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  1. Nori looked up, spotting Rain as she crossed into the room and walked towards her. She watched as the girl set up her wrist launcher and thought to herself how unprepared she was for a mission like this. She only had taijutsu so she wasn't sure how effective she'd be here. Rain asked her about transformation. It was a simple jutsu, one she had learned and mastered back at the academy. Nori nodded her head, "Of course I know it." Rain had come up with a plan, phew. Nori let out a large sigh of relief, because hopefully she wouldn't have to worry too much about the mission if Rain was running it. Nori had a few tricks up her sleeve as well, if the plan of Rain's hadn't worked. Nori stood her body up and turned to Rain to question the plan. "What would you have me do? What's the plan?" She was no longer nervous at this point. Instead, she was excited to get to work with Rain again and was looking forward to saving the woman in the room. She'd move her hands into seals, weaving Dog into Boar into Ram. Her mind would be on that of the nurse at the front desk. Within seconds, smoke surrounded her body and when it dissipated, all that was left was the body of the nurse. Nori looked down at her feet and body, noticing it definitely wasn't her own. "I'm assuming it's something like this?" She'd put on a small smile and wait for Rain to lead the way. 260wc
  2. Hope everything goes well for you! Good luck with it all. We'll be here when you get back!
  3. It was early in the morning as Nori stepped outside of her home. The sun wasn't out today, unfortunately. Instead, the sky was filled with large, dark clouds that poured rain down over the entirety of the village. She let out a sigh as she stepped out into the rain, her face turning up to stare into the sky as if she were a turkey. It wasn't quite a down pour or a storm, so the rain felt good when it washed over her skin. But she didn't have time to stop and smell the roses or enjoy this wonderful weather, she thought sarcastically. Actually, it was not even sarcastic. She actually did enjoy the rain and snow when it wasn't absolutely storming or hailing. It was relaxing and peaceful. Still, no time to enjoy this dreary weather. She was enjoying her sleep-in this morning, but was awoken by a hawk arriving at her home. She received a message to make her way to the hospital as soon as possible. She broke off into a sprint towards the hospital as the rain poured over her head, hair, and robe. She wasn't even sure why she had put on such a formal outfit for this mission. She'd be rushing to the hospital, the dreadful building that she just left a few days ago. She let out a sigh just thinking about seeing the dead body. She shivered from the rain and the thought but continued towards the hospital. She'd be working with the same girl as last time, too, so that was a tad comforting at least. This mission was slightly more important, though, and urgent. An elderly man had captured and taken a nurse hostage and is demanding a ransom, so the village elders thought it was wise to send in inexperienced genin. She shook her head at the thought. It'd be much better to send in jounin that could deal with this properly. Another sigh as she reached the hospital. Panicked villagers and staff were running in and out of the building. She'd use her small, petite body to move herself through the rush of traffic and inside of the building. The note just said to meet up in the lobby. Her eyes darted to the bench she had sat on at the end of her last mission, so she'd take her seat there and wait for her partner to arrive. She'd take a few breaths in and out, attempting to relax and comfort herself as she crowded lobby was loud and disruptive. She'd close her eyes and sit patiently. She wasn't very excited about this. wc 434 @Jigokuchō
  4. Update Type | MissionsUpdate Name | CompletionUpdate Training | ---Update Cost/Pay | +1400 Ryo, +34 exp; Update Link |
  5. Characters Involved | Nori Hyuuga, Shisui Makato Link to the Missions | Mission Brief Overview | Nori and Shisui met up and were sent to inspect the east gate of a suspicious elderly woman. Found her, she attacked them, and they defended themselves.
  6. LFG

    Alright, then we can be a makeshift squad until you find yourself someone to train you! Just tag me in any missions and I'll respond!
  7. Nori would move her body away from the bed and line her back up against the wall. A small smile appeared on her face, her eyes moving in the direction of Rain's voice. She'd nod her head, "Yes, let's go." She was still unable to see, so she'd gesture her hand towards Rain and speak, "You can lead the way." She'd wait for the older girl to begin moving towards the front desk so she could follow using her hearing. She felt that it'd be painfully obvious she couldn't see, so she kept herself back a bit and tried to keep her conversation going with Rain. "So, what are your plans as a Shinobi?" She tried to think of something that would drag out the conversation for as long as possible, and that seemed like a good idea. Then she started to think about the question herself, being completely unsure of what her future plans as a shinobi were. She knew she wanted to help her clan become bigger and stronger but how would she do that? They'd arrive at the front desk and Nori would speak to the lady, "Done that, ma'am! Anything else for us?" The woman smiled, though Nori couldn't tell. "All done! We'll report what you've done to the Kage's office! Thank you!" Nori continued smiling and headed towards a bench she remembered seeing earlier. She'd stay seated on that bench until her vision returned. wc 1724 total [EXIT]
  8. LFG

    I'm no sensei and I'm technically part of a squad, though they are inactive at the moment, but I'm always down for more missions, if you'd like. The traditional squads never seem to work out very well. Just let me know!
