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  1. There wasn't much opportunity for talking it seemed. The introductions were brief, and it didn't give Jace much of a chance to get much of a read on Shimo. Tenri certainly wasted no time in deciding to take charge and begin the mission. Not that it was a bad thing, considering the urgency detailed in his mission briefing. "Sure, lead the way," he said as he followed the girl deeper into the slums. As they walked, Tenri mentioned bringing some wireless radios for the trio to use and handed one to Jace as well as Shimo. The blond male took his immediately and quickly positioned it in his left ear. It impressed him how prepared this girl was. Perhaps she had more experience in leading teams than Jason had. Shimo seemed to be thinking the same, at least that's what Jace assumed since the boy seemed to have no objections to their current situation either. As they walked, his eyes darted everywhere, taking in as much detail as he could about his surroundings and trying to get a read on the exact state of affairs this part of the village was in. His hands clenched tightly into fists as they passed by a young girl, no older than 4, catching water in her hands from a broken gutter and lapping it up quickly as if she hadn't had anything to drink in days. How could the village let things get so bad down here? Word Count | 242
  2. I actually really like the dual ranking system. It's probably the main reason I decided to join SG. I love the idea of a Genin being able to have S rank power instead of being limited by their village rank. The exp system here is nice, but so far it seems just encouraging quantity over quality and mission grinding. What happened to having an actual meaningful plot and character development? Why do spars and training fights not net exp? Esp if it's a student against a teacher (i.e. Anyone of higher village ranking or shinobi ranking fighting a lower ranking character to train them. In that case the lower ranking should gain more exp because they are learning. Whereas the higher ranking should also gain exp from this, but not as much. The exp gain would be for exp on their job area such as a jounin becoming more accustomed to teaching genin.) uchiha are in definite need of a buff because right now they are pretty useless. I've mentioned it cb already, but I know I can come up with a well balanced system for the sharingan and mangekyo sharingan and share it with staff for them to make final adjustments on if they'd like me to. Other than rhat im still pretty new here so I don't really see anything else atm. Thanks for the opportunity to give feedback! ^.^
  3. The cool breeze brushed his blond hair across his face, the salty air reminding him that these rundown streets riddled with abandoned buildings and dirty-clothed adults and children alike was still part of his home. He hated walking through the slums. Not because he thought he was better than these people or any other such arrogant thoughts, but because it sickened him to know there were still so many areas of the Water Village that still struggled and suffered so much. Truly it was no wonder why the youth of this area had been turning to violent and immoral ways lately to survive. It was probably the only way they really saw to make a living. Unfortunately, the one they were turning to was Taro, the leader of a criminal organization known as Onyx Shoal. It was also the real reason Jason was here now. Walking leisurely through the dark, and dreary alleyways with his hands in his pockets, it wasn't long before he spotted just who he was looking for. At least, he assumed it was these two. He had been assigned to various missions lately with different squads from the one he had first been assigned to after graduating the academy. He couldn't help but wonder what type of people these new squad members were. Would they be glad to have been assigned this mission, knowing they could help to clean up the slums? Or would they resent the fact, thinking they were above this kind of task? He supposed he would find out soon enough. Stopping at the exit of the alley he had just been walking through, he glanced at the blonde female who he guessed was Tenri. "Tenri, I assume," he said as his eyes took in the girl's figure, obviously checking her out. He couldn't really help himself; Jason had a weakness for pretty women, especially blondes. "What a refreshing sight in such a dreary place." he continued. Then he addressed the other member of his squad. "And you must be Shimo. Very nice to meet you." Word Count | 339
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    Jason Uchiha C-Rank Genin Character Sheet
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  7. Update Type | Jutsu purchase Update Name | ~ Update Training | ~ Update Ryo | 1700 - 600 = 1100 | 200 fireball[C-Rank], 200 Phoenix flower[C-Rank], 200 body flicker[C-Rank] Update Links | Body Flicker[C-Rank], Fireball Technique[C-Rank], Phoenix Flower Jutsu[C-Rank]
  8. Update Type | Specialty advancement Update Name | ~ Update Training | Ninjutsu specialty from beginner to novice Update Ryo | ~ Update Links | training link
