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  1. A small smirk crossed the young adolescent's lips as he could see the link between the woman and her thoughts become severed and the pair distanced as her eyes fell upon him. It wasn't that he particularly enjoyed being disruptive, just that he had no qualms when it just so happened to be the cause. The brief silence that had befallen the pair was just a tad awkward as an overwhelming feeling of exposure loomed over the child, he couldn't know for sure but he had a nagging suspicion that he was being analyzed quite thoroughly as he watched the woman's single visible blue eye dart from focus to focus as she seemed to mentally pick him apart. While the stylized symbol on his sleeve may have confirmed his family affiliation, his tied up medium length raven locks and eerie black eyes were both traits heavily found among those of the Nara as well. The very black gaze which continued to evaluate the woman in turn. There was little doubt in his mind that would have been at least scantly aware of his clan's penchant as strategists, this was another trait not lost on the young teen as he would quickly surmise that at the very least the woman was more experienced that he was or at least had a rather unfortunate accident as his own eyes caught sight of just a hint of a scar peeking out from her seemingly well maintained hair. The uneasy feeling however left him wondering if she was a medical practitioner, at least her icy stare gave him the same heebie-jeebies that he received whenever he had to visit a physician. “Oh... joy.” Satomi's demeanor didn't appear to change much one way or the other at the revelation that the pair would be all that there were, though he may have been cheering internally. Less people on a mission meant less people that could would probably get in the way of completing the mission as quick as possible. “My name is Satomi Nara, it is nice to meet you Ms. Naisho.” The genin promptly folded his hands in front of his lap to offer a small bow to greet the woman, the Nara child was more than capable of being proper and respectful when a situation called for it. One just shouldn't expect that to be often as the adolescent grinned broadly. “So, did ya like what you saw?” He made a bemused snerk as he poked out his tongue playfully, casually making note that he had caught her visually probing him whether she meant to hide it or not. Word Count: This Post: 437 Total: 1033 Mission: 1033/500
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    If there was one thing the young genin didn't quite have the hang of yet, it was not analyzing every facet of situation. Lost in his concentration he wasn't even aware that he had been joined by another, his mind thoroughly focused on the soles of his feet and his attempt to balance the chakra he was sending to them. A sweat beaded on his brow as he chewed on his lower lip, though not yet a novice his affinity for ninjutsu did help boost his chakra... though that only meant he had more of something he couldn't fully control. Suddenly the child let out a shrill yelp as he felt his platform give way in the one moment he miscalculated, not applying enough chakra to keep him above the surface allowed the rushing current to catch him around the ankles and sweep him off his feet and into the surface. He would certainly be dragged to an early grave if not for slamming chest first into a giant rock forking the river flow, his heart threatened to beat right out of his chest as he clung to the stone as best he could. His arms and legs both wrapped tight around the rough surface as he held his head above the strong current. The genin's pupils dilated and brow sharpened, while he preferred to lumber through life and take life and accept what it had for him, he was decidedly not ready to die so soon. Using the stone to pull himself up enough to allow for a deep breath, the shinobi focused his chakra throughout his limbs where he would concentrate it mostly in his hands and feet as he physically crawled up onto the surface to kneel atop the unforgiving wrath of nature. It was another moment before he would catch his breath, his racing heart soon would settle slightly as he slowly made his way back to the shore. Centimeters felt like kilometers as he crawled on his hands and knees across the river, the child collapsing chest and stomach first into the loose soil of the shore line as soon as he felt safe. Slowly he rolled over onto his back, his sharp black gaze staring up at the sky with a look of disdain. A disdain for what? Nothing specific, just everything as he lied soaked to the bone with his already tight clothing clinging in rather inappropriate crevasses. Having a keen intuition towards shadows, his eyes gradually drifted upward, from his perspective anyway, as he took note of a more animated one looming over his lithe form. His eyes nearly rolled back into his head, the child practically looked up along his forehead to catch a glimpse of a woman perched upon an outcrop of rocks. “No, yeah, I'm fine. I appreciate the offer though.” His pleasantly trill tone deceptive as he chirped, sass dripped heavy on his words as his body sprawled out and eyes drifted back to eye the sky as the child let out a surly sigh. Word Count: Post: 508 Total: 905
