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  1. So I see a ton of accusations being thrown around which is seriously unnecessary. For one, the Discord group that few are apart of is by no means anyone here's business. The fact you all assume to know what transpired within tells me you have no clue how the Discord is used. To clear the air in that regard that discord was and is used by a few people to communicate and talk. 9/10 our conversations involve very little of SG as we have lives outside of the site lol. I see no reason to point the finger at Drak or some ''secret discord''. I'm sure you all have your own discords outside of the SG one yes?. By no means was it some elaborate ''shit talkers'' group that you all claim to think it is. I don't see why what happens inside that discord affects any of you unless of course, it's simple jealousy you were not invited (Which I'd assume isn't the case). Before claiming to know this or that maybe next time try to simply ask? If you want to know what happens within then simply ask either Soul or Duke as they have both been within the Discord since it was formed? You want an unbiased opinion then ask those two. In my case at least If I had an issue with anyone on site I'd say directly to you, which is why I've come to grief with certain individuals over the span of time I've been here lol. Secondly, with Meiko and Hono, I can agree that he used the account to troll you guys. That has nothing to do with us as a group. Those actions were his and his alone so there's no need to involve us in those affairs. The only reason we saw fit to be pissy about it was simply due to the way the situation was handled. I saw no reason to threaten him as this is no way to deal with a situation regardless. Yes, he's a derp for doing that but regardless of whether you believe us or not he was to be apart of mine and Evers plot. We needed a certain amount of members to actually Found our clan, he was one such member. The only reason it didn't go ahead was simply that he quit alongside other members. The whole Yuri situation was indeed what started this feud. I and others said we saw no issues with you guys taking the Kage spot in Flame. If anything we agreed to it. If anyone had bothered to listen, the issue we had was how much shit talking was going on in CB regarding Yuri as a PERSON OOC. The amount of insults thrown at Yuri was what really set people off as there was no need. I know it wasn't everyone but it was a few. The simple fact that Jinpachi saw fit to bar her from leaving Flame (While having no reason to do so ICly) was the icing on the cake. It made you guys look like assholes in my honest opinion and that's where the real fuckery began. Everyone keeps saying we follow Drak lol. That's ridiculous, we all have our own minds. Ever and I remained here as we both enjoyed SG and had a lot more we wanted to do even after all the others left. Shit, I even tried to keep things rolling by doing a bunch of stuff in and for Lightning as well as keep activity up in Water alongside Kazuo. During this time did anyone else try to do anything? NO. Other than Kazuo, Bas, Kabel, Kao, Lillian and myself. No one else bothered to do squat. Meiko won't be trolling anymore, we've told his ass to stop being a dick so stress not in that regard lol. In saying that I'm leaving too but not due to some bullshit excuse or because they do this or they got that. I could care less lol. After all of this Toxicness (Which I brought up in Members Round Table), this place has become no longer enjoyable. I did enjoy most of my time here and I'm thankful being part of the community as long as I have. I wish everyone and the site as a whole all the best and hope you guys can make SG great again, which I know you guys will. Maybe once things get better I may return but at this point in time, my RL schedule is about to get hectic too! Either way, I want to thank, those who made my time here enjoyable and if you want my Discord, feel free to search me on the SG Discord chat or PM for my Usercode ^-^ Peace <3.
