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  1. Update Type | Transfer Ryo Update Name | Update Ryo | Half to Kenji Half to Nik Update Links | 4,700 to Kenji 4,700 to Nik
  2. Name | Kazuo Enomoto Nickname | Kaz Title Name | None Yet Gender | Male Age | 18 Home Link | http://shinobi-generations.org/topic/2515-kazuo-enomoto/ Village | Water Village Clan | None Village Ranking: | Genin Shinobi Ranking | C Element(s) | Fire Specialties | Primary: Ninjutsu (novice) Secondary: Bloodline | None Chakra | 200 Stamina | 100 Jutsu | Equipment | Forms | Creatures/Summons | Styles | Mentors & Pupils | Hideaki (NPC, deceased) Friends & Family | Recent History |
  3. Hi everyone, I'm happy that this site is getting a new breath of life. It's encouraging to see it coming back and people getting to back to role playing again. But with that said, I am leaving. I've gotten the chance to role play with a lot of really cool people and do a lot of interesting missions, and I'm thankful for that. However, I feel like we've been missing the point of all of this. This is all to tell fun stories together. But lately it feels like a slew of drama and the character system has gotten in the way of that. I had trouble setting up role plays because people were so scared of where this site was going. And it wasn't anyone person, and it wasn't faulty staff, it was because everyone -including myself- got frustrated that we weren't where we wanted to be that we threw our hands up and stopped caring. But lately there has been blame going around. First Yuri, now Kabel. It's fine to disagree with the way they've handled things. But it is still important to treat everyone with respect. I understand why the community choose to replace the kage in Flame, but I feel that it could have been handled with more respect towards Yuri. I felt bad that she had to leave on a sour note, especially when she already had a tough time in her real life. I also regret not telling her this when I had the chance. I feared that it wouldn't mean much coming from a stranger but looking back I think that it would have meant a great deal. And it was never necessary to call Kabel a tyrant. It was fine to disagree with him and his methods. An open discussion is always okay. We're people, we deserve to speak. Our thoughts and feelings are valid. But there was nothing to gain by name calling. At the end of the day, we're all people. No one should be made to feel over something as trivial as this. Even if his actions weren't popular, it wasn't right for us to make him feel like he didn't belong here anymore. We all deserve to feel welcomed and happy to be here. We have the power to brighten other people's days. We should make the most of this. I'm not saying any of this to make anyone feel bad. No one here is a bad person. I want to remind everyone that we can be better. I've seen a lot of people here go above and beyond to help welcome someone. I feel optimistic about the site regaining its footing again. I hope activity bumps up again and everyone can play their characters how they want. And I hope that this message reminds everyone to show just a little more compassion the next time things get frustrating. We're stronger than we think we are, we are capable of using that strength to raise others up. I'm sorry I won't be continuing with you all anymore, but I don't feel like this is the right place for me anymore. I wish you all luck.
  4. mission

    "Whoever used this place was a water specialist," Kazuo said, as he set down a scroll on top of the neat pile he had been forming. "For whatever reason they were looking up water jutsus. They must have been looking for something specific because-" He stopped mid-sentence, looking down at something he had uncovered from underneath the scrolls. It was a note, 'Watch as we burn everything down.' Oh no. "We have to get back. NOW!" And without explaining any further, Kazuo ran out of the hut as fast as he could. The note had to have been recent, as there were no signs of any criminal ninjas when Kazuo and Kenji were last there. As far as he could tell, the two suspected criminal nins were at odds. This wasn't good. The whole town could be burning down at the moment. In an area like this with strong, dry winds a fire could cause immense damage. Kazuo pushed himself to go faster and faster, ignoring the pain in his legs. He kept telling himself that there was no time to lose. He was in such a rush that he didn't even pay attention if Kenji was following behind him or not. He reached the edge of the village in only 15 minutes. His breaths were ragged and his face was all red. Even with all the cold he was sweating all over. In the middle of the village he saw a stream of fire and a stream of water collide. Thankfully there wasn't a single building on fire but that could all change in a moment. He could hardly see the two criminal nin from the distance he was at but they seemed equally skilled. And worse, they seemed more skilled than Kazuo or Kenji. "Where's those reinforcements?" Kazuo asked through gritted teeth. They should have arrived by now. It looked like they would have to either deal with this on their own or stall until somebody did come. They needed to come up with a plan of attack. "Our choices here are limited. We can either split up and handle one enemy each or we can team up on the fire specialist. He's the most dangerous threat to the town. Either way this will be a tough fight."
