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  1. Name | Moriai, Aelistreena Nickname | Aelis Title Name | Blindsmith Gender | Female Age | 15 Birth Date | February 3 Village | Flame Hair Color | Strawberry Eye Color | Right eyes is brown, left eye is a milky lavender. Height | 5'5" (165 cm) Weight | 101 lbs (46 Kg) Appearance | Aelis is slight of frame and of average height, though she is not fragile. Toned muscle from years of lifting heavy metals lies beneath her soft skin. She has strawberry hair that descends to her lower back and is often maintained within braids, though when loosened is a gentle roll of waves. Her thin face has high cheekbones decorated by a dusting of freckles that kiss across her small nose. Her right eye is a warm coffee brown, and her left eyes is a pale milky lavender blind to the world. The left eye lies a stark gem in the middle of a long line of rough pale pink scarring, the edges of which are haggard uneven lines. The scar mars her face from hairline down through the corner of her shapely pink lips. The girl is often seen wearing pine green or earth brown dresses, combined with brown combat boots and a delicate pearl attached to a gold chain around her neck. Favorable | Books, rare metals, excavating for ores, ironsmithing, fishing, her home. Unfavorable | Assholery, non-seafood meat, politics, being cheated out of pay, having her abilities doubted due to her blind eye. Personality | Describe your character's overall personality and mannerisms. Minimum of 100 words. Philosophy & Beliefs | Explain your character's core beliefs and what they're passionate about. History & Background | Describe your character's past and background. Minimum of 250 words.