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  1. Name | Seoul Yamazaru Nickname | Yama Title Name | Silent Assassin, Traveling Monk Gender | Male Age | 14 Home Link | Lightning Village | Lightning Clan | Jiki Ryoiki Village Ranking: | Genin Shinobi Ranking | C Element(s) | Wind Specialties | Ninjutsu (Novice) Primary: Wind Secondary: Bloodline | Magnet Release: Jiki Ryoiki Exp | 64 Chakra | 200 Stamina | 100 Jutsu | Equipment | Forms | Creatures/Summons | Styles | Mentors & Pupils | Friends & Family | Recent History | Seoul was born in Hiraishin Mountain, 14 years ago. He matured quickly, seeming to be 'older' than the other children of his age. His parents explained this as his 'adaptable nature' combined with having to learn to cope with the harsh conditions of his country. He took to the ideals and way of shinobi life, his parents eventually letting him join the academy aged 12. It was there he made his first real friends, though only a handful of them. Seoul didn't mind, he preferred smaller groups of tightly-knit friends anyway. One of these friends was training to learn one of Raijin Bay's special techniques - Black Lightning. Seoul was fascinated, and tried to learn all he could about it. He spent a month making a very simple jutsu to show his classmates. Unfortunately, it failed every time he tried to use it, and Seoul was joked about across the class. At home, Seoul explained what had happened to his parents, who comforted him and told him he could always find a different skill. He told them about his favorite; he puppetry technique, because his mother sometimes used the poisons for these weapons. His father, an electromagnetic physicist suggested that he learn about magnetism from him. Eager to learn something he might be good at, Seoul spent most of his free time learning the trade from his father. A month into this extra 'education', his father made a suggestion that Seoul was thrilled to hear. He had been doing some research, and reckoned it was possible to combine him newfound knowledge with shinobi skills and chakra, giving him a as yet undiscovered talent amongst his peers. He continued with his Father's lessons, but found time to train with his mother too. Seoul forsook a social life for the best part of a year, and his grades dropped in the academy. At 13 years old, he was near the bottom of the class. However, by this time he had a handle of his talent, and was ready to begin again with her shinobi training. He impressed the academy teachers with his determination and progress, though they were unaware of his talent in ninjutsu that was being fostered at home. By the time he was ready to take the exam, he was able to create magnetic waves, mimicking those he had learned to make with his father in her physics lessons. In the academy exam, he surprised his teammates and sensei by revealing something he had developed himself. His special jutsu caught the Jounin unawares and the team managed to succeed over their weakened opponent in the set task. He graduated the academy with full support from his teachers. Even now, very little is known about the extent of his talents.
  2. Update Type | Claim Update Name | Ryo & Exp Update Training | Find the Missing Academy Students Update Ryo | 600Ryo 12Exp Update Links | Find the Missing Academy Students
  3. Characters Involved | Seoul Yamazaru Link to the Missions | Mission: Find Missing Academy Students Brief Overview | Mission: Find Missing Academy Students
  4. It wasn't long before they reached the Kage Tomb and found the two missing children vandalizing the statues. Seoul stopped a few yards away by the doorway and watched them in action as they turned the beloved kage statue into a mere doppelganger of a Jester. One of the boys who was holding a blue marker, drew a kunai on the statues cheeks while the other bellowed in laughter. Seoul eyes rolled and then flicked to the two young boys he was holding by the collar. One of them glanced at Seoul and gave a guilty face while the other slowly trembled in Seoul's left hand. Seoul then drew his attention back to the vandalizing youngsters and stepped threw the doorway. Automatically the young boys dropped the markers and went for their kunai. With one great motion the boy on the left flicked his kunai at Seoul blindly with fear. As a instinct reaction Seoul strutted his leg upwards and kicked the kunai in midair, launching it to the ceiling. The two boys he was holding by the collar watched in awe at his grace. "What did you do that for?!" Seoul shouted at the kids while throwing the boys he held to the floor. It took a second to realize the Seoul was in a shadow like area, which gave him the impression that the young boys couldn't recognize him and probably got scared. Neither one of them answered, only slowly backed away to the corner. Seoul took off his metal headband, and held it in front of them so the kids could see. "See, I'm a Lightning shinobi, so drop your guard and lets go." With that Seoul flickered inbetween the two boys and grabbed both their wrists. With a small heave Seoul easily dragged the two boys by the doorway, but not before he edged the two other boys to follow him out. With a scared nod of the head, the two other boys darted out the doorway behind Seoul. Finally making it to the entrance, Seoul engulfed a big breath of air, he was relieved because in the tomb all he inhaled was dust. He questioned as to how the young boys could tolerate being in the tombs for so long, but maybe he was just being sensitive. Now