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  1. Well house burned down, seeing as all the people I had plots with disappeared, lost of muse and the site beginning to die (activity lowering, applications seem to take longer to be approved, most notably puppet parts seem to have just completely froze and lost of a mod/admin with lots of members), I feel burned out (Quite literally in the case of my hand) and will be checking every now and then, though probably not to thread unless directly asked to.
  2. mission

    As Kenji suspected, Kazuo wanted to question the locals instead of waiting for the bandits or shinobi to attack yet another cart, with a groan Kenji nodded and the duo begun to question everyone. One extremely long cold hour, they must've questioned nearly everyone and the locals seemed to be confused and unsure on the details, they gave multiple different accounts of what had happened, they couldn't agree on one or two shinobi, let alone if they worked as a team or fought against each other, but only a single thing everyone could agree on was the suspected location of the hideout, it was a small abandoned hut that belonged to some old man who died not long ago. With no other alternative, the pair took off to supposed location of the hut that one of the groups used, assuming it was a war between two shinobi. Regardless if there were two groups or not, one thing was clear, the hut was no longer abandoned, Kazuo had his kunai at the ready while Kenji had his hands on his katana that still rested on his waist, this time the pair were prepared and ready to deal with any nasty surprises. However they couldn't hear any sound coming inside and Kazuo decided to blow the element of surprise by knocking on the door, however no one answered it and he kicked the door open, no one appeared to be home anymore, but the gust of warm air rushing pass the pair as they entered revealed that someone was here for sure. "Who knows, maybe we'll find out if it's actually a shinobi or two, or if they're the only group left." Kenji explained as he went off to the wall on the right of the door that had a small chair and a single large bookshelf that was littered with bunch of torn paper and other miscellaneous junk, at first glance it appeared to be nothing more than a makeshift garbage can, but Kenji noticed a single note that had been slightly torn and had a few stains on it. He grabbed the note and dusted it off and begun to read it, "I did what you asked, where's our portion?" Kenji was initially confused about what the note was talking about, but he realized whoever wrote this knew about the bandits, so whoever wrote this probably tried to get some supplies from the bandits and were instead ignored after they did what was asked of them. These bandits were probably smart enough to get rid of whoever wrote this not long after, probably why no one had details of gangs, though is could be anyone's guess at this point. Deciding the note was of no use, Kenji took another note and straightened it out, the note appeared to have been crumbled and carelessly tossed here, confirming his suspicions that this was indeed a garbage can. "We will not be ignored!" There was some blood on the note too, Kenji looked around and didn't see anything that could cause the blood while it rested on the shelf, looks like whoever wrote the notes seemed to have a grudge against the group, so it played into the two shinobi fighting each other. Kenji thought about checking all the paper, but most of it looked like it was from old books and others were completely torn or drenched with an unknown liquid. "Someone doesn't like this group, that's one thing for sure." Kenji explained as he walked up to Kazuo with the two notes, "You find anything?" He asked the younger shinobi, curious if the desk held anything of use, even a single note that follows the miniature story of Kenji's own two notes he found would be good enough. Word Count: 623
  3. Kenji Haruka
  4. I'll be moving extremely shortly and probably won't be able to do anything for 2 weeks minimum, probably for the best, need time to recover from lost of muse and adjusting to work.
