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  1. And just like that, the showdown was set to commence. The air had cleared and so to did much of the civilian population, any stragglers that had been left behind had presumably succumb to injury as a result of the mass hysteria that the smoke caused. Setōshi had been a firsthand witness to the madness and had nearly become a victim if not for his keen senses and agility, although, with being restrained with his hands behind his back it made rolling in every which way as a means of dodging the masses fleeing the scene considerably difficult. At one point the boys overconfidence led to him being struck in the head by someone's boot that left his vision fading in and out of focus, this only increased the difficulty of the situation, but still he stayed true to the mission and kept his sights on the assailants. The female's characteristics and mannerisms made her a focal point in Setōshi's analysis of his captors, it was his beliefs that of the four assailants she was presumably second in command. Her words were crisp and the the point, the others merely offered suggestions, but to top it off she possessed a direct link to their leader through a personal radio as opposed to the headset she used now: "Gibo!.. Shit, Gibo!.. We've lost sight of the target... He's probably headed your way, stay alert!.." — Akari said with the radio up to her ear. In return, nothing but silence. "GIBO!!! You worthless fuck!!!.." — Akari followed up with before throwing her radio down and smashing it into pieces. From the north a hybrid squadron of beast and man came into sight and it was here that the group of assailants then knew and came to the realization that their window of opportunity had closed, thus they fled, but on their faces a smirk appeared due to recognizing the white mane of the escorting shinobi yet seeing him without his target. In the mind of the assailants the score was equal, but little did they know with the unknown aid of Setōshi the scales had been tipped. By the time that they were out of sight the escort had arrived, although, Setōshi remained hidden behind an overturned trashcan. With his prejudice against so called "Shinobi" aside, Setōshi knew he couldn't trust the boy to be who he was, the salamander accompanying him was a new addition that proved to be another questioning factor. I'd be a fool to instantly believe that this kid was able to fend off the assailant... Then again... Stranger things have happened before... But, still... I need to guarantee my safety!.. With his other senses on alert Setōshi tried his best to undue the force binding his hands, a glance over his shoulder revealed the kanji for the word "Bind" written across his wrists and immediately the boy knew what he was working with. Fūinjutsu, had been an art form not explored but still sparked his curiosity, alas, without the proper training he couldn't counter it though what he tried focused upon was out strengthening it. The force of the foreign chakra against the temperature of his chakra, thus once again he his hypothalamus gland fueled his chakra and the temperature rose specifically targeting his wrists. C'mon damn it... Hotter!.. Hotter!.. HOTTER!.. *DOOM* Quenching tightly with his eyes closed, Setōshi struggled to will his way through the binding of the seal, so far, to no success but in doing so kicking the trashcan. It tumbled a few feet away from him leaving him exposed and in sight, a shocked blank look overcame his face. He was not prepared for this type of interaction just yet, and as a result remained motionless in a reverse fetal position. Click damn it... CLICK!.. "Way to go kid, made my job easier!.. Tada, primary suspect number one!.." — A small voice called out from near Setōshi's leg, naturally this caught him off-guard and was unable to resist but to move. "Hey you!.. Pretty boy... What's with the hot glow?.." — The salamander spoke questioning Setōshi with an outstretched limb. CLICK... "Hi I'm Bliss, please don't do that!" — Setōshi would finally say while scooting away. WC | 1,626 + 683 = 2,309
  2. Jutsu Name | Ōndokei: Fluid Intake Jutsu Type | Supplementary Ranking | D Element(s) | N/A Specialty(s) | Medical Ninjutsu Energy Cost | 5 (5 up keep) CP Handsigns | Monkey • Half-Ram Range | Self Duration | 1 Post Description | This is a combination technique whose handseals are added to the end of any Suiton/Bodily Fluids based technique, by doing so the user willfully delays the activation of the technique to the following post. The body becomes similar to a pressure cooker during this time period, this causes the liquids to undergo an effect change when subject to the outside air dependent on what side of the temperature spectrum the user is in. Other Effects | If the user's body is 'Hot' any Suiton/Bodily Fluids will combust into flames when met with the outside air, the opposite 'Cold' any Suiton/Bodily Fluids will freeze and bind anything it comes in contact with. The rank of the effect of either damage by flame or freezing is equivalent to the user's rank in addition to the subsequent temperature effect by the Sōichirō bloodline. Consequently, in the event that the user is struck with a force one rank higher than themselves then the liquids will dispel from the user, if this occurs before the next post the effect gained from this technique will be lost and chakra have been spent. Lastly, liquids that have been burned or frozen become unusable as a source for future jutsu. Requirements | Sōichirō Bloodline Status | Bloodline
  3. Jutsu Name | Sweat Clone Jutsu Type | Supplementary Ranking | C Element(s) | Suiton • Water Release Specialty(s) | Medical Ninjutsu Energy Cost | 25 (15 initial, 5 upkeep) Handsigns | Tiger - Monkey Range | 10 M AoE Duration | 3 Description | Utilizing their sweat the user applies suiton • water release chakra and increases the production rate of their sweat glands, from the user's skin a clone(s) forms simulating being pulled out of them. As a clone(s), the sweat clone differs from the caster only in tangibility being made entirely of liquid from the users body, thus able to reform its body if sub-rank strikes are inflicted. When struck with efficient force the clone(s) project their liquid content in the direction the force is coming to them, thus saturating the force with the sweat. The amount of clones made is one (1). Other Effects | As a by product of the users body the clone(s) sweat liquid content is the same temperature as the user, and also carries the users scent making differentiating by enhanced senses of smell and touch by individuals and summonings impossible up to the rank of the user. Requirements | Medical Beginner Status | Open