  2. Perhaps her first genuine smile of the night, the blonde woman's facial features expressed a fondness that reached her eyes. It was a smile very few saw and while most had not been seen fit to bask in its beauty, on this night of bloodshed and justice Tenri had allowed it to shine upon her face. ''I am glad to hear we finally agree on something Kazuo. I believe it is our duty as Shinobi, who have not only lived comfortably but also deprived to see that such a world becomes reality. If not for The Water Country, then for the people who suffer at the hands of the corrupt.'' the woman would continue to smile even as she said the words. She meant them and while her own methods were sometimes seen as inhumane, sometimes a necessary evil was needed in order to preserve the innocence of the weak. Tenri had meant every word and although she had not said it, there were still a few things she herself needed to see to. With Kazuo closing the gap between them the expression that covered the blonde Dame's face was one of confusion. In all her years she had not found a man she could call comrade. The singular man who had been granted that honor was Kensho, and that was simply due to him being like a Father to the woman. Yet here stood a man willing to fight by her side as just that, comrades in arms. Reaching out her hand Tenri would await the man to embrace her own to perform a handshake ''I would like that Kazuo. I look forward to working alongside you to better the world and I look forward to seeing your accomplishments in fulfilling that promise.'' The next words from Tenri's lips would be ones she'd remember for the rest of her life, words that held more meaning than any she had said before ''I too promise that whatever the future may bring, together we can-No. Together we will create a place where the innocent are protected. Where the strong fight for what is right and not for greed.... As partners. You have indeed earned my respect Kazuo to be called my comrade. I shall trust you in whatever future endeavors we may be apart of''
  3. Tenri could not hope to know how Kazuo's mind worked. Tenri knew how people like these criminals thought and in truth if she hadn't taken the path she had with her adoptive Mother by her side she may well have ended up like these poor deceased individuals. But Kazuo. Kazuo was not a man she could easily read. It was not like he was an open book like most she interacted with. He was the type of man who remained guarded which was no easy feat. The fact he felt a pang of regret for these people showed her he was not quite as open-minded about the world as she had originally thought. ''Betrayal isn't something that comes easily to people Kazuo. Sometimes the world with all its blight and bitterness sends people on a different path than the one they had originally thought to follow. They most likely did not see it as a betrayal. A fine example is the state of the Slums. While the Mizukage has started creating new ideologies for the Water Country to follow, he has not yet stopped to think about fixing things closer to home. Over the recent years, the Slums have become more plagued than it ever has been. The Mizukage has played his hand at closing down the Criminal Organizations that plagued this country and now rather than being open about their business front, they work in the shadows.'' the sigh that would escape the dame's plump lips would be heavy as her hand ruffled through her long golden locks. ''With that state of the slums no one can blame these people for following Taro, 50% of our Shinobi numbers are children who once lived in the slums or who were children affected in some way by its touch. These people likely chose the easy way out by reverting back to their roots thanks to sweet promises made by Taro himself.'' Tenri would finish before sighing once more. The blonde dame would gaze upon the picture in Kazuo's hand, a softness creasing the emotion on her face. Nariko Indeed looked happy and excited and while Tenri could not find it in her heart to say it, she looked healthy. Tenri's gaze would land on Kazuo's face, a look of compassion on her own mug ''Tell me Kazuo. When was the last time you visited the Slums? I may be a lot of things and I may not seem like the sentimental type but in my spare time, I like to visit the slums. I feed them and clothe them and while my actions are moral, they make no difference for these people. Employment is out of the question for them and most rarely live past a certain age which is why Taro's numbers are always increasing. Remember how I said I don't trust people simply because the Village tells me to? It is for this reason'' Tenri's hands would expand signaling the room before landing gently at her sides. ''Why should I do anything for a Village who does nothing to help those who really need it. The slums should not have remained in such disarray after all these years. '' with that Tenri would remain quiet. Truthfully she did not know how Kazuo would react to her words, so far their interaction had been rocky and while she normally had very little interest in what people thought of her, Kazuo's opinion mattered to her.
  4. Can I has my cookie now? :3 @Katsu LETS GET THE #SQUAD BACK TOGETHER
