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  1. It didn't take long for the caravan that held Aito to move out of the village inside of the Earth country and head back towards the border. A few days passed as Aito was able to successfuly sneak himself back into Lightning country with the rest of the caravan. The entire trip, he spent a majority of his time thinking about the mission and what had gone wrong. It was obvious to him that someone had given them some bad information, possibly an informant gone rogue. He shook his head, not sure what to think of the mess the group of four had left back in the Earth country. Now that he was thinking about it, he wasn't even sure how his teammates had fared. He tried not to think too much about it, it wasn't his idea to send in three barely experienced genin to take on such an important task, so he assumed he wouldn't be at fault for the way it all turned out. But who knew? He ran through the scenario in his head a few times and thought over the explosion of the geisha house. He hoped the teammates had at least made it out of the building in time. More than likely, one of them rigged the explosions, so he didn't really think too much about that. His ride came to an end, the caravan letting him off at Raijin Bay, where he'd walk the rest of the way through the mountains and forest, attempting to avoid the main pathways on his way up. He sighed when he thought about having to purchase a new gourd. Pity. Oh well, at least he made it away with his life. 282/250 wc - Back to Lightning
  2. Aito watched as the salamanders transformed into clones of Hitomaro and scattered. He'd use this opportunity to sneak out of the back door, leaving his gourd standing along the wall in the east wing. It'd be easier for him to escape without it. So long as he hadn't run into any trouble on the way out, he wouldn't really need it. He'd have to have a new one crafted once he returned to Yamagakure. After slipping out of the back door of the geisha house, Aito jumped into a crowd of drunks that were moving towards the inn. The night sky had fallen over the village without him realizing it. He'd stay with the group until they reached the market place, where he'd take his place with the caravans he entered with. They'd be taking off soon, according to the main trader, as the town was looking to erupt into a heated battle. Aito paid the man the ryo he required and settled his body into the back of a wagon. It didn't take long for the group to prepare to leave. It was only after a loud explosion was heard from the direction of the geisha house that the group of traders began to rush and move the caravan quickly out of the village. Aito stared back down the road, his eyes darting between the patrons that were now filling the street. He'd try to keep an eye out for a familiar Lightning shinobi's face but failed to see anything. He sighed, assuming the worst for his team as the caravan rode out of the village. [EXIT]
  3. Name | Sabaku, Aito Nickname | --- Title Name | --- Gender | Male Age | 18 Home Link | Sabaku, Aito Village | Yamagakure Clan | --- Village Ranking: | Genin Shinobi Ranking | C-Rank (xp: 38) Element(s) | Sand Release, Futon Specialties | Primary: Ninjutsu (Novice) Secondary: N/a Bloodline | Sabaku Chakra | 200 Stamina | 100 Jutsu | Equipment | Forms | Creatures/Summons | Styles | Mentors & Pupils | N/A Friends & Family | N/A Recent History | N/A
  4. Update Type | JutsuUpdate Name | Buy Jutsu Update Training | ---Update Cost/Pay | -400 RyoUpdate Link | Sand Grapple (C) , Sand Release: Coffin
  5. Jutsu Name | Sand Release: Coffin Jutsu Type | Offensive Ranking | C-Rank Element(s) | Sand Release Specialty(s) | Ninjutsu Energy Cost | 30 CP Handsigns | Dog -> Tiger -> Snake Range | 15 meters Duration | 1 posts Description | This jutsu will make use of sand that is currently wrapped around an opponent's limb and/or body. The user will target a cluster of sand within 15 meters and begin forming the hand seals. After finishing the Snake seal, the user will begin condensing the sand inwards in order to crush whatever is inside of the sand. This will include the opponent's limbs or even the opponent themselves. Any sand hit by raiton techniques (which would therefore be turned into glass) cannot be used. The sand used will become unusable for the user. Other Effects | --- Requirements | Sand Release Status | Closed to Sabaku
  6. Jutsu Name | Sand Grapple Jutsu Type | Offensive / Supplementary Ranking | C + A Element(s) | Sand Release Specialty(s) | Ninjutsu Energy Cost | C: 25 CP (5 CP upkeep) A: 75 CP (10 CP upkeep) Handsigns | C: Dog -> Snake -> Push one arm towards target -> 1-handed Ram A: Dog -> Snake -> Dog -> Snake -> Push one arm towards target -> 1-handed Ram Range | C: 15 meters A: 25 meters Duration | C: Grabs hold of a single limb and paralyzes it for 1 post. After this post, the sand will stay wrapped for another 2 posts or until removed by the opponent. The user must pay upkeep to keep the sand wrapped (5 CP per post). A: Grabs hold of two limbs and paralyzes them for 2 posts. After these posts, the sand will stay wrapped for another 3 posts or until removed by the opponent. The user must pay upkeep to keep the sand wrapped (10 CP per post) Description | The user makes a combination of hand seals and hand/arm movement in order to remove sand from their gourd or from usable sand in the area. For C-Rank, the user will aim towards one limb of their opponent before making the one-handed ram seal. This will remove sand from the gourd and send it quickly to the opponent's limb and cover it in sand, hardening around the limb and paralyzing it for a single post. After this post, the sand will stay wrapped around the limb for another 2 posts or until removed by the opponent. The sand can be destroyed by an equal ranking jutsu or by raiton techniques that are one rank lower. The sand can only travel 15 meters from the gourd. For A-Rank, the user will perform the required hand seals: Dog -> Snake (repeated), then push one of his arms towards the target, then finish off with a one-handed Ram. This will cause sand to be removed from the user's gourd or their surrounding area and rush towards the target's area. The sand creates the appearance of a hand as it travels towards the opponent and grapples onto his two limbs. The sand will wrap itself around the limbs and harden, paralyzing the opponent's limbs for 2 posts. After the 2 posts, the sand will remain wrapped around the limbs for another 3 posts or until removed by the opponent. The sand can be destroyed by an equal ranking jutsu or by raiton techniques that are one rank lower. Other Effects | --- Requirements | Sand Release Status | Closed to Sabaku
  7. Sorry about that! Completely forgot about that part. I think I managed to get it this time around. I wasn't sure, though, how long the sand should stay wrapped after the paralysis ends. So let me know if it's too long or if that should even be in there. Thanks!
