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  1. I think imma take some time off >o> It's a bit too sad right now :< *misses everyone*
  2. Plot

    Kao didn't know what to expect when he was asked to lead a team of all things. Despite being a Chuunin (and thus synonymous with the term: 'a capable leader'), he had little to no experience or interest in spearheading any operation whatsoever. It was mostly a fluke that he managed to pass the exams his first time through and, even then, his superiors were mostly aware that he shouldn't, under any circumstances, be the commander of a unit of any size of ninjas. He'd probably single-handedly FUBAR an entire D-Rank mission with a team full of experienced Jounin if it came down to it. The others must've had their hands full or something to do something this drastic; or maybe they had misplaced their hopes and believed he had matured the slightest in his decade-long tenure. He choked down a humorless laugh. That'd be a great joke to tell his roommates back at the barracks. It was nerve-wracking to walk down the familiar streets and alleys of Yamagakure with this in mind. So many scenarios ran through his head and he had forgotten to breathe on occasion. He guessed he was lucky not to stumble into any brick walls or vendors (although he did accidentally knock down a cart of apples and fresh fruit). He shook his head. This wasn't like him. When had he ever start worrying about these sorts of things? What could go wrong? He continued to reassure himself and, as he made distance towards the rendezvous point, he felt himself relax and feel the tension in his shoulders ease away. Ha. See? Nothing to worry about. Recent missions haven't been too bad at all; he'd been teamed up with a bunch of Genin and he's pretty sure that he'd be able to recognize whoever had been assigned to this information-gathering duty with him. That's a step in the right direction. Maybe it'll even be Saisaki who was really, really cool (like Yukie Fujikaze in the role of Agent 007 in her newest blockbuster ninja movie) and was, well, pure awesomeness in a human-shaped can! Or maybe it'll be the level-headed Rue who was, also by his standards, a sophisticated and hip (is that the term kids used these days?) person overall. And then he arrived. And he felt all his hopes dash away. "Oh god, did you still not get a haircut?!" WC: 397 / 1000 @Tenri @Katsu
  3. ✿*∗˵╰༼✪ᗜ✪༽╯˵∗*✿ *puppy dog eyes* *stares at you expectantly* *offers chocolate chip cookie with extra chocolate on top of a chocolate coating with chocolate*
  4. Ohmergerd, you guys are awesome! Imma wait one moar day to see if anyone else is interested and then I'll get the thread up! Ohemgee this is gonna be so fun and exciting and ighsiorhjweiorjewiorjweiorjweiorjwiojfsksxlfnsdklnfoiedlr
  5. Haha at least 2+ but I'm super excited for anyone to join!
  6. Mission Name [Entity] | Distant Pastures [Lightning Village] Mission Type | Village Mission Ranking | B-Rank Repeatable? | Yes Mission Description | A small village in the Voltage Lands has been seeing a decline in trade since the Bandit Tribe had settled around major trading paths. The frequent attacks on caravans, the looting of fertile ranches, and the continued harassment against the locals have driven many experienced cultivators and wealthy investors away from Shokuyō Village. Yamagakure is sending out a squad to both investigate the matter further and to form positive relations between the villages to ensure a future of prosperous trade. You are free to explore and learn about the locals, learn more about the fluctuating market, become a foreign diplomat attempting to create a beneficial partnership between Shokuyō Village and Yamagakure, or even dispatch some of the Bandit Tribe members yourselves. You will only fail this mission if you do not make contact with Noka Nise, Shicho Toredo, or Hadowaku Kojo and interact with him/her. You must deliver a mission report. Mission NPCs | Noka Nise (Non-Hostile / No Abilities): A major plantation owner from an outlying settlement to the south of Yamagakure. He has amicable relations with the Lightning Village and works as an information broker and informant to foreign intelligence agents and organizations. In return for his services, he often asks for a personal favor or two. Despite his lack of combative experience and ability, it's wise to be careful; he seems to carry his own ulterior motives and has enough influence with his established agricultural network to greatly damage the interconnected economy. Chief Shicho Toredo (Non-Hostile / No Abilities): The village head of Shokuyō Village. He is a plump, affluent man who, despite