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  1. I've been kind of sticking around. I haven't touched the activity check since I'm still not 100%. Just want to see what's going to come of these changes they've been talking about and then go from there.
  2. I'm down. Got the next two days off so I'll be catching up with everything. ^^
  3. Name | Katsu Masaki Nickname | --- Title Name | --- Gender | Male Age | 17 Home Link | Masaki, Katsu Village | Lightning Clan | --- Village Ranking: | Genin Shinobi Ranking | C-Rank (xp: 94) Element(s) | Raiton / Lightning Specialties | Primary: Ninjutsu (Novice) Secondary: --- Bloodline | --- Chakra | 200 Stamina | 100 Jutsu | Equipment | Forms | Creatures/Summons | Styles | Mentors & Pupils | N/A Friends & Family | NPCs Recent History |
  4. Update Type | Mission CompletionUpdate Name | MissionUpdate Training | ---Update Cost/Pay | +800 Ryo, +22 expUpdate Links |
  5. Characters Involved | Katsu Masaki, Sei (RIP), Hitomaro (RIP) Link to the Missions | Mission Brief Overview | Sent to the port to locate the issues causing gang violence within the port. Captured a high-ranking person in one of the gangs, turns out he's an informant for an organization outside of Lightning country that was looking to expand into Yamagakure. The trio would cut their trip short at the change of information and head back to the village.
  6. Katsu was able to easily spot the large boulder-shaped man rolling around the encampment. It was loud and large enough for Katsu to keep his eye on him. He figured he was dealing with everything else himself, so he shrugged and turned his attention back towards the two men that stood in his way. They hadn't waited, though, letting their screams echo from their throats as they ran towards Katsu, swords in hand. The man on the left wielded a great sword, something Katsu had thought of wielding himself. It was large and heavy, but it struck with such force and power, that Katsu could do little but enjoy watching it. The man on the right was dual wielding two swords. Both of their techniques were sloppy and lazy. Katsu wasn't quite sure how this group of bandits had managed to strike so much fear in the hearts of those townspeople. It didn't make sense to him at all. These were nothing but low level thugs. He shook his head, disappointed. The blue chakra continued to swarm his body, the electricity crackling as the two men approached him. He took his sights off the great sword user, being able to move his body easily away from the blade. The man was slow and weak, so it was easy for Katsu to be able to maneuver around the large blade. He'd slip past the great sword bandit and land a kick to his back, sending him to the ground and onto his face. It'd take a little bit for the bandit to recover, so Katsu used this time to turn his attention on the sword user. Again, this man's technique was sloppy. He swung each blade wildly towards Katsu. It almost seemed like he wasn't even aiming for anything in partciular, just swinging away like his life depended on it. In this case, unfortunately, his life did depend on it. It wasn't difficult for Katsu to push forward, using his own katana to uppercut one of the bandit's hands, cutting deeply enough into the skin to cause the bandit to drop his weapon. The man dropped to his knees and let his remaining sword fall into the sand. The bandit let out a deafening scream of pain as he grabbed at his nearly cut in half hand. His screams filled Katsu's head, so it was barely noticeable that the second bandit had recovered and charged towards Katsu's back. Fortunately, Katsu still had Haze activated and he could easily sense the man approaching him. He waited, though, until the man was closer to him. Katsu stepped closer to the bandit that was down in the sand, to the point that he was within a foot. The bandit continued to rush Katsu's back, his sword drawn high into the air. As Katsu could sense the presence of the man right behind him, he felt the wind being pushed down by the large blade. Katsu would slip his body to the right, avoiding the blade and the bandit entirely. The great sword bandit brought his blade down onto his own ally. The blade slammed down onto the shoulder of the bandit that was kneed down in the sand. The blood exploded from his shoulder and the man's screams came to an end. The man had put a lot of power into that strike. So much so, that he was unable to pull the blade from the bandit's body. Katsu stared down at the dead man, nearly unfazed by the blood pouring from his body and onto the sand. His eyes met the remaining bandit's. Katsu didn't seem to have much of an expression on his face anymore: no smile, no smirking, no laughter, or joy that he had normally had. Only despise for the man that stood before him, the one that had terror written all over his face. The bandit could not believe what he had done. He fell down to the sand, grasping for his ally's body. Katsu didn't hesitate, though, and moved forward quickly, sending the blade of his katana into the side of the bandit's neck. He'd let it slip entirely through before pulling it out, watching as the bandit fell to the ground and bleed. The noise that was formerly going on behind him had come to an end. He'd turn his body around and head into the direction that he last heard Kaii. He'd see the large man running out of the tents with a chest in his hand. A small smile appeared back on Katsu's face. He'd stop near the man and placed the katana back into his sheath on his back. "I see you've found something that belongs to the town. Well done!" The smile grew larger, but Kaii was unlikely to see it through the darkness. Katsu turned his body back towards the direction of the town. "Let's go return it, shall we?" He'd keep his jutsu up and running, just in case they ran into anymore trouble or had missed any bandits. The two began walking back towards the town. "So how many did you get? Who won?" He hadn't really been trying to rack up a kill count, he simply wanted to get the job done but some healthy competition never really hurt anyone. Although he was a bit worried about having to treat this large man to ramen. Could he even afford it? He let out a sigh as they walked. He'd hope so! 907 wc
  7. Mission Name [Entity] | Laying the Groundwork [Lightning Village]Mission Type | Village MissionRanking | C-RankRepeatable? | Once Per Character (Until Removed)Mission Description | We need some of our Shinobi to head Southeast to a given location in secret. You'll have to travel out of the Lightning Country to reach the location so be on guard. Once you've reached the small town report to the man running it, his name is Daud Ishikawa, he's asked for our help in rooting out a growing bandit problem. Eliminate the bandits quickly and send word via messenger, we will relay further orders after that. Mission NPCs | 12 Bandits in a small enclave, the bandits are little more than armed populace. They will be armed with common weapons such as spears, bows, swords, of low quality. They are holding up in a mountain hideout, their position, base layout, and readiness is up to you. Word Count | 700 Words per personRequirements | Must travel to Region 40, travel topic must also be linked and does not count towards the 700 WC. Will require more than 1 C-Rank, 1 B-Rank and up can complete alone. Katsu had finally met his new partner, a large smile on his face as he grabbed hold of his hand and shook it. "Nice to meet ya'! Name's Katsu Masaki." Katsu was a charming fellow and he'd let that radiate as he continued to smile towards the boy and shook his hand. His partner was much larger than he was, in