  4. Jutsu Name | Petri Dish Jutsu Type | Supplementary Ranking | D • C • A Element(s) | Suiton • Water Release Specialty(s) | Medical Ninjutsu Energy Cost |5 (5 upkeep) • 15 (5 upkeep) • 30 (15 upkeep) Handsigns | Boar - Monkey/Hands on ground (Repeat sequence for scaling, end with hands on ground.) Range | 5 meter aoe • 10 meter aoe • 20 meter aoe Duration | 2, 3, 4 Description | Utilizing medicinal suiton • water release chakra the user expels from their palm saline water that saturates the ground, this creates an uneven marshy landscape for those in range. Movement in and out of range causes splashing movement of the water. Other Effects | Staying true to its name, the jutsu causes the landscape to act in similar manner to a petri dish by absorbing and holding liquids within its borders of the ground. This does not hold active jutsu, but instead holds any and all status/buff effects or bacterial/blood born pathogens from liquid or water based techniques/equipment that come in contact with the ground after the owners technique has dispersed. When this technique disperses all liquids dry into the cracked earth. This area of effect becomes a source of available liquid. Requirements | Medical Beginner - Novice - Advanced Status | Public
  5. Jutsu Name | Homeostasis: Membrane Jutsu Type | Supplementary Ranking | C Element(s) | N/A Specialty(s) | Medical Ninjutsu Energy Cost | 25 (15 initial, 5 upkeep) Handsigns | Dog - Monkey - Half-Ram Range | 10 M AoE/Self Duration | 3 Description | Sōichirō clansmen utilize medicinal chakra as a semi-permeable membrane over their chakra network which permits their chakra to radiate unto their outside environment, thus projecting from themselves the same temperature that their body would be and producing the same effect on those caught within range. The closer to the source the more damage is done upon those in range, up to half the distance is marked by temperatures one rank lower than the user, anything closer and temperatures are at the users rank. Other Effects | Per post that the technique is active increases the Sōichirō clansmen's bloodline cool-down time by one post, alternatively this decreases their status effect post count by one post. Water/Liquid sources and techniques within the range of effect succumb to the temperature change. Varying degrees of Sweating or sight of breath are telltale signs of being within range. Requirements | Sōichirō Bloodline - Medical Ninjutsu Novice Status | Bloodline
  6. And just like that, the clapping faded and it was Setōshi's time to speak... Forty-five minutes prior, amongst a crowd of thirty well dressed, well mannered, and seemingly normal people sat Setōshi twiddling his fingers out of boredom as person after person got up and introduced themselves and their addiction. After the third story he had recognized the pattern of these type of 'humans', once hooked the world outside of their addiction became a dot in their rearview, most rode the wave to destruction before their eventual rehabilitation. Then again, their were others who binge used their addiction as recreationally as needed, in this group the boy found some similarities with how the Bliss persona was utilized.. "Hey everybody!.. Umm.. " *Clears Throat* “My name is Bliss, heh anonymous right?" — Setōshi would say addressing the crowd and even arising a chuckle out of a few. "I have an addiction.. It's crazy really..I can sit here and say it to you guys because hell, some of you have had it worse than me... But... My family?.. Ya.." — Setōshi vocalized the grief and mannerisms of those that had come before him earning nods of sympathy from the other volunteers. For a few minutes Setōshi went on with a fabricated story which arose a room full of clapping accompanied behind pats on the back as he made his way down to his seat. Besides the throbbing headache he had acquired from public speaking the boy decided had ended his ruse short at the sight of the rooms newest occupant. Cinnamon kissed skin, full lips, and auburn wavy hair made her Setōshi's focal point for a multitude of reasons. Ms. Ostuirei Mori... Well well well, the mission descriptions are always so vaguely written... If I would have known you were this elegant I would have swept you off your feet first... Nevertheless, a mission is a mission... The women approached the stand to address what her addiction was and from that moment her hazel eyes met, in a world all their own she spoke allowed to the masses, but a silent conversation was exchanged in those brief three minutes that broke the barrier of strangers between the two. Throughout the rest of the meeting the two sat at the back exchanging small talk, her vibe became his to react off of giving light to the version of Bliss adapted personally for her. The end of the meeting came the inevitable end of their time together which Otsurei secretly dreaded and Setōshi wished would come even sooner. It was time to make his move... "Hey Otsurei... Umm... If this isn't being too forward, I'd like to walk you to your residence and stay the night.." — Everything was on the table, Setōshi spoke so bluntly that it took the woman by surprise. "I-I don't u-usually do that type of thing..." — Osturei stuttered through the sentence out of sheer embarrassment, but even Setōshi noticed that it wasn't a no, but instead a declaration of self. "I-I hope you don't think that I-I'm that type of woman-" — Osturei would continue to say for being cutoff, a hand grasping hers gingerly brought upon sudden shortness of breath. "No. Never. I simply make it my duty to challenge myself with missions, and... Well truth be told, target acquired." — Setōshi would say flashing a smile and rounding his words of with a wink. As soon as the blood filled her cheeks he knew phase two of his plan was well underway. And just like that, the two headed back to her apartment. The walk was magical in her eyes, a true gentleman this Bliss appeared to be. All the while his head on a swivel taking note of direction of travel, surrounding area and