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  1. ~Ready to be reviewed I believe o-o
  2. After her precise greeting, Rue would smile to both members present, it had been some time since she had interacted with other Lightning Citizens what with spending her recent days traveling home from Earth Country and then landing herself within the Hospital. The interaction was welcomed and in truth, Rue appreciated simple moments such as these. She had always been a tad socially awkward, always too formal in the way she addressed people and while she had had interactions with Katsu in the past and felt comfortable enough to dismiss all formalities with the fair-haired boy, at the back of her mind still sat the ever-present nagging to remain conventional. The young blondes attention would land first upon the masked individual who identified himself as Bast. The blonde's eyes would slowly make their way across the man's figure before swiftly falling upon his face. A look of surprise would plaster across the blondes face ''Apologies! I am Rue. Rue Mikoto. It is a pleasure to meet you Bast'' the girl would say, her tone both polite and educated. Once again the girl's words would be followed by a simple bow. Feeling both males gaze upon her Rue would pat down her simple blue dress uncomfortably before her hands landed on her sides ''So uh.. Bast. What brings you to The Kami Forest?'' the shyness to her tone would be evident as a small pink hue would flourish her porcelain like cheeks. Rue was not very good with small talk yet playing the role of someone else came easily to her. She could insert herself into a different role and the social awkwardness of Rue evaporated and the new person would take point. It was strange but Rue found she could hide her real self behind the roles she played, their personalities a shield to her true nature. Rue would then bring herself to acknowledge Katsu, the fair haired boy had always made things easier on Rue. Their previous interaction had been easy and in truth, Rue had enjoyed the mission and her time alongside him and Kao. Rue's more genuine smile would cross her face as Katsu spoke. ''Nice to see you again Katsu, things have faired well since we last. I recently returned from a mission in the Earth Country. It was an experience, to say the least'' she'd reply trying to hide the sorrow behind her words. The mission had in fact been a failure and even though she had received no punishment for such, it still seemed like the loss of her comrades had been enough. It had been days since her return and she had still received no word from the others.. had she been wrong to flee the foreign country?. Only time would tell.
  3. Mission Name [Lightning] | Lightning Village's Spar Tournament Mission Type | Village Plot Ranking | C-Rank Repeatable? | The Tournament is stretched over multiple sparring threads. As such, each Spar is counted as a separate Mission. Mission Description | Due to recent events within the Village the Dekikage has felt the need to hold a Festival in the name of bettering the skills of Lightnings Shinobi Ranks. In order to build a better understanding between comrades and to further the necessary skills of Future Shinobi the Dekikage, Kabel has spared no expense in holding a Festival for all within the Country to attend. Thanks to his generous offer Foreign Officials from the Earth Territory will be present as guests of the Dekikage. As these matches are practice for the coming Chunin Exams, the Denkikage will be present to oversee the Tournament alongside a massive crowd of Lightning's Citizens who will be in attendance to watch the festivities. Be on your best behavior and fight to your heart's content, the Dekikage will be assessing and evaluating each spar as they progress. The mission is simple, mission takers are to simply participate in the Tournament where they are to versus their Lightning Comrades. An opening Thread will be made to determine participants and the First Round of opponents, from there the fights will begin. To keep the Tournament flowing there will be no Winners or Losers in order to allow the spars to rotate between participants. If the Kage feels the need, he may well post in a thread stating otherwise. Afterall this is a competition. The Rules are Simple. Village Ranking plays a part in determining who will Fight who; C-Rank Vs C-Rank, B-Rank Vs B-rank Etc. (If you wish to bypass this, you must have permission to do so from BOTH parties) No Killing or theft is acceptable and failure to comply will result in Mission Failure and dismissal from the Tournament. (This mission is about both practice and bonding, Theft or Killing is considered VOID. Spars will not necessarily be Modded but in the case that such a ruling is required, please defer all issues to Kabel as he is the Kage who is on-site Icly. Mission NPCs | MC Asahi (Non-Hostile / No Abilities): Asahi is a man who is both boisterous and cocky which is why he has been hired by the Denkikage for the Tournaments Festivities. Asahi will Introduce and commentate the Tournament (At the Mission Takers Discretion) in order to liven the crowd. Asahi's job is simple, he is there to help build participants reputation within and without the Lightning Country by using his charismatic nature to amp the crowd of Lightning Citizens. While Trivial, the man plays a fine role in building a repute for Lightning's future Shinobi. Reizan No Kitoushi - Chiryousha (Non-Hostile / Trainee Medics): Thanks to the gracious volunteering of Lightnings Medical Organization Reizan No Kitoushi the day's festivities have on staff Chiryousha, the medic's within the famous Organization. As expected these NPC's are on site simply to perform their duties when they are needed. Due to the Tournament revolving more around Sparring, Medics have been deployed simply as a precaution. Word Count | Wordcount must at least reach the required Wordcounts. Requirements | Lightning Village Restricted. Must have posted within ''The Tournament Begins'' thread.