his obvious wealth and engorgement on luxury, has a kind and sympathetic heart. He deeply cares for the well-being of his constituents and is willing to make any sacrifice to ensure their political and socioeconomic power. He is very interested in a trading contract with Yamagakure but will do anything in his power to make sure that Shokuyō Village comes up top in the end. He knows little about the workings of countries and villages outside of his own. Hadowaku Kojo (Non-Hostile / No Abilities): A cross-dressing woman who has earned her inheritance by posing as her deceased brother in the patriarchal society. She is the Head Councilman of Commerce and has an information network even larger than Noka Nise's own. She is deeply against relations with Yamagakure and is a heavy isolationist in order to fulfill her own government agenda. Convincing her would be a pain but she will provide a wealth of information and will provide recent news in the agricultural industry and list prominent figures and trading villages. OPTIONAL ENEMIES: Bandit Tribe Junior (3 D-Rank hostiles / Bukijutsu – Beginner): The Bandit Tribe is, fitting for its name, a small band of thieves and scoundrels who have been attacking and looting various trade caravans and travelers along Kyodaina Canyon. Bandit Tribe Senior (C-Rank hostile / Bukijutsu – Novice): A veteran member of the Bandit Tribe who has superior skills compared to the plentiful grunts. Word Count | 1000 words per person. Requirements | A Chuunin+ Ninja and at least two Genin.
  7. *nods!* ^0^
  8. Kao gave a breath of relief when both he and Kao hadn't noticed anything out of the ordinary. A nine-foot scorpion would've easily been visible (unless the rumored monstrosity figured out how to dig or play a very advanced game of hide-and-seek) and the lack of an unfriendly visage immediately calmed his nerves. Kao tailed after the abnormally tall adolescent for a distance before stumbling from the desert heat, panting. Perhaps he should've listened to his neighbors when they warned him that going into a scathing hot wasteland of scorching sand and burning light in thick layers was a bad idea. He barely even noticed Katsu's comment, head dizzy and spinning while he managed to whine in a raspy, dry voice: "Are we done yet?!" Sweat glistened as it slid off the glossy plaster of his mask, the droplets practically sizzling and evaporating upon contact with the golden dunes below. "I don't think there's anything here, Katsu," he groaned in a petulant drawl. "Why don't we defect to Mizumura or something? At least they have water! All we have are lousy rocks and giant hallucinations about giant scorpions in giant lands with a giant sun!" he barely even considered his words heresy. While he was begrudging about his fate wallow through the sandpits in search of some sort of mythical creature that probably didn't exist [he had logically concluded that he would've been labeled as deceased a very long time ago should the clawed creature exist after he regained enough composure from the revelation that they were supposed to be hunting down a scorpion that's the size of Nuitari Kouga's ego (he had never met the Raikage but there were rumors in the barracks that he had the self-respect of an eagle on steroids that had just won five gold medals for an athletic festival)], he wouldn't actually dream of betraying Yamagakure. The shrimp dumpling stand a few blocks over from the marketplace had the best darn sausage shrimp and egg sandwiches (despite it being a shrimp dumpling stand) ever made! If he had the power to break the fourth wall, he would comment on how long the parentheses were. Unfortunately he didn't so we'll have to digress to the topic in question. Simply put: he wanted out as soon as possible to retreat to the confines of his quiet home and watch some episodes of Yukie Fujikaze's latest trilogy: Five Hues of White, Five Hues Lighter, and Five Hues Captive. Although it was embarrassing to admit, the last part was his favorite and—damn it, he was getting off track again. Okay, he reassured himself. He'll make his intentions clear to Katsu. "Less get outta 'ere!" he slurred incomprehensibly as he dragged himself further along the path. "Less go hoame....Katkat?" he thoughts were all jumbled and he failed to remember the boy's name. Oh well. It wasn't like it mattered or anything. "Nothin' 'ere!" And, true to his word, nothing else happened other than his unrelated musings. WC: 1085/700 This is my least proud post evar :<
  9. Ohmygod you guys are adorable! Have fun ^0^ *hugs*
  10. \(^0^)/ I was just hoping to find someone to RP with~ I'm okay with any topic, word count, etc... Beep boop!
