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  1. I agree with you! I will need to re-read the jutsu stuff and try from there. thanks for the help.
  2. Update Type | Mission payUpdate Name | Criminal Intention (Rank C)Update Training | Update Ryo | +13 xp, +650 ryo total
  3. mission

    Was he trying to make her feel better? Shiori wondered if this had been his first kill, since to spite the danger was unphased. Or maybe it was just her perception now,in reaction to lacking the expression she wanted, or the one she expected. Shiori nodded while staring off, but looked his way when Kaz reached the top, seeing the bulge within his hoodie and the signature rattling of coin. However, she says nothing. It was time leave, make the report, and then take a bath. Let the water wash it clean. Nothing more here was needed. The door’s seal was studied and copied for the records, and the bodies of the criminal ninja would be returned to the Mizukage. There would be possessions, now, until they became garbage. Without a word, the kunoichi started off back to the private district, at the pace they used to get here. [Leaving Topic, thank you!
  4. mission

    Again, her masked face just nods in response, not fully looking at Kaz, not quite look at the body at beside her. Pulling herself off the floor, she stared down for a moment longer. She needed a moment, a moment alone to process this, her first kill. Her heart was still racing although she seemed calm. “Yes. You go on. I can take care of this.” The kunoichi leaned over, contemplating something privately before finally reaching for the senbon and prying it out. It was definitely luck, and perhaps just instinct. She was surprised that he had not been able to push his kunai into her throat, or that his surprise attack did not end it before she saw his masked face. Uncovering the young man’s face, she sighed in minor relief that this was not a childhood friend or distance cousin. The were policing, now. A militarized force enforcing its law upon the populous. Calling one a criminal was authoritarian arbitration. WHile she did not agree with the Onyx Shoal’s actions or objectives, she could not help but fail to see the difference between this boy and herself. “They are just objects now… ” She reminded herself gently, reaching into her pouch to retrieve and sealing scroll, preparing and then storing the two bodies for transportation, while Kaz searched the bunker. Afterwards, Shiori remained up top, keeping an eye out and waiting for Kaz. Or at least that was what she wanted to project. The mask still between herself and the world, she was easing through a wave a nausea. It will get easier, they say. She wondered.
  5. mission

    The cherry bomb was tossed back. With a hard push off, Shiori darts backward, dodging the concussion and obscurement while moving to cover the exit. A single senbon is drawn and held tight in her right hand. The smoke had already cut her sight on Kazuo, she had not seen the direction he moved or took cover. The smoke was swirling out, moving closer, and would overtake her position on its path outward. Steeling herself, the kunoichi shifted she stance and readied to receive the charge. It came just as the smoke reached the bottom of the stairs; a flash of steel nearly taking her, but blocked with both her hands. The attacked surprise and the boy’s strength sent the girl backwards, the criminal over top of her attempting to force his kunai into her chest. His expression was wild, pupils dilated, and knuckles white; rage and fear mixed and sent soaring. The rush was filling her too. With a shift, the kunoichi pushed the knife blade away from her chest and into the stone floor, while lifting her leg over and around his next. With a tug, she exposed his chest and thrust the senbon between the third and fourth rib. The boy’s body froze, his eyes changing, the pulse of it slowing. He gave such a strange look down to her, the Shiori almost stabbed him again. His body going limp he toppled over having dropped his weapon. She was partially pinned, but it was the look of this young man, dieing against her, that had the kunoichi paralyzed. Smoke surrounding her she still could not see Kaz, but heard him approaching. There was hesitation in her voice, but his partner speaks up. “Target two is down.”
  6. mission

    A moment after Kaz grabbed the criminal-nin, Shiori was up and had, examined the sealed. It was unlocked and disarmed until closing. The sticky squish perked her ears, her expression hidden under the blank-faced mask. The was at least one more and an entrance was expected, Shiori nodded back to Kaz. Barely a whisper, “We will keep the seal intact for study. Wedging the gate will be sufficient.” Shiori remained low to the ground, by the entrance way, her eyes adjusting. “... do you plan to replace him?” The longer they waited, the more likely it becomes that the second target perceives the disturbance. The kunoichi lurched forward, raising her stance just enough to move smoothly. Seeing nothing dangerous ahead, she motions to Kaz that she’s taking point and creep down the stairs into the bunker. It was not a long descent but turned once, away from the waterline. After the small tunnel opened into a room, with another adjoining. There was a television or radio on in the other room, but no sign the target. Something did not seem right. Gesturing back to Kaz to move up cautiously, Shiori opened her weapons pouch, having every reason to believe the second gangster was now waiting for them.
  7. mission