the height and weight department. It intimidated Katsu a tiny bit, to be honest. But at least he'd be able to handle himself. "We'll be heading to a small town just outside of Lightning territory, so I hope you're prepared for that. Anything could happen. Once we get there, we'll meet up with our asset and discuss our plan. Sound good?" He did not wait for the man's response and began walking along the road towards the small town. He wasn't exactly sure how they'd be received, but there was no bad blood between the two territories, so he had to assume it wouldn't be an issue for the two of them. Katsu continued to converse as the pair made their way towards the village. Regardless of how simple it seemed, Katsu was a bit nervous. He tried not to let that ooze out into his words and demeanor, though, as to not alert his new partner. It was his first time leaving the village after all, so he wasn't quite sure what to expect once they made it to the town. As the two walked, he let his mind wander and thought of the possibilities the two of them could encounter once they reached the town. The guy could be a traitor, setting a trap, and ambush them once they arrived. He'd shake his head of those thoughts for now. Instead, he turned to his partner to discuss the contact. "The man we are looking for is named Daud Ishikawa. He's the leader of the town so it shouldn't be too difficult to find him. Just try to be respectful, though. Wouldn't want to offend him or cause any trouble with the people of the town." Katsu nodded his head as he continued, "Our job is to help the town out with a problem they have been facing; So we are going to solve the problem quickly and without any issue. We do not want to anger these people." He'd stare into the eyes of his partner as he spoke, his face changing from his usual happy-go-lucky expression to one of a more serious nature. Katsu was a friendly man and rarely serious, but from the mission dossier and the discussions he had about it, he could tell it was extremely important the two of them did not fail here. Katsu was sure failure would lead to dire consequences this time around, so he was not considering it an option. The pair of shinobi would continue walking down the road, reaching the town shortly before the sun rose. The sky was still dark, and the town seemed mostly quiet from a distance. This was nothing like the bustling, crowded streets of Yamagakure. There didn't seem to be much of a night life from a distance. "It's still dark out, we'll wait for the sun to rise before heading into the town. Then, we'll find our contact and figure out what to do." He'd nod his head as he'd move his body towards a tree near the road. Katsu rested his body along the tree but kept his eyes on the village. He could see a watch tower near the road entering the town, which seemed to be the highest point. The town wasn't too secure, it seemed. He'd guess this was one of their main issues. He'd shrug for a moment and let his eyes wander over the town, studying it. wc 632/700 @Kaii Akimichi
  8. @Kao Masayoshi Another hot and humid day in the village of Yamagakure. Katsu walked down the main street towards the village's entrance. Today was another mission for Katsu and he'd be teaming up with a familiar face: the weird, older puppet guy from a previous mission. Katsu was excited he'd be teaming up with someone he at least slightly knew, rather than another brand new face. Kao was a chunin, though, so this mission may be a breeze to him. Easy money, though, he supposed. Katsu definitely would not complain! He continued his walk, wiping sweat from the top of his forehead. He'd make sure his headband was secured tightly around his forehead. He was growing prouder and prouder of that simple headband and the village it stood for, so he wants it to stick out. 'May have to get a haircut,' he thought for a second. 'Nah..I would never do that!' He chuckled. His mind wandered aimlessly for a few moments before reaching the village's entrance. As he reached his destination, he made sure to stand in the shadow of the gate, attempting to stay out of the sun that glared down over the village. If only it rained, maybe it would cool down a bit. He leaned his body against the gate and removed a folder from his robe, reading over its contents. The dossier explained what the objective of the mission would be: investigating the mountains and attempting to find any information on a giant scorpion. 'I don't even like normal-sized scorpions.. this is going to be freaky.' He let a frown move across his face. 'I doubt it's real..someone probably let the heat get to them. No way a creature that big could be hiding out there.' Katsu shook his head and chuckled at the thought of such a large scorpion walking through the mountains, somehow managing not to be spotting by our shinobi in the past. He wondered what Kao would think of such a creature. Probably not believe it, either. Although, Kao was an odd guy, so he'd probably believe a lot of things. Katsu sat along the gate, waiting for Kao to arrive. He'd tap his foot impatiently, wanting to get done with this mission as soon as possible so he could get inside and away from this glare, heat, and humidity. He'd wipe the sweat from his brow before looking up towards the sun. Judging from its position, it was a little after noon. Seems like Katsu got there a tad bit early. He let out a loud and long sigh before sliding his back down the gate and sitting his body on the ground, making sure to keep himself out of the sun and in the cooler shade. He rested his head back for a moment and closed his eyes. 'I'll just rest my eyes for now!' WC 474 / 700
  9. Katsu moved himself slightly closer to the man as he spoke to him and was suddenly caught off guard by his quick turn. He stared to the ground, turning his head to the side at the sight of the rock being pelted into the ground. He had flinched slightly, nearly dropping the apple he held in his hand. He let out a hearty laugh after the man introduced himself. "All good, bud. You can call me Katsu!" A large smile appeared on his face before he'd take a crisp bite of his juicy, red apple. He was trying to decide how to move forward with a conversation. While he felt he was great meeting new people, his introductions usually occurred during missions when his fellow peers, so this was new to him. He'd nod his head and begin to speak, "Belmont, eh? Nic-," but was cut off by a familiar-sounding voice. Katsu would turn on his heels, his eyes darting to the blonde-headed woman. The large smile reappeared on his face. It was nice to see Rue again; he hadn't had the chance to speak with her since their last mission. He assumed they both had just been too busy. "Good evening, Rue." He'd nod his head and take another clean bite from his apple, nearly finishing it. "How have you been? It's been a little while." Really, he had missed the trio he took his first real mission with. It brought back some good memories, something he needed more of after the issues he ran into with his last mission. He shook his head, deciding not to think any more of it for now. "Been busy, miss?" His charismatic smile would return as he slid his free hand back down into his pocket, letting it rest there. His eyes shifted back to Belmont, interested in the man behind the mask. Katsu wondered if he'd be as big an odd ball as Kao had been. He doubted it, his quick reactions from earlier didn't seem like it. If it had been Kao, he probably would have fallen into the lake. Katsu chuckled at the thought before taking another bite from his apple, chewing it loudly as he stared towards the two shinobi.