  8. Went ahead and made those changes. I need to read better, sorry! Let me know if there's any other issues. Thanks!
  9. Aito nodded to the other boy as he walked into the room, unsure what to think of him. This was one of the genin he hadn't gotten to work with yet, so he was not sure what he'd be capable of. But if he was on this mission, he had to be good. There's no way Hito would have agreed to bring him if he didn't think he'd be able to handle it. Aito situated himself near the doorway, his eyes darting around the outside of the room, attempting to spot any suspicious characters. He'd try to mark any odd looking individuals, mostly the drunken ones that would make stupid moves that could lead to their cover being blown. He let out a sigh before being approached by a petite geisha that walked into the room and smiled at the two men. Aito raised an eyebrow, unsure. Maybe the woman had thought they were patrons. Aito raised his hand, to stop the geisha before she began, but the geisha put a small piece of paper into his hand. She left the room quickly and Aito looked down, glancing over the small sheet. It seemed Hitomaro had already arrived. “Well, now we know what to do,” he spoke out to the other boy in the room with him. He didn't want to speak of the specifics of the note, so he simply grabbed his gourd from the wall and hooked it over his shoulder and around his waist. The large gourd slowed his movements and made him stand out, so he'd do what he could to make things easier for him and his team. He walked out of the room and back into the central bar in the building before heading outside, back into the town itself. It was a desert town, so there wasn't much in terms of large landmarks. It seemed like it was almost a ghost town outside of the geisha house and the bar. Aito moved his body across the street and towards the bar, his eyes darting over the two-story establishment. Similar to the geisha house, it had a balcony out front that seemed filled to its brim with drunken patrons. Aito continued walking past the bar and onto the main road. The town was a small, desert town, so there wasn't much in terms of large landmarks. The main stretch of road that ran through the town was filled, on both sides, by market stalls. The central market had a small amount of patrons at the moment, but Aito assumed it would be bustling and busy by the time the morning had come around. Some of the stalls had already closed for the day. Aito approached a pottery stall, his eyes still moving around to each of the remaining stalls. He'd purchase a few small pots that he could place around town and fill with his sand. They wouldn't be large enough to stand out to a passing patron. This would make it so he wouldn't have to carry the large gourd all over town. He'd pay the stall owner for the four pots and be on his way. For the most part, the streets were empty. At this time of night, it was obvious where everyone would be: the bar or the geisha house. The rest of the town was empty. Aito walked towards the beginning of the market street, stopping his body and placing down one of the pots. He'd loosen the gourd at his waist, allowing for him to easily tip it over, letting sand flow out of the gourd and into the pot. The pot was filled to its brim; this way, it wouldn't blow away in the wind, nor would someone be interested in picking it up. He walked back down the street, towards the end. At the middle of the market stood the town's inn. It seemed pretty dead at the moment. He had no doubt it'd fill to the brim once the drunkards needed a place to sleep off their hangovers. Aito decided this would be another good place. He'd drop his second pot near the corner of the building. He filled it with his sand, pouring it from his gourd while his eyes wandered around. No one seemed to be paying him any mind, which he shrugged at. Maybe they all assumed he was taking a piss or throwing up behind the building. He'd move further down the street, back towards the bar and geisha house. Aito decided to stop at the general store. This was at the end of the market street, just a short walk away from the bar and geisha house. The store was filled with a good number of people, to Aito's surprise. Aito peered through the window but couldn't get a great look at the types of wares the store stocked. He assumed it was just the fact that it was one of the only shops that remained open this late at night. Aito did notice a large, burly man standing near the register, almost as if he was guarding the place. Drunkards come down and wreck the place up, he bet. So having some protection made sense. He dropped the third pot at the edge of the building and poured the sand from his gourd. His gourd was almost completely empty at this point. He'd have enough to fill his last pot, then he'd be out. Aito decided the bar would be the location for his last pot. As he walked up the slight incline towards the bar, his eyes wandered around and noticed a tall tower. At the peak of the tower stood at least two individuals. He couldn't quite make out how many it had been, but the location would be a prime spot for any sort of look-out. It was high enough to easily spot check almost the entire town. The rest of the small town was what Aito assumed to be homes. The streets seemed to be completely empty, unlike the main stretch of road he had been walking on. He reached the bar with his last pot, which he placed down at the edge of the building. A few of the patrons outside had noticed him walk around the building, but they seemed way too drunk to care. He'd fill the last pot with the rest of the sand in his gourd. He'd tighten the grip around his waist and move back towards the geisha house. It didn't take long to reach the house and he'd noticed a few patrons from the bar had begun heading over to the geisha house for their pleasures. Aito walked in with this small group and headed to the east wing again. He'd unstrap his gourd and place it at the corner of the room before setting himself back up at the doorway, his eyes darting around the room. He had finally noticed Hitomaro at the door, standing guard. He chuckled to himself, having passed the man a few times without having noticed. 'He's good,' he thought to himself as his eyes continued wandering. His gourd was empty but he still had a few ways to obtain more sand if he needed to. So for now, he'd wait for the others to complete their tasks. wc 1209
  10. Update Type | JutsuUpdate Name | Buy Jutsu Update Training | ---Update Cost/Pay | -100 RyoUpdate Link | Sand Shuriken