  4. Characters Involved | Rue | Aito | Kiroyashi | Hitomaro Link to the Missions | Something about Birds in a Bush Brief Overview | Alongside a squad of three others, Rue and her team infiltrated the Earth Country where they had begun preparations for the meeting with their informant. Unfortunately, due to unforeseen actions, the Squad failed their task and a few members were lost along the way. Rue in the chaos was able to salvage a few contacts within the Earthen Territory.
  5. Like the gold rusted leaves on an autumn breeze, Rue drifted down the snaking path that leads through the Kami Forrest. In her emotional state, the tranquility of the woods gave her mind peace and set her soul at ease, her mind no longer plagued by her stay in Earth Territory. In truth, she had no reason to fret but after creating bonds with people, their faces, their voices, and their traits become burned into your mind and while she fought endlessly to try and forget, the memories she'd created with her comrades were eternally etched into her cerebral. Perhaps she just needed to be reminded that every failure was a lesson and that there would always be a silver-lining. She was thankful in one regard, even after everything she still lived and she had returned home safely and moderately unharmed. After resting for a few days Rue had been granted leave from the hospital, her injuries were minimal yet at the Denkikage's request, she had been ordered to remain to rest in order to fully recover. During her stay, her mind wandered aimlessly to The Kami Forest and its beauty which is why when she was finally discharged, the forest was the first place she visited. Its beauty had always helped her to think and in times of trouble she often sought the beautiful sites the forest offered to grant any patient enough to receive its gifts. Standing upon a large man-made wooden bridge that over looked the lake Rue watched intently as the vibrations of the water's surface danced beneath the reflection of the face looked back at her, her face. The effect caused the blonde girl to laugh as the waters vibrations to distort her appearance. In truth it made her feel like a child again, a welcoming feeling to say the least. A familiar voice would break Rue's concentration as her eyes darted toward the source. ''Oh it's Katsu, I wonder how he has been. Is that Kao he's with?'' the blonde woman would say questioningly to herself. Squinting her eyes to attempt a better view Rue would notice that mask upon the other man's face, while Katsu was undeniably Katsu, his white hair an uncommon trait that made him stick out. The other man lacked Kao's short height ''Well that's Katsu but that's definitely not Kao'' the woman would add. Rue had not come to Kami Forest looking for social interaction yet here were two individuals, one whom she knew and the other she would like to get to know. She had come to the conclusion that anyone who wore a mask was bound to have some entertaining characteristics. With that decided Rue made her way over to the duo, her gait both slow and relaxed upon approach ''Greetings again Katsu, and you sir as well'' she'd say to both males followed by a formal bow.
