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  1. Jinpachi

    By the time Kobura had made it to Jinpachi all the prisoners had been subdued in one way or another with the assistance of Akane the mission was a complete success. She waved at them from a distance attempting to signal that she was all good on her hand. She thought to herself how well she had performed with two other high ranking individuals, it made her have a sense of worth especially since Akane had told her it was a good plan to set the explosives tags up earlier. She made her way other to them, "The mission was a success it seems and your clones were awesome" speaking to them in an excited tone. Kobura had thought about the mission from beginning to end and was pleased with her actions, but not as much as the teams since they did go against what her plan was. If she wasn't a seasoned shinobi who knows how it would of ended for her when she challenged the prisoners. WC: 1425/1000
  2. Kobura squatted down and started stretching as she had started to become a bit stiff after standing in the same position. Since her incident she hadn't actually trained her body to its top level and the stiffness showed. She watched as the boy started to talking breaking the silence leading them into a conversation. "Well as you two can see I am older and I'm not so much worried about the mission as I am of my amnesia. Alot of my jutsu I have forgotten and only have access to a select few such as the basics and a few of my summoning techniques. But you two shouldn't worry at all you will do just fine" she said reassuring them. This would give her flash backs of when she was their age and started her very first missions. Such a nostalgic feeling yet she was about to be reliving all of those memories, but on different missions. This was time for her to prove to herself that she still had it and was someone to be reckoned with. "If you would like to train sometime that would be great I heard the chunin exams are right around the corner and they aren't as easy as you might expect" she said to them with a soft tone. She thought to herself on how she would do in the exams or if she would be exempt.
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  6. It was early morning when Kobura set out to start her summoning training it wasn't that it was hard but due to her amnesia condition it made it hard for her to remember everything she was once a master at. She got dressed grabbing her ninja wire and explosive tags as it was always dangerous to be out and shinobi needed to be ready at any given moment. She walked out making her way the guilds training complex that she had recently been told about. Here it was just her and noone else, typically she could train in peace without any disturbances. That is how she liked it; It helped her own concentrate and recall forgotten memories allowing her to progress whether it was remembering jutsu or performing an operation. She located a vacant and sizeable area in the training complex thinking it was the perfect place to practice her summoning. She pulled out her Monkey Summoning Contract looking it over attempting to recollect memories from her past. With a deep breath she closed her eyes while she inhaled then after a few seconds exhaled. Her mind was clear and her mind seemed to be rewinding on it's own as if locating the precise and exact memories she needed. As her brain cycled through the memories it suddenly paused then started playing as if she was watching watching herself in a mirror. She saw when she first signed the contract with the Sage of Monkeys, and how they tested her to see if she was worthy. She remembered her first ever summoning which was the smallest and weakest of her summons. Although it seemed like it was a useless summon it had its own use which was recon. This particular summoned specialized in spying on enemies and reporting their location, this helped alot when planning out strategies. She smiled as she remembered how it all worked. She bit her thumb and placed her hand on the floor of the training complex as a large white blanket of smoke had covered the area. She had successfully summoned a creature and just like in the past it hopped on her shoulder awaiting instructions. Wordcount: 368/350 [Level Unlocked - Novice] [Summoning - Beginner] has become [Summoning - Novice].
  7. Jinpachi

    Upon reaching the south area of the village she had noticed that two of the six had already been subdued which from the time Akane had done this and now the other four had noticed and were on full alert. It seemed that they had also been made aware of her explosive tags that were placed in the area. Although she would lose the element of surprise she still had a slight advantage since they didn't know her location. She signaled for Jinpachi's clones to make a direct frontal assault which would give them something to focus on while she worked in the shadows. She let off her explosions as the clones engaged them. An idea clicked in her head and she performed her Transformation Jutsu turning into a prisoner aswell. Upon acquiring her form she ran out into the open yelling and waving, "This way everyone else has been taken out and this is our only exit to escape. Hurry up!" She slipped back into the darkness setting up thin wire that would trip them once they came running. The clones funnled them towards her and as she planned they all tripped over the wire. She quickly knocked them out hitting them in the back of the head as they laid on the ground from the fall. Jinpachi's clones had dissipated as she started to tie them up as a precaution. "Well that was easy enough" she said raising up and looking around to see if Akane and Jinpachi had finished with the other prisoners. WC: 1258/1000
  8. Kobura bowed her head when the leader had started to speak slowly raising her head back. She hadn't gave them much conversation as she sat back and analyzed them on her own. Although she was now currently the same rank as them thanks to her amnesia she could probably give them some pointers from her own battle experience. That would make them one of the most successful teams in the village, afterall it was all about helping each other and becoming stronger day in and day out so that all missions would lead to the Village being a success. "I am ready I have been waiting for the time I could get back into action after my incident. The last mission at the prison brought back so many memories" she said reflecting back on mission with Jinpachi and Akane. "Also don't take it easy on me because of my condition, it'll only make me weak" she said in a serious yet soft tone. She knew this is what was needed for her and the good of the team. She had been remembering things she could do back in the past and the more need she had for a situation it seemed as if her body never forgot instantly reacting on it's own at times. She looked to the group smiling at them seeing something special in them. She was going to have fun and competition at the same time just like when she was around their age. "You guys are going to enjoy this" she said while thinking of what she needed to resupply on for the up and coming mission.
  9. Jinpachi