  5. TENRI TERUMI "WHAT GOOD IS BEAUTY IF YOU DON'T EVEN USE IT?" ➟ CURRENT MISSION: * ➟ wordcount: 000 / 000 | Tenri found that the concise walk with Junn had been considerably informative. At the very least he was not naive. Clearly, the young man was aware of the real threat Mizumura's Criminal Underground posed to the innocent men and woman of the Water Country and the fact he had been so open to trusting her of all people with the information regarding his own involvement had astounded the blonde-beast to no end. She could not say she trusted the young cub enough to divulge her own secrets yet but something about the boy made her feel like perhaps she could. Trust was not something she gave without thought and in turn Information. In their line of work, information was a dangerous weapon to those who knew how to utilize it and while their Village suggested they were comrades simply by being citizens of the same Country, that was not the way Tenri saw the world. Such ideologies had never sat well with the blonde dame. Why should she place her trust in people she barely knew? People who expected her loyal and obedience simply because of their status?. It had been a lesson taught to her in her past and the teachings had kept her alive this long, she saw no reason to change her views. At least not at this point in time. After listening to the boy a light smirk would span the blonde dame's lips. She liked him well enough and even though her character came off as hostile he still seemed unphased by her mannerisms, something that was a rarity when she interacted with others. Perhaps she could impart some of her past to the boy. ''The slums? I would not have pegged you for a child of the slums. I was raised there myself and while the times have changed the slums remain as they always have. A hunting ground of the weak and innocent preyed upon by the corrupt.'' the woman would say, an agitated tone to her voice. It was a sore subject for her to say the least. All her recent missions in the slums she had seen no improvement in the districts state. If anything they had worsened in recent years. ''You speak of the syndicate as if you've had previous involvement in their inner circle. Judging by your age I'd assume you were born into it? Perhaps your parents were somehow involved?'' Tenri would add smugly. She would not question the boy further regarding his parentage, it was not her business to pry. A chuckle would escape the woman's lips as she watched Junn cover their Ninja Bands ''Forgive me for being brash Cub, In truth, I don't work well with others and unless I can be sure the job will be done correctly, I'll normally force my hand. I mean no offense to your skills as a Shinobi, we are the same ranking. Not to mention it takes some considerable skill to survive the Slums'' the would say lightly tapping Junn upon the back. In the back of her mind, a motherly urge had taken its course, while their age differed very little Tenri could not help but feel a paternal protectiveness over the boy. She may have been young in body but her mind and soul were years ahead. The blonde dame would smirk as she followed Junn, she was aware he had no clue where they were headed but she couldn't bring herself to deflate his pride further by mentioning it allowed. Instead, she'd allowed him to determine that for himself before finally he allowed her to take the lead once more. ''You were headed in the correct general direction Cub, so fear not'' she'd say gently. Rising over a large mound of sand that stretched for miles Tenri would lead the pair toward a set of jagged rocks that sprouted from the sandy water's edge. The rocks held no real significance other than marking the way point toward their destination. They were Indeed getting close. ''I know my fair share of things regarding this country young Cub, I won't tell you any more than that for now. Survive the Night and I might be willing to impart a few of my secrets with you. Our pasts may be more closely connected than you realize'' the woman would smirk mockingly. There was truth to her words, Tenri could not help but feel they shared a common bond. The fact Junn had lived within the Slums and helped to concrete that fact. After walking another mile the sandy terrain would begin turning brown, the ground beneath their feet had turned to dirt. Just up ahead sat the entrance into Brawlers Cove, a large cave attached to a massive cliffside. A large wooden door convened at the entrance of the cave while two hulking men stood either side. While the cave itself was large, the region surrounding it looked abnormal for the Mizumura Coast as if Shinobi using Ninjutsu had crafted the area. Tenri knew there was truth to that fact, Brawlers Cove never remained in one place too long or risk being caught by Shinobi of Mizumura. Thus every few weeks the cave and its surroundings would be shifted to another location entirely in order for the establishment to remain secret. Tenri would halt and pull Junn to the side, he was right. The two needed to get to know one another a little before entering willingly into the Lions Den. ''So young Cub, what skills do you possess? I can assume as a fighter you have some skills and while age plays no part I want to be sure your head will be in the game. Entering the establishment is the easy part, it's how we want to proceed from there is where it gets complicated. There are a few ways we can go about taking out our targets. The first is I can enter us into the festivities and I can rig the matches so we face off against our targets in the first fight. The second is an assassination ploy.'' the woman would say, her fingers tapping her chin in thought. ''This is unlike me and I might regret this later but what do YOU want to do Cub?'' Tenri would add, a huff to her tone. It was true, Tenri had never been one to share the reigns with another but she still couldn't shake her motherly tendencies. ➟ OOC | Lol I gave up on WC a long time ago. You're doing great though ^-^!