  11. Awwww bye Yuri! Have fun!
  12. Kao was taken aback, bending his body backward as if he were hit by a bullet of accusation. "Excuse me?!" he huffed indignantly, offended by the man's attack on his personal character. Kao preferred cats and to be a lousy mutt would definitely be a reason of the cessation of his own existence (unless it was a particularly cute breed so he could state at himself in the mirror all day and fawn over his own cuteness). He pointed his finger at the red-haired man. "I have no idea who you are, accuser-whose-name-has-not-been-spoken-yet...but I, with my acute skills from years of sniffing out the best restaurants around the villages, find you reeking of a bad cattitude! Meow!" he curled his hand like a cat's paw in the man's direction and turning around, arms crossed, with a grunt. He jabbed his finger back at the man. "Well, I don't like this guy. How dare he question my bond with, uhh, what's his face? Joe? Jim? Jesse? Oh well, let's just go with Lemonade or something cause I'm getting kinda thirsty with all the plot twists over the past few days and, well, the fact that there's something hunting us." He shrugged. "Anyways, I vote that that guy gets, you know..." he made a slicing motion at his throat, cranking his neck. "And let's get this all over with before everyone gets eaten by those dogs! I think everyone knows that they don't like cats and, well, that'll not be a clawsome experience for me, to say the least. Not that I'm thinking only about myself! It's just that I have so much to live for while you guys are just so...old. You know what I mean?" Kao Masayoshi votes for Jinpachi.
  13. Kao stared at the stray corpse from the distance. Tears prickled at either ends of his eyes as he shoved the spectators in his haste and, with a plop, tripped and fell head-first into the mud. Brown stained his ivory mask as he lifted his head up from the ground, his body still planted inches deep in the soggy ground, and cried out. "My beloved baby boy!" he reached out with one hand and caressed the mutilated body's cheek (or what had presumably been one) and, lifting himself up on his knees, knelt down and snuggled the cold body. "We were gonna be the best of friends! I just knew it! I will never forget your noble sacrifice and I will continue our childhood tradition of eating fish sticks in your stead! My long lost brother!" he hadn't actually known the boy (at all) but he was certain that, if he was born in another time, they would've been blood brothers. Probably. He looked around, fists clenched. "Who did this?!" he stood up (tiny compared to many of the others gathered here) and shook of his stained clothes. He released his grip on the boy, letting the cadaver drop to the floor unceremoniously and, without further ado, placed one of his feet on the body. He looked up at the sky, finger pointed outward, as he clenched his other hand over his chest. "I will avenge you...and I promise that I will protect these innocent people that I have just found from the same fate as you, Joey! I swear on my collection of Yukie Fujikaze fanfictions and film collections!"
  14. Oooh! Can I join? :DDD
  15. August

    MoTM: Momo CoTM: Katsu
  16. @Katsu Kao's eyes widened into sausage platters when he read the description of his next mission, nearly fainting as his eyes ran down the printed words. Engaging in a lethal fight against a nine-foot tall scorpion (almost double his size, mind you!) was not on his list of priorities (or on any other list for that matter, other than the list that is in bold, capitalized, italicized, underlined, and titled: NEVER TOUCH WITH AN EIGHT FOOT POLE, which he would later change to 'NEVER TOUCH WITH A TEN FOOT POLE' since the scorpion was clearly larger than the average prodding device). As he rummaged through his coin purse for some money for his attempt of defection (a crime that he would gladly commit to get away from the object of his nightmares: a venomous, predatory, gigantic arachnid that was in the same family as spiders for goodness' sake), he soon found himself despairing with shoulders slumped, a depressive aura in the air, as he took out nothing but a few Ryo, a candy wrapper, two used napkins from a few weeks' ago when he had splurged his paycheck on a meal at a noodle stall, and an 'I-O-U' paper with a name he could not remember (he threw it into the trash, somehow knowing that it was him who had owed this mysterious stranger something or the other; hopefully not his organs). There was no way he could successfully survive out in the wilds and, with a solemn sigh of resignation, he tied his headband around his neck, scrolled up Cookie Cake, and grabbed Cottonfish without further