allowing him to move at a blinding speed to intercept the the spy. "Stop right there ma'am. I know what your trying to do but its not going to work not anymore." The "elder lady" now realizing that she had be caught would began to come up with various excuse to get herself out of this situation, "Oh my my eyes must be going bad again, every time I try to find my home I always end up in the equipment shop." Alaude not believing a word the lady had said would signal the lady to the exposed leg holster on her thigh to notify that her cover had been blown. He would began to approach her while also simultaneously pulling a kunai from his leg holster, "Give it up granny, drop the act. Any more lies and I will put you down." Alaude would let a fierce killing intent leak from his body to scare the woman into submission even if we was capable of C-Rank combat skill there was no way she was a match for anyone as young as Alaude. Watching the woman jump backwards and prepare hand signs fitting of a Fire Release Jutsu, Alaude would quickly fire five needles from his modified launch to strike the target before they could activate the jutsu. Alaude would rush her just in case she tried anything else and knocking her out by striking her with the back of his hand at her neck. As predicted the spy had been using a transformation technique, their true appearance being that of a young male, Alaude would pull the needs from the mans body cleaning the blood off of them on the mans clothes before loading them back into the launcher. He would then active his clone technique having the clones help him carry the spy but not before searching the man only to find building schematics of future buildings which could essentially boost the economy of the village. Alaude was absolutely going to take the spy to the higher ups which were certainly going to question why the ninja was targeting the economy of the village, this had been a strange order of events. [EXIT] Chakra Remaining: 175/200 Word Count: 750 Jutsu Used: Body Flicker (C-Rank)
  6. Update Type | Jutsu Purchase Update Name | Substitution Jutsu (Free Forgot to Claim) Water Prison Jutsu Body Flicker (C-Rank) Cutting Pulse Genjutsu Kai Update Training | N/A Update Cost/Pay | 700 Ryo Update Links | Substitution Technique Water Prison Jutsu Body Flicker Cutting Pulse Genjutsu Kai
  7. Update Type | Equpiment Purchase Update Name | Flak Jacket Kunai Pack (50 Ryo) Shuriken Pack ( 50 Ryo) Explosive Tags Set (300 Ryo) Leg Holster (200 Ryo Kunai Leg Holster (200 Ryo) Senbon Pack × 2 (100 Ryo) Modified Senbon Launcher (300 Ryo) Update Training | N/A Update Cost/Pay | 1,200 Ryo Update Links | N/A
  8. Update Type | Specialty Rank Up Update Name | Ninjutsu Beginner --> Ninjutsu Novice Update Training | Tataru Training Update Cost/Pay | N/A Update Links | N/A
  9. Stalemate had this entire fight been neither side capable of pushing their target or full stopping thier target, Alaude without any jutsu surpassing the traditional academy jutsu was incapable of penetrating or forcing his way through Jin's defenses. Despite giving it his all the false samurai had not even laid a hand on his Soul Brethen. This has completely agitated Alaude, all this did was show him they he needed to work harder, be faster, learn more... His current abiltiies were no longer enough for his to get by. As Alaude would rush towards Jin from the sky aiming to strike him he could see the activation of the substitution jutsu replacing him with an rock big enough to stop the kunai and Alaude. Knowing that this would leave him open to an attack from Jin's puppet Alaude, would push off the rocket before preforming the Dog, Boar, and Ram seals for the final time. Once again had Alaude activated the trasnformation technique returning himself to a transform into mouse capable of avoiding the incoming assault of the puppets mechanical claws... Upon moving two meters away from the puppet he would return to his normal state, "Alright, Jin I think that is enough for today..." That was all the false samurai could say, before walking towards the feline like puppet and raising its claws to cut deep enough into his forearm to cause a scar, it was clear that this was Jin's win but that was not why Alaude had scratched the claws into his arm. No he needed something to signify his loss, something to remind him to push himself harder to become the ninja he wanted to be, he needed to be. If that had been an actual fight he could have easily ended up dead which was something else the scar would remind him of... He would bow to Jin before turning and walking off, there was nothing more that he had to say and knowing Alaude, Jin wouldnt expect him to say much. The false samurai would disappear into a thick patch of trees after a few seconds the only traces of him left behind was the blood from his clawed forearm. He did not take a loss very well. [EXIT] Chakra Remaining: 155 Word Count: 374 Total Word Count: 1693