  11. Jutsu Name | Sand Shuriken Jutsu Type | Offensive Ranking | D-Rank Element(s) | Sand Release Specialty(s) | Ninjutsu Energy Cost | 10 CP Handsigns | Bird -> Snake Range | 10 meters (The attack will stretch 3 meters) Duration | 1 post Description | The user will form the signs and then bring their hands up, holding them in a 'T' shape. The sand will be removed from their gourd or from the ground around the user and begin to gather at their arms. After the sand gathers, the user manipulates the moisture inside the sand to form shuirkens, which the user then throws from their body at once. Six sand shuriken will be created and thrown at once, moving up to 10 meters away in a cone of 3 meters. The sand shuriken are treated just like regular shuriken and are able to slightly cut and stab into an opponent's flesh, but won't be able to get past armor (flak jackets, etc.). Like a regular shuriken, it could still pierce through normal attire (shirts, light robes, etc.). The shurikens will dissolve and turn back into sand, falling to the ground, once they go further than 10 meters. Other Effects | -- Requirements | Sand Release Status | Closed to Sabaku
  12. The man lay helplessly in the sand, his eyes fixated on the boy that looms over him. His mouth is dry, leaving him in pain whenever he opens his mouth. His breathes are short and shallow, his body is weak and frail. The man is starving and dehydrated. His vision is fading and his life is nearing its end. Before him stands a young boy: his son, perhaps. At least he thinks it's his son. It wouldn't matter if the Denkikage showed up before him, all he would see is his son and his wife. The two are standing proudly in front of him. He'd cry if he could manage it, but his ducts are dry at this point. There's nothing left to release. He watched as the boy fought off something behind him. He couldn't quite make out what was bothering the boy, nor could he understand a word the boy was speaking. His ears were swollen red with his skin, causing him to have issues hearing. He squinted his eyes, watching the boy's mouth move. "A-Aito.." the words barely made it out of his mouth. They were low, his voice was weak and as frail as his sun-stained body. The words brought a pain to his throat, causing him to cough a few times. It didn't sound too good. "My s-son, Aito, y-you've grown so much." He spoke the words slowly and stuttered. The boy would have to get in close in order to hear them properly. Another raspy, painful cough. His time was almost up, he knew. He had deserved it. Before he completely lost his mind, images of his wife and son together with him flashed through his mind. He smiled at the thought. His hands clawed weakly at the boy that sat in front of him. "I-I'm sorry, Aito. Your mother deserved better and so did you." Between another cough or two, he spoke some more. He would do his best to keep himself awake, to finish getting his message across to the boy. The boy stood in front of the sun, blocking it from his eyes for a moment. He clawed his way closer to the boy, attempting to throw himself into his arms. Another few coughs. They grew louder and raspier. More and more painful with each one. His throat clawed out at him. As he crawled closer to the boy, he looked up into his eyes. The young man stood as tall as his son. But the image of his son had disappeared and all he could see was this boy in his vision now. He moved his frail hand to the boy's face, gently running it down his chin, as he was unable to reach any higher. "L-look just like my boy." He fell to the ground, his body dropping hard into the cooling sands. Another cough as he inhaled the sand into his lungs. He had no care at this point. He was there now, he could see it. The end. His body went limp on the ground before the boy.
  13. Aito followed the group into the Earth country, speaking to his team and working themselves out prematurely in order to figure out everyone's skills. Aito had a large weakness: he's slow. The other three should easily have picked that up by his slacked, lazy, and heavy movements. The gourd that sat across his back slowed him down tremendously. But it was his life. The gourd provided him with everything he needed to be able to do just about anything. He was a ninja that specialized in using sand, therefore, it was of utmost importance that he had access to it at all times, which explained the gourd he was forced to carry around. Because of his speed and his reliance on sand for just about everything, he was not a strong boy. His slender, slightly lean build could testify to that. His close-up encounter ability was at 0. He could not fight using taijutsu almost at all. He had maybe a block or two in him, as well as a few dodges, but the gourd limited his movements quite a bit. So he'd depend on sand and his environment to get away from his opponents. Aito was tasked with getting into the country alone, which he didn't think would be too difficult. He was used to the desert's heat and sun, so he knew how to be prepared. He definitely had the look of an Earth country patron with his large, beige robe and a scarf wrapped around the top of his head. He'd use it to hide the mark of his clan that sat upon his forehead. If he let his hair grow out, that could cover it occasionally, but he did not have the time for that to happen, so he'd be forced to hide it away. The scarf would slide down past his forehead, easily covering up a majority of his red hair and the symbol of Sabaku. He had left his forehead protector at his home anyways, but with the gourd, he still had the look of a shinobi. For entrance, he'd attempt to get rid of such a look. Aito met up a little before the border with a trading caravan. Turns out they'd be heading directly into the village in Toredo that Aito needed to get to. That would make it easier and ensure he didn't have to travel alone. With the help of a few ryo, Aito was allowed to join the caravan during their route, posing as a trader. He'd walk along with the caravan, keeping his gourd in the back of a caravan. He didn't necessarily need it where they going anyways. The sand was his favorite place to be as well as his weapon and defense. So long as he was surrounded by a desert full of it, he needn't worry about the gourd. He'd make sure to try and keep it hidden inside the location they were going, though, just in case. The caravan was stopped by a few guards once during their trip. A few smiles and nods from Aito and they simply left him be. He looked right at home among the traders and his gourd stayed hidden in a wagon. He just didn't have the look of a shinobi, so he was technically perfect for these sort of missions. It was easy for him to blend in in this part of the world. 'The Dancing Lotus,' Aito though to himself. The name of a geisha house that the group would be rendezvousing. The caravan lead him almost directly there, stopping near the village market, which was close by the building he was headed to. He'd be able to keep it in his sights as he moved with the caravan around the market. He watched the building as a few patrons entered and then left. He was hoping he'd spot his partners going in, so he knew when it would be time to move in. He'd hate to go in too soon. Or too late. As he watched, he noticed the blonde girl earlier enter the building. 