ado. If he was doing this, better make it quick and forget about it as soon as possible at the nearest candy bar. He didn't so much as glance over his partner's name, instead opting to head to the gate and hope for the best. It wasn't until he saw a familiar, resting face that he was stunned out of his depressive state and regressed to an expression of mutual horror and surprise. "Katsu?!" he screamed, startling the nearby flock of birds. "It's nice to see you again, even though you're sleeping and your hair has grown a lot longer. Why don't you get and get a haircat or something?" he tentatively poked the prone boy. Deep down, he knew that it was a poor attempt of a joke but it lessened his nerves in fighting a gigantic beast that could be a creature straight from his worst nightmares. And then an idea popped into his mind and, performing a single hand-sign, he muttered under his breath: "Teppoudama." And, with that, water poured straight from his mouth, drenching the floor and leaving some of the larger crevices forming two-inch deep puddles. It was an odd sight to see a fully-grown man rolling on the ground, soggy and with mud splotching his clothed features, but he seemed to be in total bliss as he beckoned Katsu. "There's enough water here for the both of us!" and, soon after he was done cooling himself off, he waited to follow Katsu's lead to (hopefully) where their target would be. He was never much the one for leadership-type duties and he'd rather take it easy and oblige in his laziness as much as possible. "It's been so long since our last mission together, Katsu! What was it? A week ago? A day ago? A year ago? Who knows! We must celebrate so today you'll totally be the super cool leader in charge of this entire thing!" he gave a thumbs-up, coming out with a lousy excuse for him to slack-off. "Now lead the way, Sir Katsu!" WC: 600/700
  17. invite

    Kao read the scroll no less than three times before groaning, burying his head in his hands. He was never one for stealth (one of the primary qualities of being a ninja) with his distinct appearance and his own inability to stay quiet for more than five seconds at a time. It seems that fate had it out against him that this was the only mission left on the till when he went out to check. All the other available missions were taken by overtly enthusiastic kids and workaholic adults and that pretty much left him with the trash of the batch. At least it wasn't one of those garbage-cleaning and, well, general cleaning requests. He had to admit that it was somewhat his fault, being drawn by the five percent sale one of the market kiosks were having on Ninja Trading Cards (he got Nuitari Kouga's card and he'd be damned if that wasn't worth it) and he had spent the better part of five hours pilfering the stock and opening up dozens of booster packs before he was content. But he had to digress, bringing attention back on the situation at hand. He had no idea where to find the suspects and his only clue was that they'd probably be at the market place (looking suspicious, no doubt) and his only help would be with some strange partners that he'd never met before. He loved making new friends, don't get him wrong, but this mission seemed like it was destined to fail (as most missions ended for Kao, either by his own sheer idiocy or through terrible luck). He sighed before slumping over, sitting cross-legged against a fishcake stand. The owner had long since given up on shooing him off and had barely even reacted when Kao's hand crawled up the wooden planks and grabbed a small sample of soy-bean fishcake. He took a bite and immediately spat it out. "Urgh," he muttered, spitting out the bitter taste. He looked up at the sky. When would his little accomplices-in-stalking-foreign-strangers come? @Aito @Tenri 342 / 700
  18. @Suijin Umiken 1,400 Points are adding manually. - x1 B-Rank Puppet (400 Ryo) x1 Projectile Launcher (A-Rank | 500 Ryo) x1 Twin Blades (300 Ryo) x1 Puppet Sealing Scroll (200 Ryo) Haha, I think you accidentally added! Thanks for processing my update! ^0^
  19. Name | Kao Masayoshi Nickname | --- Title Name | --- Gender | Male Age | 28 Home Link | Village | Lightning Village Clan | --- Village Ranking: | Chuunin Shinobi Ranking | B Element(s) | Water / Wind Specialties | Primary: Puppetry (adept) Secondary: Bukijutsu (adept) Bloodline | --- Chakra | 150 Stamina | 150 Jutsu | Equipment | Forms | Creatures/Summons | Styles | Mentors & Pupils | Friends & Family | Recent History |
  20. Update Type | Equipment Update Name | Cookie Cake (puppet), Twin Blades (part), and Projectile Launcher (part). Update Training | N/A Update Cost/Pay | 1450 Ryo Update Links | Update Type | Equipment Update Name | Puppet Sealing Scroll Update Training | N/A Update Cost/Pay | 200 Ryo Update Links |
