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  1. Oh god, I haven't seen you in years man. Very surprised I recognize the name! I've heard there's a few of the Ingoo vets running around here, half the reason I decided to check this place out. In time I'll find them, I'm sure. Nice to meet you! Nice to meet you man. No worries about not knowing what Ingoo is, trust me, it's definitely a website for the past at this stage. Shall do! Think I remember the basics though. Not a problem, always open to meet new people and make new friends. Thank you! Here's hoping I still remember the tricks of the trade, playing as a character is something I haven't done for a very long time but I'm sure I'll figure it out. I tend to call people by their names (if they let me) until I become familiar with their characters. But thank you Holly! Definitely haven't met - but never opposed to new friends. Can't wait to see what's in store
  2. Greetings! Name might be a little familiar to a few, but it seems somewhat doubtful since it's been.. like, 6+ years since I last roleplayed. Name's Josh. I was from Ingoo, and helped Onegoo & Ultimate Shinobi when they were in their infancy. Onegoo was probably the most notable place I was around. It's definitely been a while, but for anyone who remembers me, speak up. I'm coming back to this with hopes of connecting with some old friends, hopefully it pans out - if not, always got new friends to make. I'm probably one of the friendliest people you'll talk to, or so I've been told - so I must be doing something right. Can't wait to meet you all and/or catch up with anyone from some of the greatest years of my life.