    Kobura was slightly confused at this point, it seemed they took her amnesia as a weakness. In her plan she had both of the higher ranks taking the two areas with more prisoners while her taking the lesser areas. As for her rushing in she did quite the opposite, she set up her tags and fell back waiting on them, yet it was Akane who had already started attacking. It was obvious it was a rank thing and hearing from a now ranked Genin probably touched their ego some. Kobura shrugged as the count down in her head began to set off the first few explosives while Jinpachi was still there. "I'm not as handicapped as you guys may think she said" nodding at him and taking off towards the East location as it had more prisoners than the South location. "3" she whispered to herself as it had reached the 3 minute mark setting the two explosive tags off in the West, since she was now in charge of the East she would set them off right before she arrived. As Kobura and the two clones given to her by Jinpachi had approached the Eastern side she directed each of them to go left and right while she went straight down the middle. Once in place she would cause the three explosive tags in the area to consecutively go off causing the prisoners to panic and run wild. This made it easy for her quickly taking out 8 of the prisoners in the area and tying them up with wire. Now she made her way where the clones were but not before pausing and saying "Seven" and setting off the three tags in the Northern area before proceeding to the clones. While the prisoners seemed to be having a tough time with the prisoners she took advantage of this subduing them from behind. "Now to secure the final area" she whispered to herself making her way to the south side of the village. WC: 1002/1000
  10. It had been months since Kobura's incident that she obtained amnesia from and her memory was very slowing coming back. She had started to remember her basic ninjutsu and other minor survival techniques, but that was it. Due to her condition it was decided that she be placed in a team to both help her recover and also protect her. She wasn't all to excited as it made her feel helpless but she agreed that until she fully returned to her previous status that she would need assistance. She had just finished drinking her tea when she noticed it was around time for her to leave to meet the team. She quickly gathered her tools making way to the designated park they were suppose to meet at. Once arriving Kobura was unsure of who exactly the team consisted of as it seemed like a last minute thing. She moved her long white hair out of her face approaching a group of people that seemed to be there for the group. "I'm Jurojin Kobura" she said pausing for a moment. Although she was being placed with a team the fact that she was 35 years old and on par with that of Genin in terms of jutsu made her clenched her fist tightly as she knew she wasn't as handicapped as suggested. A smile over came her face right after pausing as her clenched fist became relaxed and stepped closer to them still smiling, "How are you all doing today?" she asked with seeningly believable curiosity.
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  14. Jinpachi

    Kobura noticed that one of her team members had already begun engaging the prisoners taking two of them out with ease. After completely subduing them she stepped out speaking to Kobura asking her how many she had caught. In reality she didn't completely start because she didn't want to fail at the mission for her going in with a plan. "None, but I do have explosive tags set out in open spaces in the area away from the buildings allowing for minimum damage. They will be used to keep the off balance and unable to mount a counterattack." Kobura watched at what seemed to be the final member of the team. He came like a natural born leader giving Kobura and the other shinobi a warning of not to underestimate them and to get ready cause it was about to go down. She nodded at him, "I have 3 tags each on North and East sides and 2 on on the South and West sides. I can take the South and West sides and you two split the others. " It was only natural for Kobura to issue orders out she use to be one of the greatest Head Medics before her accident. Despite her only being a Genin her prowness was still that of the Jonin level despite her lacking in the firepower to back it up. WC: 668/1000
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