  6. Update Type | Mission Claim Update Cost/Pay | Missions | 650 Ryo + 14 EXP Update Links | Mission Claims Information Gathering
  7. The road from Earth Country to Lightning had been harsher than the previous journey into the Earth Territory. Traveling alone made things more complicated and while the blonde found herself fighting the urge to give up, she never did. She needed to make it home, she refused to die so young, let alone in a foreign country. This terrain was not her home and she would not allow herself to be buried here. Continuously her mind raced about the safety of her teammates. She had not seen or heard from them since the day everything turned into chaos. She had been lucky to escape with her life and that was only thanks to Hitomaro and Lady Luci's assistance. To top off her frustrations she had, in turn, failed an A-Rank mission. She just hoped she was not returning home with news that her team was dead or missing in action. How would the village handle such a substantial blow to lose not just one, but three shinobi?. The thought had caused a tear to fall down the child's cheek. Rue had made sure to stick to the safer routes during her travels, she was aware of the risks involved with traveling between countries and while that in itself was a danger, the trek itself was too. Luckily Rue had a knack for such things and while the beginning of her journey had been chaotic, the remainder had been a breeze. Four days. Four days was how long it had taken for the single Genin to find her way to the Village gates. She had returned fatigued and dehydrated but luckily for her, the men patrolling the gates had fed her given her water before gently carrying her into the Village. She was home.... { E N T R A N C E | I N T O | L I G H T N I N G }
  8. Without much notice, the world around the blonde dame erupted into Chaos. One minute she was laughing and talking with Lady Luci and the next shouts of the town being ransacked by rogue Shinobi looking for Rue and her team echoed through the Geisha house. Rue would not allow fear to rule her. No instead she stood and ran toward the entrance of the Geisha house where she placed paper-bombs upon its wooden surface. ''Child, I'm already aware of your involvement in all of this, but you will be coming with me and my girls nevertheless.'' Lady Luci would state promptly. Stuck for words Tenri would follow the woman's instructions and follow the others girls to the basement of the establishment where they awaited Lady Luci. While it was a tight fit all the girls remained quiet as the noise above instilled fear into the woman that surrounded the blonde girl. Before them, loomed a largely painted self-portrait of Lady Luci and while it was beautiful, its presence in the cellar of The Dancing Lotus seemed odd ''Alright girls keep it down. This opens a door which leads to a set of tunnels. The tunnels stretch to the outside of town. The layer of earth between us and them is very small so any noise you make, anyone above group MAY be able to hear so I suggest we keep our mouths tightly shut, got it?'' Lady Luci would say over the hushed whispers of voices. Turning Lady Luci would pull the paintings golden frame from the wall, it opened like a large door. The truth to her words was evident as before the group of woman a long tunnel stretched as long as the eye could see. Signaling for them to move the group flowed into the tunnels where they silently scampered to safety. Rue had waited behind with Lady Luci in order to take care of the woman, untrust worthy or not, the woman had remained behind to let her girls through first. ''Rue, it's time to move, you next child'' the woman would say. With the shake of her head, Rue would shove the woman through before climbing in behind her and closing the secret painted door behind her. After what felt like a mile trek Rue and the others made it safely outside of town safely. An explosion had shaken the earth above them midway through their trip, the cause had most likely been The Dancing Lotus due to Rue having placed the paper-bombs upon the entrance to the establishment. Rue had felt bad but Lady Luci had said that she would rebuild. If it was not here in the Earth Country then it would be in Lightning, the place she had always dreamed she'd set up shop. Rue had made her goodbyes and left for Earths Border, it was only a matter of time before she'd get home, her team mates weighed heavily on her mind. { E X I T }
  9. Hey Suijin! Just a heads up that emails seem to be having issues lately! 4 new members have already had issues receiving their registration emails so I believe something might need to be looked into! I missed you in the CB so thought I'd place this here instead o-o Tank yew! @Suijin Umiken
  10. So bear with me because I have a long list to get through here regarding a lot of the issues I've noticed during my stay on the site and must of it has stemmed from the member base itself. So with us now losing members and Drak stepping down from Staff, I think it's pretty safe to say a lot of things need to be reconsidered and changed. What I've seen as a whole is every man is out for themselves in regards to getting what they want for their Characters. The systems have been changed time and time again because this person thinks this is unfair, or this person loses out on something. This has also been the case with staff and the evidence of such disagreements has wound up on the Chatbox for the site as a whole to see. Which brings me to my second point. Punishment for breaking rules needs to be harsher. Time and time again rules of the Chatbox have been broken where one individual has started a topic of conversation which has led to an all out argument between many people. While not necessarily an offense, the toxicity of the chatbox has been atrocious and is not something new or old members alike should be seeing. The reason I say this is the fact repeat offenders are seeing no repercussions of their actions other than a tiny slap on the wrists. The reason I bring this up is a situation that arose between one member and a member of Staff which resulted in that member getting an ADMIN COMMAND WARNING. I've yet to see any others get any kind of ''Warning'' and to me, it seemed more like that command was used to settle the persons pride more than anything. I've sat and watched as people like Kiyoko, Rei and Drak have slaved only to be bitched at for simply following the grading guidelines. They take the time out of their own Rping and free time to help people get their shit approved so to me they need to be treated with more respect. Next I think it safe to say we need better communication between our staff because it's evident we have already lost two great staff members over issues on-site. I can't be bothered writing much more but to me, a lot of the issues like these need to be considered before Systems start changing. Now is the time to tread carefully what with now losing 3 Staff Members and 1 being away on Vacation.