outside the cave the double doors behind all five of them had now swung shut, startling them all. Seoul stood there facing the doorway, while the four children standing beside him chatting with each other as if nothing had happened. At the corner of his eye, Seoul had seen the sun subside behind the clouds as dawn was approaching, indicating that his mission was a success. Climbing up the steps a few meters in front of them, a Jounin made himself present in a matter of seconds. The children had stopped their conversations, and turned to the man with awe in their eyes. Seoul eyed the man from head to two, and concluded that it was the same man who he met when first entering the tomb. This was their Academy Teacher, and he must have came to collect the kids, or punish them. Miota Sensei stopped at the top of the steps, and fingered the four children to come to him. They did so, walking towards him as though they were awaiting execution. But despite common belief the Jounin pat them on the head and smiled at them. Seoul smiled at them as well, kids are kids afterall. Miota Sensei then turned his head to Seoul with a smile. "Thank you Seoul, your mission was a success. Take care, and tell your father I said hello!" He said as he then descended down the steps with the children. TOPIC CLOSED
  5. Mission Name | Find Missing Academy Students Mission Type | Village Ranking | C Repeatable? | Weekly Mission Description | Bah! These dang children are driving me nuts! Why did the Kage assign me this job? Uh, but anywho I cant do this myself anymore. The Academy children are on a field trip to the Ancient Ruins and are all over the place, while others are lost. We have to round up the kids before they make a mess. Your mission: Find the missing children and bring them to me. Mission NPCs | -Young Children E-Rank -Chunin Sensei Word Count | 700 Requirements | Lightning Shinobi Ah the great Ancient Ruins, even the name has such alluring qualities eh? Such great architectures and symbols of a powerful nation, packed inside illuminated tunnels. Although abandoned citizens of the village often come to the Ruins to get a better understanding of how the Lightning Country came to be, and how it has transpired and grew throughout the ages. Thus, frequent trips of the Academy takes place in the Ruins, where the poor little Ninja wreak havoc among the tourists. Ah well, unfortunately Seoul has to be the one this time to keep the kids in place, something he was surprising good at. This would be Seoul's first 'official' mission as he would like to point out. Meaning that hes actually getting paid for it. After receiving orders from a Elite Jounin in the Kages Mansion, he sets off on this mission with high hopes that everything runs smoothly. "Darn Academy Students, we always... they always start unnecessary trouble. Its scary that these are going to be the next generation of Ninja." Seoul expressed while finally arriving to the Ancient Ruins. Landing on a shale stone at the bottom of a the rock engraved staircase, Seoul proceeded up the stairs to main entrance to the Ruins. While proceeding Seoul took notice to the glorious sun which shined in his right view. It was beautiful, especially being above cloud level which provided the full ferocity of the suns rays. It took a moment to find the motivation to turn away, but by that time he was already at the entrance. Seoul took sight of the giant stone doors which guarded the great ruins. The doors where decorated with symbols that have been carved by man hundreds of years ago, which some say where the first Ninja to walk among The Lightning. Both doors where slightly cracked which caused a vertical line of shadow to be shown, leaving a creepy aftermath effect to those who see it. "Well, I guess everyone is inside, better get going, I got some training to do." Seoul thought while flickering his way inside the ruins. This would be Seoul's third time in the ruins since he was young, but this time he wasn't there to have fun. After entering the Ancient Ruins Seoul took sight of the marvelous statues and scriptures that were instantly in sight upon entering. The walls were etched in gold lining and red carpet cushioned Seoul's steps as he made his way to the fork at the end of the hall. From the ceiling, a thin cloud began to swirl and drift its way a few feet in front of Seoul. It took him by surprise even though he was very fond of this Ninjutsu Technique. The shadow of a man formed from inside the cloud and Seoul knew it was the chaperone Chunin that requested the mission. "Ah, you must be the cute little Genin that has come to help poor little old me." He said in a tone so sarcastic it was frightening. "Yeah I'm Seoul from the Yamazaru Clan. You must be Miota Sensei? I'm here to help you find the runaway students." Seoul said formally as if it were routine. Seoul took a better look at the Jounin as the cloud was clearing up. A dark skinned man with white hair who appeared to be no older then twenty. It was odd that he was incapable of finding the students, especially with that high class Jutsu he just used. "Alright well I won't hold you up any longer. The students are about in the Ruins and they need to be found. There are four of them in total and they need to be brought back before sundown. I expect nothing less from a Lightning Genin. Later squirt." He said while vanishing into cloud. Seoul raised his soft hands and patted the top of his head, flattening his once plump blonde hair. Then with a faint sigh, he continued his search.