  10. Katsu moved with his teammate, still strongly believing in the idea for stealth during this mission. Especially at night, the two could easily take out the guard in the watch tower and move on to get rid of the rest of the bandits. The two of them would be gone before the sun had risen and the bandits wouldn't be around to witness it. He'd think to himself for a few moments, watching the camp as he stood tall in a tree. Then the signal. 'What?' He wasn't sure what the man was signalling for, but he assumed he was going to take the man down out of the watch tower. He forgot the abilities of the Akimichi, though, as he watched the man form into a large ball and sling himself downhill towards the watch tower. Katsu's eyes widened, growing large out of shock. He sat in horror of what the man had just done. He'd shake his head and begin moving his body quickly towards his teammate. He'd jump out of the tree and sprint downhill. 'I guess we're not going with stealth then.' The watch tower would come crashing down on top of one of the bandit's tents, making a loud crash. On top of that, the man in the watch tower had let out a few screams on his way down. The crash and his screams: it wasn't looking too good. Katsu continued sprinting down to his companion, weaving hand seals as he ran: Snake into Dragon, repeated once more. He'd concentrate on his chakra, sending it around his body and letting it fall from him, emitting a large fifteen meter field of electricity around him. It wouldn't be strong enough to hurt anyone, including Kaii, but it was enough to alert him of the approaching bandits in the darkness. He'd reach Kaii quickly, Haze showing two bandits in the tent by the watch tower. "So much for stealth, eh?" He'd smirk a bit, staring up at Kaii, before breaking off into a sprint towards the two men inside of the crashed down tent. He'd leap into the air, jumping over a few debris from the watch tower, and pull out his katana from his back sheath before landing near the two men. They were dusting themselves off, though both clearly were in pain. The one from the watch tower began to scream, "INTRUDERS! INTRU-," but was cut off by Katsu's kunai which was now protruding from the man's throat. He'd rush towards the remaining man, who hadn't had the time or preparation to react by grabbing a weapon. The man turned and attempted to run, but Katsu was able to catch up to him, bringing his katana's blade down the length of his back. The man let out a scream as he fell to the ground, face first, and blood began to pool around him. Two down, Katsu thought. But he wasn't entirely sure how many would be in the camp. It wasn't a large area by any means, so it couldn't have been too many of them. His eyes began to dart around in the darkness as Haze failed to pick anything up in his vicinity. It didn't take long for the sounds of tents ripping open and men roaring to fill the night's sky. 'Damn, damn, damn.' Katsu moved his eyes back towards Kaii, making sure he was alright. He was confident he'd be able to defend himself, so he'd leave him alone for now to deal with a man that was running from his tent towards Katsu. He drew a bow and knocked an arrow, aiming it directly for Katsu. Katsu watched as the aim of the bow settled on his body and he waited for a moment, patiently. Once the sound of the man releasing the string was heard, he'd move his body to the right, successfully dodging the arrow and moving towards him. He'd charge towards the man, who was now setting down his bow and pulling out his pole-arm. Katsu smirked, sending his hands into seals again: Ram, Tiger, and Boar. He'd concentrate the chakra on his body, sending the electrical current to surround his own body. The dark blue lightning chakra could be seen easily in the darkness. He'd hoped this would draw attention to him, leaving the bandits easy pickings for Kaii. The man stabbed the pole-arm in Katsu's direction as he got near. Katsu sent it to the side with the use of his katana, grabbing hold of the pole-arm's stick with his free hand and pulling it and the man towards him. He'd send his head down, bashing his own head into the man's face as he was pulled to him. Immediately, blood flew from the man's nose and his body flew back a foot, landing down on the ground. Katsu examined the pole-arm for a moment. He liked the design, he might have to make a switch of weaponry later on. He didn't have much time to examine it, however. As he raised his head, two men were standing in his path towards getting back to Kaii. wc 848
  11. Katsu took a stroll through the center district of Yamagakure, his hands glued inside of his pant's pockets. He'd let out a sigh as his eyes darted around the area, inspecting the patrons of the village. He'd stop at a market stall on his way out of town, purchasing an apple for a few ryo. He'd take a bite out of and leave his free hand in his pocket. Walking out into Kami Forest, he'd let his eyes wander. His mind wandered, as well, going over the first mission he had ever taken inside this forest. He'd look back on his training and began introspection. He'd just returned from a dangerous mission in the Raijin Port. Katsu's mind had taken a bullet figuratively as he watched a comrade of his perish during the mission. He was not too sure what to think. He had never witnessed death before, so he needed this little walk or getaway. He'd take a large bite of his apple as he walked down the winding path, his eyes still darting from patron to patron, examining them. It's peaceful and relaxing. He'd compare to the port he had just left, that was filled with violence and terror. So much so that a majority of the actual townspeople had departed and moved here. Everyone seemed so happy and content; It put a smile on his face. As he walked along the path, one man stuck out to him: one that seemed like a shinobi. He'd watch the man skipping rocks. A large smirk appeared over Katsu's face as he approached the man from behind. "Think you'll ever hit the other side," he'd say loudly, his smirk still stretching over his face. He hadn't met this man before but the mask intrigued him and reminded Katsu of another shinobi he'd become acquainted with.
  12. Katsu nodded his head to Hitomaro before following Sei out of the damp, wet cellar. They'd make their way onto the roof tops of the rickety, wooden buildings that were barely even standing. He was glad to be out of that cellar. The stench had been terrible, almost enough to burn the hairs from his nostrils. He shook his head, attempting to rid his nostrils of that damn smell. He wasn't paying too much attention to his surroundings, except for the boy that was leading their way out of the small town and back to the village. He watched as the boy slipped and fell from the roof top. Katsu reached the roof Sei missed and stopped his body completely, letting his feet slide a bit on the dusty, wooden roof. He assumed the boy would be okay from a fall like that. It wasn't much of a fall for a shinobi. He stepped to the edge of the building, a grin on his face, half expecting Sei to be sitting in a pile of garbage. He hadn't heard any noise, his ears were still attempting to discard the sound of scrapping Sei had emblazoned in his mind. Katsu reached the edge and peered down to the alleyway below. What he saw was not what he had expected at all. Blood. It had been everywhere. On everything. Katsu jumped down into the alley, in an attempt to help and return the boy quickly to the village. He stared into the boy's eyes as life left his body. Covered in blood, Katsu stared down at the gruesome image. He hadn't experienced death before. For the first time, he had seen a dead body. But it wasn't just any dead body, it was one of his teammates. His body rested on a building. His eyes were glued to Sei's body. Nothing around him mattered at this point in time. The sounds of steel clashing, explosions, the smell of burning wood and flesh were all around him, but he no longer noticed any of it. He stood for a few minutes, staring. He looked down to his hands, which were now covered in blood, just like most of his attire at this point. He had tried to wrap his hands around the boy's neck in an attempt to stop the bleeding. But it didn't matter what he did. The pipe protruded from the boy's neck. Katsu wasn't sure what to do. He stood his body up straight, resting still along the wall. He didn't want to leave the boy's body there, but there was no chance he could make it out of this town and back to his village with a dead boy on his back. Hell, he wouldn't have been able to stomach it. So he left him. Katsu turned back to the building and ran up the wall, grabbing hold of the roof. As he reached the top and pulled his body up, a few tears ran down his face. He wiped the wet blood on his cloak and jacket before he broke off into a sprint. He looked around before running off completely, marking the location. He'd come back for the body or get the local shinobi to retrieve it. He shook his head and attempted to wipe the tears from his eyes. They continued to trickle down his cheeks as he ran out of the village, the same way the two had entered. Unfortunately, only one remained. [EXIT] wc 574 / 4,912 Total WC