  11. Open

    BY THREE METHODS WE MAY LEARN WISDOM: FIRST, BY REFLECTION, WHICH IS NOBLEST; SECOND, BY IMITATION, WHICH IS EASIEST; AND THIRD BY EXPERIENCE, WHICH IS THE BITTEREST. | Rue watched attentively as the girl had made a judgment of error causing her to very well almost lose her life. If the rock that jagged from the river like a leaping whale hadn't been perfectly aligned with her course, she might very well have seriously injured herself or the worst case scenario lost her life. Rue could not help but feel a pang of guilt within her slow beating chest for not reacting fast enough to help the child but the few moments that had followed had shown the blonde woman that the child was sturdier than she seemed. It was a good thing. Afterall they were Shinobi and their life was no game. There were no do-overs, one wrong move, one wrong decision and your life would be forfeit. Even so, Rue couldn't help but still feel bad for the girl, even as she crawled for the shore atop the water's surface 'Good so in her life or death situation she used the technique sub consciously' the lady would think to herself. After finally collapsing on the shore the girl had finally regarded Rue, her perched figure peer down at the child with no lick of remorse upon her face. While her conscious felt for the child, the emotion registered upon her face told a different story. Lines wrinkled her face in joy as a slight giggle escaped her lips, the child still being able to talk with such sarcasm was a good sign ''I apologize, you seemed in no immediate danger and appeared to have the situation under control.'' she'd reply, amusement laced her tone. Rue still upon the rock would stand in one fluid motion before reaching for the clothing that strung to her body. Slowly she removed her top revealing a small blue and gold bikini-top before removing her pants to reveal a matching pair of bikini bottoms. While in normal circumstances the blonde woman would feel self-conscious, here with this child she assumed to be a girl she felt no such reason to be alarmed. ''After observing you I can see you're overthinking the fundamentals of the jutsu. The way you used it when you crawled across the surface of the Water is a fine example of how the jutsu should be utilized.'' the woman would say as she jumped down from the rock and walked to the water's edge. The woman's eyes would gaze upon the small girl as she asked ''Did you bring a swimsuit at all? Also, do you have something heavy in your pocket why your pants are bulging at the front?'' she'd say confused. Before listening to her reply Rue would make her way across the water's surface, her chakra coating a small layer upon the soles of her feet. With a calm posture would walk cautiously focusing less on her feet and more on walking across the water as if it were just an extended piece of land. The less she thought of it the more naturally the movements felt and while her gait was slowed by the chakra, her movements slowly became less stiff. While at the center of the mass of water a thought would occur to the blonde woman ''Forgive me but I did not introduce myself. I am Rue, Rue Mikoto. It is a pleasure to make your acquaintance'' she'd say, her tone both formal and kind. With introductions out of the way, Rue would resume her trek across the unstable Waters trying to keep the balance of chakra being sent to her left and right foot. ''Once we both are comfortable with walking on the water we can try our hand at something more challenging like walking up the Waterfall. Just remember that you learn more by trial and error so don't become too annoyed by failure. I may not look it but like you I am no more than a Genin at the same rank as you'' she'd state plainly.