  10. That plan had gone much better then Alaude figured it would. What the boy did not take into account was the fact that Jin had additional weapons stored away on his person, it was foolish to that the puppeteer would leave himself defenseless but at this point that did not matter. The transformed Alaude and the kunai thrown by the clones had be deflected and thrown off their original path and sent flying away from the main puppet and Jin. While normally this would have been the issues both of the real and fake kunai were sent flying high into the branch of a near by tree. The four remaining kunai aimed towards the two defenseless clones would be enough to send them packing in a cloud of white smoke but they would give the original Alaude just enough time to return to his normal state. Grabbing the kunai that was lodged into the branch next to him the false samurai would run the entire length of the branch leaping from it and back towards Jin, he could once again be seen forming hand signs for the clone technique again but this time he only summon two clones, in which would help to propel Alaude forward even faster before dispersing again to close the distance between him and Jin. Alaude was sure to keep the kunai with him this time in case the shuriken followed but in any case the false samurai would aim a strike directly at his soul brother's right shoulder. Even if by some chance Jin had used his puppet to block for him Alaude had planned to attack one of the well known weak point of the puppets their joints if he had too. Chakra Remaining: 160/200 Word Count: 288 Total Word Count: 1319
  11. It seems that Alaude had underestimated the puppet, the white tiger had been much faster than than he had anticipated but that did not matter much Alaude needed to push through his defenses. It would appear that the puppet was about to both defend itself for the clones but also Jin from the group of clones. The puppet had first targeted the group coming directly after it, within that group the true Alaude had blended perfectly with the two clones. Being faced with five Kunai, the two clones would leap in front of the original shielding him from the flurry of kunai as he crouched behind them to ensure his safety. Allowing the clones to disperse after taking the projectile head on Alaude would purposefully collect two the the abandoned Kunai's as a perfect opportunity was rearing to close the distance between him and Jin was presenting itself... The original Alaude watched as the puppet turned its attention to the other group of three by retracting its mechanical steel claws to slash at them. It would appear that clones would take a similar approach to survival as the original, instead this time a single clone would sacrifice by jumping into the slashing attack giving the remaining two time to leap back and avoid the assault. Seeing Jin not wasting anytime to defend himself the original Alaude could see a smoke bomb being thrown at the remaining clones from the group, "Now!" Out of nowhere the original would began sprinting towards the smoke bomb as it exploded, just as Jin he had intended to use the cover of the smoke to concealing his movements yet again but this time he had something else in mind. Upon entering the thick cloud of smoke with the remaining clones, Alaude would toss one of the kunai's he had picked up earlier aside as he passed the remaining one to a clone on the left of him. He would then quick form the Dog, Boar, and Ram seals of the Transformation Technique allowing himself to be transformed into that of a kunai once again to be handled by the clone that was originally on the left of him. At this point the smoke would began clearing enough for the clone on the left to see his opponent once more. Sending the clone on the right to once again rush after the puppet the clone of the left would run out of the remaining smoke cloud on the left side of Jin launching both the real and transformed Alaude directly at center of his chest avoiding any vital areas.. The plan wasn't as full proof as his last but false samurai was hoping that the smoke cloud and the remaining clones was enough to fool the other Tataru. Chakra Remaining: 170/200 Word Count: 460 Total Word Count: 1031 (Ninjutsu Novice Training Completed)
  12. Today was an important day for Alaude... This would be the day he would commit to advancing in his Ninjutsu train or at least become more accustomed to using ninjutsu as a whole. Although his current arsenal of jutsu consisted of only the three basic academy jutsu he would use them to the best of his ability. He couldnt stay a beginner forever. Hell Alaude would even take the name title of novice if it served to push him closer to his goal. To push himself to reach new heights Alaude would meet with one of his brethren one who had just as much to learn from this training session then himself. Jin the puppeteer in training was a great sparing partner, not only would training against his puppet be ideal to avoid unnecessary injury, but it was also give the make up covered man a chance to test his puppets. Alaude would observe and take in every detail about his surroundings as he could from the multiple trees surrounding the training grounds from several hundred sizeable rocks in which could be used as projectiles