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  1. This can remain personal, as the ruling I mentioned was just removed yesterday. Anyone without medical specialty (or without a medical partner) would most likely be left deaf for the entirety of the topic, on top of suffering nausea and loss of balance for three turns. This is too much. Either somehow make the deafness last 3 posts as well, or specify that the deafness is partial and not complete. Or both.
  2. An advanced element doesn´t count as an element slot at all, until you can handle two elements at which point it will. Example: You may start with water and Ice (that´s two element whereas other characters get only 1). When you can handle or more, it counts as a single slot, meaning you´ll still have water and Ice. When you rank enough you can just get the other two elements (one of them must be part of your advanced release obv) If this is not the way it is handled, the guide is outdated and i have not been informed. @Duke I am saying some bloodlines have weaknesses which allows clanless to be technically be on par with them, and others which, by listing the advanced element weakness as an actual bloodline weakness, end up with no weakness at all, making them stronger than the other two previously mentioned. So maybe, if giving clanless a boost is not the way, we could review some existing bloodlines, like steam for instance, to give their users an actual weakness (Ex. Members are born more frail than other families, -1 Endurance - As opposed to Steam is weak to x and y elements).
  3. Speaking purely as a member here, but while some bloodlines do possess glaring weaknesses, others (mostly advanced releases), give access to an element as a plus, and list the advanced element weaknesses as their minus (some, not all). I can easily take fire, water wind and, say boil at x rank. In the end I just replaced a basic element for an advanced one, which by no means compares to the crippling flaw of the nara (or any other bloodline flaw for that matter, as it is merely the element´s weakness, as opposed to a passive flaw that afflicts your character). Maybe if clanless aren´t meant to be given an extra push, then maybe some of the existing bloodline weaknesses can be tuned to be reflected as such.
  4. This looks fine. However, it cannot be private. For that to be a thing, your Shinobi rank needs to be A. You can still restrict it to a specific clan or village, or simply make it an open to anyone who meets the reqs. Once you edit with your decision, post here and I'll approve it.
  5. sure. Just bump or give me a nudge when ready for another go.
  6. Personal techniques can only be made once you reach A rank. You can, however, restrict it to a clan or village. This looks more like a physically real medical technique than a Genjutsu. Genjutsu cannot directly control emotions, instead, they rely on sensory feedback to create such effect. To give you an example, by making you believe something looks scary, I might make you frightened; By making you believe something looks adorable, I might succeed in attracting you towards said object. Something like this creates a real, absolute effect that cannot be dispelled, because emotions are geniune and separate from things like 'pain' that are tied to one of the five basic senses. Then, I want you to be more specific on what this jutsu is meant to accomplish, otherwise it serves as a big versatile toolbox and I want to avoid things like that from now on. For instance, what method will be used to emotionally affect the user. It could be through sight (see the examples I mentioned), through sound (Not to be confused with a sound trigger genjutsu, I mean making them hear false sounds, like a screeching noise), etc. As you said, emotions depend on the individual, so being able to induce different emotions through a single jutsu is okay. That said, the technique description must be precise on what method it follows to trick the victim's brain and naturally give them a chance to pick up something is not right. Besides that, the range of this jutsu can extend far wider than that (Check the Jutsu creation guide for details), although it can be reduced as much as you want, that is up to you (Just a heads up that you can extend this tech's range). Duration for B rank is capped at 3 (Just like C rank), and A rank can go up to 4 turns [This is also in the jutsu guide] Check CP costs as well.
  7. As far as I know, other Clone Jutsu at C rank have no mention of being able to use jutsu unless scaled up into a higher rank. I don´t think this one should be allowed to use jutsu either.
  8. Clean.
  9. More than satisfactory now.
  10. It would be an improvement, or you could just make it work like a projectile. The former would most likely have much more success landing. The amount of Chakra it costs to extend the seal is really small in comparison to what the jutsu can do. Consider an A rank ninja has access to 300-400 Chakra depending on their specialties. Paying 15 to extend the duration for 3 turns is more than a bargain, and it gets more cost efficient as ranks go up. Further, as a D rank, everyone will have access to this and take it to the maximum rank. Perhaps it would be best to make this a scaling jutsu, rather than have the effects scale with the rank of the owner. Individual whose shinobi ranking or equivalent is greater than the rank of the jutsu can shrug off and break free of any limb paralysis techs. If this is supposedly inferior to that, how would one break free of this binding, if such thing is even necessary?