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  1. Fu paced back and forth the hospital room impatiently. For the passed year, this one room had been her home. She ate, slept and was healed here by various shinobi. Ever since her incident with her family in the fire from a year ago, she had been saved by a certain shinobi in the village. She had suffered terrible injuries, mostly burns and even one of her organs had ruptured that terrible day. At the time, Fu didn't know what happened exactly, but the more she thought on the situation, she got a better understanding of what had happened. She possessed an advanced element of explosions. Involuntarily, she had caused her house to explode. Killing both of her parents and the thug inside. By some miracle, she had managed to survive but with serious injuries. She had spent the last year in the hospital: the medical shinobi healing her wounds and making the scars disappear. During that time, her hair had grown back long and beautiful. All of that time was just about over now. Fujin continued to pace the middle of the room impatiently as she waited for a certain medical shinobi to arrive. Fu had spent many days with this shinobi, talking and healing Fu's wounds... Fu just had one last thing she wanted the medical nin to do for her before she left the village. She just wasn't too sure how to ask for such a weird favor.
  2. Ranks per stage are not required. The Style guide says users "may" base stages on rank. That is optional. My style revolves around the coordinated movements of my character, not based on rank per stage. That is far too limiting for my style. The skill level of my style is in direct correlation to my character's own rank.
  3. Name | Bakuhatsu no Ken(Explosive Sword) Elements | Lightning, Bakuton Specialties | Bukijutsu Abilities | Hayaokuri(Fast-forward): The first of the steps in Baken is fairly simple. With the user's sword already drawn, the user takes a level stance with their legs spread slightly apart and their feet turned outward. Their body is pivoted slightly to the side, providing their foe with little area to strike. Both hands remain on the hilt of the sword, the sword itself upraised parallel to the user's chin: both hands overhanded on the hilt and spread a couple of inches apart. The first action takes place when the user thrusts forward violently with the tip of their sword: lowering their body and leaning forward, seeking to pierce their foe at the speed and power of +1 rank. The speed of the thrust is not without merit even though it is considered the slower of the one-two strike. After the thrusting pierce, the thrust is followed up by a more swift but less powerful swing in one direction at +2 ranks in speed with no increase to the swing's power. Kabasochi(Covering measure): The second step of Baken involves a series of complicated foot techniques for maneuverability and adapting to the changing flow of combat. The Kabasochi can be performed at any point before, during or immediately after the Hayaokuri. Before the Hayaokuri- the sword which is upraised near the wielder's chin, will have both hands keep an overhand grip,and bring the blade downward over their leading shoulder and parallel to their body as both a defensive stance and counter-attack. During the before Hayaokuri, the user keeps their body turned to the side of their opponent and the sword edge facing the foe. Their outward foot stance will take their steps in the direction of safety while their downward sword diagonally slashes upwards left or right. During the upward diagonal slash, a pulse of invisible chakra is emitted to create a shield that deflects projectiles or explosions within a 2 meter width. During the Hayaokuri, the wielder leaps backwards while retracting their sword parallel to their body and guarding over their leading shoulder to emit the pulse of invisible chakra to form the shield to deflect projectiles/explosions within a 2 meter width. After the Hayaokuri, when the wielder makes contact with a foe's weapon or nearby object upon their second swing, the wielder uses the momentum of the strike along with their feet to jump above or around whatever their sword has struck. While the wielder's body jumps in the sword's direction, the sword emits the pulse of invisible chakra to deflect projectiles/explosions within a 2 meter width. Soji(Sweep): The third step to Baken can either be a follow-up to Hayaokuri, or a follow-up to Kabasochi. After either striking or evading with their sword, the blade is brought close to the user's body and the wielder's grip is split between one overhand and one underhanded grip a couple of inches apart. While the sword is brought close to either the wielder's waist or shoulder, the user pivots sharply on their leading hill in either a forward or backward sweeping motion to cause their sword to perform a full slicing rotation. While the user and sword rotate together, the user's body either lowers closer to the ground, or raises their lower section in a half jump to strike higher and decrease the amount of body the opponent is capable of striking with a counter. When Soji is performed, the sweeping strike of the sword is +2 ranks in speed. Suiryoku(Thrust): The final step to Baken is considered a finishing technique. As the steps to Suiryoku are meant to be fluid and complimenting to each other step, Suiryoku can be performed during any of the other three steps, whether before, during or after. As the name suggests, the user releases the grip of their rear band on the hilt of the sword and places the palm of their free hand upon the butt of the hilt and pushes violently. Aimed and timed properly, the sudden violent thrusting