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  1. Bloodline Name | Branch of Sin (罪の枝, Tsumi no Eda). Possessors | Lindow Amamiya. Appearance | The blood is thicker than regular blood and ialso darker. In "Pleasure Mode" The user eyes turn black with his pupils red, his teeth get sharper, his hair grows slightly longer and turns pure black spiking up. His nails get sharper also and his body changes color to a dark clay like color. Abilities | The Branch of Sin (罪の枝, Tsumi no Eda) The ability to control and freely move your own blood. The Branch of Sin is mostly used as a weapon and can form into various objects [like a sword, scythe,hammer, armor, web, spear, etc]. Also allows the user to replenish blood with there own chakra. This ability is possible because the users chakra is infused with there blood. The user can manipulate his blood threw open wounds, and his mouth. Only in pleasure mode can the user utilize his blood threw his skin. Because of the deeply root and fusion with the users chakra and blood the users blood count as extra chakra increasing his chakra by 50. Pleasure Mode: This is achieved when the user continues to sustain damage that make the user bleed [4 C-Rank, 3 B-rank, 2 A-rank, 1 S-rank] this are the way to activate "Pleasure Mode" the techniques have to hit the user directly. After the amount of damage that the user take his eyes will turn black and his pupils will turn red, at this point the user doesn't speak just laughs and growls. The user gains a boost to Speed, Strength, and Stamina by 1 level, this form last for 5 post. Weaknesses | Because the users blood and chakra also so deeply infuse the user cannot manipulate any elements, Until A-Rank. After Pleasure Mode the users attributes that were increase, decrease by 1 level each. after 2 post the user loses consciousness and faints. The User many not learn a 3rd element nor a 3rd Specialisation. Chakra Cost | Depends On Technqiue.
  2. The sun was at its peek, as the clouds slowly moved around the sky and the birds flied by. The breeze was cold and passed by slowly making the heat of the sun feel great. The leafs and branches moved and danced at the rythem of the breeze as the animals like squarlls and deers walked around the road. "What a peaceful day it's has been this morning." Isuma said. He walked with his hands inside his black cloak. His eyes moved to the right then to the left as he just looked at the environment and the beauty of the area. Isuma smiled throughout the journey to the Akishi Valley, it was known as the most dangerous place in the ninja village and the most beautiful too. Isuma only saw the valley from a distance as he was young, and know he finally gets to go and see form himself the beauty was hidden within the valley itself. Isuma stops for a moment as a deer walks towards him. "Hey little guy, what's going on?, how much more towards the Akishi Valley?" Isuma asked the deer. The deer looked to the path ahead and told him how to get to the area. Isuma smiled and bowed petting the deer in the head, As he continue forward. But a sudden change in feeling came upon Isuma as he felt something, he wasn't the only one in the area he could feel the presences of another shinobi. Isuma continue on forward but this time was was cautious since he hoped it wasn't a villager. His hatred towards the villages has grown large and he didn't want to go berserk again in such a beautiful place.

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  6. Yes. But the greatsword itself doesn't change. the chakra that surrounds the greatsword can shape transform into a hammer, scythe, etc.
  7. Name | Shikai. Type | Great Sword. - Sub-Type | Two Handed. Ranking | C-Rank.[Special] Material(s) | Black Steel/ Hard Wood/ Cloth. Dimensions| Blade Length: 35 inches | Blade Width: 20 inches | Handle: 15 inches. Nature | - Appearance | Abilities | Sabre Technqiue: [C-Rank] Unique to Shikai, this technique employs the concept of chakra flow. Through the use of chakra flow, the user channels their chakra through their swords, extending both the reach and cutting ability of the blade, while allowing the user to fire crescents of chakra whenever the blade is swung. [The projectiles move at 50 Mph, at a distance of 10 meters. Each projectile is 35 inches in length and 20 inch in width.] also shown the ability to use shape transformation during the implementation of this technique, sculpting their respective chakra blades into various rudimentary weapons that extend beyond the natural dimensions of their original swords; such as broadswords, spiked shafts and even axes. This capability allows him to rely on smaller swords reminiscent of wakizashi, while attaining greater reach, damage and the possibility of conducting surprise attacks as necessary. [To use the technique the user must first give 50 Cp, if he wishes to upkeep the Sable Technqiue he must give an upkeep of 15 Cp each Post | Also each time the user uses Shape transformation he must give 5 cp.] Description | A Great Sword used back before the "Great Shinobi War" began. Only used my the members of the Sennin clan. Availability | Personal. Requirements | User must have Bukijutsu either primary or secondary. Ryo Cost | 800 Ryo.
  8. Yes but only the chakra that surrounds the blade can turn into a different shape.
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  10. Name | Fuma Hira Shuriken. Type | Throwing Star. - Sub-Type | Throwing. Ranking | C-Rank. Material(s) | Black Steel. Dimensions| Length: 24 inches | Blade Length: 8 inches. Nature |- Appearance | Abilities |- Description | A Traditional Fuma Shuriken used in the Great Shinobi War. Availability | Public. Requirements |- Ryo Cost | 300 Ryo
  11. Jutsu Name | Fire Release: Flame Bullet. Jutsu Type | Offensive. Ranking | C-Rank. Element(s) | Katon. Specialty(s) | Ninjutsu. Energy Cost | 25 Cp. Handsigns | Tiger, Monkey, Snake, Dragon. Range | 15 M. Duration | 1post. Flames burn for 2 posts after hitting something. Description | The user converts chakra in their mouth into fire, and shoots it at the target in the form of a (4m long x 3m wide x 3m tall) flame projectile that moves at 50 Mph. On-contact, this results a painful burning sensation on the hit area, which can burn to the bones. Upon impact the jutsu inflicts major burns, which intensify the longer the target stay on fire, after the initial post if allowed to continue burning. This technique can be used strategically to let the ninja cut off an escape route, as the Flame Bullet will continue to burn on any surface it hits, even if not normally flammable. Other Effects | Can be take down by D-rank water technique. Requirements | - Status | Public.