  6. Seoul began his journey, scoping the marvelous rocks and statues with stand beside him as we walked the dark path. Every step he took seemed to echo in the dark abyss, and the deeper he went down the hall the more dark it became. He walked casually as though fear was a distant from him, emotionless, as a Ninja should be. He thought about where the children might be located, but in order to do that he must put himself in their shoes. This wasn't an easy step for Seoul at all, after graduating from the Academy he lost his childish mentality, or so he likes to think. "Where could these kids be? Ugh by the time I actually find them they're probably be elders for crying out loud." Seoul complained while turning to another hall. "Hm, I have an idea." Seoul stopped dead in his stroll and closed his eyes. What was he doing? In the academy youngsters are tough to use their other senses to see and become one with their environment, making it quite useful to find and hunt individuals in desperate situations. Using his highly trained ears, Seoul was able to hear everything around him with more accurate and intense frequencies. After a few moments the giggles of children swarmed his eardrum. Seoul smirked in glee as his mission was finally about to take off. Following the snickers, Seoul made himself to a small dome shaped tomb behind a immense rock. Two young boys where carving their names on the stone walls with crayons, spelling out the letters like clueless adolescents. "Hey kids! Why did you run off without your sensei? Did you know I had to leave my beloved apartment to help find you guys? I could have been on assassination missions and... stuff! Ugh!" Seoul shouted with aggravation as the kids composed themselves from their surprise. The one on the left, guessing he was the older of the two took a few steps towards Seoul. "Well its boring here and we wanted fun, not our fault. We were just leaving anyway." He said with a smirk. Seoul stuck his chest out to solidate his authority over the young Academy Students. "Wait a minute. Your staying with me! The last thing I want to do is look for you brats again. Besides there were four of you right? Wheres the other two?" Seoul whined while scratching his head. "Oh... they're by the Kage Heritage Tomb, take a left down the hall and they should be there..." The other one said shakily while trying to avoid eye contact. Seoul scoffed and grabbed the boys by their collars, he pulled both of them off the ground by a few inches and let their feet hand like ventriloquist dolls. Seoul thanked the great Ninja Gods for blessing him with more maturity then these guys at that age. Kids today, always out for fun and never responsibility. But, in the depths of Seoul's mind he wanted them to have fun and play, because in the long run, they have a long life of pain and war, just like Seoul. Maybe he was a bit jealous of them, being so carefree and happy. Seoul couldn't remember the last time he was happy, not at all. Side stepping his dark thoughts, Seoul dragged both boys out the doorway, and kicked the stone back over the entrance. Then continued to look for the other two students.
