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  1. Just letting you all know I was involved in a bad accident so I probably won't be on for some time until I fully recover. Kobura/Amai/Kamatari
  2. Who creates the better weapon? Are Master BS able to create Legendary weapons? Or is the only perk that you as a BS can create cheaper objects because of the 50% off WC on mainly metal based objects.
  3. Oh no I wouldn't fight if anything, her years of being inactive would make her reflexes and fighting to sloppy. Now kidnapping wise IRP maybe attempting to fight but recognizing she doesn't have the strength or stamina to fight back. I mean just depends on your scenrio a non-shinobi still could pick up a broom or blunt object and attack. Doesn't mean they will do much damage if any.
  4. She was previously a shinobi and basically retired to be the villages main blacksmith. And from what I looked at it all is just gone. Only thing they have to worry about is Specialty Rank. No stats no jutsu etc.
  5. Civilian Template doesn't have that.
  6. I'm game.
  7. Bump
  8. So I get the concept of them but I'm trying to see how they are utilized. For example they have no shinobi rank (E-X) how do you determine what rank they can make. (Soley based on Speciality Rank?) Also if a cilvian is attacked do they have no way of defending themselves? I get that most anime civilians are just that, but is it possible to be a black Smith bukijutsu user or even allow to them to actually be shinobi that specialize in 2 specials and the primary being of the civilian specs and maybe allow them to only go up to novice if they choose something like ninjutsu. Also they could be at the lower end of ranks. So a C Rank Genin > C Rank Civilian. And with them being only able to achieve novice they would have access to E-C jutsu and maybe make it to where they dont have an element so they are only using the basics of jutsu Just asking :*
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  10. Name | Bishamon Kamatari Nickname | Akuma Title Name | Demon of Arms Gender | F Age | 37 Birth Date | October 3rd Village | Flame Hair Color | Olive Eye Color | Right | Red - Left Olive Height | 5'6" Weight | 130 lbs. Appearance | Kamatari is a fair-skinned girl with a slender build with a green left eye and a right eye. She has long, untamed, olive green hair that falls past her shoulders. She sports a black shirt under a tan tunic with elbow-length sleeves and black skin-tight shorts. She wears black arm-warmers, traditional black shinobi sandals with calf-length leg warmers covered by bandages, and a purple, rope-like belt tied in an inverted bow around her waist. Favorable | Creating/Selling/Trading of Weapons/Armor/Items (Includes Dead Bodies), Gossiping, Daydreaming, & Eating. Unfavorable | Fighting, Training, Men, Babysitting, & Teaching Personality | Akuma in her youth was a rather sadistic shinobi when it came to missions. This lead to her current nick name of Akuma because of how brutal and non-caring she was on missions and while being the Kages bodyguard. After her father died she became quiet and very peaceful. Retaining her goofy qualities she would sometimes create weapons that were merely for pranks, using it to lighten the mood when some consumers seemed tense. After returning to the Flame Village she became more talkative and friendly. Sometimes they would even request for her to teach academy students and fresh genin. Although she despises teaching she still does it to help the village out. Although she hates training anything related to the creation of something she is always ready and very eager to learn. Philosophy & Beliefs | Akuma believes that if you put in the time and effort that you will be successful and triumph over anything or anyone in your way despite what the odds may look like. History & Background | Akuma was a fierce Jonin during her time as an Anbu and former bodyguard for the Kage. Although very skilled and talented were she shined the most was at creating weapons of death. She took after her father who was a blacksmith who primarily supplied shinobi with new weaponry. He seemed to be the best in the lands as other villages tried to get their hands on his weapons. After dying from being poisoned by a rival black smith Akuma vowed to continue her fathers work AFTER she assassinated his killer, which would happen weeks later. Her own mom who specialized in poisons gave her vital information allowing her to track down the culprit. During this she used her father's most infamous blade, Ragnarok, to behead his killer. After killing him she would become a Missing-nin from beginning at the age of 21. During this time she would hide in a cave near an a region that was primarily unexplored. Here she would work day in and day out becoming a free-lance black smith selling her services to anyone with enough Ryo. Upon reaching the age of 35 she would return to the flame village to speak with the Kage and reasons on why she did what she did. Knowing that Akuma was a loyal bodyguard and member of the Anbu group he pardoned her of any wrong doings, but with one restriction and that was the be the villages black smith. She happily agreed starting on her own legacy as her father had previously done for himself.