for defense. There had been a small pond near rhe main area of the training grounds but nothing to useful at this moment. Before Alaude would respond to Jin he would take a long look at the beautiful white tiger puppet, it was going to be difficult fighting against that thing even more so with Jin controlling it, all of the Tatatru had great understanding that none of them should go easy on each other it was an unspoken agreement... Stepping forward in his all to familar black pseudo samurai attire, the black and white haired boy would nod to his feathered coat cousin, "Maybe I should get us started..." Alaude would begin sprinting at Jin at top speed, was it the best idea against a puppet of course not but there was not much for the False Samurai to do but to rush foward giving him time to analyze the puppet but he of course would not run in half cocked. Alaude after preforming the Ram, Snake, and Tiger seals Alaude would make five perfect clones of himself. The boy in conjuction with the five other clones would began shuffling back and forth as they raced toward thier opponent this would allowed for the original Alaude to kick up a large cloud of dust into the sky to surround and concealing the movements of clones but also rid himself cover each of them in a thick shadow to avoid being detected from the original of the group of clones. It was a brilliant idea in theory, it allowed for Alaude to turn the weaknesses of the jutsu into his strengths. The dust cloud that covered the clones would not allow Jin to know which copy of Alaude had been causing the dust and yet it was still visable enough to confuse Jin on the true Alaude's positon. Using this to his advantage, three of the clones would break off from the group to leap towards the puppet. They would aim to pin the beast down, while the remaining three would focus on its user. If the the strategy was succesful then two of the remaining clones would also leap towards Jin to Pin him down while the remaining possible clone could administer a strong punch to the puppeteers gut. Chakra Points Remaining 175/200 Word Count: 571
  13. Update Type | Completed MissionUpdate Name | Pecking Order Update Training | N/AUpdate Cost/Pay | 15 EXP & 500 Ryo.Update Link | Pecking Order
  14. It was truly annoying at home trivial some of the missions assigned to the lower shinobi rank were. Alaude could understand hunting and stopping a boar and event taking down some rather incompetent bandits... But this mission by far had been one that even he would almost avoid. This time the three Tataru Clansmen would be tasked with knocking a rich spoiled brat down a few pegs. At the very least they weren't assigned a mission were something had to die, but know Rei and Jin, Alaude was sure that the brat would be leaving with less blood then he had initially came with. But that did not bother him, nor did it bother the clients. The parents wanted the group to teach the boy a lesson of humility but that is not all he would learn today, he will be taught the pecking order. Using the information given to group by the client, Alaude would lead the Tataru Pack to the training ground located in the private district. Over course the spoiled child would come to the nicest area training area village, maybe the three of them would claim this entire area for themselves one day. Alaude would be the first to set his eyes on the boy and he would think how to handle the situation. While he needed to be stern with the boy and scare him into becoming a stand up shinobi, he was not sure if he could handle the situation without allowing his troubled past to push the boy to far. But this of course was the upside to having Jin and Rei with him, having people to stop the other person when they were going to far and that was certainly going to be needed in this situation. Without warning Alaude would pick up a pebble and flick it towards the C-Ranked Ninja as forehead as small traces of dust was fall upon the boys clearly expensive clothing. "Oi, you little brat move along and let the real ninja use the training grounds." Alaude had used just enough force to get the kid going and to send him walking right into the trap, "HEY! What did you do that for you jerk, this jacket costed a ton I AM GONNA BEAT YOU UP." The boy would began walking towards the three Tataru men ready to use his earth ninjutsu to fight the group... How would the three boys respond? Word Count 406