'I guess it's time,' he thought to himself. 'That other boy must be around here somewhere.' Aito reached into the back of the wagon, pulling his gourd from within and placing it over his back. He'd tie the ribbon around his waist and over his shoulder before moving towards the building. Sand Release could be a useful tool for building, so it shouldn't look too odd that he'd be carrying this in with him. The scrawny build he had didn't make it any easier for him to pass as a builder, though. He shrugged as he walked into the building, his eyes darting around the room, attempting to spot Rue. And spot Rue he did. He nodded to the bartender as he walked past, “Going to be working on this east wing here, so try to keep the people out, eh?” The bartender, though he looked annoyed by Aito's tone, nodded his head in agreement as Aito passed on by, into the most eastern room of the building. Once he entered, he'd remove the ribbons from around his waist and shoulder and drop the gourd to the ground. He'd place it along the wall, slightly hidden by anyone passing the doorway. He'd poke his head out of the door, his voice easily reaching the bartender, “Let my apprentice know where I am when he shows, huh?” Again, a nod in agreement as Aito turned his body back towards the room and though to himself, 'Now.. how to look like I'm building.' Aito would keep his ears perked, listening and waiting for any sort of trouble. wc 945
  14. Aito had barely slept during the day in preparation for his mission tonight. He rubbed his eyes with the palms of his hands as he moved through his house quickly, attempting to grab anything he would need. He'd make sure he had both his robe and combat mask on, with his gourd thrown over his robe. The mask, though, would hang from his belt underneath his robe for now. The mission was supposed to be dangerous and outside friendly territory, so it's possible the mask could come in handy. His equipment seemed ready to go, so he walked through his door and back towards the village. His home was close to the deserts so he'd have to go back towards the village to meet up with the other members going out on this mission. He wasn't sure what to expect out of this or who he'd be working with. He didn't really care, frankly. He was looking for the experience and this seemed like the best way to get it. They'd be tracking down a bingo book mission, so it would clearly be difficult. He wasn't completely sure he'd be ready for this mentally, but he didn't seem to care. He had to do this to keep moving himself forward. The money would always be helpful, too. So there was that to look forward to. So long as he made it back in one piece, of course. His last mission was still fresh in his mind; the scars were still pretty fresh as well. He still had a few bruises on his body from the beating he received. He cracked his neck and shoulders as he walked up the mountain path towards the village, carrying his heavy gourd on his back. 'If I do get in any trouble, I'd have to cut this gourd loose and leave it behind for sure.' It would suck having to replace it, though. Aito sighed as he continued up the path and stopped once his eyes found two other people standing around the meeting spot. He'd walk himself slowly up to it, making sure his hood was down. He'd try to greet them with a smile, but failed to do so. He wasn't really excited about this mission, but he felt it was something he had to do. He was a shinobi after all, he'd have to continue through the pain. "Evening," was all the greeting he gave to the other two. He'd nod his head to two of them before taking his position near a tree. He'd untie the ribbons holding his gourd to his back and place it on the ground, setting it against the tree he was at. 'Damn thing is heavy.' 449/250 WC
  15. Update Type | Mission / JutsuUpdate Name | Completed Mission / Buy JutsuUpdate Training | Update Cost/Pay | +1200 Ryo / +24 Exp ; -100 Ryo for JutsuUpdate Link | Eye of Sand
  16. Link to Involved Characters | Sabaku, Aito Link to the Missions | Brief Overview | Aito took on the mission of dealing with a yard gang, which he found vandalizing academy statues. He put them in the dirt. He was contacted by the police force that a villager's daughter was kidnapped due to his actions against the yard gang. He went searching for her, got knocked out by the owner of a bar that lied about his daughter and fought his way out of captivity.
  17. Yeah, I'll just scrap this for now and wait until i can use summoning. It'd probably be more interesting/useful as a summon. Thanks!
  18. Jutsu Name | Sand Creation: Lion Jutsu Type | Offensive Ranking | C-Rank Element(s) | Sand Release Specialty(s) | Ninjutsu Energy Cost | 20 CP (-5 CP upkeep per creation, per post) Handsigns | Dog → Bird → Snake Range | 15 meters Duration | 3 posts (-5 CP upkeep per creation, per post) Description | The user weaves their hand seals and then places their hand to the ground. Using their chakra, the user can create one to three lions that are made of sand. The user must use 20 CP to create the lions, but have to use 5 CP to upkeep the creations, per lion (If the user summons three lions, it will be 20 CP + 15 CP per post). The lions can attack enemies and be used to take down targets. The lions can be taken out by a similar rank jutsu, leaving only sand behind. They cannot travel further than 15 meters away from the user, so the target can get away simply by moving away from the user or taking the lions out. The lions are the size of female lions, so they can overpower a target if not careful. Other Effects | – Requirements | Sand Release Status | Closed to Sabaku bloodline
  19. Jutsu Name | Eye of Sand Jutsu Type | Supplementary Ranking | D-Rank Element(s) | Sand Release Specialty(s) | Ninjutsu Energy Cost | 10 CP initial (5 CP upkeep per post) Handsigns | Bird → Tiger Range | 20 meters Duration | Constant (-5 CP per post) Description | Using their chakra, the user ccreates an eye made of sand and connects it to their optic nerve, enabling them to know what is happening throughout the artificial eye's field of vision. It's a third eye for the user, mostly used for spying. The eye is slightly larger than a human's eye. The user is able to control where it goes within the 20 meters. The user can dissipate the jutsu at any time. An enemy can use an equal rank jutsu or cut it down with ninja tools (shuriken, kunai, etc.). Other Effects | – Requirements | Sand Release Status | Closed to Sabaku bloodline
