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  1. Bump.
  2. some steel
  3. Bloodline Name | Steel Release [鋼遁 ~ Kōton] Possessors | - Appearance | Sharp facial features and a good physique. Abilities | Steel release is one of many nature transformation kekkai genkai, composed of earth and fire. The earth itself is smelted by the super-heated chakra expelled from the user's body, thus forming steel. With steel release, a variety of offensive and defensive jutsu can be used. Naturally, steel is more durable than earth - making it so that steel jutsu are rendered a rank higher. Steel's properties make it so that it has a high tolerance against fire, therefore steel jutsu are rendered a rank higher. Weaknesses | Due to steel being a great conductor for electricity, lightning jutsu are able to phase through steel constructs and are a rank higher in damage. Chakra Cost | -
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  6. some mud
  7. Bloodline Name | Mud Release [泥遁 ~ Deiton] Possessors | Any. Appearance | Possessors have a stigma of being dirty and unclean due to their ability normally leaving them in a mess. Abilities | Mud release is a nature transformation kekkei genkai, a combination of water and earth. It is composed of the same natures as wood release, however, because wood release is more popular its existence was questioned. Note: Adding water to a mud jutsu will strengthen it by a rank, making it more muddy. Weaknesses | Fire jutsu are a rank higher in damage against mud. Chakra Cost | -
  8. Name | Nickname | Title Name | Gender | Age | Birth Date | Hair Color | Eye Color | Height | Weight | Appearance | Village | Clan | Village Ranking: | Shinobi Ranking | Element(s) | Specialties | Bloodline | Favorable | Unfavorable | Personality | Philosophy & Beliefs | History & Background |