  6. I want in! How many people are you thinking? Just a team of three?
  7. TENRI TERUMI "WHAT GOOD IS BEAUTY IF YOU DON'T EVEN USE IT?" ➟ CURRENT MISSION: * ➟ wordcount: 000 / 000 | Tenri watched the events that unfolded around her with keen interest, her crimson glazed eyes watched the scene with such precision that her focus seemed to catch the minor details. The first was Kazuo's complete and utter confusion of the situation that was indeed about to unfold, and his total disregard of greeting her had not gone unnoticed either. 'Poor Kazuo' the woman would think to herself, a sharp smirk spread across her face. The second was the interaction between the man Chao and the man-woman Reimei. It appeared they knew each other although the red-headed creature clearly feigned differently. The only question upon Tenri's mind was why? True to her nature Tenri decided the scene before her would require some manipulation on her part. While she had no real animosity toward this ''Reimei'' person other than the fact she had so casually bumped into Kazuo, she simply did not trust the woman. Anyone who felt the need to hide had to be a threat, especially when the woman felt the need to hide her gender of all things. The fact the woman had met Tenri's challenge head on only furthered the blonde woman's interest to continue her ploy ''Oh Chao is it? It's a pleasure to meet you, my tall friend. They call me Tenri. Tenri Terumi...'' the woman's tone would be both lustful and confident. Tenri's hand would land upon Chao's arm, it's caress lacking any form of subtlety before finally, her arm would link with the man's as if she and Chao were close on a personal level. The smirk upon the blonde woman's face would widen as her gaze landed upon the redhead once more ''Reimei is it? Pray, tell me little one, where does such a name originate? I've never heard a man or Woman... with such a... unique name.'' her words were sharp as if they wielded a blade of their own, their intent to harm the pride of this Reimei woman or at the very least bait her. Tenri's arms would remain wrapped around Chao's as a chuckle erupted from her thin parted lips, the woman's gaze upon Reimei's chest area. ''If I didn't know any better, I'd say that with your figure and... mannerisms you were no more than a tiny chested woman.'' her tone would be full of mock, the vibrations of laughter causing her breasts to bounce. ''Oh do forgive me for my outburst. Sometimes I forget my manners and say the first thing that pops into my head'' the woman would casually add as she'd begin inspecting her long nails. If her previous actions had not set Reimei off, this surely would have helped.
  8. TENRI TERUMI "WHAT GOOD IS BEAUTY IF YOU DON'T EVEN USE IT?" ➟ CURRENT MISSION: * ➟ wordcount: 000 / 000 | Tenri had never been one for small talk, the only instance she'd even allowed it to interrupt a mission was when she'd been partnered alongside the dark-haired beast of a man named Kazuo. Oh, she liked him now but their original relationship had been unsteady and had quite closely border lined hatred. During their time she had displayed weakness, an error she would not soon repeat with this boy-cub. The crimson hues of her gaze would snake across the boy with uncertainty. He appeared younger than she and while she had no reason to doubt his skills, she had decided she'd call him Cub for the remainder of the mission. Tenri could not help but be appealed by the boys good looks and his hairline had been his most distracting feature. A smirk would cross the blondes plump lips as she focused upon his baby-face 'a boy like this would have fetched a beautiful price once he came of age. He was wise to choose this line of work. The life of a courtesan would have chewed this boy up and spat him back out' the golden woman would think to herself. Tenri's eyes would land on the boy's hand before she finally took it in her own and shook it in greeting ''It's a pleasure to meet you young Cub. I am Tenri. Tenri Terumi.'' she'd reply with a honeyed tone. A small chuckle would escape the woman's lips as the boy produced a small file, her hand would raise in a halting motion ''Never mind that cub, I'm already debriefed on the situation. We're here to take out two rogue bandits. Finding them will not be an issue. I know where they'd be'' the woman would stop mid-sentence to scan her watch ''at this time.'' she'd finish abruptly. With a sensual flick of her fingers, Tenri would signal the boy to follow as she lead the way onto the sandy beach before them ''Are you aware of Brawlers Cove young cub?'' Tenri would ask as they walked. While the boy was young of an age she was not sure if he was aware of the underground organizations that littered The Country of Water. Few did, but that was only through simple rumors. ''You see, here on Mizumura's Coast, there is a large cave hidden amongst the sand dunes. They call it the Brawlers Cove as those who frequent it attend for one simple reason. To fight.'' the woman would say casually as she stepped over a small crab that had crawled toward her ''Brawlers Cover was founded on the criminals foundations between different Mobs. It was a way for each group to sort out their differences without starting all our wars and to avoid unnecessary bloodshed. With Mizumura now in a new age, many of these organizations have been shut down and taken out thanks to the Mizukage and Shinobi alike.'' She'd add as she winked at Junn teasingly. ''Nowadays Brawlers Cove is no more than a simple fighters ring where criminals gather to both fight and gamble to pass the time. That my little cub is where our targets will be. Tonight is the night Brawlers Cover is usually overcrowded. If they're anywhere, it'd be there'' she'd finish. A smile would creep across the blonde dame's face as she finished, the things she had said were true but the only reason she knew of this due to her own involvement in the festivities. She had frequented the establishment from her youth and often participated in the fun. Of course, she was no fool, all traces of her Shinobi life had remained hidden which was why what she did next had to be done. Tenri would cut Junns Ninja headband from him and throw it into the sand below, soon followed by removing her own. The blonde woman would then pile sand over the top before her gaze would land upon Junn ''Sorry to say but we won't get in if were Shinobi. Once we reach the entrance just follow my lead. Once we finish the mission you can have your headband back but upon entry, you will be searched. They find this on you then were both in the shi*'' the blonde woman would say before continuing on. They still had a fair trek before they arrived at their destination which would give Junn a good amount of time to respond.