  5. Mission Name | Supply the Frontier Part 2 Mission Type | Water Village Ranking | C Repeatable? | Yes; Once per Character Mission NPCs | Should be no enemies. Mission Description | You've had to deal with a bandit group and their leader in the process of getting to the frontier supply drop, unfortunately the locals tell you that all you've done is create a power struggle with the local gangs. Locate the local gang hideout so that you can pass the information on to the village. Note: This will carry on to Supply the Frontier Part 3 with two would be leaders of the gang attacking the small town you supplied in part 1. Word Count | 700 Words Requirements | Completed Supply the Frontier Part 1 Mission Name | Supply the Frontier Part 3 Mission Type | Water Village Ranking | B Repeatable? | Yes; Once per Character Mission NPCs | 2 B-Rank Shinobi Mission Description | The Village won't be able to send reinforcements to the frontier in time to stop the two new missing Shinobi vying for power over the gang from attacking. You are a Shinobi of the Water Village, protect it's civilians. Hold the two would-be leaders off until reinforcements arrive to help you! Word Count | 1000 Words Requirements | Complete Supply the Frontier Part 2 --- Players: Kazuo Enomoto @Kenji Haruka --- Now they were back in the tundra, inspecting the lastest cart to be attacked. It was less than a 10 minute journey away from the frontier. The village elder with with Kazuo and Kenji, having lead them to the site. Just two days after their last mission together, reports began of supply carts being attacked again. Originally, Kazuo wondered if he really did kill the bandit leader, but the locals claimed that the carts were attacked by two shinobi. "We're going to need reinforcements," Kazuo said as he examined the burn marks covering the wrecked supply cart. They had been called back to the frontier. Whoever attacked this cart used a B-rank fire jutsu, at the very least. The fire damage done was greater than what Kazuo himself could do with his own fire abilities. He looked over his shoulder at Kenji. "Do you remember the bandit leader? The one who threw that oil on me. I assumed that she was prepared for retaliation from the Water Village. But if this cart was attacked by someone capable of using fire jutsus then she may have actually planned on using it against them. We may have accidentally tipped a bandit conflict in one person's favor and now they are taking control." It made sense. No fire specialist would dare do anything with that oil on them, as Kazuo experienced first hand. If only they had some of that stuff. They could make this conflict so much easier to deal with. Why didn't they grab the oil off her body? And as much as Kazuo would hate to admit it, he wasn't ready to face an enemy ninja like that. For one, he just got this new winter coat and he didn't want this one to get burned too. And second, if they were hit by those fire attacks then it could easily burn off their jackets, exposing them to the extreme cold. It almost got them killed last time by simple bandits. If that happened while against a shinobi then they wouldn't stand a chance. And that wasn't even accounting for the other guy, whose abilities they had no clue about. All of these factors made Kazuo feel uneasy. Their mission was to simply find their hideout, but there was the risk of combat. He turned to the village elder. "We'll need you to get a message over to the Water Village. Relay them what we've discovered here and tell them to send back-up, preferably someone skilled in fighting in temperatures this cold." The elder nodded and rushed off to his town without another word. "Kenji, were you able to find any clues on where these attackers might be coming from?" --- Word Count: 450
  6. Characters Involved | Kazuo Enomoto & Tenri @Tenri Link to the Missions | A Night to Remember - based on B-Rank Open Sesame Brief Overview | Kazuo and Tenri are at each other's throats when they should really be at the throats of the criminal ninjas they're hunting. But what starts off as awful first introductions soon turns into deep revelations as they find that they share the same pains.