  5. mission

    Kenji sighed as he observed the scene before him, the supply cart was attacked yet again just mere days after they had just dealt with the initial gang, someone else must've attacked the cart, Kenji thought for sure Kazuo had killed the leader, the kid seemed pretty determined to punish the bandits and there's no way he would leave them alive. The cart was burned by someone capable of using at least C Rank fire jutsu, though Kenji had no interest in ninjutsu so Kazuo's guess would probably be more accurate than his own estimate. This seemed to have made something click inside the younger shinobi as he immediately asked Kenji if he remembered the leader, to which Kenji simply nodded and waited for him to continue. Kazuo explained the leader must've been fighting an rival gang capable of using fire jutsu, which is why she had oil on her during her fight with the duo, Kenji had simply guessed she used it for making fires and as a back up in case one of the shinobi guarding the cart happened to use fire jutsu, but it was clear, the pair had just tipped the favor to one side in a gang war with the village caught in the middle of it. There were multiple ways this could go down, the absolute worst would be Kenji and Kazuo being forced to handle the two gangs at the same time while in the small village trying to protect everyone, the best case being Kenji and Kazuo only having to report the gangs hideouts and letting a proper shinobi team handle them. But first the pair would have to find out more of the gangs and just exactly how powerful they would be, 4 bandits proved enough of a challenge, Kenji dreaded the thought of having to deal with more of them, especially the shinobi, an amateur trap that the pair recognize was a trap caught them off guard, imagine what professional traps by unknown shinobi could do to the pair! And the fire jutsu shinobi, one hit and the pair might as well just use the last of their quickly draining energy to dig their graves. His train of thought ended when Kazuo asked what they should do next, which was quite surprising, even Kenji had no idea what they should do next, but he quickly thought of a plan, though it had a flaw that the younger shinobi wouldn't approve of so he thought up another one as well. "Well we could always just wait it out and let one of the bandits strike another cart and trail them, though given your opinion on bandits, it's best we just ask the locals what they know, who knows, we might just get lucky." Kenji explained, ending it with a smile, though behind the smile he was dreading this whole mission, back in the freezing cold with mister nice guy supreme against enemy shinobi who could burn off their clothing and leave them to freeze. It was made worst by having to stay out in the cold traveling house to house and questioning random strangers, because Kazuo wouldn't dare risk losing more supplies to the bandits, while Kenji didn't particularly care about scarificing a cart to find them, it's only a single supply cart, they could even bait them with a false supply cart if they had the time for it, but he had a feeling the younger shinobi wouldn't be too happy with that idea, after all it would "hurt" the village. Word Count: 587
  6. Kenji would have given up at this point, he just helped kill a doctor and a kid, that was enough pointless murder with the werewolves running around. Though he hated waiting it out because it only gave werewolves enough time to hunt everyone at a slow steady pace, however it sure as hell was better than hanging another innocent.
  7. Kenji had simply sighed as he saw the new dead body, he thought for sure it would end when Akane had died, but she was completely innocent, she just accused the wrong person for the wrong reason. "I'm with Jinpachi on this one, he seemed to know about Akane's innocence and something tells me he knows more than us... So RUE it is." Kenji said, not completely sure of himself.
  8. I was told by Kabel that it is not the case, in fact Jinpachi even made a thread detailing this problem and making suggestions to avoid having to make simple parts (Such as hands for instance)
  9. Kenji rolled his eyes. "Tell me how does it make any sense for Dachi to go kill Drak, the guy Dachi said was actually the werewolf? All that would do is make him look suspicious, which admittedly he does, but I don't think he would be that stupid. What does actually make sense is the werewolf to go attack Drak and attempt to frame Dachi." Kenji would explain, still mighty suspicious of Akane.
  10. Kenji had decided to wake up earlier than usual, yesterday might just be the beginning of this killing spree and to no ones surprise it was indeed the only beginning. Kenji found Akane knelt over a body and inspecting it before proclaiming it's Drak and was rather quick to point their finger at Daichi. "I find it odd that you happen to be here first and immediately accused Daichi... Sounds like a pretty good frame AKANE." Kenji pointed out.