neighbors, and even the home security while pretending in the mindless small talk occurring. Eventually they had arrived and with her as his guide she brought him into her home, as soon as the door shut he immediately overtook her, the shock and awe spawned a panicked response as she was swept off her feet and thrown on the wall. She could scream if she wanted anybody to hear her, she could resist and try to put up a struggle, but the way Setōshi placed his hand on the small of her back caressing it with depressions to the area sent a reassuring shiver running up the length of her spine that made the man's actions even more reassuring than her initial fears. And then, their lips embraced one another connecting smoldering each other only to eventually meld their psionic vibrations to one. Strokes and stokes only heightened the roaring flames of desire for that the sex addict had worked so hard to keep at bay in the past few months, her pleasures she assumed he catered to drove her into his submission when the added flair from his own natural talents peaked her sense of touch saturating him and herself in the nectar of her yoni. The residual effects of their encounter left no doubt in Osturei's mind that Setōshi was the ultimate drug for her addiction, for 'him' she would do anything going as far as even temporarily halting the meddling in the coming election. "What do you mean 'temporary'?.." — Setōshi questioned as he sat up in the woman's bed, this causing her to adjust her head on his chest while placing a finger to his lips. "Lookie here Blissy, ignorance may be you, but I'm an addict... If you think this is a one time fling you've obviously confused me with some naive first rate politician... Yes, you have a wonderful gift there—" — Osturei looked up to the boy and gave a wink before continuing on. "GREAT gift there, so I'm going to exploit it to both of our benefits... You understand, right?..." — Osturei finished saying, and without giving him a chance to reply she placed upon his lips a kiss. Unlike most of those that he called 'human', Setōshi had taken a liking to Osturei for her endgame and intelligence peaked his interest. The meaningless sex satisfied her needs in return her political interference subsides for some time, emotion was left out of the picture and Setōshi was able to claim a mission as a success. In the back of his mind he questioned himself the depths that he would reach for his freedom. WC 1,042/1,000
  7. My apologies, I didn't realize that the section was missing. Edited.
  8. Edited to C.
  9. And just like that, the asset had been acquired. Or so they thought... Sitting atop the garbage pile Setōshi kept a level head despite portraying a fearful and trembling demeanor in reaction to the two assailants making their way down the alley, he knew that his options were limited and despite where some would come to see his actions as noble would instead find truth in that by being taken captive in the man's place Setōshi was only promoting the success rate of the mission. Even if the asset managed to live the elemental disadvantage that he witnessed earlier gave him doubts that the escort would survive the encounter with the groups fourth assailant, and it was just a matter of time before his own chakra would be spent and no longer able to hold the transformation, he needed to split them up, but how?.. The nomadic lifestyle that fostered Setōshi's upbringing birthed a confidence in his abilities to hold his own and although not necessarily on the offensive end, his focus centered around his natural talents and their supplemental uses, thus in one way or another he would find the success he sought. Hands bound and drug through the alley by the collar, Setōshi feigned a helpless state while mentally focusing chakra from his hypothalamus gland throughout the rest of his body, he would need an escape method in due time and increasing his internal core temperature was all that was available to him. "Should we go back for Gibo?" — Inazaki questioned as the asset was passed into his arms upon the duo reaching the end of the alley. "For what? If he can't handle some punk kid then that's his fault! I'm calling the his boss..." — Akari retorted ending her words by spitting on the floor and pulling out a radio. Another assailant... Shit... I may be in over my head here!.. I need an outlet, a sign, something!.. Inazaki turned with Akari drawing scarred faced leader whose appearance drew shady looks from the crowd that had gathered due to the commotion. Setōshi had briefly got a good look at the man before smoke erupted from underneath him and covering the area in an impenetrable veil, everyone including the assailants and Setōshi were caught off-guard sending all into an uproar of coughing. It was here that he attempted to make his escape, using the sudden shock he made his temperature skyrocket and in its wake Inazaki screamed through the smoke as he released Setōshi from his grasp. The sound of a full blown man screaming at the top of his lungs sent the surrounding public in a frenzy even moreso than the smoke and immediately panic ensued, in every which way they began running although the majority stayed clear of the combatting individuals once their sights were restored. *THUD* Setōshi hit the ground on his side rather hard causing the transformation that he held to dispel, but with the veil quickly fading he hoped that he hadn't been seen and fought through the pain by rolling to a safe area in the east that had him at a vantage point capable of seeing everything in-between the scurrying people. At this rate it'll be like looking for a needle in a haystack... And with me out of the transformation it's like the needle was never there... WC | 1,060 + 566 = 1,626/1,000
