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  1. Taka thought about it and slowly began to nod. He wasn't wrong, if there were no ways to trace the shinobi who stole the scrolls, the better thing to do would be to learn from each other. If they had a solid plan, then when the shinobi made their moves, she and Shimo would be able to pounce all prepared. She clasped her hands together and looked around the big park. There were many people and for that reason she didn't think it wise to battle-plan here. She spoke softly, "Well, Shimo, what you say makes sense. I assume you would not want to waste time here then. We can speak further and learn more about each other and mission plan elsewhere, if you don't mind." Taka glanced at her shinobi garb and sighed, feeling somewhat poorly dressed. She was sure he would not want to draw attention and in these clothes, anyone would know she was a shinobi working on battle plans. It really only left one option. In her sweet, customer voice, Taka said, "My family sake house is much more private. And I can change there. I think we should have enough time and privacy there to discuss the mission and our styles. Follow me!" The willow haired female would give him a shockingly large smile and turn on her heel, spinning to start making her way towards the sake-house her family owned. She had worked there her whole life so with her eyes closed, Taka could have led the way. It left her time to instead keep watch on Shimo and the people around them in the busy night streets.
  2. @Suijin Umiken Please deduct ryo from Akane. I posted this with the wrong account. @Kiyoko Thank you :3
  3. For a moment, Taka looked purplexed. It was not Rei, the green haired cruel eyed, strange young man she had been doing missions with. Instead she saw someone she had never met before. She had been given word verbally about the mission and had seen no picture of her partner before hand. She blinked at him, realizing her mistake, and how overly prepared she looked in comparison. She rubbed the back of her neck with her left hand and shyly shook his hand with her right. "Um, yeah. Uh, sorry, yes. I'm Taka. I guess expected someone else to partner with me. And I thought this mission was... urgent." As much as Taka would have loved to sit down to a real dinner, since she had skipped the meal, and drink a glass of sake and covort with this new partner, she also worried about her duty. If her sensei found out that she had placed getting to know her partner over a time sensitive mission, Taka knew training would be seriously harsh for a few days. She dropped her hand and looked around. "You haven't done a mission before? What's your name?" The light was too dim to see his features in any remarkable way, and she found herself wondering if he had red hair or brown. And by extension if he was a water shinobi or if this was a trap for the other shinobi who had stolen the scrolls, something to delay her.
  4. Takara Mizutani had not known about a mission. When she was told about a mission to reclaim scrolls, she assumed it to be rather urgent, but the man she was supposed to partner with had made no fuss about it. The woman was dressed herself in mission attire for the night, wondering if maybe he was going to start the mission up tonight, like a surprise ambush on the shinobi who stole the scrolls. Being fairly new, Taka thought she could defer to his sense and experience on the matter. She had her long green hair pulled half up behind her head, white knee high boots, and purple and gold top and skirt. The skirt was far too short to wear without putting some short black shorts underneath. She had her small nin pack of supplies and other than that, not much else. Taka was still a bit poor and had not done much to learn new jutsu from her sensei or buy more supplies from any shop in the area. She went out from the sake-house where her family worked and lived in an attached duplex, and then into the bustling streets. She headed from the dark streets up to the ones always lit by lights and parties. The guy she was supposed to meet up with requested to meet in the park, and she wondered if it was Rei. Was he going to test her again? Was he going to harass her or tickle her? The last mission they had done was in this park so maybe he was calling her on another mission to gloat about the last one? Taka was unsure, she didn't really know who she was meeting. And so the 18 year old stepped into the park and looked around, making her way slowly through.
  5. Lol all right
  6. Storm release is comprised of water and lightning jutsu... so I am not sure how making storm clouds does not fall into that category. I would appreciate it if Kiyokoor Rei looked at this because they have a good way of explaining jutsu to me. Then I can edit it.
