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  1. Name | Iaidō, Quick Slash Style Elements | None Specialties | Bukijutsu Abilities | C-Rank: When pulling the blade from the sheath, the initial slash is a full rank faster, and can interrupt a C rank performing hand seals within the range of the swords length. B-Rank: When pulling the blade from the sheath, the initial slash is a full rank faster, and can interrupt a B rank performing hand seals within the range of the swords length. A-Rank: When pulling the blade from the sheath, the initial slash is a full rank faster, and can interrupt a A rank performing hand seals within the range of the swords length. S-Rank: When pulling the blade from the sheath, the initial slash is a full rank faster, and can interrupt a S rank performing hand seals within the range of the swords length. SS-Rank: When pulling the blade from the sheath, the initial slash is a full rank faster, and can interrupt a SS rank performing hand seals within the range of the swords length. X-Rank: When pulling the blade from the sheath, the initial slash can interrupt a X rank performing hand seals within the range of the swords length. Equipment | Swords Description | a specific style of kenjutsu that is concerned with the smooth, controlled movements of drawing the sword from its scabbard, striking or cutting an opponent, removing blood from the blade, and then replacing the sword in the scabbard. The linear motion and force applied to draw the sword from the scabbard results in slashes that are faster and stronger than ones executed with the sword already drawn. The speed at which these techniques can be executed , the initial strike in particular, is such that when performed by a skilled user, it can prevent enemy shinobi from forming hand seals (and thus ninjutsu), by exploiting the small opening that these movements create. This makes them highly effective against most shinobi. Cost by Stage | C-Rank: 2 SP per Slash B-Rank: 4 SP per Slash A-Rank: 6 SP per Slash S-Rank: 8 SP per Slash SS-Rank: 10 SP per Slash X-Rank: 12 SP per slash Origin | An old samurai technique passed down through the ages, it was said to have been invented by a family in the mountains who were being harassed by the local Shinobi. The style was created to help combat against ninja and the use of hand seal to mold chakra. It has become a common style among sword users to help them in combat when fighting with a disadvantage against those who manipulate chakra into attacks.
  2. "Shit...i am so late. should i even go, what if the Denkikage kills me the moment i walk in to the room? Shit..Shit..Shit, i really did it this time." Royoto was running, in two different aspects of the definition. While on the outside, in the physical world, he was running through the village, dodging and weaving through crowds of people, trying his best to make it to the academy building. At the same moment, he was running through his own mind, contemplating all the bad scenarios that could befall him now that he was late. It was a very unsettling thing to think about, the last thing anyone wanted to do was upset the new Denkikage, the most powerful and prominent shinobi in the village. The dark skinned boy even considered turning back and not even showing up, he did not want his life to end so early after beginning his ninja journey. The white haired boy moved with nimble speed and swift agility, furiously making his way trough the massive village. Storm clouds were forming over head, coating the village and the genin in rain fall. As if things were not already bad, of course it had to storm. Maybe this was a sign that he should have just given up on being a ninja. " no no no" He was not going to let this chance to learn from a skilled warrior to by pass him. He just needed to hope and pray that attending this lecture was not the biggest mistake of his life. He finally arrived to the old ninja academy, a place he had spent two yeas at, and a place that was so full of memories. This was where he had begun his journey, making a promise to his two best friends who were not lucky enough to have this chance. Rain drops dripped from the white spiky hair to the polished floor below, signs of others could clearly be seen down the empty hallway, a door halfway down stood open, with the sound of a voice coming through it. "SHIT! i am late, oh god, i am going to die" Gritting his teeth Royoto moved down the hall, a lollipop clinking between his teeth, the nerves starting to kick in. "I will just slip in and find a seat, he will never know i was not there to begin with right?" He had finally made it to the opening, peering in the see that the room was already filled with some other genin, and the lecture had already begun. It was hard to make out the conversation, the sound of his heart beating making it hard to concentrate. He had gone unnoticed so far though, moving from the empty door way to find the closest seat to the door. Just as he had found the chair, the Denkikage, who had been giving his lecture, paused and turned around to look at the crowd. "Gulp" He did not dare look at the man, and instead took his seat and pretended to be there from the beginning.