  15. Surprised was one way to describe how Alaude was feeling at this moment not only from the fact that the spoiled brat in front of him was truly angry because of the dirt on his clothing, but also Jin and Rei's response to the boys anger. Both of them made Alaude's pebble flicking look like meee childs play. The false samurai could do nothing but watch as the make up covered Tataru passed by him hiding his full intentions... If Jin was one thing thay was certainly a great actor and by the time he had reached the boy who had thought he was receiving an apology, Jin would strike. Upon watching the kunai strike the boys face Alaude's face would twitch. Watching the spoiled brat stumble backwards to defend himself it was already to late... Alaude could feel Rei behind him planning something, the sight of the Jade serpent digging into the ground was enough to confirm this. As the rich kid would stumbled backwards he would began making hand signs of the Earth Release variety but before he could even activate a Jutsu the Jade sepernt would strike from underground pulling the boy under. Alaude's jaw could not help but fall when he saw the snake wrap around the boy and slowly began to strangle him. Tighter and tighter the grip of the snake became, before Alaude could say something to stop his violent soul brother, Rei would began lecturing the terrified rich brat. While this was a very effective method it was a bit extreme on Jade Haired ninjas part. Alaude was just thankful that snake had released its grip, an few more seconds and the boy would be dead. At this point Alaude felt pushing the brat further would damage him forever and as Rei would began walking off Alaude would follow not saying a word. Behind him he could hear the tears of the boy who was lucky to be alive. The false samurai was worried if they were gonna receive payment for this mission... Word Count: 340 [EXIT]
  16. Update Type | Completed MissionUpdate Name | Bandit DuoUpdate Training | N/AUpdate Cost/Pay | 15 EXP & 500 Ryo.Update Link | Capture Them Bandits
  17. Update Type | Completed MissionUpdate Name | Wild BoarUpdate Training | N/AUpdate Cost/Pay | 15 EXP & 500 Ryo.Update Link | Wild Boar
  18. Jin has done exactly what Alaude had been counting on being the center of attention, while this was certainly a dangerous situation for the make up covered ninja, his soul brother would certainly capitalize on the distraction. Using the night time to his advantage, Alaude would sprint from the fern bushes his was hidden in towards the bandit more versed in the ways of taijutsu but that at this very moment would not even matter. Not keeping your eyes on or even noticing a Tataru at all was certainly deadly and the False Samurai was going to show everyone just why. Covered head to toe in his black pseudo samurai attire the boy would blend into the darkness of the night to further avoid the visual detection of his opponents. While his feet would make plenty of sound as he would sprint towards his opponent they would not remain on the ground long enough for his movements to overshadow Jin's distraction... Those same feet that were once racing towards their target would now help to propel Alaude into the air. The boy would gracefully flip into the area mimicking an aerial somersault above his opponent. Swiftly moving his arms to reach towards his opponent mid-flight, Alaude's arms would wrap around the bandits neck as he flipped over him forcing the bandits body to contort and bend backward. Using the entire weight of his body to slam down onto the targets spine and neck, Alaude would almost perfectly and simultaneously snap the bandits aforementioned areas in half leaving his target to slowly fade out of consciousness as the Tataru male would return to his normal footing. It was sad that the man did not see the boys attack coming but he had been lucky that Alaude put him out of his misery quickly. Alaude would turn his attention towards the other opponent who he was sure to also be dispatched by now but of course Jin had been known for playing games. But that did not matter, Alaude had finished his task and did not need to see anymore senseless death. The false samurai would make his way back towards the ferns as his he would disappear into the darkness following his clansmen back to turn their mission in. Word Count: 376 [Exit]
  19. Once again had Alaude been assigned to a mission with his "brothers"... Of course this would make the task much easy as all three of them at this point had a deep understanding of how the other operated. But the matter at hand was that Jin and Rei had a bit more experience over Alaude, so much so that he would often put himself in a more compromising position to learn more and gather more information which would ultimately lead to the goal of him becoming a full fledged ninja. While Jin and Rei had special devices which purpose allowed them to communicate across varying distances, the white and black haired ninja relied solely on his own ears. At the same time he would remain completely quiet he would prefer not to talk if he didn't have to and this situation did not call for the immediate use of words. The team had not been separated enough for him to not be able to hear the other two but in dangerous situations Alaude could been in trouble... It would appear this time that the three were tasked with taking a pair of bandits held up in a small and dark cave. Finding them had been child's play as their pattern of robberies managed to stay within a certain range... Listening to his brothers carefully he discern that this time Rei would take a backseat to the action. This had intrigued Alaude, he would be able to use this opportunity to show both Jin and Rei that he could get his hands dirt if his needed to. Alaude would wait patiently as the mission would truly began, he could see that his Jade haired cousin would once again used his beloved serpent to move this mission along be he did not figure that the snake would draw out the bandits from their hiding hole. This was perfect Alaude would now be in a more suitable position to take down the bandits all he would need is for one of them to look away for just a split second. His mind would then return to Jin. He has always been the one attract unnecessary attention to himself, but this time Alaude had counted on it. Word Count: 371