  10. And just like that, Setōshi was left with more questions than he had answers for. For days he had walked through the desert without goal or endpoint in mind, where the winds blew him he went and where he lay his head became his home. Up until the point of discovering this man his isolation was self inflicted, but then he was given purpose, thus fostering somewhat of a connection between the two through Setōshi experiencing being taught what death was like in its natural form. Despite being touched as he crouched beside the man he did not reciprocate the action, his blank expression conveyed no sense of emotion toward the man's final drawn breath and the moment the body went limp he rose to his full height. The bonds a father shared with his son on any level had been lost in Setōshi's upbringing, the sensitive touch of a mother had been absent, but he knew their reasons so they had been forgiven many years back. Though, what confused him now was the absence of the boy, Aito, and what reasoning he had to justify not being by his father's side during his dying moments. Off in the distance the sound of a cattle drawn carriage put Setōshi's head on a swivel until he pinpointed the source, heading toward his way was a cloud of dust which meant a landmark was nearby. Aito... I'll find you and you'll give me the answers I want to know!.. Until then, I must get out of the desert by interacting with other 'humans'... The squawking of the injured buzzards spawned his ride ticket, and so he began rounding them up, as the carriage drew near Bliss came into play and settled an agreement with the man in charge. In exchange for all three of the birds still alive he would be taken as far as the nearest village: Yamagakure no Sato. - E N D -
  11. And just like that, something had caught Setōshi's attention out in the distance... The sight of a trio of buzzards encircling one another relatively low to the ground brought Setōshi to a standing halt, his sights focused now upon what the birds appeared to be preying at. The sun was at its highest peak of the day and in these parts of the world, which had become a mixture of a desert and rigorously trekked rocky terrain, the presence of another being resting motionless meant certain death. The question of 'how soon' peaked Setōshi's interest, thus he trekked off of the path that he was headed to in favor of one directed toward the man in a lackadaisically manner almost inviting the inevitable death to come. With each step his sights became more focused and the presence of a middle aged man came into view, he lay slumped over in the shade of a medium sized boulder, and his breathing appeared labored. "Hey... Old man... Hey!.. Ya dead yet?.. If not then, I'm just going to put it out there... Ya, ain't got much time left!" — Setōshi said aloud with no sense of care that death was an emotional experience for most. The apathetic words of the boy as he drew nearer with each step were met with silence, this only prompted his curiosity evermore causing Setōshi to cock an eyebrow upon coming to a halt standing over the man. He crouched down to examine the specimen at hand and things seemed worse than expected, Setōshi has seen dehydration like this before, he would need not to touch him in order to get a more precise analysis of his condition. In a manner he seemed relieved that he wouldn't have to. "Hey old man! Can you spe—" — Speaking once again only to be interrupted by a sharp pain on his back, Setōshi fell to his knees and hands doubled over the man, the pain was accompanied by a warm liquid sensation beginning to trickle down either of his sides. A series of feathers fell upon the boys back as the sound of others ruffling in the wind could be heard up above. Setōshi released an agonizing pain as he punched the ground attempting to rile himself up, the culprit and problem was identified immediately. The buzzards saw Setōshi's presence as intruding on their prey, in their mind there was no compromise to be made and they had dealt the first strike in a war of the survival of the fittest. Old man... You owe me big time... Glancing over his shoulder, the sight of the buzzards came back into view and they were on the offensive once again, although instead of just one all three dove towards Setōshi. In his mind he knew there was time, but his options were limited due to having not been brought up in the traditional shinobi system. Upon rising to his feet both of the boy's hand intertwined with one another creating the series of hand signs, Tiger - Horse - Rabbit, before his chakra became visible to the naked eye. Shrouding over both of his hand in the shape of the tip of a scalpel, Setōshi stood confident analyzing the situation moments before the birds were within striking range. Three targets... Dive formation, which means... Obstruct the first and the others will react!.. And so he did, although doing so with an instrument some would deem controversial for the given scenario. As a street urchin with an interest in the medical field Setōshi quickly became fascinated in a supplementary type technique that served to help him when times got rough, in contrast to present day he could only form one, but as a result of practice and application of his studies his potential with the technique grew exponentially with the presence of two scalpels. A quick remembrance of his progress to this point conjured a smirk to tug at the corners of his mouth, his confidence beamed forward, he was prepared and a plan was set. With his anger channelled in a more productive outlet as opposed to beating himself up, Setōshi began heating himself up by increasing his internal core temperature. In a normal human being this was seemingly impossible, yet a testament to this feat shown brightly in the red-orange hue that illuminated from underneath his skin causing his network of veins to appear similar to an intricate spider webbing all across his body. Upon having studied the scenario he enacted his plan. Bearing its talons, the buzzard lunged its hindquarters forward whilst slowing its descent with its wings outstretched causing it some drag as a fail safe. Herein Setōshi struck, leaping five meters from the ground into the air catching the birds exposed stomach underneath his foot, thus propelling him further into striking range of the other two buzzards who pulled in reaction to the stomping that their comrade face. Unfortunately, this did not leave them out of harm's way due to the boys continued ascension, with a quick x-formation strike his scalpels crossed presumably striking the internal muscle tissue and tendons of the birds wings and leaving a peculiar scar similar to a 1st degree burn wound along its path. Mere moments after his strike was made he returned to the earth, his sights set on the bird sent plummeting to the ground by his foot. Its injuries were minor leaving it attempting to fly toward its comrades that struggled to fly straight with their damaged wings, eventually plummeting like the first but unable to remain upright. Turning toward them increased the squawking that had become persistent since the first buzzard had been struck, and quite honestly, Setōshi wanted it to stop and he would with the use of only one scalpel for the three of them after the other dissipated from his hand. And just like that, he was deemed the fittest to survive, and as much as he wanted to marvel in his success the sound of coughing caught his attention from behind... *Cough* *Cough* "You still breathing over there old man?.." Chakra Scalpel 1,001/600