  13. A large smirk moved across Katsu's face as he watched his partner flirting with a local woman. That's something Katsu totally would have done, if he had thought of it. This big man is going to be blocking the view of Katsu from the women in the small town. How unfortunate for him. Oh well, there were plenty of women back in Yamagakure he could find and woo. He shook his head, removing these useless thoughts from his head. "Well done, Kaii." Katsu bowed his head slightly to the woman as he walked past her, moving next to Kaii as the two of them walked towards the town hall. "He should be expecting us, but still, try not to act aggressively while here." Katsu wasn't really sure of his partner's personality, but he felt it needed to be said. Who knows what someone as large as Kaii would be capable of. He continued walking, his eyes darting around the small town, taking in the area. The town was small, dusty, and deserted at the current early hour. At this hour, Yamagakure's streets would be filled to the brim with shopkeepers getting ready to open up shop and patrons getting ready for their day. This, however, looked like a ghost town, besides the few people they passed on the way to the town hall. It was an odd feeling. He'd notice a few buildings looked rough and uninhabited. He'd make sure to ask the asset about the town's current state. They were here to clear bandits, so it was safe to assume that that had run a majority of the village's population out and either closer to Earth country or into Lightning country. But hopefully Kai and Katsu could solve their issues over the next few days and this town could become something great again. He walked side-by-side with Kai towards the building, placing his hands on top of his head, resting them there. He let out a sigh before he spoke to Kai, "Bandits damn near cleared the place out, it seems." He shook his head a few times before finally reaching the building. He'd step near the door and place his hand to the large, wooden door and knock hard enough to let the sound echo throughout the building. Around a minute passed before the door finally opened. On the other side of the door, a guard greeted Katsu and Kai, "Lightning Shinobi?" He'd be able to plainly see the headband wrapped around Katsu's forearm, "What the hell do you want?" His aggressive tone shocked Katsu slightly, for he was expecting a welcoming atmosphere. He stared the guard down and spoke briefly, "We'd like to speak to your leader, Daud Ishikawa." The man said nothing more, moved his body back, and held the door wide open for the two. Katsu could tell the man was well-armed, spotting a few kunai strapped to the bottom of his legs. "Must be his bodyguards. Can't protect the town, gotta protect the leader." He'd mumble this, hoping only himself would hear is as he strolled into the building. It wasn't extravagant or lavish, instead holding the same rustic, ragged, and worn look the rest of his town did. Katsu's eyes darted around the room, spotting the man he assumed was Daud Ishikawa at the center of the room, sitting at a circular table. He'd gesture the two men to take a seat before speaking. "Lightning shinobi, welcome! I've been waiting for your arrival!" A large smile appeared on his face, he'd stand his body up and open his arms up wide, in a welcoming gesture towards the two. 'Now this was more what he expected.' The man nodded to Katsu and Kai, "Not many people knew of your arrival, so I hope you didn't make too much noise." Katsu shook his head, "Of course not. We're not here to cause any trouble. Just here to help you guys out." Ishikawa let out a large breath before continuing, "Sure took you long enough. These god damn bandits have nearly destroyed the entire town. I sent word to Yamagakure asking for assistance months ago!" His voice grew loud and his face red. Katsu's expression did not change. "We've been a bit short-handed. I apologize for that, as does the Denkikage. But for now, tell us what's going on, so we can deal with this issue as soon as possible, sir." Katsu bowed his head, trying to be as respectful as possible. The man leaned down on the table, resting on his palms as he stared to the two shinobi. He shook his head, "This town is the only route into Lightning country on this side of the lake, besides the water route. And your port at Raijin Bay is too dangerous most of the time. After this, you guys should look into that." He scoffed, looking as if he doubted the Lightning village. Katsu realized exactly how serious this issue was. It seemed, to these neutral territories, almost as if Lightning was a complete joke. That wasn't going to be tolerated any longer. Katsu and Kai would solve this issue and head back to that damn port if they had to. "Anyways, traders move their goods through our town. Most of them stop off at our local inn and are offer a nice piece of income for our town." He'd stand his body up off the table before continuing, "But bandits often raid our town every few days. This scares the merchants off. Most of them have decided they'd rather risk it in the wilderness than stay in our town. Hell, they've scared away a majority of our townspeople as well. They need to be stopped." His expression was that of a vengeful and angry man. He clearly wanted this dealt and over with. "Well, that's what we're here to do, sir. Provide us with any information you have and we will get rid of this infestation. Your town won't have to deal with bandits ever again." Katsu's straight face and serious expression showed just how confident he was in Kaii and his abilities. They were going to get this job done without any issues. The man crossed his arms as he stared down Katsu and Kaii, studying the two men. "You're both barely men, how can I trust you're going to deal with this?" Katsu chuckled, "We're Lightning shinobi. And we've dealt with much worse than a group of bandits. I assure you we are more than capable to handle this situation." The man shook his head and let out a loud sigh. "I guess I don't have any choice." He gestured his hand to one of the guards. The guard approached the table and handed Daud a map. Daud took the map and set it down on the table, laying it out flat. He placed a small rock on top of the map, marking a location. Katsu would stand up, hoping Kaii would do the same. He looked over the map. "This is the location of their encampment. It's not too large but they do have a decent set up. A watch tower near the entrance. The rest of it is mostly tents from what my scouts have gathered." Katsu stared down at the map. The location was a few miles south of the town. Wouldn't be too difficult to find it. "And how many are there?" The man shook his head, a disappointed look on his face, "We have no idea. The most that have ever attacked our town has been eight or nine. We don't know how many are back at the camp, though." Katsu sighed. "Alright, we'll be back soon. Time to deal with this." It seemed that Daud Ishikawa had given up all their information, so Katsu headed towards the door. "See you soon, Mr. Ishikawa. Let's go, Kaii." He walked out of the small room and out of the building, not looking back and assuming Kaii had followed him out. He'd wait for Kaii to catch up as they got a few meters away from the building before speaking. "We're going to head there immediately. That's a good number of bandits, that means they have the obvious advantage over us. So we'll have to try and use stealth. Once we reach the encampment, we'll wait for night before making our move." He'd nod his head to Kaii before moving his body towards a market stall that just opened up. "If you need to stock up on anything, do it now." He'd buy a handful of juicy, delicious-looking apples. Should be enough. 1424 wc
  14. Update Type | Mission CompletionUpdate Name | MissionUpdate Training | ---Update Cost/Pay | +1150 Ryo, +40 expUpdate Links |
  15. Characters Involved | Katsu Masaki Link to the Missions | I did three missions in total during this plot post. Each post breaks up the missions. Brief Overview | Katsu tailed 3 mysterious visitors to Yamagakure. Gets caught by them and fails the first mission. Finds himself being attacked by a local gang, so he deals with it. Local gang retaliates by kidnapping a girl, which Katsu then saves after fighting a burly man.