  12. Gazing upon the streets of the bustling tiny Village an uncomfortable blonde dame leaned over a brightly colored blue balcony, her hands gripped the wooden structure as if it was the only thing keeping her rooted to the earth, the heavens above threatening to pluck her from the world she knew, the world she loved. Each movement she made, a jingle would follow suit, the beautiful assortment of ornaments that decorated her locks of gold creating symphonies of melodic tones as if for the woman to dance to. While the silk-smooth purple and blue Kimono that encased her slender figure sat uncomfortably, its perfect combination of colors allowed the girl's fair skin to stand out and provided the blues of her irises to glow like two blue flames. Rue would adjust the confines of the silk-like-armor that clung to her body like a second skin, luckily for her had her busts been any larger the Kimono would have suffocated the poor girl. Above her head, an intricate sign displayed a ballerina blooming from a lotus, her dance both majestic and mysterious. The balcony overlooked the outside world in all its beauty and while the woman found herself lost in thought voices from across the way would reign her back to reality ''Ohoho honey, show us ya Tits!'' the voices would call a slur to their words. Opposite the Dancing Lotus sat another establishment, it's exterior undesirable, to say the least. During her brief stay at The Dancing Lotus Rue had already heard talk from the others girls about the nature of the structure that sat opposite them. The Tsukereita was no more than an institution where the thugs of the region got drunk and caused all sorts of havoc for locals and tourists alike. Eventually, those that frequented the joint made their way to The Dancing Lotus to end their night of deformation. ''Great..'' the words would escape her lips as she transfixed her attention to the source of the voices once more. ''Come inside girl, the world is not yet ready to see you, and you it.'' a voice spoke, it's melodic tone laced with both an impure nature and an angelic quality. Startled Rue would pivot to face the source of the voice, her gaze landing upon Lady Lily, a woman of such renown beauty and the owner of The Dancing Lotus. ''Sorry Ma'am. I mean Apologies My Lady'' Rue's eyes would drop to the floor, her head slightly bowed in submission. Lily had made it clear she hated being called Ma'am, the title made her feel old and while even at her age, the subtle touches of time had not yet reached her face her gait was not what it once had been in her youth. ''Today we start your training. I'd hoped we'd be given more time for you to shadow your Sisters and observe them but with the town getting a large influx of tourists we don't have that opportunity.'' Lily would say swatting Rue inside with her wooden tobacco pipe. Rue would follow Lily as she traipsed further into the building, the woman walked with such assurance and pride that anyone would feel out of place by her side ''Lucky for you I have the time to train you myself, an honor not many of my girls can say they've been granted'' the older woman would say matter-of-factly. ''Thank you, Lady Lily, I won't let you dow-'' ''Don't be so impetuous to Thank me just yet child, you'll regret those words when the day is up. I'll be surprised if you last longer than my last protege'' she'd reply, an amused tone to her words. Following closely behind Rue and Lily would end up in a room barren of all furniture other than a simple table laid out with an expensive porcelain tea set. Two simple chairs lay either side. Once seated Lily began serving the tea for Rue as she spoke ''Tell me, child. What do you know of a Geisha and her duties?'' the woman would say, her focus on the blonde girl as she continued to serve. With the lightest of pressure, the woman prepared the tea with such graceful movements as if it were an art form. Rue's mind wandered to the beautifully crafted sign that lay upon the roof the building, the ballerina that danced gracefully. This woman, Lilly reminded her of that dancer in all her splendor. She now understood why this woman and her profession had survived so long and why it, of all the businesses in the small town, had become so popular. ''To be completely honest, I know very little other than what others would assume this... trade entails.'' the blonde dame would reply ruefully. A roar of laughter would escape the woman, its echo vibrating throughout the room until it stopped just as soon as it had come ''Sex?. A Geisha is no common whore my Daughter. This I will teach you in detail. Geisha and Courtesans alike inhabit a secret realm, a world we call Karyūkai or "the flower and willow world". Courtesans make up the Flower, while we, the Geisha are the Willow. An Oiran or Courtesan are women of pleasure but unlike Geisha they are no more than a common Mistress. Geisha are different, we are entertainers first and foremost. Each aspect that makes up a