  12. And just like that, the order had been given... Compelled to rebel, Setōshi brushed the away the messenger hawk that had perched itself on the railing bordering around the rooftop, the day had been chosen to entertain his own amusement and a top that he didn't feel to keen on messengers keeping tabs on him on the Kage's behalf. Turning his back on the bird, the boy focused his sights on the solidarity he was left and began taking in the grand heights and views from the Hiraishin Mountain landscape. The bustling of life in all of its walks below captivated Setōshi and left him to his thoughts, nothing more did he regret then the choice and events made that led to his tenure as a resident of Yamagakure and "shinobi" of its military force. With the scroll secured in its beak the hawk sneakily inched closer to Setōshi from his backside, it was determined to not let the boys ignorance delay it from is duties any further, thus with one quick jerk of its neck the scroll was released on path for the boys head. No sooner had the scroll been released did the bird take flight, narrowly escaping capture and the several curse words that trailed in its wake. With a low *THUD* the scroll hit the ground and its contents unraveled at Setōshi's feet revealing the mission details, to the best of his ability he attempted to refrain from viewing the scroll, although the more he resisted the more his mind see-sawed between his ego and his future until he couldn't help but scan the text. Damn it... 'Human' interaction... If only I had kept to myself then things would be different... Despite truly feeling he deserved the day off in the back of his mind he knew that in order to obtain the lifestyle that he wished for certain sacrifices would need to be made, thus, the psychological switch was flipped on and the change from Setōshi to Bliss began. Visually his posture became more erect with the shoulders being pulled back from a more slouched over and reserved stance, the blank expression dictating his everlasting contentment shifted to a wide-eyed smile that gave a more energetic persona to match his appearance. The two were different, not similar, and in no way btwo halves of the same whole. Bliss had become a role that Setōshi played, with its birth he was given an outlet to cope with his disorder. By nature, the boy based interactions upon his personal preference at his discretion, forced interactions such perceived on this quantity were rare and few in occurrence and was something that Setōshi was aware of. In the back of his mind he knew if all went according to plan that he would pay for it psychologically later. "In the end, nothing will change. That I'm almost sure of... But for now, I am ready..." — Sullen words of encouragement spoken in a hushed tone to hlmself as he gathered up the contents of the scroll and placed it within the exterior scroll holder attached to his hip pouch medical kit. And like that he was off... The rooftops of establishments and businesses no higher than two stories were navigated efficiently as if they were back alleys which allowed Setōshi freedom of movement to monitor the civilians at street level from a better vantage point than amongst the clutter of the daily rush. The characteristics detailed in the mission describing the assetonly mentioned that he possessed 'red hair', with such a unique hair color Setōshi figured the enemy would have no problem weaving through public, when they struck he would be hot-n-ready to counter. Hmm... Oh you've got to be kidding me... Coming to a skidding halt, he stood watching in disbelief that the military excellence of Yamagakure was being put on display in such a manner. Unfortunately, he had little time to ridicule the name of "shinobi" as movement in the crowd caught his attention. Shit... His decision making was hastily processed, but at the least Setōshi was able to strategize a contingency plan before springing into action. With the asset and his escort heading north, Setōshi looked to intercept from the east three blocks away, the pair of assailants were not far off with being only two blocks behind the duo. At street-level the boy swiftly sidestepped lone civilians and weaved in and out of groups targeting gaps in the crowd wherein he could manoeuvre forward more efficiently, timing was key if things were to be a success, although the cost was yet to be determined. Alas, if ever was the time to strike it was now because a single hand had reached out for the back of the assets collar. With a body encased in futon • wind release chakra the sensory abilities associated with the electrical Haze had been bypassed by one of the assailants, the other portly fellow strained to keep up and missed the coming events. The sight of a red top became the signal that brought Setōshi's hands together stringing together a series of hand signs: Dog → Boar → Ram, before leaping through the air with his arms extended. Not having the same cardiovascular endurance as a "shinobi" the asset fell behind a step and a half in trying to keep up with his escort, Setōshi took this as being plenty of room to knock the man into the adjacent alleyway with leap. The moment of contact would send the asset into a large pile of garbage and out of sight, all the while with an altered appearance Setōshi would assume the physical appearance of Akimitsu Murosaki laying on the heap of trash. The events happened so quickly that both the escort and the trailing assailant passed the alley. Footsteps could be heard, but from the narrow position of the alley sounds ricocheted between the walls making pinpointing the direction of travel difficult, as a sat trying to figure out what was to do next he could feel the garbage shifting underneath. "If you want to live to pass on the information to the Kage personally then I suggest you cease that movement immediately!" — Setōshi whispered over his left shoulder while jabbing back with his right elbow into the garbage pile. WC 1,060/1,000