  16. Mission Name | Yard Gang Dilemma: Search and Rescue Mission Type | Village Ranking | C Repeatable? | Yes Reward | 500 Mission NPCs | Yes (1 C-Rank) Mission Description | After the recent run in with members of the Yard Gang, the higher ups of the gang have sent out an enforcer to deal with the one responsible. Unlike the typically rabble hanging out on the daily, the enforcers are all known to be shinobi who graduated from the shinobi academy. Recent reports show that an enforcer has arrived within the city and and has already kidnapped on of the local shop owners, daughter. You've been tasked with looking into this matter and dealing with this enforcer as best you can. However, keeping the enforcer alive is a priority. Beyond that, use any means necessary to see the task done. Word Count | 700 Requirements | Must be lightning shinobi or accompanied with one. Must have already completed Yard Gang Dilemma: Vandalism. It has been two days since Katsu finished his mission and he had been enjoying the little time off he had. He wasn't going to take another mission today, either. He had plans to relax at a bathhouse all evening long. Hopefully, he'd find a woman or two to talk to. His mind wandered in endless directions at the thought. He was giddy and excited as he walked down the street from the barracks towards the market. He'd stop for some food, though, before heading over. Before reaching the market, it seemed the Gods had other plans for him. A large bird flew down from the sky, screeching at Katsu before he'd hold up his arm for the bird to land. A note was attached to its leg. Katsu let out a large sigh as he threw the bird from his arm and began to read the note. “Report to Police Headquarters,” he read aloud. Another sigh fell out of his mouth as he turned his body around reluctantly and headed towards police headquarters. He'd stretch his body out, disappointed that his lunch was interrupted by these damn police officers. He hoped they'd just have a few questions for him and then he could leave. He wouldn't want to have to cancel his plans for tonight. He walked into the building, his eyes wandering around but stopped himself at the entrance. The force seemed to be in a panic; officers were running around frantically. Orders were being shouted by multiple people and it seemed like everyone was in a hurry. His eyes wandered the building, attempting to locate the man he spoke to a few days before. Before he could find anyone, his arm was grabbed by a small, female officer. His excitement was back. He grinned as she pulled him from the hectic room and into the back of the station. The woman motioned him into a chair and began speaking quickly, with a rushed and serious tone. He'd sit straight up and lose the grin. “Turns out that gang you ran into the other day was looking to grow a bit. The robed men you managed to lose were possibly linked to an outside crime syndicate.” The woman raised her voice, making Katsu increasingly uncomfortable. She continued, “We also received a message from a concerned parent today: his child was kidnapped. By someone or some group, presumably the gang. We've received notice from this criminal that they wanted to deal with you. So you're to go to the location he's provided and get the girl back.” Katsu was confused. Apparently his plans were definitely canceled for the night, so he was disappointed at that. But now he'd spend more than likely his entire night off working. He'd let out a sigh as he moved his body into a more comfortable position. Although he didn't want to do it, he figured it was mostly his fault and he'd have to rescue the girl, at least. “Okay. Do I get backup or something?” He questioned the woman, “Going into what would obviously be an ambush seems rather stupid and dangerous.” The woman stared into his eyes, a look of hatred and disgust running over her face. “You're a shinobi, get used to it.” It looked like she wanted to spit. He guessed he wasn't going to be able to get a hold of her after all of this was said and done. Pity. “The building is being watched by a few officers, so you'll have them.” She turned and walked to the door, dropping a folder on the desk. “Get going. Now!” Katsu stood up, grabbed the folder, and moved himself out of the building. Well, he knew one thing was for sure: he wasn't going to fail that woman, the kidnapped girl, or her father. Minutes passed as he moved throughout the streets of Yamagakure and towards the rooftops. He'd sprint over the roof tops, jumping from each one, until he reached the building he was supposed to go into. He wouldn't be dumb enough to walk inside, though. His eyes wandered and found the three police officers positioned across the street. They were extremely easy to spot. Katsu shook his head, disappointed in their lack of stealth. Although he couldn't talk about stealth. He stared down at the building, watching it. He wished someone would come out of the building, hopefully to try and deal with the police across the street. And as if the Gods suddenly favored him, the door into the alley near the building opened up. A large, burly man sauntered out of the building, shutting the door behind him. A few ideas ran through Katsu's mind. He could attempt to get into the building since the man was now gone. He wasn't sure, though, how many more people would be waiting inside, so he decided that wouldn't be a great idea. Katsu picked a different plan: he'd jump this man, hopefully he didn't have too much back up inside the building. He did have a smoke bomb, just in case. The man continued down the alley, so Katsu didn't hesitate. Before the man reached the end of the alleyway, Katsu drew out a kunai and hurled it towards the man's upper back. Direct hit. The kunai would stab into the right side of his upper back. Katsu was not waiting, instead jumping off the roof and leaping down on the man. He'd land behind the man and wrapped his arms around the man's neck in his confusion and pain. Katsu would attempt to put him in a choke hold but fail. The man was much too strong for Katsu to manhandle him so easily. The man grabbed hold of Katsu's body and pulled him over his head, slamming Katsu's body down on the ground in front of him. As Katsu hit the ground, he flinched and coughed up a bit of blood. The man was definitely stronger than Katsu. He'd have to avoid letting him hit him straight on. The man wasn't for waiting around either. He lifted his foot, readying to drop it down on Katsu's head. Katsu quickly flipped his body over, dodging the boot as it slammed into the ground. He reached down to his leg holster, grabbing hold of two more kunai, throwing them in the general direction of the man. He seemed not to care, letting the kunai stab into his protective vest. The man smirked down at Katsu. “You must be the one I was sent here to find.” Katsu, confused, responded, “I guess so.” The man laughed out loud, drawing more attention from the street. “Then it's time to die, boy.” He begins to weave hand seals as he walks towards Katsu. He removes another kunai from his holster, his last remaining kunai. He'd throw it towards the man's hands as they sealed. He dodges away from the kunai but is forced to stop his seals. As the kunai was thrown, Katsu began charging himself. He'd remove his katana from his back sheath and take an upwards swing at the man's right arm. The man used one of the kunai that stuck into his vest to block the attack. The blades clashed and the sound of steel echoed throughout the alleyway. He uses his strength to grab hold of Katsu, holding on with both hands as Katsu is forced to drop his katana. Katsu grabs hold of the man's left arm and signs the one-handed ram. He concentrates on his electric chakra, which sends a jolt to the man's arm. A small explosion occurs, throwing the man back and off of Katsu and sending him tumbling into the ground. Katsu dropped to the ground, breathing heavily. He picks up his katana and charges the man again, using the hilt of the blade to smack into the man's face before he could get up in time. “Where's the girl?!” Katsu caught himself yelling at the man, out of both anger and so he could hear properly. No response from the man, only laughter. He stayed on the ground, laughing, until Katsu ran the blade of his katana to his neck, cutting into it slightly. Katsu watched as a small bit of blood dripped down the man's neck. “Tell me.” The man smirks and lets out another joyous round of laughter before standing up and grabbing hold of the katana. Before he managed to get up, Katsu sent his knee in an upwards charge, connecting with the man's chin. This would send the man back, screaming in pain and passing out as his head hits the brick wall behind him. Katsu let out another large breath, turning around to see the police officers moving towards him finally. Useless. He moved his body to the door, barging inside, without a single care what or who was on the other side. It was empty, to his surprise. He half expected it to be filled with more gang members. The room was filled with silence. It didn't take long for him to hear the sound of wood screeching and dragging up against itself in the next room. He walked to the door to the next room, using his shoulder to push it in. he was able to easily break the lock of the door and when he entered, there sat a young girl. One officer rushes in behind him and unties the girl. He speaks carefully to her, letting her know she is safe and she'll be returned to her father soon. Good. He had done it. Katsu placed his katana back into his sheath and moved out of the door. He'd stop by the police headquarters in the morning. He had an appointment to make. And he definitely wasn't going to be canceling it now. [EXIT] 1632 / 700 wc