  21. Plot

    Kao didn't exactly pay attention pay that much attention before the Jounin was dragged out. That, in and of itself, worried Kao immensely. While his impression of this so-called revolution before had been the image of rampaging civilians, the fact that the instigators of this rally managed to detain one of the elite ninja of the village (who most likely outclassed him by far) meant that they had more power than it had initially appeared. The implications sent shivers down Kao's spine and he knew that this would be much more dangerous than he believed. The B-Rank label on the mission scroll should've given him a clue but he hadn't expected it to go like this and he hastily slunk back into the shadows, trying to draw as little attention to himself as possible. He could feel his nose scrunching itself up in disgust as the attendants cheered and roared louder and louder at the bound man's entrance. He was terrified and, as Kao looked through the crowd that seemed to be so happy about a man's death, he couldn't help but wonder why it was his job to protect these little sadistic hellions. He shrugged it off, calming that bit of rage sparking in himself, and resumed to pay full attention at the podium. The masked man, the presumable leader behind this entire messed-up scheme, lifted his hand above the ninja's head and, slowly, a blue color started to seep out. It didn't take long before the Jounin began to wrinkle and grey, his skin turning into an ashen black as he decayed. He was witnessing a murder and Kao knew he could do nothing to stop it. He refused to look away. He may be loyal to his village and would follow the mission's orders without fault but he would deign the dead man with respect through this memory. He may be careless and forgetful but, whenever Kao witnessed a death, he would always ensure any friend or stranger would live on forever in the back of his mind. He was relieved when the man merely fell over unconscious, but drained of his life force. He might not be alive for much longer but it was a small blessing for Kao. He might be a murderous ninja but that didn't mean he was a sadistic monster. "Your noble sacrifices will be the spark that ignites this revolution! Revel in this my children, you are now free and your voices will ring out through all the world!" The moment Kao heard those words, he stilled. As the black-robed ninja bounced into the crowd, hacking and slashing away, Kao backed away. "Oh sugar honey iced tea," he mumbled underneath his breath as he made sure his stealthy 'In The Shadows' technique was still in effect. He looked around only to find the doors barred and guarded. There were too many of the treacherous ninjas to fight and, seeing what their leader did, he wasn't sure if he'd like to be bound, gagged, and ripped of his chakra and turned into an old man (he was almost at the beginning of his mid-life crisis, too!). He could definitely make a mist and then fill the entire room with Vapor Expansion but the problem would be that it would interfere with the escape attempts of others. There's no way he could make a clone that could distract all of them; there were too many adversaries and he only had so much chakra left. His choices dwindled down and he was pulling at strings as to what to do. He didn't carry any explosive tags on him and most of his abilities would harm the others around here with its ranged attacks. He was meant for one-on-one fighting, okay? Not whatever this is. As he was debating ideas in his mind, he was snapped out of his musings by the sudden boom that erupted through the building. He couldn't help but praise whoever thought of that. The opportunity for many others to escape at the expense of likely casualties and injuries was a good decision in his own mind and the only worry he had was how he would get there. He just hoped that the construction would be sturdy enough to withstand a blast of that caliber and that the sound would bring attention to this obscure meeting (with reinforcements). As people pushed him back and forth, however, he realized that he should probably stop thinking so hard in a life-or-death situation and probably make a break for it. Body Flicker wouldn't work in such a crowded area so the best he could do was slink to the edges of the crowd, attempting to be as unnoticeable as possible, and make a break for the impromptu exit forged by explosives. He thanked whoever made that awfully convenient escape route and dashed off. CP: 140 (-5 per post) SP: 150 OOC: Continues to use In The Shadows and attempts to exit through the hole made by Saisaki.