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    The young genin stared off in the distance to where the waterfall seems to drop off the end of the world, the same apathetic scowl he always wore firmly embedded on his face. The expression was only empathized by the string wet strands of dark locks clinging to his face, he was not only wet, but he was also hot... and sticky. Despite the water itself being quite refreshing, the humid weather definitely hadn't won the child over as he scoffed aloud to himself. Satomi had been forced to abandon his coat in favor of shedding the heavy fabric to allow his skin to breath better, something that he was beginning to regret as he could swear that the air was physically sticking to his sweaty flesh. The boy's expression shifted as he combed the fingers of his left hand back through his hair, the right hand following suit as he desperately preened himself in an attempt to not look like a wet dog—only smell like one. A frustrated sigh said it all as his arms fell to his side with a slightly wet slap against his soaked clothes. “I should reeeally think these things through...” Truth be told, the shinobi has been out since the early morning. Right out the door following breakfast he made the special trip to Maiden's Falls with the intent to practice his ninjutsu arts, he may have not have graduated from the Academy not too long ago but he was already determined to show that he could make a great ninja. Only that unfortunately meant he couldn't be as lazy as he had hoped, a thought that only brought out a groan from the boy as he stood as still as he could in the middle of the very river threatening to sweep him right to a rocky death. Perhaps in wasn't the right word to, but he was rather standing on the river the best he could. A few wobbles however would suggest the violent current of the river wasn't keen on having the shinobi use his jutsu to defy the natural laws of the universe, forcing the child to rapidly adjust his chakra on the fly to keep himself planted and not carried off to a ten mile reflection of where he went wrong before becoming a yakatori on the sharp rocks at the bottom of the falls. Word Count: Post: 397 Total: 397
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  5. Update Type | Starting Ryo, Free Jutsu, Jutsu Training Update Name | Ryo, Jutsu Update Training | Cake Walk Update Ryo | 2500 [Starting] Update Links | Surface Walking, Transformation, Clone, Substitution
  6. A trap sprung, the familiar sound of a rope snapped in twain was all the warning that would be relayed as a small group of three objects streaked through the air. A pair of hands would quickly rise to form the first seal, Tiger, perhaps the most commonly used seal of all. Just as quickly the small nimble fingers shifted and reconfigured themselves into the Boar seal just in time for their owner to let out a shrill help as they were struck by the projectiles, the young genin turning just in time to allow them to strike them in the back—a cream, almost beige coat providing at least some protection from the attack. “Ooowww, dammit! That's smarts!” Though easily confused as a member of the opposite gender, the boy hissed through his teeth as his body wiggled and rolled like dancing snake without rhythm in a failed attempt to work out the sting from the multiple impacts. Eventually the pain settled on its own which allowed him to crouch more comfortably to pick up one of the projectiles that had peppered his back, the shinobi turned the small round stone over in his hand as he brushed his loose raven locks back over an ear as he inspected it with a small grimace. “Almost! One more time; I just have to be a little bit faster and I've got this!” Starting at the shoulders the genin would shake his body all the down to his narrow hips as his toes curled tightly in anticipation while the boy prepared himself. Taking a deep breath he gave a small wooden stake a slight nudge with his foot, attached to it was another rope to presumably another trap. Not that it bothered him, but Satomi wasn't a very popular kid at the academy. The only true downside was no one really liked to train with him so he only had himself to rely on when it came to advancing his jutsu. Today was no different as he was forced to painstakingly set up several traps to pelt him self with pebbles, all in an effort to better himself. Or at least that's what he told himself whenever he thought about how red and bruised his back was going to be, he would probably have to sleep on his stomach tonight. Satomi gave the stake a firm kick this time, putting enough tension on the rope to cause it to shred at an intentionally weakened point near a branch it was holding pinned back. Without the rope to keep it in place the tree's appendage snapped forth to sling another barrage of small stones towards the genin, his hands revealed themselves if by magic from the impossibly long sleeves of his coat to again raced to form the proper seals. Tiger, boar-- the shinobi mouthed as he spoke them aloud only in his head, his eyes would grow wide just as he caught sight of one of the stones as it struck the child directly between his piercing onyx gaze. The stone couldn't have been any larger than a cherry, but it's force was quite evident as the boy's head snapped back violently to give him an abrupt view of the sparsely clouded sky as the rest of his body followed through with the momentum to send him tumbling over backwards. Satomi's eyes dulling as they glossed over, his mouth could only gape in surprise as he fell to the earth behind him before... poof! In a dramatic display of theatrics the young teen disappeared in a cloud of smoke only to be displaced with an old section of tree trunk. The hunk of wood would appear to be suspended for a moment longer than gravity should have allowed as the remaining stone thudded and deflected off it's sturdier-than-flesh surface before it collapsed to the ground. Satomi's foot would poke the log after the boy emerged from behind a neighboring tree, just the widest grin stretched across his face. “See, it wasn't that hard.” Satomi chuckled and he spun on his heals, his coat sleeves and tail whipping around his body as he did an about-face and marched towards the village market to treat himself to something. A familiar sound suddenly reaching his ear as he stumbled forward, falling onto his knees as an angry buzz of stones passed over his head. His accomplished grin morphing to an sheepish smirk as his eyes darted around to make sure there wasn't anyone to witness his blunder. “Ahem... I, uh, meant to do that.” His laughter only masking his embarrassed state as he pulled up the already high collar of his jacket to cover his reddened cheeks as he shuffled on his way. Word Count: Post: 791 Total: 791 Jutsu: Substitution Jutsu 400/400