  9. TENRI TERUMI "WHAT GOOD IS BEAUTY IF YOU DON'T EVEN USE IT?" ➟ CURRENT MISSION: Mission 1. | Mission 2. ➟ wordcount: 000 / 000 ➟ REQ wordcount: 1700 | Mizumura Coast. The ever present scourge of the Water Country. Tenri had traversed the sandy beach lines on numerous occasion in the past, both for business and pleasure but as of late her presence within the region had become a rather common circumstance. She had grown to hate the salt-winded region, its reputation had become somewhat invalidating in the weeks that had passed since she was last there. It seemed every mission as of late required her to travel to the coast and deal with some form of criminal or another and the assignments had started to irritate the blonde woman. Mizumura was not that far secluded from the main Village, in fact, it was only divided by a small body of water and a wooden bridge. Tenri could not quite contemplate the reasoning behind why the Coast had become a popular tourist spot for the countries criminal inhabitants and quite frankly she did not care. As long as she earned her coin and got to kill a few people that were all that mattered. A heavy gust had picked up during her trek across the wooden bridge that connected Mizumura's Coast to the Main Village, it's caress would cause the blonde beauty's long locks of hair to dance wildly in the winds embrace. Ever the fashionista, on this day Tenri donned her usual attire that consisted of all shades of black, an attire that left very little to the imagination. With the gait of a Lioness, Tenri prowled toward her to be partner, another man she would judge based on his proficiency during their mission. She hated the weak and even more, she hated men. This man would have to earn her respect and that in itself was a mission all on its own. ''And whom might you be young cub?'' the amber-skinned woman would say, her neck slightly craned upward. For once she was not taller than her male companion, a rarity considering all the previous men she had worked alongside she'd managed to tower, especially given the added height her heels provided her.
  10. Tenri had been startled by the sudden circumstance of the man at her back, she knew she should have known better but her mind has been so enwrapped by the fight that she had forgotten to be more cautious. It was a lesson she'd remember for next time. If Kazuo had not been with her who knows what would have happened, she was lucky the man had her back. With a subtle nod, the blonde Dame would acknowledge the man for his help for at the very least saving her from a severe injury. At his words, Tenri couldn't help but feel a beam of pride encompass her, in truth her fighting style differed from Kazuo's and it would take her sometime before her mind fully grasped the difference between the two but it was a good start. With a nob Tenri would now smile a genuine smile, her first of the night ''I had a good Teacher'' she'd respond gracefully. Pulling a small piece of fabric from the pocket of her jacket Tenri would begin cleaning her blade of blood, it's crimson touch beginning to crust upon her Wazikashi. She'd always been taught to take care of her tools which is why cleaning the weapon was important while she had the chance. Surveying the room the amber skinned woman eyes would land upon the unconscious subject in the corner of the room ''How lucky.. this is the very first person I've not killed immediately following a scuffle. Go ahead Kazuo, I have a few questions for our little friend here before he departs this world'' she'd say placing her blade back within the holster at her hip, an inch of lust to her words. Tied with rope to a wooden chair in the center of the room the blonde dame tipped a bucket of water upon Scarface causing the man to shock back into consciousness. Placing her fist into the palm of her opposite hand Tenri would crack her knuckles ''Scarface, so nice of you to take time out of your schedule to speak with me. I have a few questio-'' the woman's words would be cut short as the man would spit at Tenri, his saliva colored red with blood. *THUD* The connection of her fist with Scarfaces mouth would resound ''That is no way to treat a Lady of my stature Scarface. Now be a gentleman and answer my questions'' the blonde would say nonchalantly. Scarface would groan in pain before a nod would follow. Stepping closer Tenri would smile at the man, her crimson gaze snaking across the man ''Good lad. Now I want to know where Taro is and you're OH SO overjoyed to tell me right?'' the woman would say mockingly. ''We're only one of his many lackeys! I've never even seen Taro befor-'' *THUD* a second punch would echo, this time in the man's eye. ''PLEASE! I really don't know! We're only one of the many establishments in Water. I promise'' the man would groan from beneath his pain. Tenri would sigh ''At least tell me where I can find another of these little establishments. I know you have a communication network in place. Give me a location boy'' the woman would reply. Encased by fear the man would utter two three words ''The Frozen Tundra'' before Tenri would snap the man's neck. This was a new source of information. While small, she had still discovered another location for a possible future raid party. At the very least it was information the Village could use to their benefit. ''Well it seems we're finished here Kazuo. There is another in The Frozen Tundra but we'll save that for another mission. That kind of trek would require more preparation'' the woman would say as she turned her back to the now lifeless body of Scarface and approached her partner. ''What are you doing?.... Oh I see'' a chuckle would escape the woman's plump lips.