  12. Name | Hira shuriken. Type | Throwing Star - Sub-Type | Thrown. Ranking | D-Rank. Material(s) | Black Steel. Dimensions| Length: 4 inch | Blade Lenght: 1 inch. Nature |- Appearance | Abilities |- Description | A traditional shuriken used in the Great Shinobi War. Availability | Public. Requirements |- Ryo Cost | 100 Ryo.
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  14. Isuma stood as he sees a man making his way towards him. The man was tall, taller than Isuma and had marks like tattoos around arms, hands and neck. That made Isuma think about his seal mark to suppress his demon, but it also could have just been fuinjutsu that help him boost his body for battle. Isuma crossed his arms together thinking of what to do the man didn't wear his village headband either to hide his identity or maybe he was a civilian or a rogue or even a wanderer like Isuma. “Hello friend! What a wonderful afternoon we are having isn’t it!” The stranger said. Isuma got caught of guard with the comment of the stranger. Isuma begin to think again if he ever meet this man he does forget people because of his rampages. Isuma noticed a smile on the stranger so he didn't worried to much. Isuma bowed a bit to show respect which is something he doesn't do to a lot of people. "Yeah, I see you coming from Akishi Valley, I was wondering how much farther am I?" Isuma Asked. Isuma looked at the stranger as he begins to remembers his days back in the flame village. As if he seen him before when he was younger, but still a lot of blur.
  15. Jutsu Name | Fire Release: Misty Flame Dance Jutsu Type | Supplementary. Ranking | D-Rank. Element(s) | Katon. Specialty(s) | Ninjutsu. Energy Cost | 10 Cp. Handsigns | Tiger, Snake, Dragon. Range | 10 cubic meters of gas, expelled in front of the user. Duration | The cloud lasts for 2 posts before dissipating. Ignition causes an instant fireball. Description | The user breathes deep, filling their mouth and throat with chakra. They then convert this chakra into a gaseous substance which they exhale rapidly. This gas is highly flammable, and is impossible to see without a Doujutsu. It does however, have a very distinct noxious odor. When exposed to a spark, it ignites, creating a large fireball. Other Effects | This technique can be combined with another Fire Release jutsu to increase its degree of burns by 1 degree. The gas spreads at a rate of 5m/s as do the flames when it's ignited. Requirements | - Status | Public.
  16. Jutsu Name | Fire Release: Phoenix Flower Jutsu Jutsu Type | Offensive. Ranking | C-Rank. Element(s) | Katon. Specialty(s) | Ninjutsu Energy Cost | 25 Cp. Handsigns | Tiger, Ox, Boar, Dragon. Range | 15 M. Duration | 1 Post. Description | The user inhales deeply, flooding their throat and mouth with chakra. They then expel this chakra in the form of ten tiny spheres of fire. These spheres all travel at 50 Mph, and are about the size of a basketball. On impact, each small fireball deals small burns. Projectiles can also be hidden inside the fireballs, though any cuts from them are cauterized. While this is a C-rank technique, it produces many small spheres which each function as E-rank projectile jutsu (meaning 4 of them can break one D-rank defense). Other Effects | - Requirements | - Status | Public.
  17. Jutsu Name | Fire Release: Flame Gale. Jutsu Type | Offensive. Ranking | C-Rank Element(s) | Katon. Specialty(s) | Ninjutsu Energy Cost | 25 Cp. Handsigns | Tiger, Clap Hands Together. Range | 10 Meters. Duration | 1 Post. Description | The user inhales air and infuses katon chakra. Then claps his hands together as he exhales the fire chakra threw his fingers, exhaling a torrent of fire that spreads widely. [5 meters wide & 10 meters long] Other Effects | The user can aim this technique forwards, upwards or downwards. Requirements | - Status | Public.
  18. Jutsu Name | Wind Release: Spiralling Wind Ball. Jutsu Type | Offensive. Ranking | C-Rank. Element(s) | Futon. Specialty(s) | Ninjutsu. Energy Cost | 25 Cp. Handsigns | Tiger, Ox, Snake. Range | 15 Meters. Duration | 1 Post. Description | This technique allows the user to breathe wind-infused chakra into the palm of their hand, shaping it into a small, whirlwind-like ball. Then the user will shoot it at their opponent. This technique seems to be very fast and powerful, as it is capable of smashing through thick rock. They can be launched in rapid succession. Other Effects | - Requirements | - Status | Public.
  19. Jutsu Name | Wind Release: Gale Palm. Jutsu Type | Offensive, Supplementary Ranking | C-Rank Element(s) | Futon. Specialty(s) | Ninjutsu. Energy Cost | 25 Cp. Handsigns | Hands clapped together Range | 10 Meters. Duration | 1 Post. Description | A simple technique where by when the user clasps their hands together as the user blows wind into the palms, wind is compressed and transformed into a powerful gale. This technique, when used as an isolated attack, has the power to easily knock over a human. Though the true value comes from using it together with projectile weapons like shuriken or kunai. Their speed, power, and ability to wound are all increased by 1 level. Other Effects | - Requirements | - Status | Public.