  7. Mission Name | No-knock Warrant Mission Village | Water Mission Type | Village Mission Ranking | B-rank Repeatable? | Yes Mission Description | The Water Military Police has been tracking an individual of great reknown within the underworld, who has made a fortune out of organizing illegal competitions using a makeshift arena located somewhere in the Frost Forest. You are tasked with infiltrating a no-rules battle-royale type of tournament adopting the role of a either a participant or local gambler, and are expected to set everything up for the WMP to successfully raid the place some time later. Objectives include identifying targets of interest and their location, finding a way to establish contact with the Police in order to deliver a signal, prepare a suitable distraction for when the time comes and seal any exit routes the criminals could use to escape. It is mandatory to keep one's identity as a Ninja concealed at all times, so the use of Jutsu in the open is restricted. You'll also be searched at the entrance, so refrain from bringing ninja-exclusive gear that would blow your cover. The place is guarded by multiple corrupt C-rank Shinobi from the Water Village. They can identify Ninjutsu on sight. Do not engage in combat with them until the Water Police arrives. Mission NPCs | Multiple C-rank Shinobi [Varied specialties]; D-rank Tournament Participants [No special abilities]; Bandit boss [Non-combative] Word Count | 1000 Words Requirements | A squad is mandatory for this mission. --- Players: Kazuo Enomoto, @Tenri --- It appeared to be a small hut in the woods but reports claimed that it contained a staircase leading down to an underground fighting arena. It seemed that they took the term underground fighting ring literally. Honestly, Kazuo was impressed with the extent that these criminals went through in order to hide this. It seemed to have paid off for them. This fighting ring had been going on for years and the Water Village only found out about it recently. But now Kazuo and Tenri were going to put a stop to it by the end of the day. They were to infiltrate the fighting ring. Kazuo had decided to join in as a combatant. And to be a convincing combatant he disguised himself, not with a transformation jutsu but through actual, practical means. So he tied his hair back in a pony tail and smeared black war paint across his eyes and bridge of his nose. One look in the mirror was enough to verify that it would pass for a good enough disguise. Even Kazuo had trouble recognizing himself. He even went the extra mile to wear an outfit that looked tough. He got an old pair of black pants with tears on the knees, a pair of combat boots, and went without a shirt. Fortunately, he had a winter jacket to keep him for freezing, but he would have to forgo that the moment he got inside. Hopefully it was warmer in there than it was out in the forest. Tenri, on the other hand, was to disguise herself as a gambler. She would have to flair up her appearance. Kazuo trusted her to do a good job at that. Honestly, he wasn't sure how extravagant she would get. He could picture her coming in with a cloak glittering with gold. With her it was more of a question if she would dress up too much. But it may actually work to their advantage if she over acted. It may give off a naive cockiness that would fool everyone. The plan was that they would come in as a pair. Tenri would come in with Kazuo as her fighter, placing her bets on him. For this mission, they actually got their reward money beforehand. That was what they would be using to bet on. Tenri already had both halves of their money so all that she would need to do is bet it all on Kazuo during his first match. Kazuo shivered. He looked around the tree he was leaning on, taking another glance at the hut. It was definitely the right place. He saw three Water Shinobi enter it ten minutes ago. Only he and Tenri were on this mission so that meant they were either here to gamble or act as protection. Either way it would be dangerous to be caught before reinforcements arrive. Once Tenri got here they would go over the specifics of the plan and head inside. Since Kazuo had the password he would have to lead them inside.
  8. Kazuo Enomoto
  9. Training with @Hajita Uchiha --- The tundra was a barren landscape. Land like this would be good for farming if it wasn't so cold. But despite the cold, Kazuo decided that it would be a good place to train alongside Hajita, who seemed eager to improve her skills, a willingness that Kazuo respected. Earlier that day Kazuo had collected a bunch of abandoned flags. They were all old, tattered and simply solid colors. He scattered them randomly across the plain they were in. They would be good for target practice. Kazuo even managed to nab a scarecrow, which stood right in the middle. Kazuo walked up to Hijita. "We're going to use the flags to work on our accuracy. The scarecrow..." Kazuo pointed over to the straw man, "Is for you. I want to see how powerful your fire jutsu is." He stood besides Hijita, crossing his arms over his chest, watching the scarecrow in anticipation. --- Out of Character: Okay, Hijita, this is both training for you and your character. For this first exercise, try to be as detailed as you can. Aim to make this your longest post yet. It will require you to spend a little more time writing it than usual. -Start off by describing how Hijita prepares for her jutsu. Describe what it is like to build up chakra and mold it into fire. Be creative. -Next, describe her performing the jutsu. What does she look like while she does it. Is she breathing it out of her mouth or does the fire come elsewhere? Does she have a narrow or wide stance? Add whatever you imagine she is doing. Pretend it is a scene from an anime. Put what you see in your head. -Now describe the jutsu heading towards the scarecrow. -And finally, tell me what happens to the scarecrow. Does it catch fire, is the impact so strong that the scarecrow explodes and sends flying bits of straw in every direction, or does something else happen? You have this! Just take your time and keep adding on. This is a story and the more details you add the more color and flavor you add to it.