  11. Name | Puppet Hands Ranking | E-X Type | Offensive Appearance | The hands are usually crafted from the same material of the main puppet's body and have multiple joints to allow the hand to function nearly exactly like a regular hand. The hand itself is usually located on the end of limbs, mainly the limbs that function as arms but can easily be placed onto other areas, such as limbs that act as legs, body, or even head for what ever reason. Material | Usually the same as material used in the puppet's body Crafter | Generic [Not directly crafted by a single person] Description | The carefully placed joints allow the hand to function as a regular hand and easily allows the user to punch and grab stuff using the puppet, the strength of the attack is equal to the ranking of the hand was made at, each rank of the hand equals the strength of a regular shinobi in that ranking, for example a D Rank puppet hand will have equal strength of a D Rank shinobi and so vice versa. The hands themselves are made to behave as a regular human's hands, with each of the fingers themselves sharing the same length 11 cm and width of 2 cm while the palms themselves have the length of 12 cm and the width of 7 cm. Jutsu | N/A [?] Status | Open
  12. Update Type | Mission Update Name | Mission with Kazou Update Training | N/A Update Cost/Pay | + 650 Ryo, 14 EXP Update Links | Mission Completion
  13. Kenji had been sleeping soundly when a scream awoken him from his slumber, he immediately rushed to the source of the scream and found a small group gathered around a mutilated corpse, the group seemed to be arguing who had killed whoever that was, Kenji however wasn't entirely too sure who could've done and it was perhaps in everyone's best interest to simply not randomly accuse everyone of killing the stranger just yet. "We shouldn't be accusing random people just yet guys, worst case scenario we kill an innocent person for no reason." Kenji said, attempting to prevent everyone from randomly accusing others,
  14. mission

    Kenji was surprised the teen appeared to take offense at Kenji's comment about the bandits only attacking the cart, the teen then reveled his true driving force to Kenji in a rather lengthy rant that raised in volume as the rant continued, only afterward did the teen realize he was ranting and apologized for doing so, seeming to notice he was shouting by the end of rant by speaking in a hushed town during his apology. "Hey man, it's fine, it's good to see you so passionate about dealing with criminals." Kenji assured the teen, despite having many problems with the teens way of thinking, he could use that to his advantage later on but for now it would do him no good to directly challenge him over his motive for being a shinobi and moral code, no point in destroying a partnership over a simple difference in opinion. Kenji let out a cough and looked forward, he was unsure how much further of a walk it would be back, "How much longer till we're back?" Kenji asked, he just wanted to go home, have some tea, then sleep in his warm bed once again. The mission was a success but he didn't know how much further he could go on, sure he gained valuable information on Kazuo and some idea of skill as a shinobi, but the trade off at this moment of time didn't seem worth it, the pain, sickness and cold was making his life hell and Kenji was unsure how much more he could take. Word Count: 259
  15. mission

    Kenji walked in the front of the cart, the pain and cold he had basically forcing him to limp in the front, but it was his mission to secure the cart and he could rest when it was over, right now there could be some bandits still around and it was best to be prepared. The silver lining of the walk was the relative warmth on the tundra environment, still cold but compared to what Kenji went through yesterday it was practically the perfect weather, almost like he was on a paradise, well the warmth and the fact he was about to finish this mission and be back at his warm house with some tea and wrapped up in a blanket. By the time the cart had arrived, Kenji sighed in relief, nothing out of the ordinary happened during the trip and all the people were more than happy to see the arrival of it's supplies without any damage done to it unlike the previous deliveries. Kenji took quite a beating during this mission, but the bandits were dealt with and the supplies could be safety delivered on time from now on, he could sympathize with the people, bandits used to raid the supply carts during his early childhood and he spent quite a few nights with his parents in a cold dark room all covered with every blanket they owned to fight off the cold. With the mission completed, the pair begun to make their way back, it should only take a day at most, they might even make it back today, now that they didn't have to wait for the cart and the people on it, probably would've been faster if Kenji wasn't still recovering and dealing with a sickness. Suddenly, the young shinobi expressed his feelings and asked if Kenji felt the same, "Easy for you to say, you didn't get stabbed with three shurikens and froze nearly to death, seriously though, it's good we dealt with them before they moved onto more... extreme things." Kenji initially joked with the teen, a smile on his face as he did so, only for the smile to fade as he finished his sentence, he knew the teen was testing him, the reason was beyond him and only known to the teen but he knew the teen wanted to hear Kenji agreed with him, so Kenji told him what he wanted to hear. He didn't really care about justice and whatnot, the kid could be useful later on if Kenji played his cards right, it was part of the reason Kenji risked his life, that and his hatred of bandits, he couldn't kill them all and not fail the mission by himself, he gained a smirk as he thought of his plans. Word Count: 461