  20. The Next Day Aito did not get much sleep after finishing his mission the night before. He woke up bright and early thanks to the sun gleaming down through his window and burning through his eyelids. It should be his day off, so Aito had decided not to overdo it today. No training or anything; he'd be heading into the village to speak with the police force about the gang he dealt with the night before. He'd pick his body up, running his hand through his red hair, attempting to fix it up a tad bit as it was ruffled and sticking up in every direction imaginable. He let out a sigh as he stood up from the bed and got himself into his attire from the night before: a jacket and his robe covering it. No cover of nightfall would mean it would be much hotter during his trek to the village. He'd attach his gourd to his back again and head out of his home, grabbing a scarf to throw over his head before leaving. His hands would rest on top of his head and he'd whistle a low tune as he walked through the small desert and up the mountains to reach the village. Now that his parents were gone, he started to think about moving into the village instead of staying all the way out on the outskirts of the village. It'd be much easier to do things like this, that's for sure. But then again, there would be a small amount of sand. He shrugged to himself. He'd think about that once he made the money, which would hopefully be soon. The trek up the mountains to the village was making his feet hurt. 'Some shinobi I am,' he thought to himself as he chuckled out loud at his thought. The sun continued to beat down on Aito, but thanks to the scarf and his robe, he was mostly covered. He'd wipe the sweat from his brow as he reached the village entrance, letting out a large breath and a sigh of relief. 'I'm much too tired for this,' he thought. He moved his body through the village entrance, nodding his head towards the guards on patrol. He'd have to do the patrolling thing more often. Seemed like a nice, lazy job to get paid for. Easy money was always a good thing to Aito. He continued walking through the village, reaching the center of Yamagakure. He opened the door to the police headquarters and stepped inside. The man he reported to the night before looked spooked. He was frantically running around the room, mumbling to himself as Aito walked in and announced his presence. “Ahem! Mr..” he began before being interrupted by the officer. “You! GREAT! You can deal with this now that you're here. I mean it's technically all your fault!” The man raised his voice slightly at Aito as he handed him a folder. “What do you mean it's my fault?” Aito asked as he opened the folder and took a look at the dossier in his hands. Turns out the gang had already retaliated for the capture of some of their members. They had kidnapped a young girl and were apparently calling for me. “It's my day off. Can't you get someone else?” Aito said, sighing a bit, as he handed the dossier over to the officer. “Day off?! You're a shinobi of Yamagakure! You have no days off! You have to help with this now!” The officer spoke sternly to Aito. He was much taller than Aito was and seemed pretty intimidating as his voice got higher in volume. Aito let out another sigh before snatching the dossier away from the man. “Fine. I'll get her back.” He said this in an irritated tone and turned his body towards the door. “Capture the man, too. Rough him up if you have to,” the officer's voice trailed off as Aito walked out of the building. His eyes darted around the small area, examining each person as they pass by. 'I wonder how I'm even going to find him..' his thoughts trailed on. He decided to visit the shopkeeper, maybe they could help. He began walking through the village center, away from the police headquarters and closer to the academy where the action had gone down the night before. He glanced over the dossier one last time, reading the shopkeeper's name and his location. As he got closer to the academy, he began looking for the building, searching the roof tops for anyone who may be lurking in the area. The address written down lead him to a familiar location: the bar he walked into last night. Aito raised an eyebrow when he walked into the bar, chuckling at the irony. When he stepped into the room, the same man from the night before was tending the bar. 'If he had lost his daughter,' his thoughts began as he examined the man, 'he seemed the same. No tears or look of worry.' He approached the man at the bar with a small smile. He left his mask back at home, so no attempting to look intimidating in it today. “You!” The man shouted, grabbing at the collar of Aito's robe, which he let him do. “You bastard, you got my daughter taken, and you have the stones to show up here?!” Aito let the man vent for a moment. His daughter was kidnapped so of course he'd be upset. Aito stopped smiling, suddenly realizing the seriousness of the situation. “Sir, I want to help get your daughter back, so I need to know who was in here and if you kn-” his words were cut off by a sudden hit to the back of his head. He dropped to the bar, slamming down pretty hard as he was knocked unconscious. Someone had gotten behind him thanks to the help of the bartender's distraction. Aito had let his guard down. Rookie mistake. Aito was dragged by the bartender and one other man into the basement of the bar. The man stuck him in a chair and removed the gourd from his back, tying him up loosely in the chair. Water was thrown into his face, suddenly waking him up and bringing him out of his unconsciousness. Aito was startled, not sure what to think of the situation. 'What the hell?! Where am I?' His eyes darted around the room, however, his vision was still blurry thanks to the hit to the head. 'That damn bartender..' His eyes moved to the large pair of feet that were in front of him, following them up the large legs and athletic body of a much older man. Not the bartender. “Who the hell do you think you are, kid?” The man landed a punch to the right side of Aito's face. Aito flinched, spitting out a bit of blood as he looked back up to the man. He simply stared at the man, not wanting to talk or give away any information to this thug. “Let's try this again. Who the hell do you think you are?!” The man got louder as he sent a much harder punch to Aito's eye, sending a sharp pain throughout his face as he flinched back, Aito clearly in pain. Aito let out a small groan as he stared back up to the man, one eye closed. The man bent down on one of his knees, to get himself within Aito's level. “I hope it was worth it. You're going to die so young.” This frightened Aito a bit. He hadn't had much combat experience up until now, so he was unsure of what to do. But he tried not to panic the best he could. 'Think of your training, Aito.' He began breathing in and out, regulating his breaths as the man stayed at his level. The man stood his body back up and spoke to Aito again, “Still nothing to say, punk?!” He moved his large foot and kicked into Aito's chest, sending his body and the chair down onto the ground. The kick had knocked the wind out of Aito, but also broke the chair he was sitting on. 