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  1. Theme Marjada sat on the ground, his fingers moved quickly however, there was trouble getting them down on the dot. It was hard to do when you weren't looking, but nonetheless his eyes were trained up in the air away from them. He had to get this down, just as his brothers did when they were younger. The boy was third in line, and while he was of the same bloodline, not everyone in his family had acquired the ability to wield the lava release. His brothers and himself being the first in sixty years, how all three managed to obtain such power was beyond the ninja. He didn't care either. He was glad the 'will of fire' had looked so graciously down upon him. He didn't know anything about dirt yet. But he knew how to get it hot, hotter than just flame, and he knew how to melt gravel. So Lava Release being difficult, not so much, bending earth felt some kind of impossible though. At least for now. Nonetheless, he worked desperately on his handseals... Knowing good and well they were the key to everything. Marjada was a ball of energy, his hands were fast always. It was like he was always on caffeine, but he wasn't. Milk was the soul drink of the day everyday! With it, he would get very tall! Many muscles! "Yes", he snickered quietly. As a breeze rolled over the stone steps of the ruins he sat upon. Was it just him, or was this whole area kinda empty? Eh! Ghosts!? He jumped up, eyes peering from one direction to the next. No telling what kind of ghoul would jump itself out from under the bushes... Learning: Specialty -Ninjutsu 283/750
  2. Plot

  3. Marjada arrives by bicycle after everyone is crushed by a giant mushroom thing, officially claiming the hill. He then sets up anti-monstrous field spells with his duel disk. Awaiting opposition.
  4. In a nearby distance, a fully grown Marjada with a ripped eight pack and static electricity orbiting his body would commence on twenty-eight woven handseals, before the entire hill grew into a large volcano and erupted within the time Mixoris materialized into the sword. Taidana was flung off the hill by a lava geyser which would go off right where she stood, whereabouts unknown. Marjada was a trained shinobi of epic proportion at this and had learned to suppress meta-game tier abilities. To see this coming was nigh impossible, as he himself was nigh impeccable. Marjaba arrives some time afterwards by bicycle to reclaim the hill.
  5. Name | Marjada Nickname | N/A Title Name | N/A Gender | Male Age | 13 Home Link | Background Village | Flame Clan | N/A Village Ranking: | Genin Shinobi Ranking | C Element(s) | Fire Specialties | Primary: Ninjutsu - Novice Secondary: Bloodline | Lava Release Chakra | 200 Stamina | 100 Jutsu | Equipment | Forms | Creatures/Summons | Styles | Mentors & Pupils | N/A Friends & Family | N/A Recent History | N/A
  6. What was the decision on civs getting bloodlines? Because I could see it working within this system, if not for some trait given benefit, it could still be passed down genetically if a civilian and another player wished to start a family or etc irp.
  7. Not much to add on this other than the fact you're putting civilians down so that shinobi can stay up. Kind of in bad taste too, while I get both side's points. So far all I have seen is a biased Saisaki talk about how she should continue to be the best at medic stuff, and one Drak preaching about why no one should be civilian if they hope to stand out here. What the heck? What the hecccccck???? In short, you could grant extra perks for the civilians that have nothing to do with combat, such as 'for every mission done, a civilain gets a bonus 200 ryo per rank scaling up' or something of the sorts. And yeah, that's a lot of money in comparison to a shinobi, but a civilian can't make much use of what they get anyways other than buy resources I imagine, at least until their creations are pocketed by, key word, other players. Also, to tell someone they are nothing but flavor is wrong, to my understanding, a civilian could become a samurai. Which is an actual thing on this site to my knowledge? And before you say that they can't, try and remember that in the samurai text, it literally states samurai are civilians lmao. They can be an actual threat. So don't put the whole context of what it means to take the lesser popular route down, instead of trying to hinder something. Work to balance it, that's all I'm saying.
  8. Update Type | Specialty Update Name | Ninjutsu Beginner -> Ninjutsu Novice Update Training | Yes Update Cost/Pay | N/A Update Links | Learning Lessons [Daichi] Update Type | Jutsu Update Name | Phoenix Flower Jutsu Update Training | Yes Update Cost/Pay | N/A Update Links | Learning Lessons [Daichi] Jutsu Link Update Type | Jutsu Update Name | Clan Jutsu Update Training | Red Hot Blast, and Melting Surprise were trained. Update Cost/Pay | [-200 for Melt Belt Technique] [-600 if I had to buy all three, wasn't sure if Boodlines could be trained, but I trained with them anyways because of confusion. Update Links | Melt Belt Technique ---- Learning Lessons [Daichi] Red Hot Blast Lava Release: Melting Surprise
  9. Marjada goes to hell and befriends all the evil dead turtles and stages a coup de at down there too, after winning this bloody war he makes his way back to earth. Now edgy and also with his own turtle army, kills his old fellow turtles out of spite for their king. The remaining turtles are enslaved and are forced tp then ship Mixoris off to Askaban or wherever it was in Harry Potter i dont remember, then Marjada become king of the hill for a hundred million years once again.