  7. Title Daigaku no Sakkaku ( 大 学 錯 覚 ) "University of Illusions" Sheet Link to Owner Akane Sheet Village Flame Village - Kasai Settlement Residence Type Complex Description Daigaku no Sakkaku is named literally the University of Illusions. Akane has big dreams to create a full fledged university that will grow and transform with time, become more beautiful inside and out, and involving an increased collection of research materials, texts, and study halls. An abandoned building was open and in disrepair, located in the Kasai settlement. The building has four floors, two of which are underground levels, and a small open yard encircling the building, layered with tall grass and dead flowers. From outside, the building has many windows with twisted elegant black steel bars, a black steel rail fence around the outer edge, adorned with black steel leaf shaped decorations. The building is a sun bleached blue color and the shutters are dark grey, giving the building the appearance of a ghost-house. It was once used as the main out source site for an apothecary and wine merchant. It was forsaken because of the distance from Hikaen Village, the merchant deciding to sell it to Akane after months of neglect. The building needs more work still, some clean up, fresh paint, and an active landscaper, but Akane has the tenacity and capacity to transform this building into the complex of her dreams. Akane is versatile and will use what space she has until it is fully restored. All Around Garden Originally an ugly plot of green encircling the building, the area has been cleared and refreshed to be appealing to the eye. The front of the building has a healthy flower garden tended to by locally paid landscapers, using a floral array of pink and purple orchids, yellow mamane buds, and small green bushes with shiny leaves and midnight blue berries. A small alluring green hedge forms a U shape around the back and sides of the building and is about three feet tall. On either sides of the building there are three benches and small marble statuettes from local artists whose unique designs are interpreted in widely different ways. The back side of the yard is larger, 20m in length. There are small footpaths and a wide flat koi pond with various stones and plants, for optimal cooling of the water. A large tropical palm tree besides the koi pond and a few others around the area, have created relaxing shade where students can sit on small benches and reflect, meditate, and consider ideas for further research. Besides the koi pond and the large palm trees, most of the back area is a designated area for growing specific plants for use in toxin and antidote research and for the personal creation of such items at the Daigaku no Sakkaku. Second Level The second floor of the Daigaku, is accessed through a stair case inside of the library which wraps and pivots into a black-iron spiral staircase, adorned with the same black-iron leaves as the outdoor fencing of the front of the building. The staircase was narrow and classy, not taking away from the library's look and positioned beside the large rounded tower shape of the room, the enormous outward facing windows lighting up the staircase. At the top of the staircase, the large open windows and rounded tower shape continue, opening into a large circular room. This room appears to be an open study area with mats and pillows on the hardwood floor. Connecting to this circular open area is a large square lobby like area, akin to the ground floor structure. This area has 3 large office rooms on the left side for the senseis to share and utilize, containing desks, shelving units and bookcases, as well as comfortable leather chairs. On the right side there are 6 rooms, 3 small classrooms and 3 small practical lab rooms. All of the rooms have large tables, with leather chairs in the classrooms and plain wooden stools in the lab rooms. The classrooms all have standing pots of orchids as decor, while the lab rooms all have open windows facing the side or front walls of the building. Connecting to the front side of the building and the lobby like area in the back and the front are small open porches with large windows for letting air into the second floor and for relaxing in-between classes. First Level / Ground Level The first floor of the complex is the ground floor. There are four entry ways. Two sliding glass doors with classic bamboo frames are in the back for easy entering and exiting during the day. There is a small black steel door from the outside ground level which leads directly from the side of the complex down into the first sub level for emergency use. The fourth door is the large two door darkwood entry way that leads into the main center area. Inside, the floor is made of polished hardwood, cleaned regularly and replacing the old splintery floorboards of the time when the room was meant to be a large bar area for wine samplings. The large main room connects to several doors in the area, including the one of the two bamboo framed glass doors in the rear, for easy access to fresh air and relaxation in the garden during lunch. A large desk on the right side is maintained by two working secretaries at all times, to help guide visitors as well as new students through the building. The secretaries love various natural scents and so they consistently burn various incenses and oils as they see fit, filling the entire first floor with tantalizing, not over powering, scents. On the left there is an open entry way leading into a large library of texts for student and staff use. Large outwards facing windows let in natural light and encourage students to study at one of the six large flat wooden tables or in a small study corner with pillow