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  1. Within the confines of both canon and reality, civilians in a militaristic society serve to support the efforts of their soldiers of whatever kind. They do not exist to fight, nor have I ever implied they should. In the shining world as you so call it, civilians according to this system do have specialized skill sets. In this case, those skills are confined to Blacksmith, Tailor, Tinkerer, and Apothecary. Thus they spend their lives on one craft and one craft alone, unlike shinobi who split their skills according to the needs of their village or personal choice. A civilian who has specialized in, for instance, the apothecary skill should thus be able to make medicine that is better than a shinobi who picked it up as a side bonus of their medical specialization. They should, by rights, thus be able to enter into an arrangement with their village for said production of medicine for whatever amount or time frame the village requests. There is no reason that someone who uses a weapon would thus be instantly better at production than someone who spends their lives making said weapon. It is an entirely different skill. That person may know enough to utilize or repair it, but there is always someone who produced the weapon in the first place. This applies to both reality and the canon this RP is based from. You could call it 'oh, the civilian is just there for flavor'. Ok. So where in Naruto canon do all the good ninja tools and weapons come from?
  2. Hello! So, based on conversations in the chatbox and through PM, I've been referred to this forum so we can have an open and friendly conversation about this facet of the system as it stands. Right now, there is no viable reason to be a civilian. This is not to say I'm not going to merrily continue being a civilian and want to discourage anyone from making more civilians. I am simply providing a list of things I have noticed through my reading of the systems as they stand right now. If anyone feels I have missed or misinterpreted something, please feel free to correct me or make an addendum. No ranking system. Civilians cannot gain experience and rank up like a shinobi for practicing their skills in their trade. There is no mastery of craft. No member groups. All member groups are focused on shinobi. (Not that this is bad, but perhaps make a catch-all category for civilian folks so that we know who is playing what kind of character.) No missions. All missions are geared towards shinobi. This is fine, except there is no way for a civilian to provide services to their village/country and receive credit/reputation/etc. Nor is there a way to make a mission for others to take on the civilian's behalf without first being part of an organization. No viable benefits. Any shinobi who picks up a specialty in any field that requires a weapon or tool may simply make or repair their own. There is no viable need for a civilian within the guidelines of the system. No funding. A civilian does not receive starting ryo. This is not in itself a problem unless the civilian wants to use money to jump-start their anything. No method of attaining funding. There is currently no option to have a business or advertise for one's services. This must be done through word of mouth. Again, not necessarily a bad thing depending on the circumstance. No bloodline or clan. As far as my reading can tell, a civilian cannot have a bloodline even as a carrier. Applying for bloodlines or clans currently appears to be synonymous with jutsu and thus removes civilians from application. Specialties are biased. Said specialties do not exist in the application and are implied instead of stated. Further, a civilian only has the option of one specialty (they cannot rank up to gain more) with one set bonus. There is no scale of craftsmanship mastering that exists within their craft, such as grades for shinobi within each rank. All civilians are equal and can be outdone by even the lowest shinobi who has a specialization similar to theirs. In short, from a systemic basis, there is no reason to be a civilian. I am aware that on an RP dedicated to shinobi, the majority does not want to be a civilian. If one wants to engage in non-combative RP and craft things, it would probably be more worthwhile to make a shinobi of that specialty and simply be a pacifist. But the civilian option exists, and there are people who exist who prefer that route. Thus I am of the opinion that the civilian side of the spectrum may need to be revamped to be on par with the shinobi side or more benefits may need to be added to outweigh the current negatives.