'Taijutsu.. is a bitch,' he thought to himself. “That wasn't even the full strength,” the man said threateningly towards Aito. Aito caught his breath finally and stood his body up, sliding up against the wall, his hands still tied loosely behind his back. He began to play with his hands, moving them around. The kick and rumble in the dirt had loosened his binds even more. If only he could get his hands free, he could move into hand seals. A sharp pain stabbed in his gut. A rib or two was definitely broken. “Why not make this an even exchange?” Aito spoke to his captor finally, flinching and still closing one of his eyes. The captor let out a huge laugh, staring down to Aito, “What about this seems fair to you? I don't play fair, that's why I win!” The man certainly seemed confident. Aito hoped he could use that to his advantage. He continued to play around with his hands until the bind slipped over his wrist, freeing his hands. Aito began weaving signs as fast as he could: Dog → Snake → Bird. He concentrated his chakra around him, staring down to the earth with his one good eye. It was earth. That made this much easier. He waited as his chakra flowed through the earth beneath him, creating sand and making it accessible to him. Aito spit out some more blood before speaking, “Everybody loses eventually.” The captor smirked and began to run at Aito. More signs began to weave behind his back: Snake → Bird → Tiger. “Sand Wall,” he muttered through his smirk. The sand underneath him had begun to quickly accumulate in front of him, sending a wall up in between the two. The wall blocked the entire room, the captor being unable to reach him at this point. The captor screamed and yelled as he begun throwing his fists into the wall. Aito raised an eyebrow as the man's fists began to break through the wall. 'Shit, taijutsu sucks,' he thought as the man used some form of taijutsu ability that was unknown to him, breaking down the wall. “Too easy,” the man smirked. The captor laughed again as he charged towards Aito. Aito had moved his body towards the man, hoping for the first attack to strike him. He would weave more seals: Tiger → Boar. He would prime his substitution jutsu with a chair near the other end of the room. The captor charged, leading with a huge and quick kick that caused his substitution to pop. His body would appear behind the man. The man sent out another fist, striking through the chair and obliterating it. Aito had to end this quickly. He weaved more signs: Tiger → Snake → Boar. He inhaled the wind chakra into his lungs deeply and let it fly from his mouth as he breathed out,sending out a large current of wind towards the back of his target. In his rage, the captor was caught off guard. The current struck him in the back, tearing away at his armor and into the back of his skin. It would send him flying into the wall, smashing his head against it, knocking him out. His shirt would be completely torn at the back and blood flowed down from various spots. Aito breathed a sigh of relief as he looked back towards the stairs leading up to the basement. He weaved a few more signs: Dog → Boar → Ram and began to concentrate on the image of his captor. His body suddenly transformed, sending the chakra flowing throughout his body. He walked up the staircase of the basement and headed into the bar, which was now empty. The man stood at the bar, smirking as Aito walked up the stairs disguised as the captor. “It's done then? Good. Dumbass kid trying to poke his nose where it doesn't belong.” Aito walked towards the bar without saying a word. Being weak from the altercation that just occurred, he flinches a bit as he gets closer, placing his hand over his stomach, grabbing at the ribs beneath his skin. Once he reached the bar, in a fit of rage, sent his hand straight for the bartender's throat. Grabbing hold of it, he sent the man back in a quick throw to the wall. The man hit his head on the wall and freaked out as Aito's diguise had worn off. His eye still closed shut and one hand covering his rib, he smirked to the bartender. “Pity indeed.” He'd move his hands into signing again, hoping for one last time. As he signed Tiger → Monkey again, terror moved across the man's face. He swiped his fingers down towards the man's chest, sending the current of wind into the chest. He was wearing no armor, so it would pierce and rip his shirt up with ease and send him flying back into his wall again, knocking him out. Worn out, Aito sat his body down in one of the bar stools for a moment. The commotion caused a few people outside to walk into the building, wondering what had happened inside. Aito turned his head around, staring towards the group that walked in. “Get me some police assistance, please. Now.” He ordered, looking beat to shit and still somehow being intimidating. The group were able to retrieve some officers and return to the building before either of the two had woken up. The two were taken away to the headquarters once Aito explained to the same officer that gave him the assignment what had happened. Aito was able to retrieve his belongings from behind the bar and left the scene, headed for the new medical facility. He felt drained and he had been. His head was in pain, his ribs were cracked or broken, and his chakra was almost completely depleted. He almost fainted after leaving the bar, unsure of how he was feeling. He had just been kidnapped for doing a job for the village's sake, something he never thought would happen. He thought he'd be helping a villager out, but got shit for it. He wasn't sure what to think. Was this all worth it? WC 2409 / 700
  21. Another day, another mission. That's how Aito was looking at it at this point. He got up slowly, stretching his arms and legs out as he continued laying on his bed. He rolled over a bit, grabbing for the folder that held his mission details for the night. He received it earlier in the day but had forgotten to read it earlier. Whatever, surprises were always fun, right? He took a glance over the details of the report and then let out a loud sigh before throwing the folder to the floor near his bed. “Dealing with a yard fun it shall be,” he said sarcastically to himself. He let out one more drawn out sigh before throwing his body up and out of his bed. He placed his hands around a small jacket that he put over his bare chest, opting out of a shirt since one hadn't been cleanly available for him. “How lazy,” he said of himself. Over that, he put on a large robe to cover himself on what would be a chilly night out. He stood his body up and moved over to the corner of his room, where his gourd sat agianst the walls. He placed it over his shoulder and let it settle on his back, which he then tied the sashes at his shoulder and waist, to keep it nice and tightly on his body. Wouldn't want it falling off. He made sure to grab hold of his kunai, which he placed inside of his robe, in one of the jacket pockets. He slid his feet into his light shoes as he walked out of the door, out and into the night. It was a beautiful night, the stars could be seen easily from his positioon on the outskirts of the village. It made him happy to see how beautiful this area could be. He was not a fan of the mountains, but this night sky and dry, cool air made up for it. It reminded him of the desert, which he loved more than anything else. He let out a long, drawn out sigh as he maneuvered his body up the mountains towards the village. 