  7. Mission Name | Find Missing Academy Students Mission Type | Village Ranking | C Repeatable? | Weekly Mission Description | Bah! These dang children are driving me nuts! Why did the Kage assign me this job? Uh, but anywho I cant do this myself anymore. The Academy children are on a field trip to the Ancient Ruins and are all over the place, while others are lost. We have to round up the kids before they make a mess. Your mission: Find the missing children and bring them to me. Mission NPCs | -Young Children E-Rank -Chunin Sensei Word Count | 700 Requirements | Lightning Shinobi
  8. Im not gonna go into a large rant but maybe the rank up system needs to be revamped...(lower the standard) Also the fact that we are not rewarded for casual RP...the story building of the character...I get you all are trying to push missions build to really build a character you need a story behind it all..maybe we can change doesnt have to be MP but atleast be something that benefits the character
  9. Seoul Yamazaru
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  11. Bloodline Name | Poison Release Possessors | Doku Clan Appearance | N/A Abilities | Poison Style is a chakra form that allows for the creation and manipulation of many sorts of poisons. This is for two reasons. First of all, the clan members bodies have seemingly evolved to the state where the individual has a conscious role in the creation of specific antibodies within themselves. Antibodies that are aimed to attack other living human cells or even another very chakra becomes a new kind of poison generated consciously by the 'human' body. Secondly, with the clan's Hijutsu, they have taken the life giving properties of Yin chakra and reversed it, bastardizing it to crease a style in which the user can manipulate and create these toxins, and thus the birth of Poison Style. Within this realm their are two sorts of poisons that can be create: These are classified as Toxins and Viruses. Toxins are like normal natural poisons, in which the users own body can produce and manipulate a powerful toxin that acts like a venom. The nature of the venom is manipulated to suit the style of the user, allowing them to administer their poisons with a variety of vectors and symptoms. Viruses, on the other hand, are born deceased of chakra, in which ones own chakra attacks and deteriorates normal living chakra. This can decease the targets very chakra system should ones own chakra come in contact with the target. The chakra becomes like an infection, and spreads at the determent of the host. Thus, Toxins are 'natural or physical' while Viruses are 'chakra based'. Each has it's own specific way of fighting the Poison. Toxins are treated with medicines and antidotes/antibodies, while Viruses must seemingly run their course through the targets chakra system. Both, however, can be treated with forms of Medical Ninjutsu especially well, as they are easily targeted and removed or countered. Thus, while most elements are weak against another element, Poison Release is weak against Medical Ninjutsu. Symptom Engineering: Those that can use Poison Style have the ability to augment a number of symptoms that take place as a result of their Venom or Virus. The Venom work directly on the source to cause symptoms while Virus create the conditions within the targets body with chakra, almost in the same way a genjutsu can augment a targets senses. The more symptoms that a specific poison has higher the rank of the poison. There are 5 types of symptom affects Physical Affect -- Effecting ones physical performance by weakening/deadening or numbing the muscles. Sensual Affect -- Effecting one if not multiple senses performance by blocking/inhibiting synapses between the sensual organs and the brain. Chakra Affect -- Effecting ones ability to use, control, or manipulate chakra due to stiffling of tenketsu points, inability to merge physical and spiritual mediums, etc., Medical Affect -- Causing medical symptoms to cause havoc on the target, such as fatigue, thirst, hunger, fever, dizziness, body aches, head aches, etc., Including physical symptoms like sweating and rashes. Abstract Affect -- Infects the targets body with no real notice or signs but allows for some supplementary effect ability such as tracking, sensing, chakra absorption, chakra letting, etc., Antibodies and Antidotes: The Clan's control is so pin-point that they can augment a poison at almost a moment notice. As such, they can create vaccines to their own, or other poisons with little more then a ninjutsu. There is no report of a poison being fatal to a member of the clan, though it has been observed that a clan members poisons work on another clan member. This is because the bodies natural defense mechanisms to invading microbes are incredibly powerful. After all, ones own body is always creating and managing lethal amounts of venom, and must be able to cope with the very use of Poison Style. While it is possible to be susceptible to poisons, a Poison Style user, no matter what level, cannot be killed by a poison. Vectors and Infection: Poisons require a vector; meaning it has to have a way of getting from the source that creates it to the targeted population. Bellow is a primary list of potential vectors; -Organic Vector: Transfered via another living thing -Contact Vector: Transfered via physical contact or open wound -Arial Vector: Transfered via the air from inhaling -Injestion Vector: Transfed by eating or drinking. -Etc., Poisons can thus be administered