  9. Nori would remove herself from above the old lady and watched Shisui manhandle her. She'd dust the front of her robe off and look towards him, making slight eye contact before she spoke, "Good. Make sure not to rough her up anymore." She'd flinch when Shisui threw the old, large lady over his shoulder. She'd turn her head to the side, curious of his strength. He must've been stronger than she had thought with the ability to left such a heavy woman over his shoulder. Listening to the woman yell, Nori began to wonder what could be wrong with her. Maybe she hit her head too hard or she's just going senile. She is old, so that's probably it. Without realizing it, Nori had been staring into Shisui's eyes as she swayed her body left and right. Catching herself, her eyes dart away from his and back to the ground. She let out a sigh. She was happy with the mission's results and glad she was able to deal with the elderly woman without causing her too much harm. Nori moved her body into a more proper and formal posture as her eyes wandering the area around them. "All done, then. Good job!" A small smile would move across her face as she made eye contact with him once more. She began to walk away until he spoke once more. She'd turn on her heels to look towards Shisui as he spoke. Her small faded as he finished his question. She'd shake her head slowly and respond in a respectful, delicate tone, "No thank you. I'm expected back home immediately after this. I'm sorry, Shisui." She'd bow her head respectfully. She also wasn't sure about using his first name, but she had enough of the formalities for the day. "Maybe another time." Her smile returned as she turned her body back around and began to walk back toward's the village gate. "For now, let's turn this woman in so we can get the reward." Her hands would move behind her back as she moved slowly, allowing for her partner to keep up with the extra weight. She'd turn back around, watching out of the corner of her large, white eyes, as he was able to manhandle the woman. Impressive, indeed. 376wc
  10. Nori would nod her head to Shisui's response that he'd be able to locate the woman. She wasn't too sure she heard him correctly after that, though. Her body would still be in its straightened posture as she finally moved her eyes from the ground and up to his. "No thanks. I already ate." She'd follow him a few feet back as he walked along the wall and halted her body when she saw the kunai coming towards them. She hadn't been expecting something like that. Was this some sort of missing ninja? And out popped the elder lady, screaming and hollering about destroying the wall. Nori had not expected this at all. The lady gave off an extremely crazy vibe and she'd let her eyes dart back to Shisui, to see what he was about to do with this. Nori let out a long, drawn out sigh when she could tell Shisui would be standing back during this encounter; he still had a lazy demeanor about him. Nori turned her eyes back towards the old woman, who had suddenly started charging towards Nori. She was caught off guard by this, so was unable to get herself completely ready and into her proper stance. That didn't matter, she wasn't really planning on using her byakugan on such a frail-looking elderly woman, even if she was willing to strike and attack us. Enough of the hesistating, Nori decided, as she would thrust her palm forward, pointing it towards the elderly woman. She'd concentrate her chakra and send it to the palm of her hand and with the thrusting motion, release it from her palm. This would create a wave of chakra from the palm of her hand, which sped towards the elderly woman. Nori had hoped it'd be enough to stop her progression and give her time to get into proper formation. Unfortunately for Nori and Shisui, the woman was much quicker than she looked. She watched Nori's movements and with ease, jumped over the wave of chakra, still rushing towards Nori. Nori bit her lip, waiting for the woman to get closer. She had one more trick up her sleeve. Her large, white eyes darted to Shisui, noticing he was a tad bit too close, so Nori would quickly slide her body an extra foot away and waited for the woman to reach her. It didn't take long for the woman to begin throwing punches towards Nori, which she'd do her best to avoid. This is what she wanted, she'd hoped the lady would get in close enough. As she continued to dodge the woman's fists, she concentrated and sent her chakra throughout her entire body. She'd manipulate her chakra and thrust it outwards, from her tenketsu points as she would move her body in a spinning motion, sending a wave of chakra spinning around her entire body, covering around three feet on all sides of her. The lady would not have expected this, nor would she have time to dodge. The wave slams into her and with her frail body gets knocked off her feet, flying four feet back and away from the group. She'd remember back to her training. No hesitation. Nori wouldn't take the time to get into formation, instead choosing to charge towards the old lady before she even hit the ground. As the lady's body lands on the ground, a loud crack is heard followed by a yelp. Clearly the woman was in pain from the fall, but Nori would still charge the woman, moving her fist towards her chest. She'd stop before landing the hit, though, and stare down to the frail, old woman that stayed down on the ground, breathing heavily. The woman opened her eyes and stared up to Nori, looking as if she was about to speak. Nori simply shook her head and clinched her palm out tighter, threatening the woman if she was to move or speak. Nori turns her head around, her eyes meeting with Shisui's. This was no time for pleasantries or formality. "Have anything to tie her up?" 676 wc