  10. It looked like the fire practice would be put on hold for the time being. Hajita had other priorities. Sure it was only the first form, but it was still an important development for her. It was her first step in unlocking the full potential of her bloodline. Plus, it was a good chance for Kazuo to learn more about it. Sure, the Uchiha were mostly in the Water Village and he doubted he would even need to fight one, but it wouldn't hurt to prepare just a little. Besides, it would be good training for Hajita. "That means you can see chakra, correct? If that's the case then you should be able to see him. What does it look like?" Kazuo stood up straight and kept his arms to his sides, giving Hajita a clear view of his chakra. He imagined that it would look like a blue flame was flickering near his bellybutton but he wanted to know if there was anything more specific to it. --- OOC Okay, we'll switch over to unlocking the Sharingan. Keep in mind that you need to describe unlocking it in 500 words or more. You already have 83 words done thanks to your previous post. So we can describe what it is like for Hajita to use her sharingan for the first time. I'll keep track of your word count and I'll let you know when you hit it. So keep working with it until I tell you that you've reached it.
  11. Kazuo knew it was irrational. He knew that it wasn't deserved. But he really, really, really wanted to punch Chaohaun in square in the face. Seeing the way Tenri wrapped her arm around Chaohaun's stirred something up inside Kazuo. Normally he had pretty good control over his emotions, making sure they didn't rule his actions. That control might have been the only reason he hadn't hit Chaohaun yet, but he felt like he was dangerously close to losing it. He slowed down his breathing, as subtly as he could, trying to calm himself down. There was no good reason for him to feel this way. Chaohaun was a good person who never did any wrong by Kazuo. He just happened to be the one Tenri was flirting with. Kazuo had managed to calm himself down. He hadn't realized how much he had tensed up his shoulders just a moment ago. But just as he managed to regain his cool-head, Reimei punched Tenri in the chest. Actually, to be more specific, Reimei punched Tenri's breast. Kazuo pushed himself between the two, where he was facing Reimei and had his back towards Tenri. He held up his right hand, using the stop gesture. "I'm going to have to stop this now. Assaulting a Water Village shinobi is strictly forbidden. There are severe consequences to this." While Kazuo was lecturing, he was oblivious to whatever Tenri and Chaohaun were doing. He had assumed that they wouldn't do anything, meaning that he was not prepared if either of them did anything back to Reimei.