a variety of ways and can be produced in a variety of ways. For Venom's they can be sucreeted from the skin, produced from the lungs or mouth. They can take up the form of gasses, liquids, or even physical powders and laces. Virus are fabricated from chakra and thus transmitted by chakra to chakra contact. Both can be manipulated into or with ninjutsu directly via Poison Style techniques in order to exaggerate as well as make more efficient their effects. Thus, certain conditions must be met in order for a poison to get to it's target, however once the target is successfully exposed, one can either manipulate the poison within the target to trigger a desired effect, or allow the poison to do it's job as it was engineered to do. Poison Creation Limits and Ranking: The rank and thus chakra required to manifest a poison technique is dependent on many factors, including how quickly it takes place, how long it lasts, the number of symptoms it manifests, it's potential to be fatal, and many others. Bellow, however, a general scaling has been created to help with the poison creation process. -For each symptom, increase the rank by one starting from E-rank(So E-rank = 1 symptom, etc.,). -Air born poisons that are in the form of vapors or gasses are automatically C-ranked, not including it's effects and symptoms. -For a poison to be potentially fatal, it must be S-ranked. Final Notes: -"Poison Style: Pandora's Box of Poison" is the universal jutsu for creation of poisons for the body. Without it, clan members cannot create poisons to manipulate. -The Absorption of a Doku Clan's chakra results in the opposing effect that one would otherwise gain, due to the harmful nature of the poisons. Thus things such as fuuinjutsu, Darkness Release, and chakra absorbing ninjutsu and weapons will find themselves at a disadvantage Weaknesses | -Airborn versions of poisons can be neutralized by extreme heat, usually brought on by Katon. -Because Poison Style is weak against Medical Ninjutsu, Medical ninjutsu of a single rank lower then the poison can be used to neutralize the infections. -Due to the constant study of clans ability the Doku cannot use elemental related ninjutsu -Must Take Ninjutsu as their Main specialty Chakra Cost | N/A
  12. Characters Involved | Seoul Yamazaru Link to the Missions | Mission: Feeding the Children Brief Overview | Mission: Feeding the Children
  13. Standing in that same spot, Seoul looked at the paw print strangely for a second. He tilted his head and leaned forward to get a better angle of it. He saw a small circle with three smaller circles above it, he concluded that this culprit was probably just a puppy. From that point, his eyes followed each footprint as he began to lean up straight. He decided that he should hurry before the dirt subsided leaving him to restart the whole technique, so in that moment, he followed the prints. It was a relief of course, Seoul feared that this mission would get ugly and would end with many black eyes and swearing. But hopefully this little dog wouldn't give him any problems. A few minutes of walking the dirt began to fall and cover the paw prints. He watched as his new ninja sandals were sprinkled with dirt, ruining it's jet black texture. With a annoyed eye roll, Seoul looked back up and saw a giant rock sitting by a river bed a few yards away from the tree. "Lets get a better look." He said childishly while somersaulting up the grassy hills. From the view, the area seemed peaceful, the sun was peeking over the clouds and the grass looked like waves of green water. Just before he was about to make his next leap, Seoul spotted a young puppy sitting in a small corner by two conjoined rocks. The puppy was sitting in front of its mother and accompanied by two other puppies as well. They appeared to be a family of sorts, and hungry at that. Beside one of the puppies was a bag, a small pink bag that was deflated and ragged. If there was food inside the bag, it was certain that there were only crumbs in there now. Seoul shook his head in disbelief. "Awe man, this dog just wanted to feed his family, I can't hurt him." He complained. The dogs took sight of him, but instead of acting aggressive, they were quite passive with him. Seoul had this odd effect on animals, through his entire life, an animal has never acted aggressive towards him. He was grateful for that, he hated hurting animals... well the nice ones that is. One of the dogs grabbed the bag with their small jaws and carried it over to him. "Thanks." He responded to the puppy. The little creature bowed its head and returned to his mother. Now with the bag, Seoul traveled back to the tree where he then found two young kunoichi standing by it. Both of them were having a conversation while sitting on one of the massive tree roots a few feet above ground. Seoul approached these girls with a frown. "Hey Seoul-sama! Did you find our....bag..." She said while her speech, along with her eyes, drifted to the small roughed up pink bag he held in his hand. She looked at the other girl puzzled, and flicked her eyes back to him. "Well, you see, there was a- Ouch!" Seoul yelled as something hit his head. Something small hit the top of his head and that made a big thumping noise. After rubbing his head, he squinted at the ground and found a red apple laying among the flourish green grass. "Eh... Apples?" Seoul said while picking up the apple and presenting it to the young girls. "Whatever, mine!" She said while snatching the apple along with her bag. He was glad that something happened to change the subject, and hopefully she would forget about the food that was in her bag. But for now, he guessed the girls would have fun munching on the apples from the tree. Seoul smiled and turned away, and began proceeding back to the village. With a hand motion he waved to the young girls and heard their goodbyes as he went on. Turning his head one more time to face the sun, Seoul saw the young puppy standing on a rock. He barked at him, with glimmer in his eyes. -Topic Closed-