  3. One blacksmith to go! Suzume is ready for review.
  4. Name | Suzume Hagane Nickname | Little Bird Title Name | Steel Sparrow Gender | Female Age | 18 Birth Date | April 12 Village | Flame ] Hair Color | Black Eye Color | Grey Height | 5'3" or 160 cm Weight | 130 lbs. or 58.9 kgs Appearance | Suzume Hagane is a diamond in the rough, literally. Spending most of her time in the forge that has tanned her skin and left her with random spots of soot somewhere on her face or arms. Suzume usually wears heavy leather gloves and boots to provide protection from the sparks in the forge, combining them with cotton clothing to keep herself from overheating while she works and goggles for even more protection and visibility. Deceptively strong, Suzume is delicately muscled and capable of lifting her tools with ease. Combined with her waist long black hair and cheerful demeanor, Suzume is a beauty hidden in the ashes. Favorable | Blacksmithing, cute animals, 'girly' clothes. Unfavorable | Fighting of any kind, classical poetry and academics, sexism, customers who don't pay their bills. Personality | Suzume is a sweet girl (so sweet in fact that is had been theorized that butter wouldn't melt in her mouth), but that doesn't take away the fact that she was in fact too sweet. Her life goal is not to be horribly successful in business, but to settle down and raise a family. Suzume is the quintessential good girl next door, fond of her family and completely devoted to her ideals. She's the type to want to save herself for marriage, then settle down in a house with a picket fence and two to three children. A good girl through and through, one who believes that goodness of heart and steadfast resolve will triumph over all, Suzume holds herself to an almost impossible standard. She is a friend to all, a shoulder to cry on in times of need, a paragon of maternal instinct and manners all rolled up into one tiny package. At the end of the day, Suzume is the type to have a meal ready and waiting. Suzume likes taking care of others, helping old ladies across streets and feeding the local strays. Suzume Hagane could not find her way out of a paper bag using a GPS navigator. She prefers others to make her decisions for her, and always finds the middle ground in a conflict. This is not to say that she argues, oh no. Instead Suzume tries to make arguments around her stop in favor of keeping the peace. She takes pacifism to a whole new level, unable to even be in the same room as someone suffering without crying and trying to do something about it. Sometimes Suzume can't be trusted to determine if something is bad for her as she lets others do what they will in order to make them happy. Instead of getting better at being a complete doormat, Suzume lives her life by the rules others give her, tempered by her desperate need to be a real person. Suzume lives a cautious life where she is horribly terrified of doing the wrong thing and making someone unhappy. She can't stand being alone, always terrified that she's been abandoned, and will tolerate an awful lot of awful things to keep from being tossed aside. Hers is the neutral peace to be observed above all else, lost in the sea of human interaction and struggling to find a place for herself. She loves her forge and her weapons of war, masterpieces of death right next to an impressive collection of armor. Suzume wants to be a god of the forge because she believes in the impossible dichotomy of peace through superior firepower, and it shows in the precise care she has for her craft. Philosophy & Beliefs | Tempered like steel. Suzume believes that a healthy amount of stress and support in a particular mix is the key to both good steel and a healthy life. She balances work and play with aplomb, taking on some projects simply because she thinks the people in question deserve the kind of quality she can provide. History & Background | There's nothing wrong with being a civilian in a village of ninjas, at least not according to the Hagane. Theirs is a tiny family of civilians that specialize in one thing and one thing only: staying under the radar. Suzume was destined to be a part of a noble tradition of keeping her head down and minding her own business. Except, like most children after the infamous toddler annoyances, Suzume got her hands on a picture book and it changed her world forever. Once upon a time, before the ninjas were ninjas and people ran around killing each other with sticks and stones, someone had the idea to make the first weapon. But that story isn't the one that mattered the most to a tiny Suzume. The story that truly mattered was the one she got out of the pictures in the book about the Sages of Life and Creation, the one where swooping lines of fire and artistically embellished characters clashed in startling wonder across every page. That story would shape everything about Suzume. Little Suzume couldn't stand to crush an ant underneath her foot. But she could sneak out of her parent's house and lurk about where all the ninjas seemed to go. And oh how fascinating it was to watch blacksmiths capture fire with their hands and sculpt it into something beautiful and deadly at the same time. When other children were playing make-believe of ninjas and princesses, little Suzume could be found perched on the far table of the forge two streets over. Time passed and little Suzume became big Suzume, a young woman of some steely stubbornness that leaves her little mark engraved into the metal of every weapon and armor piece that leaves her hands fully formed. She is the Steel Sparrow, and she will watch her beauties fly.