  20. Alaude was correct these men were savages specifically Rei Tataru, but he could not blame him, just like himself Rei was forced to watch his entire family slaughtered during the witch hunt but this was to far. The boar had been defenseless and and scared simply knocking it out would have been enough to stop the beast. But not only did Rei subject the beast to his deadly poison but he had also strangled the boar with his snake summoning. Alaude did believe that Boar needed to be stopped but not killed, maybe he was still living in a fantasy that the world was a nice place. Out of all the Tataru survivors Alaude, while possessing the same malicious intentions towards anyone involved in the Witch Hunts still showed pacifism towards other things. He was one very few survivors who believed in this pacifism... But was it truly pacifism or was it that boy did not need to direct the hatred in his heart towards anyone else who caused him pain? Maybe it was the latter. In any case Alaude felt remorse not particularly for the boar but for the series of events that caused the boar to end up sights of the Tataru Survivors, had their life not turned out this way maybe the beast could have lived a little longer. In any case Alaude needed to clear these thoughts from his mind, he needed to be ready to take out those responsible for the Witch Hunt and he would not be able to that with feelings of remorse or empathy in his heart. He needed to be cold and calculating just like Rei, something he would learn over time... Returning to his normal state Alaude would walk through the gates with his soul brothers before splitting off alone he needed some time to think about things. Word Count = 307 [Exit]
  21. Name | Alaude Tataru Nickname | False Samurai Title Name | Acquired In Character Gender | Male Age | 17 Birth Date | August 17th Hair Color | Black and White Eye Color | Gold Height | 5`10 Weight | 160 Pounds Appearance | Alaude is normally confused as being a Samurai then a ninja because of his clothing the elegant mix up black and grey garments resemble that of a samurai armor when it fact all it is various forms of cotton and silk with the except of armor plating on his hands and around his neck. Alaude himself appears as slightly above average height for his age. His body is fairly toned resembling that more of a boxer than an a swordsman. As a result of an accident when he was learning to wield a blade Alaude has several scars along his face beginning from places like the bridge of his nose all the way to his check, and even additional areas like his forehead. Due to further training similar scars also cover his entire body from his legs to his shoulders although the most noticeable being the ones seen covering his torso and abdomen. His hair itself is short reaching at most no longer then his ears and its original coloring being black. But do to watching the horrific events of his clan massacre which brought on an incredible amount of stress the front part of his head near his forehead had become permanently white. He can also be commonly found with a headband wrapped around his head, which is normally concealed by his hair, although due to its great length the tails can be see dangling behind him or floating while fighting, Village | WaterClan | TataruVillage Ranking: | C RankShinobi Ranking | GeninElement(s) | WaterSpecialties | NinjutsuBloodline | Tensōgu Favorable | Ninjutsu, Revenge, Justice, Sword Fighting Unfavorable | Liars, Being Alone, Losing a Loved One, Being Manipulated Personality | Alaude a hardened child who had elected to become cold in the face of danger and depravity. He rarely talks, as he feels words are often useless. He was raised by a strong and occasionally ruthless father, and his personality is completely representative of that. He wouldn't hesitate to take a life if he deems it needed. He'll do what needs to be done to make sure everything gets finished correctly. It's pointless if nothing is done because of 'morality'. He keeps very few friends outside of his family and group, and confides in even fewer. He feels that, the less people who know a lot about you, the better. Even in his family, who he does care about to an extent, there's only one or two that he confides in. When he does confide in you, you should most likely care and consider it an honor. It's a simple matter of practicality, making things simple and effective in the long run. This is exemplified when it comes down to how he handles people. Rarely talking and, even when talking, often talking about minor and non-consequential things