  14. Mission Name | Feeding the Children [Lightning] Mission Type | Village Ranking | C Repeatable? | Weekly Mission Description | A group of small children playing in the Raijin Bay have had their bag's of food stolen. While they were playing they left their bags full of food for the day underneath a nearby tree, but when they went back to that tree the bag had disappeared. The young children are very hungry and are very upset. Your mission is to get the young children their lunch back, and apprehend the thieves. Mission NPCs | Group of Children[ - E Rank - No Abilities - Nonviolent D Rank animals with no abilities (can be violent, nonviolent, whichever you want) Word Count | 700 Requirements | N/A The stroll through the Raijin Bay was quite relaxing to the Seoul. The air was fresh, and for the first time, Lightning Village wasn't so uptight. He can finally enjoy being a young ninja and not having to worry about random criminals popping out of nowhere causing trouble. But, if it wasn't for the fact that he was on a mission, he would feel entirely blessed... ugh. Wearing his regular attire, consisting of a dark purple shirt and black sweat pants, it was no mystery that Seoul was once again on one of his genin missions. This one in particular will test his investigation skills on a rudimentary level, so he can practice how to look for clues and not jeopardize the safety of his team on the battlefield. However, Seoul was in no mood to be tested today, he was tired of all the training his masters and even his own father were pinning him against. But, none the less, the belongings of a small group of children have been stolen, and their thief continued to roam the area. Once he reached the children, he would have to ask them a few questions to get the investigation going. He only hoped that the children would actually show up when he arrived at the designated spot, since Lightning children had a tendency for not being in one place for an extended period of time. Seoul continued to his mission point as lazily as he could. His arms were slunk against his shoulders and his eyes squinted with the morning tiredness. Occasionally, he would look around to catch site of a bag lying around, hoping that it would cut his mission short. But, with no luck, Seoul finally reached the fields and smiled. It was a lovely site of course, fresh green fields of gardens of flowers. At that moment, it didn't seem surprising that most villagers took picnics there and a place of romance. Maybe one day Seoul would meet his first love in that very field. His mind started to drift in romantic thought, but he soon snapped back into reality once he saw the huge tree; his meeting point. "So that's where the bag got stolen, better check it out." He thought while casually strolling to the tree. The tree, also called the, "Takanora Stool", was the only tree of its kind within Lightning Country; it was quite rare.It was a marvelous tree with red and purple leaves in the shape of hearts. Seoul looked at it with pure awe as he examined it while admiring it's great height and beauty. "Wow..." he thought while patting the tree at its base. Wiping his raven hair from his face, he lifted his head to catch the sight of the trees endless height, almost as if it were a skyscraper from where he was standing. "Alright, time to get started." Seoul said while stepping away from the tree. After some hand-signs, Seoul slammed his palms to the ground and performed a jutsu which caused a thin layer of soil to rise from the ground. All the dirt and soil that laid on the ground slowly began to levitate, and the presence of any clues that indicated a theft was then present. Seoul got up from his knees and scanned the area, it was quite difficult to see footprints with the thin layer of grass covering the ground. On the brink of giving up, Seoul spotted a small paw print by the left side of the tree. The small footprints trailed all the way to a small rock domain a few yards away from the tree. "Hm... interesting." He whispered.
  15. Mission Name | Feeding the Children [Lightning] Mission Type | Village Ranking | C Repeatable? | Weekly Mission Description | A group of small children playing in the Raijin Bay have had their bag's of food stolen. While they were playing they left their bags full of food for the day underneath a nearby tree, but when they went back to that tree the bag had disappeared. The young children are very hungry and are very upset. Your mission is to get the young children their lunch back, and apprehend the thieves. Mission NPCs | Group of Children - E Rank - No Abilities - Nonviolent D Rank animals with no abilities (can be violent, nonviolent, whichever you want) Word Count | 700 Requirements | N/A
  16. complete...ill incorporate more from now on
  17. Update Type | Claim Update Name | Ryo & Exp Update Training | Mission: Stiff Competition Update Ryo | 600 & 12 Update Links | Mission : Stiff Competition