  10. An explosive collision with Rashomon surprised the ninja, who's eye twitched. This was just getting more and more ridiculous. How was he ever going to land a good hit? Then he heard it. The cracking break of silence as Daichi emitted words into his ear. Marjada felt ready to just admit he was lesser. To give in to the easy way. But the nagging irritation that he hadn't proved himself was growing bigger by the millisecond. "... My brothers would have called it quits by now. But I'm not them! I don't give in." Marjada had not given up yet, he quickly separated his hands from the larger beam, breaking them into two smaller ones. He first went into moving one slightly behind himself which would blast lava into his target's mid-section, the ninja who gripped the end of his shirt couldn't fly, meaning that escaping this was going to be next to impossible. With his other hand Maj quickly bent his wrist so that his spare beam of lava also pointed behind himself; direct at the Uzumaki man. One aimed lava into the guy's chest, while the other was aimed somewhat more towards the right shoulder-- a necessary instrument in taijutsu was the arms afterall. "Daichi sir! I'm taking you down!" Marjada had little reserves left in his body, so he was stressing it at this point. He just wanted to go a little further with ever push... Every struggle... Every grind. Regardless of death, regardless of ill intents by others. He would grow! Now more than ever, he wanted to shine. He was probably going to break bones when he hit ground anyways. So he decided he'd make up for it somehow. "Aghhhhh!!!" The boy reared his head back, if Daichi were still back there, he'd find the youth attempting to plant a skull into his face to officially bring message to the fact this was no battle, it was war. The man gripping his shirt had yet to respect him, he would earn that respect in full. Somehow, someway! If Daichi attempted to throw or get him off in an offensive manner, Marjada wouldn't be put away easily like that as he had earlier-- not in a million years. The boy took his legs and wrapped them around Daichi's lower waist while being held close in mid-air, the leg action was meant to hold him. Whilst hugging him, though not very well, the youth would ride on the coattails of reaching the ground very soon. It would at least keep the two airborne together until they were scheduled to crash somewhere below in the forest. If all had gone as planned, Daichi should have sustained more injury than he. Having two beams situated into him all the while. But again... He was stressing his success rate. Learning Jutsu: Red Hot Blast 811/600 70 (-5 upkeep) 65CP
  11. Mixoris feeds turtles belonging to Marjada, they stage a coup de at and give the flag to Marjada, who then travels over 8 mountains to get to this hill, and sets up a bank here. his bank is sexist only turtle gender can live on this hill now. turtle is declared a sex instead of a gender by law of hill owner Marjada. game. set. match.
  12. Daichi kind of hurt Marjada's feelings with his last segment of dialogue, but feelings like that diminished from his mind rather quickly. After all, this was a combat situation, not to mention he wasn't being so polite with his own wording either, Daichi had shown more control than a lot of people would. Testament to his willpower perhaps? Irregardless of that nonsense, the splash of lava missed again and instead crept back within the ground. A blur of speed once more, and Marjada was bracing for impact. He felt a pain delivered to his shins and fell forward with little control over standing up straight, only to be pushed upward with inhuman strength by his adult counterpart. As he flew through the air, he grunted and recalled that Daichi was a master at taijutsu, it's all he'd really done thus far after all. The sting from that one would surely stick for awhile; not fun. But again, pain would have to settle on it's own. Down below, lava was erupting on top of Daichi as he was either getting up or still in a laying position. It would likely interrupt his rise to the air for more combo attacks, due to it reaching heights of five meters and the fact Marjada had barely been sent higher than that. If he did manage to beat the jutsu's speed off in time to get to his combo, Daichi'd be met with yet another lava jutsu in full force. Ram, Ox... Marjada really wasn't too familiar with pulling off these jutsu. However, for some reason he found himself getting them down. as he wove into the second ram, he felt the burning situation in his palms... Ram. Putting both hands together, a beam of lava released in maximum to shoot down at C-rank speed, or aimed wherever his opponent was at the time. To deal some piercing-- or rather, burning damage! "Eat this, sir!" The boy found himself growing heavy after expending half his chakra reserves... But he pressed into the jutsu nonetheless. "Red Hot Blast!!!" Learning Jutsu: Red Hot Blast 343/600 105CP (-5 upkeep) 100CP -25 - 15 = 70CP 70CP - Remaining