like mats for comfortable sitting. On the right there are two separate sliding doors in traditional bamboo frame style with a large glass window in each. Each door opens to a small lecture hall with three small step-levels with a row of desks on each level and stools for sitting. Each lecture hall has a large chalkboard and podium with a long wooden table on the lowest floor for lecturers. There is an emergency exit to the back gardens connected to one of the rooms. First Sub Level The first sub level, connected to the ground floor above through the spiral stairs located in the library, descend at first into an area which is immediately chilled. Both sub levels are cold because of their location underground but also for the desire to make control possible within the genjutsu research and medical research lab areas. The far right half of the room is particularly divided from the rest. The division is a clear airtight room with regulated oxygen and controlled temperature (for being able to control and practice specific genjutsu triggers in a controlled environment). The area is within the airtight glass is wide open with fold up chairs, fold up tables, other wise it is vacant and void of other sensations so that the user of the room can control the environment. The half is large enough to hold up to twenty people comfortably, so if careful, multiple people can use the room at once. Besides the stair case to the library above, there is a small set of twisted wooden stairs to enter the floor below. And across the half used by genjutsu practitioners and students alike is a chemical research lab area fitted with several large flat tables and many shelves for storing medical equipment. This area is where students practice with staff the use and visualization of consequences of toxins, poisons and other drugs using collected samples of skin and muscle grafts as well as small rodents. Though controversial, it is required that students testing with the poisons not be allowed to do so without administering the antidote to the animal to reduce suffering wherever possible. The other required addition is the use of genjutsu on the rodents themselves to prevent them from realizing their bodies are undergoing dangerous and painful experiments. The final required portion of using the poison and toxin study lab is that the rodents may not be used more than twice for any test and must subsequently, after antidote administration, be taken to the forest and released into the wild. Students may not be down on this level and using such equipment without a higher level student or staff with them. The partner system is required for both sub-levels and is posted on several signs throughout the area. The shelves in the area contain both antidotes and toxins for study, obtained from the larger collection on the next sub-level. Beside one of the tables is an emergency exit steel door, one that allows for the opening in an outwards facing direction and through a small set of stairs places them outside of the building. Second Sub Level The deepest sub level of the Daigaku no Sakkaku, is divided into two halves. One half is dedicated to shelving and storing medical equipment in both isolated and sterile containers. Amongst the shelving for medical supplies, there are shelves of vials, jars, and small containers of home-grown or natively collected items (including pure sulfuric acid hand made from the sulfurous gas of the volcanoes of Yougan Tochi, and various pastes, powders, dried and liquid herbs and toxic materials. In the same half of the room, there is a self contained underground green house for growing and caring for specific herbs and plants as well as small arachnids, small reptiles, and small amphibians (all producing some type of toxin, venom, etc) for research and cultivation. A small plain staircase leads to the first sub level beside the green house room. The other half of the room is particularly divided from the rest. The division is a clear airtight room with regulated oxygen and controlled temperature (for being able to control and practice specific genjutsu triggers in a controlled environment). The area is within the airtight glass is wide open with fold up chairs, fold up tables, other wise it is vacant and void of other sensations so that the user of the room can control the environment. The half is large enough to hold up to twenty people comfortably, so if careful, multiple people can use the room at once. Students may not be down on this level and using such equipment without a higher level student or staff with them. The partner system is required for both sub-levels and is posted on several signs throughout the area. School Courses Students must show either interest in medical or genjutsu fields and be willing to take a series of four courses with various hired jounin and professors on the subject of the mind and chakra systems. The goal is to develop a strong foundation during the first six months for understanding the basis of chakra systems, chakra points, as well as the effects of genjutsu on the mind and nervous systems in the body. Intensive studying of the brain is required including lab work and in the field training. Students must be fully prepared and open to practicing genjutsu on other students as well as being used as test subjects for their peers own genjutsu. No genjutsu is allowed to permit permanent or significant mental damage without written consent and presence of both an active genjutsu user of one rank higher than the users and a medical shinobi specialist. To practice jutsu which is harmful to a peer without the presence of the professionals or without written consent of the parties in question results in an interview with Akane