  7. The soft features of the boy's face were distorted, a furrowed brow and sharp frown evident from a mile away as he trudged through the rough terrain of Yamagakure's mountainous territory. Fresh out of the academy he hadn't even had time to come to terms with the fact that he was a genin now and the village was already putting him to work. “So I guess I'm delivering the mail today~” His voice was deceptively sweet, his words a song as they flowed melodically off the tongue. Under it all however was a sharp bite of sarcasm as he sighed, his face relaxing to a more neutral expression as he cast his eyes towards his feet to observe his shadow. It was a shadow within a shadow really as Byaku Mountain's own shadow cast its presence far across the land; Satomi had always wondered if that was one of the reasons his clan, the Nara, chose to settle in the lands he called home. Perhaps it was worth further investigation, but for now he unfortunately had a mission to complete—at least it was a nice day anyway. Satomi soon approached the rendezvous, slowing to take in the impressive display of human innovation and show of growing industrial might. Swaths of material carved from the mountain itself and replaced with sturdy structures that dotted its side like pimples on the backside of the earth. It wasn't particularly aesthetically pleasing, but respectable from a technical aspect. His pace would slow as he spotted another individual inspecting a cart of what he could only suspect was full of material extracted from the mountain, it was easy to conclude that he had reached the kunoichi he would be accompanying during the mission and the cargo they were in charge of transporting safely through the mountains. As he strolled up the path with his hands casually folded behind his back the appearance of the individual he would be joining began to take a clearer form. While still not able to make out the finer details on his approach, he could at least tell that it was the figure of a dark haired girl at least a few years his senior. Even with his own raven locks, the darkness of the girl's own hair was still rather striking. Of course his own appearance would become more evident for better or worse as he came up upon the rather tall teen; without a close inspection the younger boy's lithe five-foot-nothing frame, long tied back hair, and soft features and wide eyes would lead most to suspect he was in fact just another girl himself. “Is this where the party is?” Satomi's voice didn't help dissuade from his apparent feminine appearance either as chirped almost cheerfully as he called out to the other village ninja, the extraordinarily long sleeve of his cream-colored jacket hung and flapped in the light breeze as it hid his lifted hand as he raised it in a halfhearted greeting. The jacket was worn open to reveal the rest of his usual attire, a simple gray mess top with a solid fabric midsection as to not bare his chest and a pair of black body-hugging bike shorts with thigh high leggings, the black fabric holding a subtle gloss as the light caressed its smooth surface. Of course there were the typical open toe footwear as well, they matched perfectly with his coat. “Is it just us? I must be early~.” The younger teen smirked, that undertone of snark just breaching the surface of from under his pleasant melody. Word Count: This Post: 596 Total: 596 Needed For Completion: 500
  8. Name | Satoshi Nara Nickname | Satomi Title Name | N/A Gender | Male Age | 13 Home Link | Link Village | Lightning Clan | Nara Village Ranking: | Genin Shinobi Ranking | C Element(s) | Earth Specialties | Ninjutsu [Beginner] Primary: Secondary: Bloodline | Nara Chakra | 200 Stamina | 100 Jutsu | Equipment | Forms | Creatures/Summons | Styles | Mentors & Pupils | Friends & Family | Takatoshi Nara - Father, Shikayuko Nara - Mother Recent History | N/A The Code Box Below is to Provide Easy Access to the Update Template [color=#ff3d3d][b]Update Type[/b][/color] | [color=#ff3d3d][b]Update Name[/b][/color] | [color=#ff3d3d][b]Update Training[/b][/color] | [color=#ff3d3d][b]Update Ryo[/b][/color] | [color=#ff3d3d][b]Update Links[/b][/color] |
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  11. Name | Satoshi Nara Nickname | Satomi Title Name | N/A Gender | Male Age | 13 Birth Date | April 11th Hair Color | Black Eye Color | Black Height | 152.6 cm/5'0" Weight | 46.4 kg/102 lbs Appearance | Lacking in both height and mass, Satomi's lithe figure only accentuates the soft feminine features of his face. His black medium length hair is wild and unkempt except for a pair of small ponytails fastened with a combination of red ribbon each with a pair of hair sticks much resembling common eating utensils. Seemingly having embraced his feminine side, Satomi's black gaze is accented by thick black liner and golden rod shadow—both his finger and toenails are simply painted black. His usual attire consists of a high collared calf-length coat cream-white coat, the sleeves of which are nearly just as long as they extend to the boy's knees to completely