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  1. Daichi had proved himself to be the gentleman, as he had paid for her meals, but even so, she was careful not to raise the bill too high. In fact, she was careful not to stuff herself at all, so that he would not think of her as a glutton... and also to watch her weight. True, being a very active child, she was sure to burn off the calories anyway, but moderation and discipline were key to being a good shinobi. Regardless of this, she quite enjoyed the lunch break. And of course, she did not have any sake, for obvious reasons. Some hours later, they had returned to the training grounds, which Sada would have done anyway, even if her mentor had decided to call it a day after the food. She felt very ready for some rigorous training, and was ready to give it her best. She chuckled as she watched him rub his belly, responding to his question as to whether she had enjoyed herself, with a hearty nod. Daichi seemed to be the kind of guy that looked scary from a distance, but was a lot more fun and approachable when you got to know him. That was what she had discerned so far from him. The scene for this next step of training was quite beautiful and soothing, but Sadame would enjoy its tranquility after the business of the day was done. "Sure thing, Daichi-sensei. I'm ready to learn 'a thing or two'." She didn't know what he wanted to teach her. He had put some distance between them, though, so she wondered whether he would ask her to come at him again. Whichever the case, she would wait for him to instruct, and trust in his guidance. He was the sensei, after all.
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  7. Jutsu Name | Okawari (Second helpings) Jutsu Type | Offensive Ranking | C-Rank Element(s) | None Specialty(s) | Taijutsu Energy Cost | 25 SP Handsigns | None Range | Arm or leg length (basically physical attack distance) Duration | Instantaneous Description | After a first attack has been successfully landed, the user takes advantage of superior speed and the recoil of the opponent to push forward and strike again, thus inflicting an extra attack on their opponent where one blow should have just happened. Usually more dramatic when the target is airborne, especially from a knock back effect. Other Effects | None Requirements | Taijustu Novice Status | Public
  8. Sadame's expression changed from mildly dejected to a slight smile. Perhaps he was just patronizing her, or maybe he actually had noticed the soundness of her strategy, even though it had not managed to produce the expected results. Be that as it may, the fact that he still had encouraged her meant that he was likely not going to be too stingy in the way he doled out compliments. He would not have to worry about her being lax as a result; she would always strive to be at her best. Her eyes widened slightly as he placed a hand on her head. Unexpected, but it felt kind of nice... even if he was messing up the hair she always liked to keep straight and perfect. There were quite a number of things that excited her about her meeting with her new sensei, but one of the foremost ones was that he might just end up taking the role of elder brother she never had. Elder brother and mentor. Her parents were the best, true, but they were not shinobi, so there was little they could do for her in that regard. The slight smile on her face slowly grew. Daichi proposed two options: continue some training, or get a bite to eat in the way of ramen. Normally, she would have chosen training, seeing that it was a step further to becoming stronger. However, as her mother always reminded her, rest and relaxation were just as important as training, as long as they were all well balanced. "Ramen isn't a bad idea, Daichi-sensei. The sun is up and getting hot anyway." The noon sun could be enervating, if one was training under it for long, so getting out from under it was a good plan. Besides, in the cool of the day, when training was very 'convenient', her food would have digested and given her the necessary energy to continue practicing. She would leave the choice of where the ramen would be eaten to Daichi; it wasn't like she had any place to suggest anyway. If they were going to eat something like takoyaki or some other pastry, oh yeah, she would surely have some ideas.
  9. Her sensei's movements were fluid; she had expected that. He was a Jounin, after all, and he was an expert in the physical arts. It was like he could guess what she wanted to do before she even performed them. According to her, it was due to his level of speed and training that he could react that way. And Sadame, for her part, was not quick enough. Effortlessly, her kick was blocked by his own leg, and when she ha tried to follow up with the backhand, he had simply caught her wrist. Yeah, not only was he quite faster, he was on a stronger level, too. However, Sadame was not the type to throw simple attacks without having something else planned. She was well aware that if he blocked her hand or dodged it, she would be exposed for the meantime, so her left hand reached into her carrying case to fish out a kunai. Other factors being equal, she was going to throw the kunai at him immediately. His reaction to it would probably cause him to release her, and she would be able to work on the next plan of actions. Unfortunately, his blow came much faster than she had even anticipated, catching her off guard, knocking her onto the ground, with the kunai harmlessly falling aside. Sadame blinked at the sky, then sat up slowly, her breath coming back to her eventually. While she had expected him to be beyond her level, she had not envisaged that the spar would be so quickly over. And while she was not impressed with herself, she knew there was still space to improve. She just then noticed that Daichi had offered her his hand, and she gratefully took it, getting back on her feet while saying: "I guess that wasn't so impressive, after all, Daichi-sensei." And an extra 303 words... hehe.