unless its a matter of life and death. All of this considered, this cold and dreary man can open himself to others. He's not this man of steel without any sort of hope to become human. He is human. The reason he does things fast and efficient is because he's human. He won't allow things to go on a long time, in case of some sort of mistake done. This humanity is precisely why the rest of his personality exists. He makes things efficient, and that keeps him and those he cares about alive at any cost. It's a simple and effective mindset, which is who he is. Philosophy & Beliefs | "Don't let your anger flow freely, harness it, hone it, and direct it towards your ultimate goal..." History & Background | Alaude was indeed of the almost extinct Tataru Clan. The boy like most of the surviving child of the Tataru Clan were forced to grow up without their parents, leaving the poor and defenseless kids to fend for themselves. Alaude despite being at the young age of three when his clan was hunted still had vivid nightmares of the hunt. His parents were apart of the first to be killed by the group of powerful Kekkai Genkai users terrified by the Tataru's Bloodline ability, Tensogu. In fact Alaude himself was forced to watch as his parents were taken from him. All he could do is watch and scream in terror alerting the remaining clan members. But before the hunters could end Alaude's very own life, his grandfather would strike down the savage hunters with his famed Spirit Weapon. Alaude's grandfather was one of the very few that had chose to defend their clan. Most of the Tataru Clan believe in pacifism and pleaded for their life, but at this very moment those methods did not work. Alaude was picked up and forced to retreat with his grandfather, all he could do was watch as his both he and his grandfather were hunted by vicious ninja. His grandfather had managed to escape the clan grounds but not without fatal damage. The elder man could hardly walk anymore the wounds to his body were going to make sure that this was the end of the line for him. But the elder man had pleaded to his Grandson Alaude, to find someone to keep himself safe. But all Alaude could do was cry and scream, he had lost his parents and now his grandfather and he would not know why. His cries were enough to grab the attention of a couple from a nearby village would take care of Alaude for the next seven years. During these year Alaude's heart would go cold all he had on his mind was revenge but to do this he needed to become stronger and by the time he was thirteen he would began to search for the remnants of his family finding several villages with the remaining children survivors of the Tataru Clan. Alaude would even vow to learn bukijutsu at some point follow in his grandfathers footsteps in some manor. While Alaude did enjoy Bukijutsu his heart truly stay with ninjutsu and the manipulation of the elements. He would spend countless hours watching the clans men use techniques of the various five elements he would would yearn to soon master them someday. So he would began to do focus his skills in the Tataru way of Ninjutsu reaching out to the Academy to make him into a ninja capable of avenging his family.
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  23. Alaude had chosen to approach the mission from a different approach then his cousins. He in fact was the third Tataru who was also in charge of stopping the rampaging boar. The black and white haired boy would be covered in his samurai esque attire which could be seen running on top of the buildings of the slums Alaude had already been in pursuit of the boar. The three Tataru clansmen had already concocted a plan to put the boar down without any causalities or excessive damage. Alaude's part of the mission was essential as he would be the one to stop the wild beast dead in its tracks. The very moment the his eyes would pick up on Jin's movements, Alaude new that the plan was in motion. Running at his top speed to get ahead of the distracted boar, Alaude would time calculate the movements of the boar with the exact time he needed to commence his capture plan. Leaping from the very same buildings he had been sprinting across Alaude jump would position him directly in front of the boar who was much to distracted by the armed Jin behind him to notice the silent soon to be swordsmen, "Oi, Jin make sure you savages don't cut me up." Before the boar could change its course to avoid him, Alaude would quickly form the Dog, Boar, and Ram hand signs. These signs would announce and commence the activation of the Transformation Technique, which would allow for the third Tataru of the group to transform into a giant net completely surrounding the boar and sending him crashing into the ground. This was the now the time for the other clansmen to strike and put the Boar down before it could regain it's composure and escape. The rest of this mission was now on the shoulders of his Soul Brothers, who he knew would never fail such a trivial task. Word Count = 322 Chakra Remaining = 95
  24. From the album Alaude Tataru

  25. From the album Alaude Tataru