  18. Characters Involved | Seoul Yamazaru Link to the Missions | Stiff Competition Brief Overview | Mission: Stiff Competition
  19. Now outside of the Ramen Shop Seoul smiled at his silly yet interesting idea. Retrieving his hands from his pockets he used a couple of hand-signs while kneeling down. Seoul then quickly touched the ground and a summoning seal appeared from the gray dirt, and instantly the humerus monkey Dani was summoned. Dani was one of Seoul's favorite summons because of his abilities and company. Although only a minor summon Dani is very smart and useful, who has busted Seoul out of sticky situations a few times as well. Dani had golden short brown fur and along mane, his tail was also quite long for a monkey of his size. He also wore a cute little bell around his collar, something that Seoul made for him when they first met. Dani looked around himself as though in a war zone, suspicious of all the passengers movements. Once he saw Seoul his edginess turned into agitation and he frowned at Seoul. "Whats the deal... what do you want!?" Dani asked fiercely while folding his arms. Seoul replied with a smile, and turned around to pick up the stack of fliers that sat behind him. With a tug, Seoul presented the fliers to Dani as though it were a present. Dani looked at the fliers and then his small beady eyes rolled onto the store behind Seoul. "Oh no... no way." Dani said while shaking his head. Seoul made a twitching movement with his eyes which said this wasn't the time to joke around. Dani picked up on his expression and sighed. Placing the fliers down Seoul watched as Dani took some fliers from the stack and made his way to the middle of the road. He then started to dance and cheer while tossing the fliers to villagers that passed by. While he was doing that, Seoul had other things in mind. Seoul picked up some of the fliers which sat beside Dani and strapped some to his back with a string. They were surprisingly light due to their husky appearance but that was probably due to Seoul's strong physic. Seoul darted down the street leaving a puff of smoke in his trails, and then jumped on a rooftop. Forming a seal, Seoul would grind some crush ore to make a platform and then use his Jishakute no Jutsu to control it giving him somewhat the ability of flight. Seoul soared upwards to the sky carrying the fliers on his back as he did so. His long black jacket rattling with the wind currents as he swooped his way across the village. Turning his body at a angle, Seoul released a steady amount of papers onto the village from the sky. Villagers watched as the continuous stream of papers fell upon them in excitement and enthusiasm. This went on for about a half an hour before all the papers were gone. Seoul rested himself on top of a merchant shop in the market district. Before he knew t Dani was to all complete handing out fliers. Seoul asked Dani how he was doing and if anyone gave him a problem. Receiving nothing but a grunt, Seoul figured that everything was going fine. Seoul twitched his head and saw the other Ramen Shops in the district, and a devilish smile came across his face. Taking flight, Seoul swooped on top of the other Ramen Stands and pooped on the customers heads. In seconds screams erupted and everyone took off which meant his mission was a success. After that Seoul went levitated back to the Ramen Stand and suddenly the tired monkey dropped onto the ground. In a flash, Seoul hurried to Dani's aid picking up the over-dramatic monkey. Seoul dismissed Dani but that wasn't before Dani put his middle finger up at him. As he turned around Seoul saw the long line of customers casually waiting outside the Ramen Shop that Seoul advertised for. He cheered with excitement for knowing that his mission was a success. Shoving his way threw villagers Seoul finally made his way inside the store to see Biku-sama happily taking orders from customers. Biku saw Seoul and instantly ran up to him and exchanged a grizzly bear hug. After Biku finally put Seoul down, the two of them exchanged short conversation only to be interrupted by rude customers. "Alright Biku-sama, I guess that's a mission complete?" Seoul asked sarcastically. Biku smiled at Seoul and handed him a cooking gown. "Oh... not yet buddy." -Topic Closed-
  20. Mission Name | Stiff Competition Mission Type | Village Mission Ranking | C Repeatable? | Daily Mission Description | The local Ramen stall is finding it difficult to attract customers to its stall due to the intense competition of the Raijin Bay. They are noticing a steady decline in customers each day, and an increase in nearby stalls. Since in Lightning we value each member, its our job to help to the best of our abilities. Your mission, find a way to advertise Ramen Stall and get the business some more customers! Mission NPCs | N/A Word Count | 700 Requirements | Lightning Shinobi Seoul stood outside the Ramen shop with high hopes that he would help this business prosper. He stood on the dirt stone road with occasionally villagers passing by him, staring at the headboard at the Ramen stand. He thought it was a great piece of work for such a small shop, having multicolored light bulbs and and flashy decorations shimmering from every layer of wood. Seoul placed his finger on his smooth chin and wondered why such a pretty place isn't getting a lot of customers, then remembered why. Learning from his Mission Objectives Seoul learned that a stores in Raijin Bay was taking all the Ramen loving customers in the village, leaving this poor store to suffer in the