  13. Daichi managed to soar over Marjada's body by leaping through a fireball. Clever... When a foot planted itself into the end of his back, the smaller boy was pushed to the ground underneath the massive attack, doused in lava. Part of the kid wanted to pretend he was dying and trick his superior, but... Underhanded techniques were all that was keeping him up so far. He didn't want to be known for them after this. So he decided against doing that. So instead, lava splashed down on him, extreme amounts were forced to the side however, of the amounts that didn't miss him... Rolled against his body and melted some of his clothes off. Before sinking into the ground. Half of the kid was baked with small embers and liquid tunneling down his human flesh. For the most part though, his clothing remained and that's all he cared for really. Especially because seconds later, the large wave would come out of the ground yet again at his enemy's location to trouble him some more! This time however, whilst turning around, the boy took time to rest himself up, he was actually low on air after holding in so much to let off those fireballs from earlier. Perhaps, he would give Daichi the opportunity to go into the offensive now after the wave was scheduled to crash upon him once more. "I hate you sir..." The boy sighed, picking up his half charred hat, it was fine though that it was messed up, he had many more like it at home. For now he entered a defensive stance. Awaiting any future confrontation with Daichi. "You could technically be considered a child predator for this ya know." Maj laughed to himself ever so subtly, dark humor was funny. In other news, Marjada also admitted to himself this guy was fun to hang out with. Even if he was kind of angry, it was entertaining to play a round or two like this with a real shinobi. Now he knew why his brothers were always sparring back home. It was a lot of fun! especially when your opponent was as talented as Daichi Uzumaki... Learning Jutsu: Lava Release: Melting Surprise 707/600 110CP (-5 upkeep) 105CP
  14. [I notice that now, my mistake, and apologies.]
  15. Jutsu Name | Melt Belt Technique Jutsu Type | Supplementary (Offensive & Defensive) Ranking | C Element(s) | Lava Specialty(s) | Ninjutsu Energy Cost | 25(15 initial, 5 upkeep) Handsigns | Snake, Ox, Snake. Range | 2m Duration | 3 posts. Description | The user creates a belt of lava after doing the necessary hand-seals. The lava first exits the body by leaving the pores in the skin around the pelvis-- then orbits around the user's waistline area. The lava stays six inches off the skin at all times, and upon anyone who comes within a close proximity of the user (2 meters), the belts expands itself largely, it may, up to once per post block or attack by contorting shape either into a spike, or a sphere. Signaled forth via hand motion. It reaches a maximum of two meters when acting offensive, and covers a maximum of (2m x 1m) when acting defensively. After blocking or attacking the belt will dissipate a large portion of itself, and will require the majority of the next sequential post regenerating itself. Other Effects | When releasing the lava, smoke and steam rolls off the skin, while it physically bleeds through the clothing, and thus burns holes and rings around the lower parts of the shirt, or upper ends of the pants. Requirements | Lava Release Status | Open
  16. [Daichi, the wall of lava is behind you, you would have to turn around and take my fireballs to the back, which theoretically would interrupt your entire attack altogether. In addition to that it pops up a meter away from you which is just out of your arm's reach, unless your arms are a meter long. My character is immune to his own lava based jutsu, so when it crashes down on us I don't take damage from it.]
  17. I hope it now makes more sense and is nerfed accordingly. Apologies.
  18. There was now an intensity in the air. "You let your guard down, gotta remember the basics my guy! Now you can have my full potential in one go." The boy knew his opponent had taken the defensive so the likelihood of him running at Marjada while doing his upcoming handseals was very faint. That would be his first mistake! Now was the time to take his slow approach to a jutsu notably advanced for his age. At least in base elemental design. Rat... Ox... Rat. SLAM! The boy bent and slapped the ground, a forceful gust lifted off as the ground, while it cratered and glowed with magma, then, like a bolting bird out of hell-- Marjada took off forward at his opposition. He had to race with the lava underground, knowing full and well it's speed was pretty immense especially at only a 10 foot radius... Lava this fast that Daichi wasn't aware of, now that was dangerous! The boy continued his swarm by quickly inhaling from the nose once again, until his cheeks puffed up. Coming within just an extra arm's reach; the boy let off some heavily packed up heat. On the way here, if detail had been paid of course, his hands raced like a blur to weave signs. Creating the same handseals from earlier. Rat->Tiger->Tiger. The Phoenix Flower Jutsu! Volleys of flame and fire roared and screeched as they would work to force Daichi backwards or to block them once again. If not, he would burn in total for every single one released. However, no matter what Daichi would do, a wall many times his height would erupt over-top their heads. The heat of which, from being so close, in addition to the gaseous fumes, would be intoxicating and overwhelming to the taijutsu practitioner... It was time to rock! The blanket of magma was scheduled to fall over both of them nigh immediately unless Daichi could this his way out of this one! And with flames as big as Marjada's body tailing him at this distance, no way was there going to be an easy way into the fast lane. Learning Jutsu: Lava Release: Melting Surprise 357/600 175 - 25 - 15= 135CP Fire Style: Phoenix Flower Jutsu 135 - 25 = 110 CP