motion of the sword is rushed forward to overcome the opponent's chance to counter-attack or evade. When Suiryoku is performed alongside one of the other three steps, it gains the rank advantage of whichever step was used. When Suiryoku is used by itself without the prior steps, it is less powerful, but still +1rank in speed. Equipment | 2hand swords Description | Aptly named for its potential, the Explosive Sword(Or Baken for short) is a smooth and precise sword style that revolves around unusually long sword blades with 2hand+hilts and body motion. The essence of the style is also based on self-improvement, perfecting and even adding more steps. The fundamental of the style requires a sword that is roughly the length of the user's height and must have a hilt with at least 2 hand's length. A well balanced body and good sense of body coordination is also required, for this style requires one to master their body to compliment their excellent swordsmanship. The use of the sword itself is dual-purpose, the first and subtle effect of this style uses a large and threatening sword to intimidate the foe, forcing their eyes and thoughts to follow the long blade, while not noticing or disregarding the user's body movements. Such as their footing or stance. The other purpose of the sword's unusual length is that Baken relies on piercing damage, followed up by quick slashes and shifting of body movement and positions to harass opponents. Despite the blade's unusual length, it is a very agile style of swordsmanship, capable of competing with Iado and keeping ninjutsu users interrupted. Many renowned swordsmen who have seen this style, overlook it or disregard it: believing that the weakness tot he style is getting within arms reach of the wielder. This is not the case however. As the user's body is an extension of their blade, overlooking the blade will lead to the foe being struck from positions they fought near impossible while the wielder of Baken regains their stance. Though named "Explosive sword" the sword art can be performed without the use of the explosive advanced release. Lightning can also be used in the sword style, but the core concept is created without the implementing of elemental natures. Though when techniques are combined through the sword style, the effectiveness of Baken greatly increases. Cost by Stage | Hayaokuri(Fast-forward): 5SP Kabasochi(Covering measure): 10SP & 10CP Soji(Sweep): 5SP Suiryoku(Thrust): 5SP Origin | Fujin Miyamoto
  4. Fu had seated and waited for Saisaki to respond to her question. The short pause in silence, followed by Sai's mysteriously vague respond- told Fu more than she needed to know. As a woman who suffered deep down inside, she could easily tell when others were in distress...Especially when they hid their emotions behind a facade. As Sai would begin to use the pressure cuff to gauge Fu's blood pressure, Fu would attempt to pat Sai on the head if she didn't refuse the touch. "The path of a shinobi is never a straight line." she would say while smiling as best she could to encourage the only person whom she might consider a friend. She would pause then and wait for the pressure cuff to finish its business, her eyes intently on the medical object rather than Saisaki. There was a lot on Fu's mind, but she was also trying to be considerate of Saisaki as well. Not only from a friendly perspective, but from a business and lifestyle of a medical shinobi. "Oh you know how things are here... they never seem to change. People come to check up on me but they're never very friendly or social. I guess they would feel that way after taking care of a strange girl like me..." she would say, subconsciously running her right hand over her face as she recalled looking at herself in the mirror after first recovering from the explosion that changed her life. She was healed and her skin without a blemish, but in her own mind, Fu still saw herself as the hideously burned and scarred nave girl she had been. She shook her head to clear her own thoughts. This was supposed to be a good day... She was being released form the medcal ward after all! She breathed in heavily once and then announced her exciting news. "Ive been accepted as a shinobi of the village. Once I'm released from the medical ward, I'll officially be a shinobi of the village. Who knows, maybe we'll go on missions together." she would say and giggle at the thought. It was an off sensation to believe that her primary care physician could be a potential ally n missions. At the very least, Saisaki knew her body very well and if she got into trouble... There was no one better suited to take care of Fujin.
  5. There was a knock, a familiar polite knock that Fu immediately recognized as Saisaki's. Sai had been away for some time, leaving Fu in the care of unfamiliar faces. She didn't particularly like that, but Sai was a shinobi as well and was required to do other things. It was a bit selfish of Fu of course, but Sai had been the most influential and understanding towards Fu during her year long stay at the medical ward. As Sai entered, Fu slowed her pace to greet her. "Hello Sai-chan!" she would say in her typical friendly demeanor that she gave everyone. "I've been waiting for you to return. I'm so glad that you were able to see me one last time before I am discharged." she would say while obeying her main physician's direction to calm down and sit for a checkup. She sat down on the side of the bed and faced Saisaki and she remained still and regulated her breathing. "So umm.. How was your month away?" she would ask, trying to make small talk while still thinking of a way to include her request without sounding both rude and weird.