  13. Name | Setōshi Sōichirō Nickname | Bliss Title Name | -- Gender | Male Age | 17 Home Link | Village | Lightning Clan | Sōichirō Village Ranking: | Genin Shinobi Ranking | C Element(s) | Suiton • Water Release Specialties | Primary: Medical Nimjutsu Secondary: Bloodline | Ondokei (Thermometer) Chakra | 200 Stamina | 100 Jutsu | -- Equipment | -- Forms | -- Creatures/Summons | -- Styles | -- Mentors & Pupils | -- Friends & Family | -- Recent History |
  14. Update Type | Starting Freebies • Jutsu Purchase • Equipment Purchase Update Name | Freebies | Jutsu Purchase | Equipment Purchase | Update Training | N/A Update Ryo | 2,500 - 1 E Rank Jutsu (x50) - 1 D Rank Jutsu (x100) - 3 Blood Bombs (x100) - 3 Empty Bombs (x100) - 1 Medical Kit (x100) = 1,650 Update Links | Hyperlinked
  15. Jutsu Name | Acid Wash Jutsu Type | Offensive - Supplementary Ranking | D Element(s) | Suiton • Water Release Specialty(s) | Medical Ninjutsu Energy Cost | 10 Handsigns | Tiger • Monkey Range | 10 M (Straight) • 5 M AoE Duration | Instant Description | Utilizing Suiton • Water Release the user accumulates and mass produced their stomach acid which intern rapidly expands the stomach. When released, the acid wash is projected from the mouth in a heavy stream that when mixed with the open air eats through organic material, although inorganic material, aside from things such as fabric, remains unaffected. Other Effects | As a liquid created internally with the subject it is released at the temperature of the user (Sōichirō) and any affected area will carry his scent. Open flesh that contacts the wash is subject to a burning sensation to the skin that need be washed off, if not, then after one post the damage increases to three puss filled blisters. Eyes are rendered incapable of vision for one post, blisters grow on the eye lids forcing them shut after one post. Spinning 360° on the enlarged stomach is the only way to get the AoE effect. Requirements | Medical Ninjutsu -Beginner Status | Open
  16. Yes, the kkg just gives a status effect. Yes, the strength of the status effect is equivalent to the user rank.
  17. The temperature of the liquid has its own separate cost, the 10 CP is simply for the creation of a d rank in physical strength stomach acid that can move in the limited range of a D rank. That aside, any stomach acid would be at the temperature of the one creating it, my statement was only a reminder to Sōichirō clansmen using it. If truly need be it can be removed, but to be clear the temperature of the liquid is a totally separate cost.
  18. Jutsu Name | Homeostasis Jutsu Type | Supplementary Ranking | E Element(s) | N/A Specialty(s) | Medical Ninjutsu Energy Cost | 5 Handsigns | Monkey - Ram (Self)/Half-Ram + Touch target (PC/NPC) Range | Touch/Self Duration | Instant Description | Administering medicinal chakra throughout the body allows the user to lower or raise the core body temperature and bring it to a natural 98.7° F despite the outside environment unless contested by an ailment or the adverse effects of poison. Other Effects | Allows medical shinobi to combat natural disasters such as extreme heats of desserts (Hyperthermia) or extreme cold of tundra and blizzard conditions (Hypothermia). * Sōichirō clansmen reduce their body temperature from the extreme hot or cold once per post. Requirements | Medical Ninjutsu - Beginner Status | Open
  19. And just like that, the sound of the double doors unlocking announced Setōshi's arrival into the library. With a heavy sigh a single foot was put through the door and as soon as he did he immediately regretted it. The rustling of pages and low chatter from group projects carried out by students and shinobi alike came to a dead silence, all gazes were averted to the young boys entrance. Setōshi paused at the halfway point of being both in and out of the doorway, half of his body visible and the other half seemingly peeking into the library. His body tensed up as the early warning signs of possible interaction triggered his disorder. Look at them... They know the truth... You're a mistake... A death sentence... Who you are and what you'll become have been set in stone since birth... They'll see right through it... "But... I have to try... " — Setōshi mumbled to himself whilst pushing his way through the door and slamming it shut behind him. "!uoy em ot eciN !ssilB m'I“ A jumbled mess of words woven backwards made him look like the fool that he tried to be for the public's eye, few snickers here and there, but for the most part people brandished a nuisance to their studies and brushed his arrival off by beckoning him to keep the noise down. Setōshi beamed a smile, gauging the situation to have worked well for himself, something which he was clearly wrong and misguided by from the promotion of himself as "Bliss", but what more could be expected of an individual who neglected his own emotional attachment to the world... "OK then! Carry on with your stu—“ *SHHHHHHH...* — Bliss was interrupted mid speech and shushed to a silence by a girl in the corner who had grown quite annoyed by his antics. *Cough* *Cough* It was a library afterall, as minimal noise as possible was key to the learning environment of others. Much to no surprise Setōshi did not care for such a rule, and at the times he chose to speak he did. Walking through the small group project area the young boy gazed over the shoulders of those sitting with their books open, a plethora of subjects by different authors were being discussed on the hush. It wasn't until he got to the third group closest to the rows of books did he come stop, the title of the book "Anatomical Composition of the Human Body" stuck out to him like a sore thumb. Between him and valuable information in his field of study was the interaction with the group, specifically the female who it was closest to. Shit... Humans... At a distance things were fine, but this... Up close and personal... Setōshi's breathing became staggered as his mind went blank and both palms and neck increased with sweat, his entire body began to tremble so much so that it caught the groups attention. To the studied scholar these were telltale signs of an anxiety attack, but in this case it was much worse