  17. Mission Name | Investigate the Suspicious Travelers Mission Type | Village Mission Ranking | C-Rank Repeatable? | Yes Mission Description | A group of three have been traveling around the border towns, they are neither merchants nor looking to relocate. Given our lack of information we’d like you to tail them and report back. Under no circumstances should you engage any of the targets, I don’t care if they are slaughtering innocents in the street under no circumstances are you to intervene. Mission NPCs | 3 Targets, their skills and abilities appear to be that of an average civilian. Word Count | 700 Words Requirements | If you are noticed you will have failed the mission. Katsu was ordered this morning to report to the Kage's tower for his next assignment. Usually he was just given a dossier and told to go on his way, so this was a nice surprise. It was nice and sunny out, the heat wasn't devastating nor was the humidity. He'd place his hands on top of his white hair and walk towards the Kage's office. He's stopped, though, before reaching the location by one of the Kage's assistants. He was given a scroll, which he'd roll open and read. It would be signed by the Kage himself, giving him all the information he needed for his mission today. He was slightly disappointed he hadn't gotten to meet the man in person, but this was more than likely time sensitive information, so he'd have to act quickly. The dossier mentioned a small group of travelers that the Kage was unsure of. There was no telling what they could be doing here. Katsu's job would be simple: follow and eavesdrop. He wasn't much of a stealthy person, so he wasn't sure how he'd fare at this job. The last time he had participated in a mission like this, he was more of a liability. Hopefully he wouldn't cause any trouble this time around. He'd walk through the center of the village, stopping only to purchase an apple from one of the local vendors. For some odd reason, he was on an apple kick, especially from this specific vendor. He'd become a regular customer at this point. He'd take a bite of his apple as he walked through the streets. He'd be in his normal attire: a long-sleeved black shirt underneath his flak jacket. His protector was slung around his arm, something he'd be trying out a bit more. He'd normally rather it on his head, but this showed off his biceps more for the ladies. It didn't take Katsu long to reach the entrance of the village. He'd stop there and speak to a few of the shinobi currently patrolling. Tally, a short-haired, young girl spoke to him on the matter. “Yeah, the Kage sent notice to us early this morning. We saw them enter the village around fifteen minutes ago and head towards the village center.” Katsu scratched the side of his head. Had he just missed them? Odd.. no one stuck out to him on the way. The girl had taken a moment to describe their appearance: full black robes, hoods over their heads, and packs strung across their backs. He smiled to the young lady and thanked her for her assistance before turning around and heading back into town. So they had the appearance of a trader but at the same time not. That's probably why Katsu hadn't noticed them, they probably stuck to the shadows of the building. It was much too hot for Katsu to pay too much attention. He'd walk back towards the village center, his eyes darting everywhere and from person to person. This time, he'd make sure he didn't miss them. He didn't want to fail his first solo mission in a while. That would be too embarrassing for him to handle. Definitely a blow to his ego at the very least. As he finished off his apple, his eyes spotted the culprits. Three large sets of full robes with their hoods on. He'd place his apple core onto a barrel nearby and got slightly closer to the party of three. They were in the middle of the market, so it was easy for Katsu to hide himself well within the crowded area. It wasn't difficult to make sure he wasn't seen, but hearing was an entirely different story. He'd have to get extremely close in order to eavesdrop, but Katsu felt that would be too dangerous, so he'd stay back and monitor them for now. The group was constantly moving, so he was sure they would not be talking anyway. He made sure to stay a few feet back and moved with the flow of the crowd, his eyes burned into the backs of the three. The group took a sharp turn down an alleyway, moving their bodies out of Katsu's sight. Had they figured him out? He hoped not, they seemed like simple merchants. There's no way they'd be able to spot him out. He pushed through the crowd and moved towards the alleyway and held himself there, listening. He heard some shuffling and the slam of a door. He peeked his head around the corner and saw that it was empty. He'd move his body slowly into the alley, his eyes darting in every single direction, his body constantly turning and moving, just in case they had set a trap for him. His eyes glanced over the roof tops, double checking his surroundings before moving closer to the door. He'd place his ear up against it but could hear nothing. He'd pry his hand into the door, slowly attempting to open it. He knew fairly well that this could bust him right here, but he was going to go for it anyways. If he spooked them, oh well, at least they'd be out of this village. Katsu slid his large body through the door and stopped himself in the darkness along the wall. It was a small building, the door at the entrance having been blocked off. It seemed like a shop of some sort, but it didn't seem like a popular one. The room was dusty and moldy. He finally heard something useful: some talking that sounded like it was coming from the next room. He'd move his body stealthily towards the doorframe of the next room, making sure to keep his body and shadow hidden from the light in the room. There were a few voices he could make out, none of them familiar to him, though. He couldn't quite grasp how many people were in the room either. He could use his Haze jutsu, but the electric static might give him away so he decided to hold and listen. “So the plan is to burn the market?” One man had asked, while another answered, “That'll create a ton of chaos, give us the chance to move through the city and do more damage.” The men in the room continued discussing. It was obvious they were meaning now to harm the village, so Katsu felt his mission was done. He knew where the building was and what their plans were. Katsu was interested in the men's conversation, though. Perhaps too deeply entranced, for a new member had joined them, entering the room Katsu was in. He had walked in through the alley door without Katsu even realizing. “Oy, who the hell are you?” The man was a brute; his voice echoed throughout the entire building, causing the men in the other room to stir and walk out. Katsu backed away from the door frame and headed to the center of the room. This was bad. One person noticed his headband strapped around his arm, “He's a damn shinobi. Get rid of him, now!” He barked the order at his subordinates, as five members had surrounded Katsu in the small room. The three men in robes pulled their hoods over their heads and made their way quickly out of the room. wc 1219 / 700