  11. Nori nodded her head as she moved her body back into the room slowly. She didn't really want to know how he had died so she'd avoid that part of the conversation. Nori moved slowly towards the sink, grabbing hold of the clipboard and reading down the list. "Says B-7. I'd guess the morgue." She let out a breath and calmed down a bit as she turned her body back towards the man in the bed. Her byakugan continued to stare down at the bed as she moved to the other end opposite of Rain. She'd pull the sheet back over the man's body, covering it up from anyone in the hall. She'd begin to push the bed from its position and nod her head towards Rain. "And, that sounds good." She'd begin to push the bed out towards the hallway, not really sure of the layout of the hospital as they'd make it out of the room. "Not too sure where to go." She'd feel a small pain in her eyes. A bit of blood began to drip down the side of her face. She'd wipe it away quickly and deactivate her byakugan, giving herself a break. She'd close her eyes and wipe them with the palm of her hands. Unfortunately, her eyesight was gone once she opened them. She'd try not to mention it to Rain and continued to move with the bed. She had gotten used to the side-effect of the byakugan. She didn't normally use it for something like this. Oh well, her vision would be back soon enough. Nori picked her head up and kept her white eyes staring blankly in the direction of Rain's breathing and voice. Her hands would stay strapped around the hospital bed as she stepped hesitantly, since she wasn't comfortable with her surroundings. Nori wasn't sure if people outside her clan were aware of the defect or not. She'd find out today most likely if she couldn't keep it hidden well enough. 328wc @Jigokuchō
  12. Her eyes would wander towards the boy as he walked down the street towards her. For some odd reason, this section of the village seemed quiet so far, so she assumed that would be her partner. She looked up to the position of the sun for a moment, attempting to figure out the time of the day, since she couldn't quite tell how long she had been there. 'An older boy, huh?' She thought to herself as he got up closer, stopping near her, she'd look back up to him. 'What did he just say?' A perplexed look shot across her face, unsure exactly what he had just said. 'Must've misheard him or something.' She'd stand her body up from the bench and dust the back of her robe off before greeting the boy. Giving him a slight bow of her head, out of respect for her elder, and move her head up, greeting him with a small smile. "Good evening. I'm Nori of the Hyuga clan." She'd stand her body straight up but her eyes wouldn't meet his, instead choosing to move between his torso and feet. She wasn't too comfortable looking people in the eyes. The grin on his was odd but nothing she hadn't seen before from some of the civilians within the village. Odd look for a shinobi, though. Huh. He was an attractive looking older male otherwise, from what she could see. Regardless, the two were here to get a mission done. "Time to find an elderly woman. Let's be quick and careful with her." She'd decided to take control on this mission. She was trying to be a little less nervous and shy as she got older and this was one step of progress towards that goal. She'd turn her body around and begin to walk, her hands held behind her back, linked with one another, towards the village gate to speak with a member of the active patrol group. She'd stop near the entrance and turn to face the three men sitting in the booth. "Are you men having issues with an elderly woman?" She'd have a small smile on her face after speaking, keeping her formal stance. One of the guards spoke quickly, "She's out there now, most likely," gesturing his head into a motion towards the gate. Nori would nod her head, and simply assumed her partner was following, not bothering to look back. She wasn't expecting this mission to be difficult or take too much time anyways. Just have to talk to an old woman, no big deal. She walked outside of the wall, he eyes darting around the area, on the look out for this woman. She couldn't quite see her and she didn't want to have to resort to using her byakugan so quickly into the mission. The blindness was still an issue for her, so she'd avoid it and pray her partner could do the locating portion of the mission. She turned her head to look behind her for her partner, speaking once he was there, "Can you find the woman, please?" Her tone was soft and gentle, she was slightly embarrassed at her eyes' defects and didn't usually like revealing it to someone outside her clan. She just hoped he'd work with her on this. 546 + 454 = 1000 / 1000
  13. Mission Name | Defend the Wall Mission Type | Service; Flame Village exclusive Ranking | B Repeatable? | Yes; once per character Mission NPCs | Old lady; basic C-Rank abilities Mission Description | An old woman has been spotted near the village’s east wall multiple times, acting shady. Despite her outer appearance, it is believed that she has received basic ninja training; her abilities is equivalent to that of a C-Rank shinobi. Intel is assuming that she is planning to sabotage the wall. Your job is to investigate what she is up to and bring her to the higher ups for interrogation. Word Count | 1000 words Requirements | N/A It was still early in the day, shortly after noon as Nori walked herself through the town's center market. Her eyes wandered around for a few minutes, looking to find anything she could to snack on before her next mission. She received it earlier in the morning and was scheduled to head to the wall. It seemed like a more advanced patrol job than normal, so she was interested. She'd stop herself at a small stall and purchase a delicious-looking apple. She'd take one small bite into it and fell in love. She'd