due to the lineage from which he hailed. "Hey kid... What's your problem?.. You alright, or what?.." — One of the two males of the four students sitting at the table spoke in a hushed tone as he stood to his full height. A moment past with no reply from Bliss furthering the confusion from the students who all exchanged a look before those sitting began ushering the standing boy to check him out. The book that caught Setōshi's eye was one among many that lay sprawled across the table between the four students, each with a running theme of corresponding with the medical field, thus by check him out they were only intending to check out his vital signs. A dire mistake, and one foreseen prior by the student after having witnessed a flicker of what appeared to be Setōshi's breath, but instead chalked he it up to his pure imagination and reached out grabbing ahold of his shoulder and wrist. The trembling stopped. All realization of the outside world can't flooding back, yet he was too late... "Aggghhhhh" — Screamed the student as he retracted his hands and fell backwards into his friends. The student's cry became the focal point of attention, heads peeking over books and around shelves to view the commotion. Setōshi stood wide eyed with the reassuring smile of one who knew he was caught, the negativite perceptions of him could seemingly be felt, prompting rash decision makings on his part. "Yikes! Talk about giving you the cold shoulder!.. He he he..." "That'll heal right up with the right technique, ya know!? Unfortunately I need to borrow a few things—" — Setōshi said while everything swiping into his arms several books, plenty were left for the students, but the selected few were untouched at the time and ripe for a picking. "—In order to figure it out!.. You guys look like fine scholars, so beat me to it! Ok?!. Thanks bye! " The words he spoke trailed after him, before they knew it he was gone and the students were left dumbfounded at what exactly just happened. Rows after rows of shelves filled with books created the library into a labyrinth of sorts, chestnuts m passages leading to clearings hear and there gave birth to prime locations for an independent student to work, thus he sat. Fueled by the pursuit of knowledge, the young man coming to be known simply as "Bliss" began reading the first of four books: "Guide to the field Medical Shinobi: Evasive Healing Standards Vol. 1". With finger under word retreated inward absorbing the information as he read, the persona of "Bliss" was flipped off like a switch and in his isolation Setōshi was allowed to be himself without the pressure placed upon him by his subconscious mind. And just like that, from street smarts to book smarts, Setōshi increased his knowledge in the medical field page after page, but what he'd soon come to find out was that knowing was only half the battle. Application and practice was its counterpart. Lurking in the shadows was a presence whose sights were set on the Setōshi, having caught wind of the incident from earlier the figure felt a duty to protect the students and books alike from any further harm... "Annex..." 1,033/750 WC
  20. Bloodline Name | Ondokei (Thermometer) Possessors | Sōichirō Clansmen Appearance | N/A Abilities | Bio-Thermokinesis (Activation) — Members of the Sōichirō clan are born with an enlarged Hypothalamus gland which, as the portion of the brain that controls body temperature, gives them the ability to regulate their own body temperature through fluctuations in their chakra. Examination of their chakra pathway system shows a total of 722 individual points, wherein the regular tenketsu is positioned in the body of a clansmen lies two individual tenketsu each ½ the size of the original, one representing chakra that is hot and the other which is cold. Visual representations of their chakra by those that are capable of seeing it is shown as waves (similar to heatwaves), the faster the wave of chakra the more heat being generated, the slower the wave the less heat being generated. The skin acts as a membrane containing the extremities of the temperature within the shell of the user, thus causing all bodily fluids and even their own chakra susceptible to the temperatures they reach. Despite the extreme temperatures reached by their bodies internally or subjected to externally clansmen will remain in a state of complete homeostasis. As a part of the body control system their sweat glands are overactive to combat the functions of the hypothalamus causing their sweat to permeate through the membrane creating Scald or Frostbite-like effects upon living organisms by the slightest contact. Scald Wound • Visual Effect: Red-Orange hue glows underneath the skin as a result of the change in temperature to their blood, this results in their veins becoming a focal point of their appearance along with a boiling appearance to their sweat. • Physical Effect: Contact creates a scald wound characterized by painfully sensitive skin with a raw appearance and pus-liquid filled blister (Living Organisms). Prolonged contact causes combustion or melting of non-living organisms. Frostbite • Visual Effect: Blue-Black hue overcomes the skin as a result of change in temperature and state of their sweat, this also results in their breath becoming visible despite the outside environment. • Physical Effect: Contact transfers the users sweat which causes the skin to become inflexible due to the area effects being dry and raw. D Rank: Blisters (4 Posts) C Rank: First Degree (3 Posts) B Rank: Second Degree (Stops at Fat) (2 Posts) A Rank: Third Degree (Through Fat, stops at Muscle) (1 Post) *Rank of effect equivalent to the user's rank. *Prolonged contact increases the rank of effect by 1. — Medical Ninjutsu Primary (Passive) Members of the Sōichirō clan who have Medical Ninjutsu as a primary receive +100 chakra. Weaknesses | - Takes one post to switch between the varying extremes of Hot and Cold. - Lightning release does +1 Rank of damage if struck during the temperature change - Lightning release that hit cause user to expend x2 the normal chakra cost per post. - Medical Ninjutsu (Self) needs +1 rank over the users to heal, while outside (PC) healing requires +2. - Fūinjutsu is not a usable specialty. - As a result of receiving +100 chakra no form of body modification can be applied. Chakra Cost | * 15 CP activation, 10 CP per post.