Higurashi which could end in immediate expulsion. After the initial course work is completed, students may work with staff to complete individual research or group research projects surrounding the areas of genjutsu, neurology, and the use of various mind or body altering substances, which include poisons, toxins, venoms, hallucinogens, and antidotes. Students are expected to either pay or obtain their own resources for research, but there are many rooms for available studies on the second floor for free use and storage for students specifically. Staff: Internal and External NPCs cannot be used outside the complex without staff permission Owner: Akane Higurashi Secretaries: Goro Miito (M) and Hana Miito (F) Aids in registration, appointments, directions S Rank Sensei: Kei Junko - Specialty Genjutsu, Medical Primarily leads staff research and student research projects, occasionally teaches a seminar or substitutes for missing staff, is completely retired from field work, was specialized in using genjutsu to heal the minds of shinobi patients who had seen too much battle or had gone through extensive trauma A Rank Sensei: Arata Fukuya (M) - Medical, Puppetry A field work specialist who avoids combat, has high interests in creating poisons, toxins, and studying the hallucinogenic powers of various plants. His focus is in collecting, identifying, and using known and unknown plants for use in the medical field while recent research has had him moving to focus on arthropod, reptile, and fish based poisons and chemicals for use in creating medical hallucinogens. A Rank Sensei: Suboshi Eto (F) - Medical, Bukijutsu A field work focused shinobi with interests in physical anatomy, including nervous systems and organ physiology. She has a special focus on tactical torture and the use of weapons as a touch based trigger for genjutsu causing mental illusions of extreme physical pain. Additionally, she encourages students to work with Chichiri Domen and learn to layer their genjutsu techniques. A Rank Sensei: Chichiri Domen (M) - Genjutsu, Ninjutsu A non field work specialist preferring to practice and operate on theory first, then test said work on peers and self. He has interests in combining genjutsu with various elemental chakras and creating new techniques for shinobi to use in and out of combat situations, with preferences for water and wind elements. He has a special focus in layering genjutsu to create various effects. A Rank Sensei: Hotohori Morishita (M) - Medical, Genjutsu A field work focused shinobi with interests in volcanoes, rock mineral deposits, natural seeps of sulfur dioxide gas and methane gas, as well as fire based genjutsu, with a special focus on scent and taste triggered genjutsu. He prefers the usage of small gas capsules or tags to trigger a genjutsu, but advocates that students "get creative". A Rank Sensei: Soi Hase (F) - Genjutsu, Fuinjutsu A non field work specialist who due to her blindness is captivated by genjutsu and how it is used in combat, while allowing students to practice new genjutsu on her as they please to better experience worldly sensations without her sight. She specializes in genjutsu triggered by taste, though touch and sight are secondary triggers she often uses. She especially enjoys teaching students to hide genjutsu within seals for various combat applicable defenses. 2 E Rank Landscapers and Building Managers: Kaede Hono (F) and Mitsu Kotoni (M) Performs inside cleaning and simple repairs, as well as continual garden upkeep Bonus Word count cut in half for genjutsu research including training known genjutsu and learning or creating new genjutsu at the University of Illusions. Overall Price 10,000 Ryo
  8. http://shinobi-generations.org/topic/2546-playing-detective-mission/ Update Type | Mission CompletedUpdate Name | Playing Detective Rewards: 1000 Ryo & 25 EXP
  9. Characters Involved | Rei and Taka Link to the Missions | http://shinobi-generations.org/topic/2505-detective-predatorio/ Brief Overview | Taka and Rei are matched together for another mission. They meet in the park, seek out the killers signatures using Rei's spirits. Rei deals with one killer while Taka handles the second killer and the D rank shinobi who started the killing by having issues with bullies.
  10. Takara didn't see anything in the trees above and when he directed her to the restrooms, away she went. She didn't turn back to him, knowing that she could not do both: going after a killer and preventing Rei from killing. The green haired woman slipped around the back of the restroom in a crowd of kids waiting in line. She moved to the side wall and once she was sure that nobody paid attention, Taka took a deep breath. She concentrated chakra into her feet and silently crept upwards into the tree branches behind the restrooms. Once hidden in the leaves, she examined the trees from what would have been more eye level. She peered through them carefully and there were remarkably two people, not one up in the trees with her. There was a boy speaking with a teenager. The older teen looked more like an adult in his facial features, experienced beyond his years. She listened carefully not making a sound and could hear the conversation forming. The younger boy was pointing out the genin in the distance talking to the white coated man. Takara was surprised but it appeared that the kid was explaining who to kill and why to the older teen beside him. Her eyebrows pinched together but she had to make her move and show Rei it did not require her to kill. She crouched on the branch, still using her surface walking technique for balance, and drew out two kunai. She swiftly hurled one and let it dig into the back of the older teen's shoulder. The guy