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  10. Jason had always been above average at utilizing ninjutsu. It was probably because of his heritage. The Uchiha clan had always been hailed as genius shinobi in the past, specializing in ninjutsu but also some of the clan being uncannily proficient with genjutsu thanks to their sharingan eyes. Unfortunately it has been a long time now since one such member of the clan has risen thanks to their powers dwindling. Alas, maybe one day soon there will be another. It didn't really matter now. Jason needed to focus on improving his skills for the impending Chuunin exams. He had already failed them twice in the past, he refused to fail a third time. However, if he really wanted to make it all the way through and finally be promoted, he had some work to do. The first thing on his list was to advance his knowledge and proficiency with the art of ninjutsu. It was the one skill-set he had always been good at. Top of his class in the academy, and he had been able to provide essential back up on several missions since he had been assigned to a Genin squad under a Jounin leader. Now he sat in a distant corner of the Water Village's training grounds. They were practically deserted, which was to be expected considering it was the middle of the night. He had quietly left his room in the barracks to come out here, bringing along several scrolls with him that contained detailed information on chakra control, hand seals and their uses, different variations of ninjutsu techniques and so on. The one containing information on chakra control was currently spread out on the soft ground in front of the young Uchiha, the light from the full moon completely illuminating the paper for him to be able to read it clearly. It helped that there wasn't a cloud in the sky either, which made this all the more easy for him to accomplish his goal. There was an illustration of the complete chakra network and all 371 tenketsu points listed out that Jason had been studying for the past thirty minutes or so. Little annotations covered the sides of the diagram, going into detail and how chakra flows within a person's body and naming each of the tenketsu in turn. It was a shame they were so small; if he could just see them he would be able to mimic the Hyuga's tactics of cutting of access to a person's chakra network during battle. It was part of the reason he had been studying this specific diagram for so long now; Jason had hoped it would give him the knowledge he needed to attempt it. Unfortunately he decided to give it up as improbable and move on to the next bit of information in the scroll. This portion gave detailed information on different exercises to enhance someone's chakra control. The very first on the list was to practice flowing your chakra to different parts of your body and concentrating it there for a few moments before letting it disperse and then repeating the process. It didn't seem very difficult. In fact, Jason started to practice this as he continued reading. First, he concentrated a dense amount of chakra into the palm of his left hand, holding it there for about ten seconds. Then, he let the chakra disperse just as the scroll had instructed and waited another five seconds before beginning again. This time, he concentrated his chakra into his right hand, held it, and finally let it disperse for the same amount of time. Next, he chose the center of his forehead to flow his chakra to. The young Uchiha concentrated it in a tiny area directly in the center of his forehead and only half an inch above his eyebrows. The point was only about half an inch wide as well as long. Once more he held it there for ten seconds before letting it disperse. When he finished that, he felt comfortable enough to move on. Jason decided to switch it up at this point and open the scroll that depicted different hand seals. Now this scroll was incredibly useful in helping someone to understand which hand seals were usually used for what types of jutsu. It even depicted each hand seal and what it was called, the illustrations showing exactly how each finger should be placed. Of course, learning the different hand seals was something he had done at the academy, so he decided to just skim over that part. Over the next few hours, Jason dove into the information detailed in each and every scroll he had brought with him. The blond did his very best to memorize as much as he could, learning things like how to control his chakra into ridiculously precise points in his body and how that could be helpful, that the Tiger hand seal is normally used in performing fire style techniques whereas the Snake hand seal is often used for earth style techniques. By the time the first light of the morning sun could be seen over the horizon, Jason felt he had seriously improved his expertise in the area of ninjutsu. With his goal having been accomplished, he made his way back to the barracks in hopes of getting a few hours of sleep. [exit] TWC: 891 ninjutsu specialty training: Beginner -> Novice
  11. Update Type | Equipment/Jutsu Update Name | Equipment/Jutsu Purchase Update Training | ~ Update Ryo | 2,500 - 200(leg holster) - 150(shuriken x15) - 100(kunai x10) - 300(explosive tag x10) - 50(substitution tech) - 100(sealing tech)= 1,600 remaining Update Links | leg holster, shuriken, kunai, explosive tags, substitution tech, sealing tech
  12. Name | Jason Uchiha Nickname | Jace or Jay Title Name | None atm Gender | Male Age | 23 Home Link | ~ Village | Water Clan | Uchiha Village Ranking: | Genin Shinobi Ranking | C Element(s) | Fire Specialties | Primary: Ninjutsu(Novice) Secondary: None Yet Bloodline | Sharingan Chakra | 200 Stamina | 100 Jutsu | Equipment | Forms | Creatures/Summons | Styles | Mentors & Pupils | Friends & Family | Recent History | The Code Box Below is to Provide Easy Access to the Update Template [color=#ff3d3d][b]Update Type[/b][/color] | [color=#ff3d3d][b]Update Name[/b][/color] | [color=#ff3d3d][b]Update Training[/b][/color] | [color=#ff3d3d][b]Update Ryo[/b][/color] | [color=#ff3d3d][b]Update Links[/b][/color] |
