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  1. Jutsu Name | Demonic Illusion: Hell Viewing Technique Jutsu Type | Offensive Ranking | D Element(s) | N/A Specialty(s) | Genjutsu Chakra Cost | 10 Handsigns | Snake → Rat Range | 5 meters Duration | 2 posts Description | After making the hand seals the user will fade away and leaves will form in their place. Said leaves will spin around and eventually envelop the target. Seeing these leaves is the trigger to this illusion. 1 post after the leaves disappear the illusion will begin. The target sees their biggest fear either realized or in front of them, if not both. The victim will receive a shock according to how gruesome the vision is. JOther Effects | N/A Requirements | - Status | open
  2. Jutsu Name | Simple Mind Body Switch Technique Jutsu Type | Utility Ranking | D Element(s) | N/A Specialty(s) | Ninjutsu Chakra Cost | 10 to use, 5 to maintain Handsigns | Technique specific hand seal Range | 50 meters Duration | Until canceled Description | This technique is one of the first techniques that one with the mind hiden should learn. With this technique one can possess a simple and non sentient mind such as a bird, a cat or a bug. Once targeted the user maneuver at will. It doesn't work on summons or potential animal forms ninja can take or such. JOther Effects | This technique is also subject to all drawbacks of the Mind Hiden. Requirements | Mind Hiden Bloodline Status | open
  3. Jutsu Name | Water Whip Technique Jutsu Type | Offensive Ranking | C Element(s) | Water Specialty(s) | Ninjutsu Chakra Cost | 15 to activate, 5 to maintain Handsigns | Rat → Dog → Ox Range | 15 meters Duration | 3 post Description | The user creates a whip made of water. This whip can be controlled entirely to attack and bind creatures with. The techniques is rather fragile alone though so it's usually used in groups to make it more effective. The technique can be broken by any non-fire technique of B-rank or higher or two non-fire techniques of C-rank or higher. Fire techniques count for a half non-fire technique as do any advanced elements weak to water. Upon contact it also inflicts light bruises on the target. Other Effects | N/A Requirements | - Status | open
  4. Name | Aya Tachibana Nickname | N/A Title Name | N/A Gender | Female Age | 18 Birth Date | 1st April Hair Color | Black Eye Color | Brown Height | 1.69/ 5.54 feet Weight | 50kg/110.23 lbs Appearance | Her skin is rather tanned due to spending much of her time training or doing missions. Due to this she doesn't weight a lot either. Since her fighting style doesn't involve a lot of physical combat she doesn't really have a lot of muscles compared to other shinobi. During most training sessions and missions her long hair is tied together into a ponytail by a simple white ribbon. Otherwise she tends to let it neatly fall down. Inside of combat she tends to dress like most of kunoichi she wears the uniform of her village. Outside of such situations she tends to wear a simple black dress that matches her hair together with simple shoes. Village | Flame Clan | N/A Village Ranking: | Chuunin Shinobi Ranking | B Element(s) | Water, Fire Specialties | Ninjutsu(Novice), Genjutsu(Beginner) Bloodline | Mind Hiden Favorable | Cute things, sweets, alcoholic beverages, animals, birds, jokes, determination, loyalty, optimism Unfavorable | Spicy Food, Pessimism, disloyalty, macho-like behavior from men, stuck up people. Personality | Active, friendly and outgoing are three words to describe this young woman. While she maintains a professional behavior during official events and when in presence of a superior she doesn't really like to do so and will drop it whenever possible. Mostly outside of training, missions and such events. During such events she tends to be rather serious. Sometimes it's possible to catch a glimpse of her less serious side during less serious events such as training or less important meetings with people she knows well. It's almost like she's got a split personality but that's just how she is. If she's serious she is serious and if she isn't serious she's serious about not being serious. Simply put she doesn't hold back whether its business or pleasure. She is also one to pull others especially the lone wolfs or shy people into the group. Once she starts drinking she often drinks quite a lot. Aya usually knows her limit but if she goes above it she doesn't stop easily and can cause quite some problems. She is quick to apologize if people told her she did something wrong afterwards, mostly because she usually doesn't remember what happened at all. Aya tends to do even more stupid things compared to other do when drunk, usually resulting in quite a few incidents or accidents. Even then she rarely tries to cause physical harm to others around her unless they are threatening her. That is if she still can recognize a threat. Even without alcohol, if she's not working she will look for things to spice life up a bit. Philosophy & Beliefs | Growing together with dedication, unity and a smile. History & Background | Aya used to belong to a very poor family. Their parents had little or no talent and couldn't find or keep a job. Aya's grandmother supposedly was a great ninja of the past, yet her mother couldn't do anything a ninja should. Struggling to keep a life there was no choice but for Aya to go steal stuff from others so they could live. Mostly she just stole food, which all went fine and well until the unthinkable happened. When Aya was 6 her father died of an illness. It wasn't even that uncommon or harsh. The only reason he didn't make it was because they couldn't pay for the medicine. Her mother was a very weak person, and couldn't take it anymore. As such she hanged herself, leaving Aya alone in the village. It didn't take long before the home was taken too. Alone and cold on the street surviving was harder than ever. It was early spring and it while it was becoming warmer, evenings and mornings were still cold. Everything turned around when she tried to rob from an old lady she thought would be an easy mark. Yet the old lady was faster than any adult she had ever seen. It didn't really took long until she was captured by the older lady. Much to her surprise she only wanted to talk and asked why the little girl would go around stealing. In the end she was adopted by the lady who introduced herself as Emi. She was old but apparently rather rich. Later she would learn that she only thought so because it was much more than she was used too. It was actually a very modest but comfortable apartment in town. Emi used to be a ninja, but was retired now. Once she was old enough Aya attended the ninja academy and proved herself to be good enough to pass. After being sorted into a squad with two other gennin and a Jonnin they went on all kinds of missions together. During that time she learned that her grandmother did have some hidden powers her mother failed to unlock. Aya proved to be more successful on that department. A few years later, Aya was promoted to Chunnin.