cried out and suddenly grabbed the kid by the arm, as he turned his head finding Taka's face in the trees. She called out to him, "Don't hurt him, relax. I know what you've been doing and I have been sent to bring you in. Just come in peacefully and I won't have to do any more damage to you." Taka waited and the dark haired teen smirked. He reached up, pulled out the kunai and aimed it at the boy's neck. Taka lifted her second kunai and stared hard. "Let me go or I will kill him." They had looked like they were working together before and even the child appeared surprised. "Brother, you said everything would be fine, you wouldn't let the bullies get me.." "Shut up!" Takara frowned. She called out again but the kunai in the teen's hand wavered, drawing a line of blood. She thought of Rei's voice and heard a cry out in the distance as she was sure he killed his own opponent. She had given the guy, who looked the same age as she did, a second chance to relent and turn himself in but instead threatened to kill again. She bit her lip, fighting her own instincts to do nothing and to try to help further. But she didn't know for sure if the dark haired guy would even help. They had killed already and they had killed children no less. Takara hardened her heart for the sake of the boy in front of her now. She through the kunai at the head of the shinobi, killing him instantly. As he began to fall backwards off the branch, already dead, his grip on the boy slackened, and he dropped the bloodied kunai. Takara kicked off the branch she was on, grabbing the boy and leaping towards the body as it fell. She held the kid, clearly a D rank shinobi in the making. A boy who had been hurt scared and needed protection from bullies. Her feet landed gracefully on the ground and she ended her surface walking, poised with the boy in her arm. She gripped the boy with one hand, and lifted the fallen kunai from the ground with the other. She wiped it on the grass, sheathed it, and then approached the body. She pulled the kunai out of the man's head, wiped it on his clothing, and sheathed that one as well. With her hand gripping the boy's arm, she turned away from the body. "This is not the way shinobi behave or act. I won't be able to guarantee your future after this. Stay with me, don't fight, and we will take you in to the jounin. They will discuss and manage your case, okay?" When Rei approached, she felt somewhat ashamed at killing, and yet relieved. She had made the right choice and she knew it. She made eye contact with him and then explained what happened as they went back, including the part about how there were three not two shinobi in the wrong here. Still, she had given the killer a second chance and brought back a kid unharmed. It was a mission well done. {exit} WC total: 2355 CP: 200 - 5 (surface walking) = 195
  11. Taka knew what a sensor nin was: someone who used chakra to identify specific shinobi and such. Unless he knew the killers personally, tracking or sensing made no difference in a park. All the shinobi in the area had chakra and just sensing it would tell him nothing of their plans. But he was persistent, and she never had doubted him before. She guessed he who something he wasn't telling her but instead of forcing him to speak of it, Taka relented and gave a nod. This was part of something she believed: trusting in others, companions, that is what gave you an extra edge and a boost to your real strength. Her blue orbs watched him as he shimmered and transformed into a young short boy with black hair. She rubbed her temple, "You look like a target now, good job." She scratched at her hairline as he started to skip away. Guy was fricking ridiculous, dark, cold eyes now innocent, and his height lowered just a tad to give him a boyish appearance. She didn't try to look anything like herself, which in this instance made her seem like an older sister or a really old genin, which she was. It was no real secret that Taka, the 18 year old waitress was now back in the field and making her life change. Had she been younger the bullies might have affected her, but at her age she hardly noticed the looks she got and hardly cared when she did. Taka followed behind Rei and looked around, trying to see the two men he had spoken of and staying a reasonable 5m behind him. She saw the man with the blue shirt and white jacket ahead, but he appeared to be alone. He was speaking to a genin, but strangely, the genin showed no fear. It looked like the man was simply talking to him and nothing more. She looked around but from her stand point she did not see the black adorned male Rei had mentioned. He could have been hiding behind a tree or in a nearby crowd. Taka paused from where he had stood and stepped a few feet to the side, towards a nearby set of three trees, looking around the trunks to see if there was a hiding second partner. WC so far: 1569