  19. Edited to meet your regulations.
  20. Daichi ran like the wind, literally. The man seemed translucent to the young one before all but vanishing in mid-air. "Wha-what the--," two hands from out of no where planted themselves on the sides of Mar's face and caused him to yell out loud. The stinging pain was enough for him to know this guy was extremely strong with his hands. But it also told Marjada that Daichi was going far too easy on him. Which was soooo, verrrrryyy, annoooying!.. The boy would counter-act his enemy then and there, for this wordless personal insult. First he went in to rear his elbow backwards sharply, this was aimed to make a deep connection to his teacher's groin-- in other words, his manhood. Then he would spin around to fling yet another foot at Daichi's face. It was becoming increasingly obvious that Marjaba preferred mobility and kick power in contrast to Daichi's fist-based style. Then again, things could change at any given moment. It was all up in the air. Daichi had done very little and already impressed the younger ninja by great deals and amounts. The boy discontinued his combo by skipping backwards ten feet. Learning Jutsu: Fire Style: Phoenix Flower Jutsu 600/600
  21. Jutsu Name | Red Hot Blast Jutsu Type | Offensive Ranking | C Element(s) | Lava Specialty(s) | Ninjutsu Energy Cost | 25(15 initial, 5 upkeep) Handsigns | Ram, Ox, Ram. Range | 15 meters Duration | 3 posts. Description | After doing the necessary hand-seals, the user connects their palms by slamming both wrists together. Immediately after a torrent of lava is expelled in the form of a beam. The beams are highly pressurized and destructive, the user can separate the palms used to trigger the jutsu at any time, to hold segregate the firepower. Instead of canceling the jutsu, this instead creates two smaller beams in which the user may point and wave them around the area to hit multiple oppositions or targets. When the wrists are left connected they are able to cut away at stronger materials faster, for example metal vaults or shields. When referring to materials consisting of basic steels of course; it takes 1 post to burn them away completely. In the case of a duration-based defense, the beam removes 1 post from the defensive jutsu's duration. So if the defensive jutsu was at least B Rank & had a 2 post duration, it would only be able to withstand the beam for the next post before being irreparably damaged. Other Effects | N/A Requirements | Lava Release Status | Open
  22. Edited to meet your regulations.
  23. Jutsu Name | Lava Release: Melting Surprise Jutsu Type | Offensive Ranking | C Element(s) | Lava Specialty(s) | Ninjutsu Energy Cost | 25(+15 initial, 5 upkeep) Handsigns | Rat, Ox, Rat. Range | 10m AOE Duration | 3 posts. Description | After doing the required handseals, the user heats up one of their palms and slams it into the ground creating a small crater in which they thrust lava outward from the inner body. The lava seeps inside the ground and moves at rocketing speeds behind the target (C-rank jutsu speed). This spell raises a five meter wall of lava from the now split open ground (located behind the target), which sets up for a wave of magma to immediately sick at the foe for wherever they may have been standing, the wall of magma then viciously rolls over on top of the target, if dodged or successful the lava seeps beck through the hole and materializes again behind the target in the same manner again on the next post. The same mechanisms apply with the ground cracking apart and creating a hole for the lava to tunnel out of. Either to melt them under it's hot liquidized state or to put them on the run and distract them. The wall is always called forth 1 meter from the destination of the enemy, so should they be running forward while it's cast, the wall activates a meter from the start of their sprint time; hoping to cascade down upon them or catch them mid run. Other Effects | The lava is sent tunneling into the ground before erupting behind a foe, leaving the dirt underneath the ground very hot. During the opponents post, the lava is typically soaking back beneath the ground so should an opponent hide under the ground (via Hiding like a mole technique or something similar), they will be caught within the lava (due to it too being beneath the ground at that time). Requirements | Lava Release Status | Open
  24. Edits made.