  12. It was kind of creepy to see the scarecrow burning. Hajita's attack hit the scarecrow right down the middle. The half that was hit was engulfed in flames. That side of the body was charred, becoming completely blackened. Lumps of burning straw were breaking off and falling onto the frozen ground. But the other half was still there, for now. The flames were slowly trickling over it. And the smile on the scarecrow's face that once looked tacky and harmless now gave off a sinister vibe. With only one side of the face not charred, it now looked basked in the fire, welcoming it like a demon would. Maybe a scarecrow wasn't the best choice for target practice. Kazuo looked away from the scarecrow and looked at Hajita. He pushed it out of his mind and focus on the training. "The Phoenix Flower technique is a great jutsu, but it is trades power and accuracy for quantity. You're shooting out a bunch of small fireballs in random directions rather than focusing one big fireball at a target." Kazuo waved his hands, showcasing the fluttering flags scattered around. "Actually, these will be much better suited for that jutsu. So how about we try a Fireball jutsu on the rest of the scarecrow." "The seals are; boar, horse, and tiger." He brought his hands together, slowly making the handseals so that Hajita could see them clearly. He brought his right thumb and index finger together, making a circle out of them. He brought this up to his mouth and looked high up in the sky. He let out a sudden exhale and released a fireball. The fireball was huge, big enough where it could have engulfed Kazuo. It went straight up into the air, very similar to how a firework would. It kept going until it was a dozen feet high before the fireball immediately shrunk into nothingness. Kazuo nodded to Hajita, "Try it yourself." He pointed to the scarecrow, which was still standing. However, the flames were beginning to cover 3/4th of its body and most of the charred half had already fallen off. And, of course, it looked even creepier. The side of its neck must have weakened because the head had titled over, almost like it was looking at them in a teasing manner. A shiver ran down Kazuo's spine. Oh, how he was hoping Hajita would obliterate this thing with her next shot. --- OOC This is the Fireball jutsu. You've likely seen Sasuke and Itachi use this in the anime. Try it out. If you can describe learning and practicing this jutsu with 600 words throughout the thread then you get to have this jutsu for free, allowing you to use it outside of the training. To give you an idea how much that is, my post above is 405 words. You don't have to do it all in one post, so we can cover it over a couple of posts. Alternative, you can automatically learn it at the cost of 200 ryo. It is your choice. We will jump onto the Pheonix Flower jutsu as well. It is the same word count and cost as the fireball.
  13. Normally, Kazuo would be furious that someone would question the Water Village. The village provided them stability, security, and a chance for a life. However, what Tenri said almost pointed to the opposite. Truth be told, Kazuo regularly visited the slums. But they were all patrols, keeping an eye out on suspicious activity and asserting that there was shinobi presence there too. Kazuo did it out of a sense of moral obligation. Not many other shinobi did that. Many of them would even try to shirk out of their patrol duties. Some even skim over the slums, preferring to go where it was more peaceful. Tenri was actively helping the citizens who lived there. And by the sounds of it, it wasn't a mission or anything she was asked to do. It was an act that she did because she truly cared for the people, something Kazuo definitely didn't expect out of someone like her. It was almost laughable now how Kazuo didn't view Tenri as a worthy shinobi simply because of her flashy apparel. "Let's do something about that." Kazuo's voice was full of conviction as he unconsciously tightened his grip on Natsumi's ninja card. He looked Tenri straight in the eyes. "My loyalty is to the people of the village, not the Mizukage or anyone else in charge. If protecting the innocent comes with the cost of changing the whole Water Village then I'm prepared to do so. I'll train as hard as I need to, fight anyone I must, and do what I have to in order to ensure men like Taru don't hurt anymore people." Kazuo stepped forward towards Tenri, getting within arms length of her. "Tenri, I swear to you that I will not stop until the people are safe. We can stop those who prey on the innocent. We have the strength to do so. And even if we were the only two who could do that, I would stand against the whole world alongside you."
  14. Kazuo stood up, having pulled something out of Natsumi's back pocket. He turned toward Tenri and flipped open a ninja card, which had a picture of Natsumi as well as descriptions about her. "I'm grabbing any kind of identification I can find on their bodies. Fortunately, we can use this as proof that we eliminated everyone in this base." He has already grabbed everyone else's. Natsumi's was the last to get. Kazuo found it disgraceful how all of the criminal ninjas here were from the Water Village. Why would they throw away their honor and responsibilities to join up with a man like Taru? It made no sense to him. Being a shinobi of the Water Village was a privilege, a chance to make the world a better place. "Why would anyone do something like this?..." Kazuo whispered, looking down at Natsumi's photo. It was taken a couple of years ago, probably when she first became a shinobi. She looked so excited, beaming at the camera with the world at her feet. And now she laid, crumpled on the floor, oozing blood. Her face scrunched up in a horrified expression. Such a sad turnout for such a promising Water shinobi. "They all just betrayed our village. Why? What could they hope to accomplish without their village?" Kazuo looked up at Tenri, searching as if she had some kind of answer.