'Find and deal with a gang of drop outs.. how annoying,' Aito thought to himself as he threw his hands over his head, leaving them resting on the top of his head as he walked. Once nearing the village, he stopped seeing as many stars in the night's sky. They were covered easily by the bright lights radiating from the village, which despite the time of day, still seemed to be alive and well. As he entered the village, he could tell their was a surge of nightlife throughout the center of Yamagakure. 'They wouldn't dare hit anything around here.. get somewhere quieter, maybe.' He moved along the streets, his face stood without an expression as he examined each and every person he passed. Before reaching the end of the village center, Aito stopped and remembered something in the dossier about talking to villagers. He turned his body around and headed back to what looked like a bar or restaurant. He stepped inside, moving through the door silently as he crept inside the loud building. It certainly was a bar. There was a number of people sitting around at tables, drinking and having a good time. Another small sigh moved from his mouth as he went over to the bar, to talk to the bartender. “Excuse me, sir, have you seen any issues around here lately?” The young man at the bar turned around from serving drinks to stare at Aito, raising an eyebrow up towards him. “Who's asking?!” He spat these words out, clearly not wanting to give away any information. “The Denkikage,” Aito said quietly as he smirked to the bartender. The bartender shook his head for a moment before pointing to the door. “You better get out of here with that shit,” the man began to raise his voice, slamming his hand along the counter and giving Aito a death stare. Aito smirked and chuckled for a moment before turning around and moving towards the door. “Well, alright then. I'll let him know of your cooperation,” Aito said through his smirk before moving through the door and back out into the village center. Aito looked up at the sign as he left the building. 'I'm sure this place will be useful later,' he thought to himself as he continued down the road towards a quieter section of time. Aito was not sure why the bartender had been so hostile. He wasn't even wearing his headband or anything. But he assumed his gourd had given away his status of a shinobi. Mentioning the Denkikage probably did not help either. 'Oh well,' he thought as he continued down the road. He decided it'd be easier to spot any trouble from the higher ground, so he moved to a building and began concentrating his flow of chakra to the soles of his feet as he began running up the side of the building. Once he reached the roof, he let out a small breath and stared out over the small village. Most of the lights in this section of the town had been turned off. All except for one area: the academy. Aito began to head in that direction, moving along building tops as quietly as he could with a massive gourd strapped to his back. As he got closer, he began to hear some commotion coming from the academy yard. 'I guess I was right!' He thought to himself as he picked up his pace, jogging over the rooftops towards the academy. Aito reached near the academy, his body standing on top of a building near the walls. Seemed like a group of boys were inside of the academy yard, which was not exactly locked up or anything. It would be easier to get to even if it was. As he stared down to the group, he noticed a few things about them. There was around five of them and they were definitely not academy aged as the dossier suggested. These were boys slightly younger than him , probably around fifteen years old or so. 'This might be more difficult than I thought..but then again, they are drop outs. How tough could they be?' Aito thought to himself for a moment, thinking of the best possible way to approach the situation. Then he noticed what they were doing. Vandalizing a few of the statues within the yard. Nothing too major, so why did the Denkikage make such a big deal of this? Aito decided to get closer and ran down the building he was standing on to get closer to the ground. He began eavesdropping. “Yeah after this, we can smash one of these windows and get in the academy,” followed by a few 'Yeah!'s agreeing with him. Aito thought to himself for a moment, 'Well, damn, and here I thought these were just childish pranks. Wonder what they'd do inside the academy.' Aito chuckled for a moment, being careful for them not to overhear him. He was sitting on the opposite side of the wall of the group, so not too far off. Aito removed his combat mask from his belt, placing it tightly over his face. 'Time to do this.' He began concentrating his chakra flow to his feet once more as he scaled the wall of the academy, stopping his body at the top of the wall, staying there. The wall was a mere ten feet high, so it was easy for the group to see him once he made it to the top. Besides, the gourd scrapping the building alongside the wall did not help his stealth. Aito perched himself on the top of the wall, staring down at the children. “May I ask you young men to stop what you're doing?” The group of five stared up at Aito when he spoke, confused and bewildered. Aito, even with his mask, did not have a very intimidating presence. His robe was much too large and bulky and the mask almost made it look like he was trying way too hard. The boys broke out in laughter and spat insults towards Aito. Letting out another loud sigh, Aito began weaving signs: Bird into Dog and into Bird once more. The sand from his gourd began to move out, spreading throughout the area. By focusing his chakra within the large amount of sand, it began to burst out into all directions, towards the small group of boys. The wind chakra began to blow it into a small circular area, 10 meters wide. The sand had become a storm around Aito. He removed himself from the wall, jumping down into the school yard, the jutsu following him. The sand would begin to scratch and irritate the skin and eyes of the five boys. One of them began screaming and had fallen to the ground in pain at the sudden storm. Aito realized where he was and began weaving more handsigns: Tiger → Monkey. He then