engulf his arms and hide his hands. His village headband is pinned securely to the left just below the shoulder, the right arm donning the simplified symbol of the Nara Clan. This coat his worn over a typical gray mesh top that exposes his toned midriff, the bottom half of his attire consisting of a pair of black bike shorts and matching thigh-high leggings. His left thigh is wrapped in bandages with a single scarlet red weapon pouch strapped over them. Finally his feet are fit comfortably within a pair of typical shinobi footwear, a variation with an exposed heel. They have been modified however either for or by Satomi, the fitted to the bottom of the sole is a rugged metal plate that folds around either side of the shoe to an attached metal guard that arches over the top of each foot. Village | Lightning Clan | Nara Village Ranking: | Genin Shinobi Ranking | C Element(s) | Earth Specialties | Ninjutsu (Beginner) Bloodline | Nara Favorable | Family, strawberries, desserts, candies and sweets, history, mythos and legends, geography, anthropology, Shogi and other games of strategy, studying, reading, mystique, comics, cheesy (bad) movies, pranks, shadows (especially his own). Unfavorable | Being rushed, sour flavors, impatient people, those who are arrogant or condescending, injustice, cloudy days, large crowds, failure, lairs and people who renege on their word. Personality | On the surface Satomi may seem distant and disinterested to those around him, he tends to be even quite snarky and off putting on most days even with his cheery melodic voice. However, those who managed to withstand the onslaught of sarcasm, quips, and snerks would be rewarded with a glimpse at a kind and sweet soul who would do anything to help out a friend in need. Like his appearance, his mannerisms are also rather feminine crossing into being quite girlish as he's comfortably embraced confusion surrounding his gender. He's not above using it to his advantage either, be it to aid in his shinobi duties or just for a good prank. Philosophy & Beliefs | Still so young, Satomi is still just trying to find his way in the world. While he believes in the need for personal strength he doesn't believe it should be for his gain alone, despite his seemingly cold reception, all life is sacred to him and should be preserved. Even in the event that life should fall he believes that record should be kept for future generations to look back on; no life is without a lesson to be taught. History & Background | Born Satoshi, his short history isn't one of much intrigue or mystery, no hardships or defiance of fate. He was born to a loving Nara family residing in the Lightning Village, a family that however valued knowledge and information over brute strength and physical confrontation. Together with his mother and father the family are curators of a small independent archive of knowledge, a repository of scrolls and books that had been collected since before even his birth. It was no surprise that he would come to similarly view information as his parents did, growing fond of sneaking away with something from the library to study its text. Now early on during his time in the academy, Satoshi was teased tiresomely by some of the rowdier students for his girly looks. It was something that initially angered the boy, but he soon learned to use it as a tool to get back at his bullies. Embracing those very qualities he was mocked for to make his bullies conformable and maybe a tad confused, it allowed him to ward off future confrontation. As he grew accustomed to using his “girlish charm”, he experimented with using it to his advantage in other ways. Though it was more or less harmless he'd use his often mistaken gender qualm to sweet talk his way into extra treats at the local bakery, or to get himself out of trouble when a prank had gone awry. Eventually this leg to him fully coming to terms with his appearance and adopting the name Satomi to complete the guise. Not to say he actually had a problem with being a boy or anything, but like everything else he would just roll with what life gave him The rest of his time during the academy however wasn't of particular note. Satomi completed his class work, though showed an increased effort in studying. Despite his study habits, his scores were rather average like most of the other students. His scores have even been viewed as suspiciously average, as he drifted along through the academy comfortably in the middle of the pack until graduating to genin where he would continue to drift through life as a full-fledged kunoichi shinobi. Even his future ambitions since graduating seemed rather mundane by comparison to the other shinobi. Sure it would be fine to be a great shinobi like most of the lightning village aspired to be, but he did hate actually having to fight. Perhaps he'd just have to find his own way, or perhaps he'd just settle for uncovering old and forgotten relics and text of the past like his parents. Either way, when as a still young child he was pretty content to follow the current of life.
  12. Introductions are nice and stuff, I suppose I could do one. I've been RPing for quite a long time 10+ years, be it on forums, chat, or tabletop; I've been around. Lately the world of Naruto has piqued my interest and I was pointed in this direction by someone else who recently stumbled onto the site. I'm not entirely sure what I want to accomplish with a character here, but I'm certainly hoping to make things interesting. Me personally, I try to be friendly and kind to everyone--though I may be a bit scatter-brained at times. I look forward to (hopefully) slipping in seamlessly with the rest of you all. Anyway, hi all and I hope to not step on toooo maaaany toes~