  12. Takara tried to maintain a look of nonchalance. Her lips quivered as her mouth burned, her throat ached. She watched him down the whole bowl and her chest had started to burn just watching him. When he made his first comment, the woman looked utterly horrified and repulsed. Talk about not knowing social situations! That sort of topic was never something you brought up at the table, never mind during a meal, never mind to a young woman, never mind to any person ever! Her face betrayed her disgust for a moment, her lips and mouth curling, mouthing the word "ew" but no sound leaving. She coughed a little, poured a third glass of sake, and sipped at it. She had placed her chopsticks down but not retrieved them from the side of her bowl. She gestured at the curry, "Someone who enjoys spicy food takes time to experience the flavor. Shoveling it all in your mouth, Rei, you are a coward!" The way she said it poked more fun at him after he began munching on his salad. She could not deny that she wanted her salad and with her chopsticks she plucked a bite of of lettuce and tomato out to ease and please her tongue. Her eyes closed as the coolness embraced her and she felt momentary rebirth. "Cleansing the palette for more. Like I said, it's my treat to you, so gobble all that salad. But I should tell you, the slower you eat the spice, the easier it is for your body to digest. And the coolness of the salad not only cleanses the palette, it aids in the digestion." The medical nin gave a single half nod; clearly not pleased by their competition, but thankful that the emerald haired woman was not as foolish and audacious as the male. Taka had postponed the curry as long as she could, but her mouth still ached and she had to finish. With her chopsticks and tough talk, she had to now force herself to consume the food as if it were normal every day food. She lifted several bites to her lips, bringing her bowl down to half way and then swallowed thoroughly devastating her throat again. Her stomach didn't feel much of anything, the sake giving her the slight bonus in a slight buzz she had, numbing her pain and encouraging the adventurous nature in her to continue onward. She drank down another sip, raising the sake glass to Rei, and ate two more morsels, hoping she was impressing him so that she could stop eating. WC so far: 3667
  13. The woman was honestly surprised by him. She didn't understand why he was insisting on his plans and this particular park. In the middle of the day? The killers might be stalking their prey but they would not kill them in the daytime, outside in a park of people. Their consistent method was paralytic poisoning and some sort of summons. She shook her head slowly, "Unless you know the killers, there is no way you can be sure they are in the park. They could be at the academy or even at home., maybe training off somewhere. If we stay in the park and meander around, we will find genin here but I am not sure how that helps us. You can't lure an attacker out in the middle of the day." The killers were cruel and planned attacks. Unless they had went over the top with confidence and ego boosts after recent murders, it was considerably unlikely that they would show themselves in any sort of hostile form. Taka looked at Rei, trusting his judgment, but she didn't feel safe going off his gut feelings of somehow believing they were here. She twisted her lips in slight, "We won't be able to tell which genin of poor quality is here or at home.Sure I have a little list, but, well... I would rather not make any mistakes. If we split up, we could each find a lower rank genin to protect and observe. Maybe we will see who is stalking them, but that would mean definitely blending in out here." She gave him an almost apologetic tone, "I look small enough to be maybe an academy teacher in training or an older sister. But you kind of look... scary... to most people. Not to me!" Takara amended the phrase carefully. She had to be honest and he was witholding information if he knew the killers already. That being said she could see in her eyes that he intended to kill the murdering duo. It was a pity that neither the mission nor the pair here knew about the D Rank accomplice who aided in observing and avoided the killing in large part due to the protection the 2 C Ranks gave him from other bullies. Believing and knowing and searching for a team of 2 was different than looking for 3. To make matters harder, Takara had not learned whether or not she could stick to her nindo. If she believed so strongly in second chances, however, preventing their deaths as well as further victims, would be a challenge. To kill them, she would need a very strong and compelling reason. Considering their last mission, that kind of compelling might not even exist. WC 1185 so far
  14. Takara curled her upper lip as she watched him eat. How? That many bites and eve the burliest of customers needed a drink. Even the medic looked confused by his eager eating and more confused by how he could still speak after. Takara poured herself a second cup, drank it down, letting the alcohol numb her mouth and insides for a temporary protective coating. She blinked and set the empty cup down, showing she was two cups in compared to his one sip. Then Taka glanced at her salad, knowing it would be there to save the day, provided the spice did not literally burn a hole through her digestive tract. She pushed her long willow-hair behind her shoulders and then broke apart her chopsticks. For a second, she glanced at the medic who was giving her a "what are you stupid?" look, a warning against what she was about to do. Taka had loved and eaten spicy food since her youth so she knew it would take more than this to stop her. She pulled the curry and rice bowl closer, plucking up a large helping with her chopsticks, easily eating half of what he consumed in one single bold bite. She took a couple more bites, putting her just one bite past him, and she chewed. On the upside, it was delicious and she could taste every flavor like a magical adventure in her mouth. On the downside, her face turned red and beads of sweat gathered on her brow and neck. As she swallowed the last bite, she coughed a little, her whole mouth tingling with sensations. "You forget, I am the one who told you about this place." She felt her throat constrict and locked her jaw to prevent from her from starting up with coughing. She cleared her throat as the spice clung to her mouth and she could feel the tingling turn into scratching, a more painful feeling.