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  19. It didn't take long for Katsu to receive another mission. Although for the first time in his life, he'd be leaving the village he had grown up in. He held a manila folder, containing the mission dossier and all the information he and his new partner would require to get through this. He'd set it in his back pocket, stopping his body near the edge of their territory. His eyes moved along the horizon, staring down the mountains and waiting. He felt prepared for this journey. He'd reach to his back, making sure his trusty katana had still been there. He checked down his leg for his holster, which held his kunai. And he'd make sure not to lose the mission dossier, that was the most important part. He had remembered a few key details, fortunately. He was slightly nervous for their journey. The pair wasn't going to be heading too far out, so it shouldn't be too difficult to make their way back into the country if they run into any issues. Only heading towards a territory on the southeastern border of Lightning country. But it was his first mission lead, so he had that to look forward to. It'd be his job to make sure both his partner and himself made it back alive and in one piece. His eyes wandered a bit as he settled his body down near a tree, resting his back and head upon it. He'd wait for the other boy to get here before packing up and heading off for the night. Katsu decided it'd be best to leave as the sun set. The air was hot and humid, leaving sweat dripping down his forehead and neck. He wished he had brought some sort of hat or at least a hood. As he sat in the dirt, a light tapping sound began to fill his ears. It had begun to rain. This might make things a little more difficult. He'd sigh as the rain lightly fell down on top of him. wc 337 / 250 @Kaii
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  21. Mission Name | Yard Gang Dilemma: VandalismMission Type | VillageRanking | C-RankRepeatable? | Daily RepeatableReward | 500 RyoMission NPCs | 5 D-Rank Shinobi. Only possess basic academy jutsu. No more or less and no higher in rank. Mission Description | Recently there has been reports of a group of delinquents causing trouble within the village. Their crimes range from harassment to arson, and thus these little devil need to be stopped before somebody is seriously injured. There are numerous members in total within the group, all academy dropouts. They have knowledge of the generic academy techniques and nothing more. Apprehend them and drop them off into police custody.Word Count | 700 Requirements | Must be Lightning Shinobi. 'Damn, I'm awful at being stealthy. How the hell am I going to get out of this?' He thought to himself, attempting to figure out his next move. His exits were blocked. There seemed to be only one way out: taking these five men out. The leader that had barked orders followed the robed men out of the room and into the alleyway. The five men surrounded him as Katsu placed his hands up in the air. “How about you fellas let me go, eh?” A large smirk moved across his face as his eyes darted from person to person. He wanted to laugh a little, but the men around him seemed pretty serious. Ah, screw it. He let out a small chuckle and spoke out, “I take that as a no?” His eyes moved around again and he quickly moved his hands into seals: Ram and Tiger. He'd concentrate on his chakra, letting the electricity emit from his body and surround himself, acting as a form of armor around his entire body. He'd stand up tall, attempting to look intimidating to the group of men that surrounded him. None of them seemed to be too big and burly and most of them were younger than him from their looks, so hopefully it would work. It didn't, though. He just wasn't an intimidating type of guy, his face looked too friendly with that big ole' grin of his. “Get 'em, boys!” One of the men in front of Katsu had shouted towards his men, rallying their spirits as they began to charge. Katsu reached into his back sheath, removing his katana from it quickly, and spinning his body with the katana in a 360 degree motion. He'd swing the katana in a circle around himself, causing the men to jump back from him. He'd even caught one with a quick cut, ripping up his shirt. Katsu flinched a bit and let out a quick apology to the boy, “Ooohh, sorry about that, bud!” He chuckled a bit, but the boy was more mad than ever as he charged Katsu with a kunai out. Katsu sent a quick uppercut with his katana towards his kunai, slamming into it with the back of his own blade. It would knock the kunai into the ceiling of the building where it stayed. Another chuckle out of Katsu. But he had to end this quickly and he wasn't sure how strong these guys would be. He charged the boy that came towards him, ducking his shoulder a bit as he ran into the boy's body, sending him off his feet and flying back a few feet. The electricity from Katsu's body armor had crackled its way into the boy, sending a surge of electricity throughout his body and knocking the boy out. 'One down,' he thought to himself. Another boy had begun to weave hand seals behind him, so Katsu was unable to read them. He heard the sound of a few clones popping up, though. Unfortunate for Katsu to have to deal with more bodies. He'd swipe his katana backwards, without knowing which were clones. He'd connect with three of them behind him, cutting through each of their chest's. They'd all disappear in a cloud of smoke. Pity it wasn't really the boy. No, he stood behind one of the other boy's, huffing and puffing. Tired already, worthless boy. Katsu shook his head as he charged towards the couple standing before him, sending his shoulder down again as he rushed into the first boy. The electricity crackled through him, stunning him and throwing his body back towards the second boy that was huffing and puffing. A few shuriken are tossed at Katsu's back by one of the boys behind him. They slam into the armor, bouncing off easily of the electricity. Katsu turned his head slowly, looking back towards the two boys behind him. He'd change his body's direction and begin sprinting towards the two boys that were behind him. He moves his katana forward and shoves it into the guy of one of the boys, letting it slide easily through his stomach, stopping it halfway when he realizes what had happened and the smoke appears, replacing the boy with a chair. Katsu smirked and caught the boy moving in his peripherals. He'd move his hands into seals again: Dog → Rabbit → Dog and move his hand forward, holding it out as the electricity forms from his hand, and turns into a full-size hound. Katsu pushes his arm forward, the electric hound charging towards the boy, who now had a terrified look upon his face. He cowered and held his arms up as the hound jumped on top of him, shooting electric chakra throughout his body and paralyzing his dominant arm. The boy that was now to Katsu's left charged him, kunai out. Katsu back stepped him and left his leg out a bit, causing the boy to run into it and trip over it. As he fell, Katsu assisted gravity by slamming him in the back of the neck with the hilt of his katana, sending him to the ground a bit harder. He'd slam his head into the ground, knocking himself out. He looked to the dazed boy in front of him, but was caught off guard by the last boy to his right throwing more shuriken his way. He'd move his head out of the way of one, that managed to pass his chakra armor and cut into his face a bit. A drop or two of blood fell down his cheek. The boy to his right let out a yell as he removed a kunai from his bag and ran towards Katsu. He let his eye dart back to the boy that stood in front of him, paying attention to both. He stepped towards the boy to his right, sending his katana into his hand and slapping it with the back of the blade, knocking the kunai from the boy's hand. Katsu would turn his body completely towards him and land a rough blow to the boy's face, sending him down to the ground and knocked out. The final boy, as Katsu turned his body back towards him, was still sitting on the ground. He put his movable hand into the air and spoke, “P-pplease, n-no more.” Katsu nodded, placing his katana back into his sheath and moving to the door that led to the alleyway. He'd have to get a message to the police and let them know to come nab these kids. But he didn't have to. Shortly after he exited the alley, a few of the Lightning police force members ran up to him. He lead them to the back to apprehend the boys and take them into custody. For now, his job was done. He'd scratch the back of his head as he headed home. He'd stop off at a market stall he remembered from an earlier mission, though. “Two apples, please, sir!” He'd give the old man a large smile and a few ryo before making his way back home. 1186 / 700 wc