  22. Puppet Creation Name | Cake Ranking | B-Rank Type | Humanoid Appearance | Material | Wooden skeleton and t̼̖̞̰͚̮̝̔ͭḥ̷̖̺͓̙̦̅̈́e̗ ̧̤̠͍f̳̻ͭͤ̅͌ͨ̾͜l̷̬͔ͣȩ̥̒̈ͨs̰͙͖̮͌͂̾̄͢ͅḫ̹͚̫̭̰̼ͩͪ̋̚ ̓̾̋̂ͨ͋aͪͩ͏̙̬̗n̝̼̱̺d͖̣̣̣̗͜ͅ ̞̯̪̿͊͌̒̃̎s͈̰̹̦͛ͧk̭̟̫͈͈̊ͬ́ͬͮͭ̚i̺̲͎̪ͭ̂ͯ̚ͅn̰̻̪̑ͨͣ͛͗͌̀͟ ̰̹̼̄́̅o͐͐̈́̽͆̚͏͕͈f̞̜͍̾͋̀ ̹̳̼̍ͤ̆ͨͮ͌͝h̳͇̣̋ͨ̇̊ͬ̔į͍͇͎̳̗̫ͨ͗͐̆ͫ̔s̜̤̮̠̾̐͞ͅ ͉͉̑̇ͤ̏e̝̣̝͒n͇̮̩ͫ͌̚e̲̕m̔ị̵͎̥́̀ͪ́̑̌͂e̴͉̻̔̒s̤͎̥̮ͨ̄̇ͣ̒. Crafter | Kao Masayoshi Background | After seeing one of Yukie Fujikaze's movies involving an evil twin brother, he got the idea to make a puppet and pretend it was a person for lolz. That idea became Cake, Kao's faux brother and a ventriloquist (thus being a puppeteer-matrix). H̶e̶ ̶l̶i̶k̶e̶s̶ ̶c̶a̶t̶s̶ ̶a̶n̶d̶ ̶c̶a̶k̶e̶.̶ Status | Restricted
  23. Characters Involved | Saisaki Nishio and Kao Masayoshi Link to the Missions | Sparks of the Revolution Brief Overview | Saisaki and Kao investigate the propaganda posters around the Voltage Lands and cleans up the area.
  24. contract

    Kao stared at the scroll he had unraveled from the depths of his drawer. His pseudo-wardrobe, pseudo-storage hadn't been cleaned out for over a decade since he had settled in the Shinobi Barracks and, when he had finally noticed that a variety of items had been bulging out of the wooden construction almost to the brink of breaking, he knew he had been forced by his own uncleanly habits to take a day off from his usual jaunts at the sweets shoppe and game store in the market in order to clear out his house for some late summer cleaning. It had been a solid thirty minutes into his dirty task that he had stumbled upon a multitude of items: an old stuffed donkey, three unusable, broken shuriken, a cockroach (which nearly led to him destroying his entire cabinet with a jutsu in order to get rid of it), a jar of expired peanut butter (which tasted like fried radishes mixed with a tinge of potato salad), one of Yukie Fujikaze's old films (the one where she married the King of Mice except the man was actually a prince of a distant kingdom of ninja frogs) and, last but not least, a peculiar-looking scroll that curiosity drove him to open it up. The scroll had been filled with red-colored signatures (with decipherable names like 'Shiratori Kiyoko') and, after a few minutes of staring, he realized what it was. Then his eye began to twitch as he continued to look at it with an unblinking, stern gaze. Sometimes he had to commend his past self (and the current version of him) on obtaining a summoning scroll and completely forgetting it was there. He had no idea what the contents of the scroll was as he could not remember it for the life of him but he could recognize that gaudy signature anywhere. There was his name, immaturely drawn alongside a cartoon stick figure depicting a gregarious affair that involved stick figures positioned in odd ways. He could feel his face flushing and his neck burning a bright red as he adjusted his collar, trying to get some air and prevent himself from hyperventilating. It took him a few moments to calm down but, when he did, memories flashed before his eyes and he slowly stood up, walking to a wall, and then slamming his head against it a couple of times. "Quiet down, Kao!" and there was Aoi, yelling yet again. He sighed, plopping down onto his bottom and hiding his face underneath his palm (despite there already being a mask covering his face and the fact that he had no audience witnessing his show of shame). Nearly a decade ago, he had turned eighteen and, happy at having survived that long in such a perilous time of resentment between villages after the Great Shinobi War, he had agreed to celebrate the milestone with friends at a ramshackle tavern. After gulping a bottle of alcohol down, he had noticed a summoning scroll and, after being dared to, he filched it from the unsuspecting owner's waist (who, he vaguely remembered, had been drunk off his mind as well) and, using a mixed concoction of blood and cranberry juice (since he was too much of a wimp to do anything but a small prick on his thumb, not drawing enough blood and thus requiring another medium), he had signed the scroll. He had been dared to draw that dumb picture that would forever stain his reputation and, after he had woke up with the worst hangover in existence, he had stuffed the scroll into the back of his drawer and hoped to never see it again. "Why?" he wondered, asking why fate had decided to shove this mistake in front of his face again. Frowning, he