flipped his finger down towards the position of the boy, sending a blade of wind down at his body. The Vacuum Sword swept down and hit the boy that was keeled over and knocked the wind out of his body. He fell down to the ground, unable to get back up. As if they wanted to end this quickly, two of the members began to charge at Aito, their hands and arms covering their eyes and mouths. They let out high pitched screams as they ran through the storm towards Aito. Aito turned his glance towards their screams, realizing they were getting closer, and began weaving signs again: Snake into Bird into Tiger. More sand was removed his gourd, sliding quickly in front of him, where the sounds were coming from. “Sand Wall,” he said with a smirk moving across his face, as the wall of sand suddenly appeared in front of him. Suddenly, the screams were replaced by two loud thuds. The two boys had run into the wall, hitting their heads and knocking themselves out. Aito let out a small chuckle at this point. The storm continues to barrage them, filling their mouths with small specks of sand as they stayed knocked out on the ground. Without rest, another boy charged around the large wall. This one was not screaming. Aito had failed to notice this boy was wearing goggles. His eyes were well protected as he charged around the wall, a kunai in his hand. The boy would swipe it at Aito, but missing as Aito stepped back from the boy. Aito would leave his foot out a bit, tripping the boy as his attack misses. He falls to the ground near Aito, so he is unaffected by the storm. He turns to get up, but Aito does not wait. He signs as he goes to stand up: Tiger → Snake → Boar. “Art of the Wind Spear,” Aito says before inhaling in wind and spitting it out quickly towards the boy on the ground. A quick attack and that strikes the boy square in the chest, sending him flying back. The wind would tear at his armor, ripping it up almost completely as he is knocked out and bleeding slightly. Aito lets out a small breath. No break for Aito, though, as two shuriken fly out of the storm and towards his face. He notices it at the last second, moving his face out of the way of the first but is caught by the second one. It slams into his combat mask, cutting into it a bit as it ricochets off and falls to the ground. Aito cancels his sand storm jutsu, suddenly a little more angry as the storm begins to dissipate and the sand falls to the ground around them all. He cancels his wall as well, letting that sand fall down and sit on the ground as well. He turns his head to where the shuirken had come from and there he sees the last boy standing, a kunai in hand. “Let's see how good you are, boy.” Aito says, attempting to get a rise out of his. It works, as the boy lets out a loud scream and charges towards Aito. Aito smirks, removing a kunai from beneath his robe and lunges it towards the boy. It stabs the boy in the chest. “Too easy,” Aito says as the boy's body is hit by the kunai and he staggers. This one wasn't wearing any sort of armor or protection. Aito removes his combat mask, looking down to the boy as he falls to the ground, a kunai pierced into his shoulder. The boy grabbed it, shrieking and letting tears flow from his eyes for a moment as he pulls the blade from his shoulder. He drops both kunai to the ground and looks up to Aito, tears in his eyes. “Pity,” Aito saws as he weaves more signs: Tiger and Monkey. He swipes his hand down towards the boy's shoulder and head, letting the wind move from his finger tips and into the boy's upper body. It would connect with his shoulder and left side of his face, knocking him off his feet and onto his ass. Aito moves over to the boy's body and picks up his kunai, placing it back under his robe. He places the combat mask onto his belt, letting it rest there as a few older men come running into the school yard moments later. They wore the uniform of the Yamagakure police force. Seemed like they would do the rest of Aito's job for him. The officers questioned Aito of their motives and their wounds for a few minutes before taking them away. The officers would escort Aito out of the school yard and let him go on his way. He let out a long sigh and moved his hands to the top of his head. 'Wasn't too hard. Easy money, I guess.' WC 2350 / 700
  22. Update Type | JutsuUpdate Name | Buy Jutsu Update Training | ---Update Cost/Pay | -400 RyoUpdate Link | Sand Bullet, Sand Storm
  23. Jutsu Name | Sand Bullet Jutsu Type | Offensive Ranking | C-Rank Element(s) | Sand Release Specialty(s) | Ninjutsu Energy Cost | 25 CP Handsigns | Monkey -> Bird -> Tiger Range | 15 meters; 1-2 meters bullet spread Duration | 1 post Description | The user will weave the handsigns, causing sand to be removed from their gourd or from around their person. The sand will be moved in front of their mouth, where the user manipulates his/her chakra causing the sand to solidify and be blown into tiny pieces at his/her target (think shotgun pellets). The solid pieces of sand are hard enough to bruise and sharp enough to pierce skin. If hit with one of the bullets, it can cause knock back and interrupt the target as well as cause flesh wounds, stabbing up to two and a half centimeters into your skin. Multiple hits can knock a person easily off their feet, even if hitting protective gear. Other Effects | --- Requirements | Sand Release Status | Closed to Sabaku bloodline
  24. I'd set it probably at around a meter or two, making it perfect for direct hits and slightly smaller than a shotgun's spread (which is what I was comparing it to).
  25. Jutsu Name | Sand Storm Jutsu Type | Defensive / Offensive Ranking | C - S Rank Element(s) | Sand Release Specialty(s) | Ninjutsu Energy Cost | C: 15 CP (5 CP upkeep) B: 25 CP (10 CP upkeep) A: 30 CP (15 CP upkeep) S: 50 CP (20 CP upkeep) Handsigns | Bird -> Dog -> Bird, repeated. Range | C: 15m (10m aoe) B: 20m (15m aoe) A: 25m (20m aoe) S: 30m (25m aoe) Duration | C: 3 posts B: 3 posts A: 4 posts S: 4 posts Description | The user will weave the necessary signs for their rank, which will cause the sand to move from their gourd or their surrounding area and gather up. By manipulating the chakra within the sand, the sand will begin to blow around in the range of the user, causing a sand storm. The user will form a small amount of room around them (1 meter), to protect themselves from the sand. Visibility will be low due to the amount of sand. The sand will continuously ram into the skin of the target, causing irritation and small scratches along their body, unless the skin is covered. Without eye protection, it will be difficult to keep your eyes open. The user can cancel the jutsu at anytime. Other Effects | After it ends, the sand will fall to the ground. It will spread the sand out for the user to use at a later time. Requirements | Sand Release Status | Closed to Sabaku bloodline