    She heard his sigh and understand his reservations. Waiting had different risks, but patience and stealth were their advantage. Shiori agreed to the division of tasks, knowing that if she could at study the seal more closely when in use then she would be able to bypass it, in case the ambush was not to advantage or a Kazuo's take-down fails. His grin was wicked; excited by his own cleverness and, before pulling the mask over her face, the kunoichi smiled back softly. Expression just a little too serious to be having fun, she covered her face with the blank white combat mask. “... and so now, the waiting game.” The area looked still, but cautiously as ever, the kunoichi crept low with Kaz covering her movement into position. Once finding the spot, she held the dog hand-seal gathering chakra, and then pulled the hood of her cloak over her head laying flat, while the cloak merged with the sand, changing color and texture to blend in perfectly. She moved enough sand to get into striking position and peeked out out from the edge of her covering. They had no idea when the criminal would emerge again, and that did not matter now. Slowly breathe, quietly body and mind, she nestled in, like a trapdoor spider.
  8. mission

    Though following this gangster was not hard, the information that they had on this rogue was the result of solid investigative work and the fundamentals of the intelligence networks that aid and prepare the shinobi in the field. Their work done, it was time for the shinobi to act. This time around Shiori was working with a Genin named Kaz. Enomoto Kazuo and katon ninjutsu user. He was not someone she knew well, but knew of at least. They had some time to talk before heading out, which would they hoped will help coordination. Though she always felt that awkwardness at first, meeting and working with a unfamiliar person, she enjoyed the process of learning to compliment each others strengths. That said, she was not looking forward to this mission, and it left her seeming a serious person since the two genin headed out together. Shiori leaned back, out of sight of the sealed entrance, and thought for a moment before answering Kaz. “I did not get a good look at the formation from here… If I have time, I may be able to reveal and disable the seal.” Her voice denoted her doubt on the matter. “Their are other unknowns, including alarms and traps with could be connected to the seal… I would suggest we wait and set an ambush for the next opening.” The kunoichi still had questions about the boy’s temperament, but perhaps his response would settle that inquiry. The Onyx Shoal were throwing their weight around lately, even in spite of the more troublesome, shadowy talk of rebellion. Moreover they were using that fear against others. No honor. No chivalry. Father never like Taro, said he lack empathy as well as foresight, but all she had seen so far was a crime boss trying to fill the old roles in a village that was moving on, something that could happen to her own family if they did not adapt to the times.
  9. Shikō was heading inside, just dragging his feet talking to two brothers who heard these guys were hiring kids for decent pay. They had a lot of cool stuff to say and have a couple of hangouts where you can avoid parents and other troubles. Slipping in near the end of the group, the genin in drag hung back. Chewing the end of the cigarette and moving it between his fingers, but never lights it. With the other Onyx Shoal thugs remaining outside, Shiori saw her chance and to use the group to conceal an escape. Waiting for the murmurs of the others to hide her message, she stops beside Kenji briefly and whispers, "I'll go for it now. sign my headset if their is trouble." A young man in his mid twenties, who was the adult by the standards of the room, was stepping to the front, under the light and began talking. Meanwhile the kunoichi faded back and into the shadows, replacing herself with a clone. “This village forsakes its civilians. They only care about their shinobi. But we know you are more than they think of you, more than your parents hopes. You are your own men, and should not be denied. We are always looking for skilled men for all sorts of jobs, and pay a whole lot better than seeping streets and severing those elitist shinobi families… a chance for a better life… but you need to prove your worth to us. Information is power, fellas. So let’s talk, and if you can help us, you might walk out of here with more than a little dough...” The leader motioned to his two assistants, just some other teenager gangsters, walked around and were gathering up the others to collect info. They wanted to know where everyone lived, if they had and family members or relatives who worked for or near market district shops, village security offices and warehouses, and more.
  10. Okay! Thanks for the notes. My biggest intent, I think, was to make sure that thin wire could be used without breaking. Changed to Bukijutsu, and made it single cost. Does it make sense to use the opponent Buki or Tai skill as a measure of their ability to resist?