Geisha has been broken down to nothing more than dust then refined to be the perfect woman.'' the woman would say halting to pour both herself and Rue a cup of tea. Placing the teapot upon the table the woman would continue ''Yes, we perform acts of intimacy and passion but what we sell transcends the limitations of sex. We sell an art form. A woman who has exceeded what it means to be a lover. To be a Mistress. You may not understand this now, or even in a years time. But eventually, you'll come to understand and when that time comes, you will be considered a Full Geisha. The remainder of the day had gone by like a blur, Lily had completely ignored the basic and driven Rue directly into the more complicated characteristics of a Geisha. The woman Lily had noticed just how perceptive the blonde woman was and so she had decided Rue would be capable of handling all that she threw at her. Their lessons had been quick, but Rue had been able to keep up with her mentor. If only barely. The final lesson had regarded seduction and while Rue had knowledge about the toot toot she wasn't aware that it possessed an art form. It had been the hardest for Rue to grasp and had taken the most time but when Lily thought she was finally ready she had left the blonde Dame to her own devices. ''I can say it has been an honor working with you Rue. You are one of the best protege's I've had the chance to take on and while you are rough around the edges you have the possibility to be great.'' While Hitomaro had warned her not to get too close to the woman, Rue could not help but like her, even if they were about to do the one thing that would piss off the woman. 1242 WC
  13. Open

    By three methods we may learn wisdom: First, by reflection, which is noblest; Second, by imitation, which is easiest; and third by experience, which is the bitterest. | The trek from her home of residents to the majestic district of Maiden's Fall had been uneventful, the winding path that led to the beautiful area had been deserted enough for the young woman to assume the Falls would be free to practice her Ninjutsu skills in relative peace. With a small backpack on her back, the blonde dame had made her journey to the falls with a relative amount of time to spare. Originally she'd hope to arrive before dawn but abnormally she had slept past the alarm she had set for herself. With that in mind, Rue had packed her bag with enough food and water to last her well until dusks arrival thinking she could make up for lost time by remaining at the falls for the day. Of course, she had also believed her time would not only be spent training, Maiden Falls were after all considered one the most well-sought and most beautiful of tourist spots within Mizumura Village and its waters were said to possess certain relaxing properties. With her arrival, the blonde dame would notice the figure of another attempting to balance upon the surface of the water. ''So much for a quiet training session'' she'd say to herself quietly. She did not want to disrupt the other girls? focus and cause them to disrupt their concentration on the chakra they were applying to the soles of their feet. While she had come to perform the same type of training Rue was aware of the fundamentals of the technique and the necessity for concentration the technique called for. Of course, she had also been told the technique was less about concentration and more about feeling the technique. Performing it should be like second nature, overthinking the simple yet complicated technique would get you nowhere. And so the woman would wait for the child, not wanting to disturb her training quite yet. Seated on a set of rocks to the left of the floating child Rue would smile as she watched closely taking in the movements she made.
  14. The child known as Rue had returned from his morning routine of picking Flowers from the meadow situated on the outskirts of the town, in his hand, he swung a basket full of Daisies to the beat of the new song he had learned '' ♫ Draky Paky pudding and pie, Kissed the girls and made them cry. When the boys came out to play, Draky Paky ran away. ♫ ''. Ecstatic by his sweet melodic voice the child would skip happily into town singing his song unaware of yet another body within the street. Like a flowerboy at a Wedding Rue would scatter handfuls of flowers upon the street for it was a joyous occasion afterall, Today he had lost his first tooth and soon the Tooth fairy would visit him. Confusion would once again plague the child as the adults once again bickered amongst them selves, another 'sleeping man' lay in the street. 'Adult games are funny, I wonder what the rules are!' he'd think to himself. Names would be thrown around and at this Rue would simply shrug ''Everyone keeps saying Akane. Is that aim of the game?'' he'd say asking no one in particular. '' ♫ Who stole the cookie from the cookie jar!... AKANE AKANE! AKANE AKANE! ♫'' he'd scream for joy unaware of the true meaning.