  10. Wow! Today kept getting better and better. Not only did Daichi seem like the kind of guy she would have no problems with, he also stated that he had the same issues she was plagued with. For him to become a Jounin, and be deemed fit by the Hikage to mentor the younger generation, it meant that he was very impressive in his own right. However, he said something that got her confused. If he claimed that his lack of prowess in other shinobi fields meant he was a slow learner, where did that place her? According to the academy, she was very fast, even for her age, when it came to learning from books. Well, maybe she was a genius when it came down to the theory, but as far as practicals were concerned, yeah, maybe she was a slow learner. Daichi put a little distance between them, went into a fighting stance, and invited her to come and attack. In all honesty, Sadame was almost certain that she would be unable to even put a fleck on dust on his clothes, but she knew she was bound to learn a lot from this training. It wasn't like this spar was meant for her to defeat him, anyway. "Hmmm... a solid balanced style, evident by the placement of his feet, perhaps more likely to evade with simple but effective and calculated moves, than dodge out wide... His body orientation seems disposed towards his right side, so he's probably right handed. Fists balled; that's diagnostic of a 'punch inclined' style, but I still got to watch out for his feet." Sadame wasn't really talking to anyone but herself, though at Daichi's distance from her, he would be able to make out what she said if he strained well enough. Without bothering to take a stance; she didn't know of any serious ones, anyway, Sadame ran at Daichi, choosing to throw a swinging kick with her left leg towards Daichi's right side (a right handed combatant would expect kicks to go towards their left side), which she concluded with a spinning back hand, so as to make use of the initial torque generated from her kick. WC (for Taijutsu Training): 365/325
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  12. Ah, he used her nickname. That gave Sadame hope that she would get along well with him, since he would be at least kind of easy going. That was not something to dwell much on, though, because he went down to business, and to Sada, it was a good thing, too. The sooner she got a real feel of things as a shinobi, the sooner she could start making her plans on how to perform whatever roles she needed to accomplish in the ninja world. The major specialty had always been a cause of disappointment for Sada in the past. Most people did not follow the Taijutsu field, unless they had some special technique that aided their physical combat, which they could use to show off. Sadame had chosen Taijustu, only because she more or less was not good at much else, even with all her effort. However, this was the best time to show the whole world just what she could accomplish by her determination. What people considered as non-spectacular, she would make something cool out of it. Hopefully, Daichi-sensei would have the experience to lead her down the right path. "It's Taijutsu, sir. I never really seemed to excel much with any of the others. I've done some research as to why, but I never came up with anything concrete. I don't suppose my focusing on Taijustu only implies that I have a medical condition relating to chakra, because I'm not sure something like that exists... unless the medics have kept such information to themselves, in which case..." She stopped abruptly, and clamped a hand over her mouth. People seemed to get bored with her 'ramblings', and some just assumed that she was a little Miss know-it-all who liked showing off. Sadame hoped Daichi would not be much like such people. "It's Taijutsu, Daichi-sensei. And I agree; some bit of training will definitely be beneficial."
  13. Silently counting the seconds and supposing the hour of twelve would have struck by now, Sadame suddenly noticed a shinobi walking towards her. It was most likely going to be the Daichi she was looking forward to meet. Interestingly, he seemed to have suddenly materialized in her peripheral vision, though she knew that she had just been focusing too much on the other direction to notice him get into the park. In the few seconds it would take for him to reach her, she tried making some mental analyses on the man. The most noticeable thing about him was his hair... and his eyes. Sadame instantly guessed that he would probably belong to the Uzumaki clan. They were known for their red hair and similar eye color. The next thing she noticed was his height. He was tall, and boy, was she short! In fact, he was roughly 4 inches away from dwarfing her by two full feet. His expression seemed quite stern; she couldn't make out whether that was the face he liked to hide behind, or if he was the rigid sort. She hoped it would be the former, because she wanted a sensei who could catch fun, yet manage to be disciplined enough to train her well. Sadame bowed courteously. "Yes, I am Fukashigi Sadame. It's an honor to meet you, Daichi-sensei." She made sure she had acted very formally; that way, she would be able to tell by his next response whether to act more freely around him, or try to keep up her formal front. She actually had a lot of questions to ask him, but pestering someone you just met with many inquiries was not a very polite thing to do. So, after greeting him, she just watched him with her large dark eyes, trying to further appraise his character. An idea suddenly popped into her head, and she decided to try it out. Her pet name. If he went with it, it likely meant he was more informal than his face let on. If he preferred to stay with her full name (even though it was two letters longer), then he was likely the traditional sort. "You could just call me 'Sada'. Most people do so, anyway."
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