  6. Name | Fujin Nickname | Fu Title Name | N/A Gender | Female Age | 17 Home Link | App Village | Lightning Clan | N/A Village Ranking: | C Shinobi Ranking | C Element(s) | Lightning, Bakuton Specialties | Primary: Bukijutsu[Beginner] Secondary: Bloodline | Bakuton Chakra | 100 Stamina | 100 Jutsu | Equipment | Forms | Creatures/Summons | Styles | Mentors & Pupils | Friends & Family | Recent History |
  7. Update Type | JutsuUpdate Name | Adding jutsuUpdate Training | Update Cost/Pay | -450RYOUpdate Link | Lightning Infusion Chakra suppression Substitution Genjutsu Kai Body Flicker In the shadows
  8. Update Type | Starting Currency Update Name | Adding Ryo Update Training | Update Cost/Pay | +2,500RYO Update Link | Currency Update Type | Free Jutsu Update Name | Adding jutsu Update Training | Update Cost/Pay | N/A Update Link | Clone Technique Transformation Technique Surface Walking
  9. Name | Fujin Miyamoto Nickname | Fu Title Name | N/A Gender | Female Age | 17 Birth Date | October 31 Hair Color | Dark Purple Eye Color | Pearl blue Height | 5'6" Weight | 120lbs Appearance | Fu is a woman of exceptional beauty. Her skin is a pale butter complexion with an equally buttery smooth feel. She stands at a modest five foot six inches tall without heels, slightly above average for most women. She has long dark purple hair that can be mistaken as black hair in dimly lit areas. Her hair is very long, falling over her shoulders and down to her waist. She keeps her hair in excellent condition for it is one of her best qualities. Her eyes are a pearl blue and sometimes purple, mostly depending on her mood. Her bust is that of a solid 36D, well proportioned to her slender curves. From a glance, her muscle tone is fair but if one was to pay close attention to her body, they would see that she possesses a modest amount of muscle from her daily training and stretches. Her attire changes constantly, but most notable in her choice clothing is the free-fitting and loosely clothed style. Because of her choice of clothing, her clothes are often scanty, revealing more of her skin than most women would be comfortable with. This fact combined with her exceptional beauty and curves, makes her eye-candy for many men and women alike. Village | Lightning Clan | N/A Village Ranking: | C Shinobi Ranking | C Element(s) | Lightning & Bakuton Specialties | Bukijutsu[Beginner] Bloodline | Bakuton Favorable | Spicy food, reading erobooks, weapons, quiet areas, explosions Unfavorable | Sour food, sad stories, poor weapon quality, poor weapon use Personality | Fu is a woman of casual reaction. She is easy-going and can be cheerful on the surface to hide what really lies beneath. She is exceptionally talented at hiding her own emotions and playing the role of whatever she feels is necessary to cope with her past. On the surface, she is very happy and easily agreeable: however she has another side to her. No one knows her other side, for she carefully keeps it in check. When her principles or things/people she cherishes, are questioned or presented with danger, she does a complete change in personality, arguably into a completely different person. In her true nature, she is actually quite possessive of objects and people: this can be seen on a subtle level even when she is happy and socially acceptable. Yet when her precious things are brought to danger, she becomes cold and less talkative, murderous and her willingness to kill cannot be doubted. She has a very loyal heart and she would follow even the most controversial and sinful paths if her cherished ones decided to go down that road. She is afraid of connecting with people, for fear of being betrayed or hurt. She values connections more than others, who take bonds lightly. To her, bonds are powerful things that can be just as devastating. If anyone was capable of creating a bond with her, her yandere nature could be seen more apparent. Philosophy & Beliefs | Bonds are shallow things that make you vulnerable and weak. Weakness must be pushed away and overcome by training and solitude. History & Background | Fu's background is mostly a mystery, even to those who rule the lightning village. She had grown up in a small section of the village with her mother father and sister, Ryjin. Her family was poor and worked constantly with as many jobs as possible just to make ends meet. Her father owed a lot of ryo to a local gang and most of Fujin's parents' earnings went towards appeasing the gang, week by week. The life of Fujin and her family continued this way from being babies, all the way up to being young women. It was not until the two daughters had become young women with blossoming womanly features that the family's life changed. The gang had gotten used to how docile Fu's family was and when the girls became young women, the gang members realized this as well. The gang offered to settle their father's debt if he would sell his daughters to them. At first, the father denied the idea. They had lived in poverty and misery so long though, that neither the father or mother was too attached to their daughters. Another year passed and the gang came by more frequently and pressed harder about the father's debt until eventually Fu's mother convinced the father to agree to selling their only two daughters. "They could start over and live a new life" was the reasoning behinf their willingness to sell the two girls. In fact, the gang had become more generous, willing to drop the debt and even pay the parents to sell their daughters. The girls were not unaware of the proposition and they believed firmly that their parents wouldn't betray them. Their despair was complete however when their parents finally agreed. Neither the parents or the girls had been a shinobi or trained their skills: in fact, it was believed that none of them had any talent. Which was one reason the gang harassed them so much. They were weak and docile, easy prey. When the parents finally agreed to sell their daughters, the boss of the gang sent two of his best men to "welcome" the girls. The two men came to the house and tried to take the two girls while the daughters begged their parents to protect them. The parents stood by passively however, saying things like "Be a good daughter and help your parents out." The girls realized that their parents had sold them and Fu fought back even harder. Her sister fought back as well, but was knocked unconscious and carried away. Seeing her sister hurt, made something within Fu awaken. She grabbed a broom and hit the thug with it and made him angry as he took the broom from her and threw it. The broom exploded violently then, causing the whole house to explode, killing her parents, the thug and sending her flying. She lay unconscious there as the other thug fled with her sister. Fu's body was badly burned and would have died if the village Jounin hadn't been quick to respond to the explosion within the village. Fu spent the next few years in recovery as the medical shinobi healed her broken body and left no scars. After her body was healed, she joined the village's shinobi force and vowed to find her sister and make the gang pay.
  10. Added~