process. Seoul felt sorry for the Ramen stand, but this sort of thing happens with a big and productive village like The Lightning. Even his mother, Ukako Yamazaru is a store owner and she herself have had something like this happen to her. Luckily for her the Ninja in the village helped her advertise and she regained her customers, and now it was time for Seoul to be that Genin for these people. Seoul studied the stand one more time before entering. It itself was quite small yet fancy looking. It had glass doors and neatly furnished stools from what appeared threw the windows. Seoul looked at the lonely Chef that stood alone at the counter from outside, and a small frown came across his face. Seoul walked inside of the Ramen stand quietly and nonchalantly, not wanting to give a strong first impression. The man looked up at Seoul with his deep brown eyes, and slowly sunk his head back down in sorrow. He looked at the man more closely, a heavy set dude with tan skin and neatly trimmed beard. He wore a white apron and a giant hat which looked similar to the one the kage sometimes wear although goofier. Seoul could tell from his body expression alone that the man was depressed, having no cheer in his eyes at all. Seoul walked closer to the counter and gracefully sat in the revolving stool. The softness of the fabric surprised Seoul for a second, he figured that the chair was probably imported from somewhere else. Folding his hands on the table, Seoul decided to make short conversation with the man before continuing with the mission. "Hey Biku-sama... hows it going?" Seoul asked in a childish and sweet manner. Biku looked back up and Seoul and smiled, how could he not? "Well not good, as you may have known were running out of business. Villagers are going other damn places to get our delicious Ramen. Its not fair, we have been here for generations!" He yelled while slamming a metal spatula on the counter. Seoul yelped at the booming noise at which it made, then laughed to himself. "So how are you coming alone Seoul? Its been awhile since I seen you now that your Genin." He asked in a calmer and less threatening tone. Seoul was surprised at the randomness of his question but grateful he asked. "Everything fine, just a bit busy lately. But enough about me, I'm here to help you get your customers back." He changed the subject. Biku smiled and for once Seoul could see hope in his eyes. Biku excused himself into the back and left Seoul alone at the counter waiting for his return. In moments he came back with some fliers wrapped in a small string. "Here are the shops fliers, pretty eh?" He said jokingly while handing them to Seoul. Seoul looked at them and was bit amazed on how flashy there were, he never seen so many bright colors on such average paper. "Alright, well better start, I have a idea anyhow." He said while making his way out the door.
  21. Bloodline Name | Glass Release Possessors | Tokeizara Clan Appearance | Black hair Brown eyes Abilities | The Tokeizara pride themselves in having mastered a unique element, which can be used in coherence with many styles. By using the katon element heating up small amounts of doton at very high temperatures they gain control over the glass element in which can be used differently by every member. Unlike some other elements, most of the jutsu do not require any glass nearby to be used. The element can be summoned in a liquidized form, or as a solid. When the glass is summoned, it is not always in a large sheet, like a window. It can be manipulated into different widths, lengths and so on, although summoning more glass requires more chakra. By making the glass more dense and putting chakra inside it, a resilient barrier can be made. It can be used offensively, with large surges of glass, flying shards or needles. Heat Resistant- Seeing as this art creates glass it is only natural that this element has a natural 1 rank advantage over heat based jutsu such as Lava, Scorch, Blaze and Fire release jutsu. Weaknesses | -Users are forced to have ninjutsu as a primary or secondary. -Due to its large basis of minerals, Glass Release is weak to Lightning Release by 1 rank. -Must start with Katon or Doton and obtain the other element later when available Chakra Cost | N/A
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  25. Name | Dani Nickname | N/A Rank | C Species | Primate Contract | Ape Seal Contract Appearance | Dani is a small baby ape but very flexible. He has golden fur which shines intensly when exposed to the sun. He has a small brown face with big puffy cheeks. He has a blue bell around his collar for decorations, but yet it doesn't jingle. He has a thin frame which makes him very light. He is 2ft tall and weighs 45lbs. Personality | Dani is usually a happy-go-lucky type that tends to be loyal by default. Seoul is the only friend Dabi has and vice versa. Background | Seoul's first summon when training with his father. During the time he was training in the Dojo, Seoul summoned him when practicing his animal connection. Dani popped out of the scroll and was very excited to meet Seoul and since then they formed a great partnership. Special Abilities | For Dani was born as a medical specialist this have given him the ability to excess chakra slightly more the average standard. (Ape Contract ability) Ape Contract Elements | N/A Specialty | Medical Ninjutsu Known Jutsu | Chakra Scalpel Anesthesia Cure Wounds: Internal Cure Wounds: External Eroding Gas Acupuncture Weapon(s) | N/A Chakra | 150 Stamina | 100