sighed. He should really let old decisions go. It was something that he had done a long time ago and maybe destiny was telling him to let it go and have a fresh start. It took awhile for him to convince himself of that but, eventually, he stood with renewed vigor and, drawing from memory, tried to perform the Summoning Jutsu. "You can do this, Kao," he reassured himself with a smile. "This is an opportunity!" he mused enthusiastically. A puff of smoke bloomed and consumed his room, forcing Kao to give a few hacking coughs before he opened the window and it all billowed out. It took a bit longer for his vision to clear but he could see the faint silhouette of a four-legged creature. "Are you-" he began but he was interrupted by a bark. "Yo, you the guy who signed up with all those stick figures?" the pup asked and Kao immediately slammed his head, once again, on the wall. That was the sound of losing all hope. WC: 805 / 500
  25. Plot

    Kao didn't know what was up with all these stealth missions that he was constantly getting assigned to. He would've thought that his over-decade-long tenure as a shinobi would've taught the mission dispatchers that he was not to be trusted with any task involving the words: infiltration, undetected, and high-stress trampoline jumping. The last of which had been a fairly recent discovery that he had very thin ankles and, as of thus, could not be trusted with the ability to jump high. His last team for that disastrous assignment had been admitted to one of the mental health facilities and there were rumors that the trauma they had faced during their experience there had led them all to retire. Honestly, he could say it wasn't his fault but that pesky little chicken's who had managed to sneak into a top secret facility and had laid an entire bundle of eggs which had bounded up from the trampoline in question and had caused quite a messy incident with chopsticks and a can of albacore. Still, he must digress from his current train of thought to focus on his current predicament. The recent posters that were being put up throughout Yamagakure and the outlying districts had become a widespread problem to the point where the famed Saisaki Nishio had been forced to take on custodial duty from the sheer number of propaganda flyers despite her status as the Head Medic of the village. Of course, after his first expedition into the Voltage Lands to remove the slanderous material, he had a very strained relationship with the subject and distributor of this revolution-in-the-making, having to clean up entire alleyways of the material. Sure, he had had fun, but it was the morals of the matter and he firmly believed that, if some guy started all this, then they should put down the posters themselves! The nerve of them forcing him to janitorial duty. He harrumphed in indignation at remembering it all and, crumpling the envelope in his hands, he tossed it into the trash and pulled out a random mask from his drawer. He stared. It was the old frog mask he had when he had first started out as a Genin; Ribbit, as he remembered naming it. He wasn't happy to be parting with Kit-Kat, his well-accustomed cat-styled mask. but for now he had to make do in order to properly disguise himself during the rally he had been ordered to invade unnoticed. As he slipped and tied the mask on, he slowly stalked his way through the village center before making a few turns and, within the span of five minutes, found himself at the rally entrance. It was an nondescript, hidden alcove nestled deep inside the village and, upon noticing how dark the surroundings were, formed the hand sign of 'Rat' and whispered: "In The Shadows." The chakra coated his attire, turning it into a camouflaged black as he sunk into the background. And, as he blended into the surprisingly large crowd, he noticed that many were wearing apparel or holding up signs supporting this widespread revolutionary ideal. He stayed quiet and, when he noticed a particularly clumsy man handing out posters, he grabbed one from the stack and slipped away. He held it in his hand, hoping that it would be enough to paint him as an adherent to this heretical doctrine. And he stood there, opening his ears and staring at the talking platform. It would be his main source of information and he was sure that his concentration could be mistaken as particularly strong devotion. He might find his partners in this mission later. Right now, he had to remain vigilant.