  22. Katsu took a glance over towards his smoke bomb as he watched it completely fade, he wouldn't spot the asset. He was proud, the man had escaped captivity. This was good for their situation. His eyes darted around, but still did not forget the opponent that was now charging towards him, one arm dangling at his side. Katsu turned his head to the side, confused as to why he'd charge with one arm unusable. Regardless, the man could still be dangerous with that wind element he had. He waited for Gibo to charge and swing his kunai. Katsu was ready and able to dodge to the left of the side, sliding his body underneath his blade and swing. He'd send his entire body weight up towards the armpit of Gibo, grabbing hold of his arm with his free hand and pushing the kunai from his hand. He pulls Gibo's arm down behind his own back. Katsu positioned himself behind the man and raised his katana to the man's neck. “Give up, bud.” Gibo wasn't about to give up, unfortunately for Katsu. Gibo sent his head backwards with force, hoping to crash into Katsu's nose. Luckily for Katsu, he was prepared for just about everything at this point. He wasn't going to let his opponent get the better of him twice. He'd move his head and body back, away from the man, letting him go. But in the next second, he'd use the blunt side of the katana to pull the man back towards him and let go of the man's arm, sending a slam with his fist to the back of his head, knocking him out. He'd fall down to the ground and away from the blade. Katsu turned his head around, his eyes darting around the crowded and fleeing street to look for the asset. He was not in sight, however. 'Damn, damn, damn. Did they get him?' As he thought to himself for a moment and began to panic, a small, red salamander made its way through the crowd and towards him. He'd recognize the salamander as the one he had worked with in Raijin Port. 'Hitomaro must have showed up,' he let out a sigh of relief as the salamander pointed its body towards the stop of the roof near the alley, gesturing to Katsu the leader's location. He was relieved. If the asset had gotten away or captured, Hitomaro would be able to retrieve or find him. He let out a heavy breath, being slightly worn out from the two fights he was just in. He wiped the sweat from his brow and placed the katana in his back sheath. His eyes would then fall to the edge of the alleyway, where he'd spot the two remaining shinobi. 'That must be the captors.' He began to head over to the alleyway to confront them. “Guess the party isn't over.” He and the salamander would begin heading their way. 3780 wc
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  24. Katsu had been caught off guard by Gibo. His barrage was merciless and heavy. Katsu was not used to seeing wind chakra used so well. The strikes came at him quickly. He'd throw his katana up and towards the shinobi, in an attempt to block his ongoing strikes with two his two kunai. The blades clashed for a moment, Katsu's face pressing near the blade as he pushed his full body against it. To Katsu's surprise, Gibo's strikes still landed. The chakra emitted from Gibo's blades had moved out slightly further than expected and were able to slip past the katana, cutting both sides of his cheeks. Katsu flinched and jumped back as blood began to pour down both sides of his face. The cuts would be about ¼ inch deep. Katsu grimaced, unsure what to expect from this new enemy. Wind worked the best against lightning, so he was at a major disadvantage, which he knew. He'd have to avoid the blades at all costs and be wary of how much further they can slice n' dice. Katsu regulated his breathing, preparing for the next onslaught. Gibo rushed forward, cutting towards Katsu from two different directions. Katsu was hesitant in attacking, wanting to study his opponent's movements first. He'd step back from the man as he continued to push forward, until realizing that a crowd had gathered around him, all seemingly interested in the commotion. Katsu moved his katana up to block once more, but received another slight cut from Gibo's second cut, striking down the length of his arm. Luckily it hadn't pierced much skin. Katsu was not confident in his ability to take this man down with the distinct disadvantage he had against him. Besides, the target was much more important. He simply had to get the asset away from the area and back to Yamagakure, that was his mission. He shouldn't be fighting in the middle of a town like this, it could cause too much damage to the town or its citizens. Katsu wouldn't look forward to the scolding he'd more than likely receive for such a failure. At the very least, though, Katsu would have to disable this man. There's no way Gibo would allow him to reach the asset without interfering. Katsu's eyes darted around but was unable to catch sight of the asset through the thick crowd that had been gathering. He turned to Gibo, who was not going to wait for Katsu to make up his mind. He began striking again, slicing towards Katsu with his kunai. Katsu would do his best to dodge, moving his body away from the crowd as he began to use his acrobatic nature to dodge the blade and its extensions. It was not easy, however, and it was clearly tiring Katsu out. As Gibo raised his arms up, in order to bring the blades down onto him again, Katsu made a quick motion into his body, sending his the blade of his katana into Gibo's left blade. This would keep the blade far enough away to not take any damage from it. The wind chakra pushed down on the katana as Katsu used his free hand to grab hold of Gibo's right arm as he swung it down from above him. The wind extension from the blade connected to the top of his arm, the chakra cutting into the top layer of the skin of Katsu's right arm. He'd flinch from the pain but fight through it. With his left arm still raised in the arm, he'd push the katana upwards, knocking Gibo's left arm back a bit. He'd hold tightly onto Gibo's right arm as he made a one-handed ram sign in his left hand. Katsu would channel the chakra throughout his body and into his right hand. The electricity would surge through his body and into the body and arm of Gibo. The Lightning Rod jutsu would be a success, sending the surge of electricity through Gibo's body, exploding on contact and blasting Gibo back a few feet and onto his back. This would cause the crowd to flinch, backing away and fleeing further from the two men in the middle of the street. Gibo's right arm would be paralyzed and it seemed he was coming to terms with that as he tried to stand himself up from the blast. Katsu's eyes turned back to the alleyway. Without hesitating, he'd send his hand into his jacket's pocket and remove his final smoke bomb. He'd aim for the alleyway, unsure if it'd land successfully or if it would even help out. He just hoped the asset could use this to get away. He'd throw the smoke bomb, watching as it fell beneath the feet of the scarred man holding the entrance to the alleyway. It would explode and smoke begins to fill the area, covering the entrance to the alleyway. Katsu's eyes turned back to his opponent, but it was too late. Gibo was already on his feet and charging at Katsu, his left arm still fully functional. His clothes left a trail of smoke behind as he sprinted at Katsu, launching his blade towards Katsu's gut. Katsu would forge his hand seals: Tiger into Boar, substituting himself with a large, wooden chair. The blade would connect to the chair, as Katsu appeared 10 meters away, on the porch of one of the buildings. 'That was a close one,' he thought to himself before moving his body back towards Gibo in the center of the street. Hopefully he'd be a bit easier to take down. wc 925 + 2362
  25. Katsu watched as Sei approached the man and began doing his thing. The scraping and the circling.. it was all enough for even Katsu to become slightly uncomfortable. He watched Sei, impressed of his tactics to get the man to speak. And it didn't take too long for the man to let out everything he knew. If he were in that chair, he'd probably squeal, too. Watching Sei scrape the piece of wood and then later the chair made him more comfortable as he thought about it more and more. Katsu hoped he'd never end up in this sort of situation, but he knew it would more than likely happen eventually. He'd have to toughen up his mind a lot more to be able to avoid these situations. Hopefully he can get some sort of training to help him out. The man burst out with the information they had some for, so mission success so far. Now they'd just need to find the jounin and give him the information so they could complete the rest of the mission. And as if the jounin had heard his thoughts, a knock on the cellar door rang loudly through the small, dark room. Katsu prepared himself, grabbing hold of the katana from his back sheath and held it in front of him. Attempting not to make a sound, he'd be prepared to take anyone out. He was thinking about whether or not it'd be the two ninja from earlier. He'd hope not. The door opened and a voice echoed through the room. As he kept himself in position to attack, he waited for the man to come downstairs, before recognizing who it was. He'd put the katana back in his sheath and stretch his body out, prepared to speak of what has happened so far. “This guy here,” he said, pointing to the man in the chair, “is the one you had us capture. He's told us that he does not work for a gang that is already operating in the port, but for a gang out of Noumu that is looking to expand his operation.” His hands reached up to his head, to let them rest there while he continued. “We also ran into a tad bit of trouble with some shinobi. It seemed like they were after this man here.” Silence filled the room after he spoke. After a few moments, he spoke out, “Now what?”