  3. Name | The Red Fang Type | Sword - Sub-Type | Blade Ranking | C Material(s) | Chakra Conductive Steel, Wooden Sheathe, cloth wrappings. Dimensions | 60 cm Blade (24 inches) 15 cm Handle (6 inches), 75 cm (30 inches) Total length Nature | Fire Appearance | The Red Fang is a 30 inch (2.5 feet) katana that is often used with both hands. It has a two foot steel blade that is always cleaned and oiled after each use, keeping it in perfect shape. The handle is six inches in length, made out of wood with a full tang, which allows the blade to extend through the entire length of the handle. The handle is wrapped in white cloth which lets the hand rest and grip the handle. The blade comes with its own sheath, a 25 inch wooden sleeve that is used to hold the blade. At edge of the sheath is built to be air tight when the blade is in it, creating a solid seal. The sheath is built to rest securely in a holster built into the article of clothing worn, with draw string that ties the sheath to the holster. This is so when the blade is removed the sheathe does not come with it, however the string can be pulled to release the sheath, allowing it to be used as a weapon also. Abilities | C-Rank Fire Conductive: The sword is built with a special chakra enhanced steel, which allows the user to flow their own chakra into the blade, giving it elemental properties. Royoto is able to enhance the blade with his own fire nature chakra, which lets him channel fire jutsu through. Because of this property the blade is resistant to fire and extreme heat, which in turn keeps it from melting while using fire chakra through it. This ability does nothing on its own (beside keeping the blade from melting) However in can be used in conjunction with Royoto's chakra to create advanced techniques with the blade. Description | A simple Katana created by Royoto with the help of locals forge masters. It is a little shorter than most other katanas, as it is worn on his back. It can be pulled from its resting place, used, then replaced with relative ease. It comes with its own sheath that is designed to hold the blade. When the weapon is resting within the sheath it creates an air tight seal, not letting air in or out of the container. It can be wielded with one or two hands, however is more effective with the full force of the wielder behind it. Availability | For Royoto Requirements | None Ryo Cost | 700
  4. Name | Royoto Clandestine Nickname | TBD Title Name | None Gender | Male Age | 15 Home Link | Village | Lightning Clan | None Village Ranking: | Genin Shinobi Ranking | C-Rank Element(s) | Katon | Fire release Specialties | Primary: Bukijutsu | Beginner Secondary: Bloodline | None Chakra | 100 Stamina | 100 Jutsu | Equipment | Forms | Creatures/Summons | Styles | Mentors & Pupils | Friends & Family | Recent History |
  5. Name | Royoto Clandestine Nickname | TBD Title Name | None Gender | Male Age | 15 Birth Date | March 2nd Hair Color | White Eye Color | Hazel Height | 170 cm | 5'6" Weight | 70 kg | 154 lbs. Appearance | Royoto is a young dark skinned boy who stands at approximately five feet, six inches and weighs a hundred and fifty four pounds. He has light spiky white hair that is kept cut real short, to keep it from getting out of hand and uncontrollable. A forehead protector sits comfortably across the top of his head, bearing the symbol of the lightning village. He has light brown eyes, often gleaming with excitement or an eagerness to do something. The boy is a very slim yet built young man, making sure to stay in top physical condition and preferring to hone his body every chance he gets. Agility and nimbleness are his prized physical attributes, and strives to maintain these. His attire is very simple, often wearing a loose grey, brown or black hoodie with a pair of comfortable slacks. Royoto is known to occasionally wear a pair of red leather bracers, and has several strips of cloth tied around his waist and thighs which holds his weapon pouches. The outfit is normally completed with a white half vest that buckles over the shoulder. This is used to keep his clothing from getting in the way while fighting, however it holds one final use. Built into the back is a sword holster, fitted to securely hold a blade and its sheathe while still being open enough to access the blade with relative ease. Village | Lightning Clan | None Village Ranking: | Genin Shinobi Ranking | C-Rank Element(s) | Katon | Fire release Specialties | Bukijutsu | Beginner Bloodline | None Favorable | Candy | Matches | Napping | Honesty | Bravery | Light Skin Women | Sparring | Spicy Food | Dropping Sick Beats Unfavorable | Complainers | Water Ninjutsu | Baby Sitting | Vegetables | Fan-Girls | Shady mo-fo's Personality | Royoto is a very cautious person and likes to think things through before acting, and as a result, gets lost in his thoughts quite often. He is more level-headed than most kids his age, but often demonstrates a wild imagination and has a habit of exaggerating the end result of minor things. He likes to joke around and make fun of others, not to be mean but just to have a little fun. This often gets him into more trouble that originally intended. He does have respect for people who stand by their word, even if they are the enemy. He believes in honor and will show an enemy the same respect they show him. This does not mean he will take it easy on them however, and often gives it his all against opponents he respects. He is a very intelligent ninja, thinking things through before going through with anything. He is very resourceful, even under pressure, able to keep his cool and find the best way out of a situation. He values life and will defend someone he believes is being taken advantage of you misused. Royoto is very loyal to his village and to those eh respects. Losing his trust can be very detrimental, with most times losing him as a friend completely. Although a hard worker he can sometimes get lost in his own thoughts, day dreaming and zoning out even during very important moments. Philosophy & Beliefs | Royoto believes in honor and respect, and that although they are bred for war, warriors share a bond. He believes hard work and determination are necessary virtues, and hopes to set an example for others in his home village. History & Background | Royoto was born to two unnamed parents, both of who were mysterious civilians who were believed to have lived in the out skirts of the lightning village. They were very poor and lived very dangerous life styles, stealing from travelers out in the roads of the mountains. When the young boy was born they feared that they would not be able to properly raise him, and worried that if they kept him it would not only make their lives harder, but he would not be given the life he deserved. With no family or friends in the area, Royoto was taken to a local orphanage where he was raised. Growing up alone Royoto found it very hard to relate to others, many of the kids in the orphanage with him where there because they had lost their parents either in the war, or in the civil war that plagued the village. Some of them had even known their parents, always talking about how great they were and how they were heroes. He never had that privilege, so he kept to himself, sitting on the roof tops and watching the clouds pass over head, listening to the shinobi train in the mountains. He managed to make a few friends, but they were like him, outcast and kids who never knew a loved one. They bonded together and began to play, dreaming of one day joining the ninja academy. One year a sickness came through the orphanage, striking him and his two best friends. The illness was very severe, taking the lives of many young, including one of his closest friends. The other survived, but not without cost. She grew very sick and was unable to participate in strenuous activity. Both of their dreams of becoming a shinobi had ended before they started, yet Royoto was healthy, and promised to live their dream out for them. He still visits the grave of Omar, and Shelia who has a permanent home in the hospital. Leaving the orphanage behind young Royoto joined the academy, promising to get through it as fast as he could and join the ranks of the ninja world. The academy went well, although it was clear early on he did not particularly enjoy the ninjutsu aspect. He much prefered hitting things with his fist or slicing things with a blade. His teachers began to help him hone his close range abilities, commenting on how he would make a excellent melee fighter and assassin. Within two years he graduated the academy, proving to himself and his two best friends that dreams do come true.