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  15. Name | Jason Uchiha Nickname | Usually he goes by 'Jace' but his family and close friends often refer to him as 'Jay' as well. Title Name | ~ (will add this in later on when I come up with one if acceptable) Gender | Male Age | 23 Birth Date | April 2nd Hair Color | Blond Eye Color | Emerald Green Height | 4'6" Weight | 118 lbs Appearance | Jason stands 4 feet 6 inches tall. He has medium length messy blond hair and startling emerald green eyes. His body is well defined from years of training. He is often seen wearing a collared long sleeve white shirt that is open at the top with black strings creating a cross-stitch design over the opening. It is ornamented with golden loops that the strings pass through. He wears black pants and the typical beige shinobi sandals. The Uchiha crest is stitched into the right arm of the shirt and his shinobi forehead protector has been sewn into the sleeve of his left arm. He keeps two weapons pouches on him to carry his ninja tools. One is behind him on his left hand side attached to a brown belt holding up his pants. The other is a slender kunai holder strapped to his right thigh. Both provide easy access to his weapons when he needs them. Village | Water Clan | Uchiha Village Ranking: | Genin Shinobi Ranking | C Element(s) | Fire Specialties | Ninjutsu(Beginner) Bloodline | Sharingan Favorable | Water Village, the Uchiha, puzzles and games such as chess, alcohol, women, the satisfaction of completing a mission, learning new things, the color purple. Unfavorable | Arrogant people, Condescending people, killing without a purpose, failing a mission. Personality | First and foremost Jason is very loyal to his village. There aren't many things, if any at all, that he wouldn't do if it were to help his home. He is ready and willing to give his life if necessary. He has a tendency to drink during the evenings, usually frequenting some local bar when he isn't training, out on a mission or researching something that has piqued his interest. Jason is a very lively person; he is always up to have fun with his comrades and peers, usually inviting everyone out for a drink on his dime. He is sarcastic and a clown, but always knows where to draw the line and is able to be serious when he needs to. Though it may take some time for Jason to completely trust someone, he will never treat anyone with complete disrespect or condescension in any way. Most would call him a social chameleon, able to easily adapt to his environment and fit in with practically any social crowd. Jason is talented at reading people, overly observant of their body language, tone of voice, speech patterns and other such things which, naturally, helps him to understand people better and creates a lot of empathy within the Uchiha male. Philosophy & Beliefs | Jason believes that you should protect your friends, family, and comrades above all else. If there is a choice between completing a mission or saving a comrade, he will always choose to save his comrade and take whatever consequences come with failure. He chooses to treat everyone with love and respect, even if they are undeserving of it. However, this does not mean that he will let anyone walk all over him. There is a difference between being loving and respectful, and being naive and a pushover. Those who follow leaders with blind loyalty are in need of serious education. Loyalty is a great thing, yes, but blind loyalty can get people killed or lead you down a path you don't believe in. History & Background | Growing up in the Water Village was easy for Jason. His parents were both members of the Uchiha clan, though his mother had never awakened her sharingan and didn't exactly have any formal ninja training. His father, on the other hand, was well versed in the arts of fire style and the utilization of their clan's sharingan. He had helped Jason to learn and train from a young age, not hesitating to enroll the boy in the shinobi academy when he was old enough. Jason was above average in terms of talent. He was by no means a genius, but he did learn quicker than most of the other kids in his class. Because of this, he often helped the other students when he saw they were struggling with a particular subject. His teachers always described him as a kind of 'sun'; people just seemed to gravitate toward the boy and he had quickly become the nucleus of his class. Before he knew it, Jason had graduated from the academy and was welcomed into the ranks of the Water Village's shinobi, earning the title of Genin. He was assigned to a small unit under the instruction of a Jounin sensei, as was custom. Together they went on various missions and, under his sensei's tutelage, his skills in ninjutsu and experience in combat grew at an exponential rate. He had spent many years with this team, training and bonding together. Over time he had the opportunity to enter into the Chuunin exams on two separate occasions, but unfortunately he was unable to be promoted. That never discouraged him though. Ten years after he graduated from the academy, Jason still works his hardest to train and complete his assigned missions, never giving up on the duties he knows he must complete as a ninja and doing his best to help the village. His sensei had mentioned to Jason's unit recently that there were Chuunin exams coming up again soon, and that he would be recommending them to enter. He may not have been promoted the last two times this opportunity had knocked on his door, but you know what they say: third time's the charm!