  21. Name | Setōshi Sōichirō Nickname | Bliss Title Name | N/A Gender | Male Age | 17 Birth Date | April 30th Hair Color | Brown Eye Color | Hazel Height | 5'11" – 180.34 cm Weight | 170 lbs – 77.111 kg Appearance | Of average height and weight for his age, his body being relatively athletic for his profession, but where Setōshi stands out is in the tonality of his skin which appears more caramelised in comparison to the societal norm. The texture of his hair is more defined as similar to brown wool, it's kept neat and even at its worst no longer than the length of his shoulders. Little is worn in the fashion of clothing, off first glance the absence of even a shirt leaves the few abdominal muscles that he has exposed, although in the event of weather extremities he wears a white cloak. Charcoal black colored loose fitted jogger type pants occupy his lower region with black open toe sandals on his soles. The coordination of white and black colors is accented by the presence of simulated gold, often found tapering around ankles and worn in the fashion of an Ankh at the base of his cloak on his chest. These accents serve to highlight the features of his own scar free body and hazel colored eyes. Village | Lightning Clan | Sōichirō Village Ranking: | Genin Shinobi Ranking | C Element(s) | Suiton • Water Release Specialties | Medical Ninjutsu Bloodline | Ondokei (Thermometer) Favorable | All things "Ero" related, The Weather, Nomadic Lifestyle, Food, Justice Unfavorable | Attachment, Shinobi, Wasted Food, Rot, Germs Personality | Fueling what is considered to be Setōshi's personality is the disorder that he suffers from, Secret Schizoid Personality Disorder, which leaves him feeling internally "unreal" and detached from the world of others due to a lack of interest in social relationships. It is not people so much that he wants to avoid, but instead emotions both negative and positive, emotional intimacy, and self-disclosure of either parties. Subconsciously, this leads Setōshi to believe he's emotionally separated from the rest of humanity, even going as far to refer to people in thought as "Humans". In his own way he modulates emotional interaction with others by forming bonds and relationships on his own terms as opposed to the impulses of others, herein lies the chink in his emotional armor because he acknowledges Loyalty Respect and Knowledge in others. In failing to appeal to these aspects Setōshi prefers his isolation. With the feeling of being detached from the world Setōshi is subconsciously challenged to achieve self-awareness so as to validate his actions in social encounters, thus making the isolation he prefers counterintuitive and inevitably creating an increasingly empty feeling toward his self-image which furthers the feeling of being "unreal". At times to combat the emptiness he subjects himself to social settings wherein he plays the role of a man named "Bliss" who embodies the societal norm and can be accepted by them due to an engaging, and nteractive personality , although still, emotionally withdrawn within his own world in exchange for meaningless communication. The part he plays has nothing to lose and as a result speaks with a blunt although perverted tongue, more often than not with residual essence of his true nature. Although, in opposition what he's thinking tends to be dissociated from his feelings, thus truly not corresponding to how he behave and acts. With no regard for emotion, whether himself or others, Setōshi has no sense of entitlement to uphold the law of the land and more often than not exploits situations and people to his benefit to remain as he likes to call it "Nomadic". In truth, simply an excuse to keep light from being shed on his reckless nature and a cop out for owning up to the responsibility of maintaining if any at all connections with society. Philosophy & Beliefs | "The circumstances of ones birth are irrelevant, it is what is done with the gift of life that determines who one is" History & Background | On the morning of April Thirtieth, Setōshi drew breath from this world. Growing up he knew no family, he knew no friends, yet encoded in his genetics was not only the will but the ability to survive... And so he did by never staying in any one place for too long, keeping unneeded social contact to a minimum, and eliminating those that threatened the way of life he wished for himself. With the tools at his disposal the matter of death boiled down to the survival of the fittest, if fate had it planned that he was not the fittest then his death would have been embraced, but it never came to that. Unlike most his age, he grew up to detest the "way of shinobi" believing that most if not all so called Ninja only sought out societal acceptance rather than upholding a higher sense of duty to militaristic justice. Setōshi couldn't understand how a blind eye could be cast toward the law at the digression of those sworn to uphold it, thus spawning in his mind that he no needed not to uphold it as well. At times, this has put him at the focal point of attention by Shinobi, their exploitation of chakra found him doing his own research and eventually leading on to him using the their own talents against them. Not only did he pick up their knowledge, but he introduced it in a new light that brought about the wrong attention. As a nomad, allied to no single village, Setōshi became the interest of mercenaries and eventually to the main villages themselves. Their intentions were to use him, he was certain of it, but they would come to not... At least on their terms... The attention of his current kage had been caught through a display of destruction at the villages expense, instead of punishment he was forced to make reparations through serving in its military force.