  11. After confirming the plan with Kenji, Shiori headed out. She had several things to do and needed to move pretty fast, so once she was out in the open, the kunoichi took her favorite shortcut to her house on the edge of the private district. She jumped fences, scaled walls and descended back down to the ground through the old trees, landing in her yard. She had to slow down now, regaining her composure as she entered the house. A short time later, the girl came out looking much unlike herself. She washed her face and changed into some baggy street clothes, grabbing a happi coat with some local designs from Noumu Harbor. Without makeup and with her hair pulled into a short-knot, the girl had hidden her developing body pretty well, feeling lucky to not be so well endowed. Pulling an old baseball cap on and glancing in the mirror, she looked significantly different without makeup and with the custom. She grabbed some loose change but left her pockets otherwise empty. Due to the circumstances, she felt going in armed would be more dangerous than not. Instead of a proper weapon, she brought an old switchblade she owned, to complete her disguise. Her drag was pretty good, she thought. Having used it before, she had originally practiced to get away from her parents, but it had helped her more than once. It helped with the boys in the neighborhood she grew up in. The worker’s district was a tough place for a frail looking girl, but a wiry hoodlum boy got away with much more. There was even tat one time she ditched her classes and went out in drag to the harvest festival’s preparations to see the firework masters loading stock. The disguised kunoichi was back upon the area as swiftly as she could, but was sure to take longer than Kenji, she thought, and walked casually towards the building now, careful not to stand out as she glanced around to find both partner and prey. Other teenagers were gathered around, laughing and goofing off, some smoking behind the edge of the warehouse’s alley. Most were around her age, but there were a few older boys, which included Kenji she now saw. However, one figure stood out to spite his efforts, a grown man standing in the shadow of the entrance-way’s awning, talking to a few of the kids. Bingo! Coming up from the side street the kunoichi stepped up to the alley-corner and began hassling the boys there for a smoke; talk’n some bull and introducing himself as Shikō.
  12. Kenji had familiar eyes, or his look was similar. He was sharp, somewhere inside she felt it was true. Cautious as always, however she would not show hesitation in a moment like this. First meetings were more important than many gave credit. She had many questions about him and his appearance, particularly the deal with the eye-patch, but she was not rude. Rudeness was not the reason she would not openly pry at that man at this juncture. A short grin crossed her lips, seeming pleased with this turn of event. It would simply be advantageous for Shiori, for Haruka-san to take the lead. She would look for a way to make it his idea. “Very well.” Acknowledging his plan with a nod, her left hand moved across her pouch. “I am ready, Haruka-san.”
  13. Mission Name [Entity] | A Gathering of Men [Water] Mission Type | Village Mission Ranking | C Rank Repeatable? | Yes Mission Description | Crime Boss Taro is gathering some of his men and some young teens in the local areas. Rumors suggest that this gathering is to act as recruitment tool for Taro and his group of drug dealing, people selling, murderous endeavors. During this gathering, it is likely Taro will show off some new weapons, equipment, or future plans to entice the young teens to join. The mission is to find out where this meeting will take place, stay undercover, to infiltrate the meeting. As much as hindering the process of recruitment is a benefit to the Water Village, it is the future plans of Taro's group, Onyx Shoal, which interest the Village. The Onyx Shoal have plagued the village in many ways for many years and this is a singular opportunity to gain access to future plans. The mission fails if you are caught or the meeting ends early and you do not leave with information of Onyx Shoal's future plans. There should be no combat. Mission NPCs | Taro's underlings: 5 B Rank nin The recruits: 12 D Rank teenagers Word Count | 700 WC per person Requirements | Cannot be done solo ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Infiltration and Information Retrieval. Receiving her orders, Shiori bowed to the Mizukage’s assistant. Behind her calm and serious expression, she was hiding a smile. She would never say it allow, but her last couple missions were getting a little boring. This one would require action of a different scale, and would surely test her abilities. Disguise and persuasiveness of character, and the wit to deceive and keep the falsities straight in your own head. It was more challenging and perhaps that is what the kunoichi desired. Only time will tell whether it is foolish. Now that they had been dismissed, the young woman stole another sideways glance at her partner for this Rank C mission. He was older than her, but she had no opinion upon that part. All that matter is that they were partners as of now and she might need to depend upon him she there is trouble. They had not had time before the mission briefing, so it was they turn now, and turning on her heels Shiori bowed to Kenji. They had already heard each other’s names in the briefing, and because of such she decided there was no reason to hide or ignore it at this time, lest she highlight the matter further. “It is a pleasure to met you Haruka-san, I am Oshiro Shiori.” Speaking with standard etiquette, her voice is practiced to be small and femine, and warm with out giving the wrong ideas. The fifteen year old was dressed her normal black slacks, long sleeve shirt and vest, looking a little more ‘business casual’ than village shinobi. Her forehead protector, in the wrong place, she had tied to her thigh and on the opposite site was her tool pouch. She was thin and pale and relatively unassuming.
  14. Update Type | Mission payUpdate Name | Patrol [Rank D], and Food Delivery [Rank D]Update Training | Update Ryo | +12 xp, +500 ryo totalUpdate Links |
  15. Link to Involved Characters | Shiori Link to the Missions | Mission Brief Overview | Delivered bento boxes to hungry people, spent time with the emplyees and smiled.