  11. With her view of her partner, the blonde woman watched as Kazuo took out the other man with ease, a simple kunai to the heart ending the man in an instant. Even while he killed, he did so in a manner that caused no pain, no suffering to his enemies. Tenri was not yet capable of such feats, the malicious way she fought was part of who she was, even if her methods were frowned upon. The events that followed the deaths of the door guards brushed by in a blur and before she could even recall what had transpired she found herself hot on the tail of the dark haired male as they avoided the eventual blast that shook the earth at her feet. The explosion had been beautiful and the blonde woman had watched its beauty with envy, the rupture sent splinters of wood cascading like a shallow mist of rain. The woman had held her breath as she watched the events unfold, the blonde man who had answered the door and to his dismay had realized too little too late what was happening 'Poor sod'. Tenri had to admit, Kazuo was competent in battle and while she knew she had misjudged him earlier, there was more she wanted to see. Her crimson gaze flicked upon the man once more curious as to who exactly he was. ''Interesting..'' the woman would murmur to herself briefly. After recovering her composure the golden beauty equipped for her infiltration into the building, the doorway now no longer existent due to Kazuo's paper-bomb. There was more fun to be had and there was no way she would let Kazuo take all the glory. The thrill of battle shook the woman to her core, the influences of adrenaline pumped through her veins as her legs moved without a second thought. Once inside the sounds of metal upon metal clashed as Tenri's blade was met with another, a piercing sound would grate as sparks lit up the small room. A man who stood three inches shorter than the blonde dame had converged Tenri's Wakizashi with his own weapon, a longer version of her own blade. What the man lacked in height he made up for in strength which caused a grunt to escape Tenri's light lips. The man's face remained contorted with his struggle against Tenri's own force granting the blonde woman the chance to quickly survey the room. The man she remained locked in a force of power with had short cropped dark hair that clung to his face and beady eyes. A scar snaked its way down his left cheek where it met his lower lip. To her left, the woman from earlier Nariko clutched a Kunai in her hand in preparation to flank Tenri while she struggled against her own opponent. ''Wait your turn mongrel'' the blonde would growl to the woman as she pivoted her body and lifted her left leg sending her foot into the chest of Scarface. With the amount of force, produced behind her kick the tiny man was sent flying across the room with ease where he landed in a heap upon a broken wooden beam unconscious. A small trail of blood trickled from a tiny cut on the woman's arm where Nariko had barely knicked her, its trail leaked onto her black bikini-like top ''Oh.. you cut me. This just happens to be my favorite shirt and you got blood over it..'' the woman would say calmly. With a corrupted smile, Tenri would move to intervene Nariko, her clenched fist would collide first with the woman's face while her sword hand would follow, it's arc in line with the woman's abdomen. With the flick of her wrist, the maneuver would cut Nariko across her stomach where a thin red line would appear through her shirt. Followed by this motion Tenri would kick the woman's feet out from under her causing the woman to land upon her back. While winded Tenri would plant the blade of her sword into the woman's chest in order to stop her heart, a move she had seen her partner utilize moments earlier. Life slowly left the woman's eyes as she groaned in pain ''Die quickly child and let this be the end of it'' the woman would say in a hushed tone. In fairness, Nariko had been slightly under the influence of alcohol still so it had been easier to beat the woman. That perhaps had been her biggest mistake. During her fight, Tenri had missed the signs of a third member within the room, while she aware of the unconscious man in the corner of the room, a third had cleverly hidden and made his way toward the blonde woman ready to strike...
  12. I agree as well! Isn't that a rarity. As long as each Village is balanced enough it should be fine. Perhaps restricting this to preapproved ACTIVE Genin that way people can't just make alts to nab the new ranks. Just my opinion/suggestion on the matter :3