give the old lady running it a small smile and her thanks before heading off towards the east wall. The mission information she received spoke mostly of an elderly-looking woman and Nori and her partner would have to detain her for questioning. It felt odd to her; she had always been taught to respect her elders, which was taken to a new level in the tradition of her clan. So she was not keen on the idea of taking in an old woman, so she hoped they wouldn't have to work too hard to do it. She wasn't sure who her new partner was, but she hadn't been too comfortable with her last few partners. Nori was not exactly looking forward to meeting another new person, but hopefully he was at least pleasant to be around for a patrolling job. Nori assumed they'd meet up at the wall, so she started to quicken her pace and maneuvered her petite body through the crowds of people in the streets. She took a few more bites of her apple, only nibbles mostly, as she almost broke into a sprint, making sure to get there on time. She arrived at the gate shortly but after looking around, noticed she had made it there before her partner. She sat down on a bench near the gate and continued to chow down on her apple, hoping to finish it before he or she arrived. She sat her body straight up as she finished her apple, placing it on the bench next to her. She sat in her formal robe that covered a majority of her body but stopped near her ankles. Her black hair wasn't fixed well, so it was a tad bit messy and knotted. She moved her hand to the back of her head and tightened her forehead protector and pushed her bangs away from her face, making sure it could be seen by anyone. She'd turn her head towards the streets, watching with her large, white eyes for a few moments before moving them back in front of her and began staring at the ground as she waited for her partner to arrive. wc 454 / 1000 @Peridot
  14. Nori followed Rain into the room, and the stench hit her like a truck. She flinched her and turned her face away from the room before walking completely into the room. Nori's white eyes grew even wider when she approached the bed and stared. A knot grew in the pit of her stomach. She had never seen a dead body before or even that much blood. She didn't really know what to think. She barely even heard Rain when she turned to ask her what she saw. She just simply stared, as her eyes grew wider and wider at the event before her. She moved her body closer to the bed and pulled back the sheet from the man's body, not really knowing what to expect. But if anything, she'd have to get used to this as a shinobi, so she planned to take it all in. As she pulled the sheet back, most of the blood was located under the man's head but had pooled down by his torso. She dropped the sheet and took a step back, in shock of the man laying before her. Her face drooped and she tried her best to look away without success. She didn't want to stare but she could not help it. She felt like she had to look. She finally understood what Rain meant and she slowly moved one of her hands up towards her face. The veins in her small, narrow face became visible as she activated her byakugan. She used her byakugan to stare at the man and it was now clear to her the man was definitely dead. The man's chakra flow had come to a halt, and he was no longer a member of this world. She stared at the body for another moment before speaking softly and holding back any stuttering, “No chakra flow at all. I w-wonder how..” Her second sentence had been slightly interrupted by a choke in her voice. She tried to be strong here. No tears. She held back successfully, thought she wanted to drop to her knees and cry. This wasn't an experience she was expecting to have today. This was the main reason she hated hospitals, and it didn't seem that her mind would be changing today. She stepped back from the man's body and headed to the door. wc 391 + 768 = 1159 / 700 @Jigokuchō
  15. Nori stood outside the room, her eyes darting towards the receptionist's desk, spotting a slightly older-looking girl speaking to the receptionist. She watched as the girl headed her way with a clipboard in hand. Nori would assume that was her and began following the girl, close on her heel. She was excited about getting to meet another young lady, her life had been filled with boys in the Hyuga compound. She never really had much time to work with many of her female classmates at the academy, so it'd be nice to finally have a female teammate that was around her age. She'd let out a small smile when the young girl introduced herself as Rain. Nori would nod her head slowly before responding, "And I'm Nori." Meeting new people was always difficult for Nori but this time, it almost came naturally. Rain had the appearance of a sweet woman, causing the nervousness in the pit of her stomach to disappear. She was suddenly much more comfortable doing this. Her eyes would no longer stare down at the ground; she'd keep them up the rest of the day. "It did seem like an easy one. Easy ryo!" She followed Rain towards the first patient's room. Nori's smile had grown a bit when they approached the room and the head nurse. "We're here to help transfer some of your patients, ma'am." She'd speak quickly followed by a slight bow of her head. "We sure appreciate all the help we can get! Go right on ahead and get to work, ladies." The nurse would smile down over the two girls before turning on her heels and heading back to continue her work. The two girls reach the room of Oto Kursaki. Nori would gesture her hand towards the door, letting Rain take the lead on this. Nori wasn't too fond of hospitals. This would probably be slightly difficult for her to do. So she'd let Rain do her thing. She seemed like she knew what she was doing. wc 335 + 433 = 768 / 700 @Jigokuchō