  15. Here are a bunch of updates. I try to save them up so it is less work for you. --- Update Type | Exp, Ryo, Abilities, Equipment Update Name | A Bunch of Updates Update Ryo | +3350 Update Links | Missions Remaining Vigilant, Series: +2750 ryo & +59 exp Doppel Dead: +1100 ryo & 24 exp Capture the Pet: +300 ryo & 7 exp Jutsu Genjutsu Release: -100 ryo Arm Binding Seal: -100 ryo Summoning Technique: -100 ryo Fire Style- Burning Barrier Ring: Trained at Letting Loose Fire Style- Flame Geyser: Trained at Letting Loose Equipment Shuriken: +6 sets of 5, - 300 ryo Kunai: +2 sets of 5, -100 ryo Windmill Shuriken: +1 set of 2, -100 ryo --- Thank you!
  16. Characters Involved | Kazuo Enomoto & Hajita Uchiha Link to the Missions | Capture the Pet Brief Overview | It started off as a mission to find Zippers, a lost corgi. But after a failed trap and a search in an abandoned building they discover something a little more strange than what they had originally expected.
  17. I'm actually alright with bloodlines having a combat advantage. It makes for more challenging and interesting conflicts. I'm not role playing to have the strongest character, I'm role playing to have fun. It makes sense that bloodlines have strengths and advantages, they what they are for. True, it does discourage people from playing characters without bloodlines but that is the nature of the beast. I would like to see clans take on a more active role in villages and have their own responsibilities. So maybe that is what offsets it. Bloodlines have more responsibilities and requirements for active players.
  18. Mission Name | Capture the Pet Mission Type | Water Village Ranking | D Repeatable? | Yes Mission NPCs | A missing pet, be it a cat, dog, bird, etc. Mission Description | A villager has reported one of their pets missing and may be roaming about the village. The shinobi is tasked with finding this pet and safely returning it to its owner. The mission is considered failed if any harm comes to the pet. Word Count | 500 Words Requirements | None --- Players: Kazuo Enomoto, @Hajita Uchiha --- Every mission a shinobi did was important. Whether it was an infiltration mission to steal valuable information from the other villages or a mission to locate a missing pet, a shinobi was expected to do their best. Which was why Kazuo and Hajita were standing in front of a house that belonged to a sweet old lady wearing a bright pink kimono. "What can you tell us about your pet, ma'am." Kazuo said with a professional tone, trying to sound as authoritative as he could. The old lady tapped her chin and she looked up at the sky, as if the information was somehow written in the cloud. "Well, Zippers is a chubby little guy. His favorite treat is steak, which I give-" Kazuo held up a hand, signalling her to stop. "I meant descriptions. You know, his breed, size, and where he could have gone to." "He's a corgi. He was the biggest one of his litter. He had the sweetest smile I've ever seen on a doggie before. When I first picked him up I knew-" Kazuo shook his head. "I think we have everything we'll need. Thank you. We'll contact you as soon as we find your dog." And with that Kazuo began to walk off. He waved for Hajita to come along. He had no idea what pets were like since he never had one nor ever wanted one. Hajita seemed much more like an animal lover. Maybe she would know where they could start looking. He would follow her lead for the time being. It was likely that she would take them down the right path. --- Word Count: 271
  19. Jinpachi, could you tell me a little more about your approach? You've mentioned it before and I brought up how cool it would be to have clans and villages be different powers. Like how if the Uchiha's were in all three villages then they may be more loyal towards each other than their villages or vice versa. So war would add a whole new conflict. What are your thoughts on that idea?
  20. Kazuo stood up. He was shaky and wobbly, but he managed to remain on his own two feet. "I'll be fine." He looked over at the enemy ninja, noticing how his back was burned from Hajita's attack. He was definitely going to be unconscious for awhile. Even if he did wake up it wasn't like he could do much. He would be so hurt that he couldn't escape or even fight. A bark echoed across the room. It was a fat corgi who seemed happy to see the two Water shinobi. "I'm betting that is the dog we're looking for." Kazuo glances at all the other caged animals. There were cats, an iguana, snakes, all type of birds, and even a monkey. "By the looks of this, it seems that we found a lot of other people's pets too." Going over to Zipper's cage, Kazuo sliced open the lock with a swing of his kunai. The door opened and Zipper gleefully jumped out. First he was running circles around Kazuo before he went over and start running around Hajita. "I think he likes you better. How about you deliver the dog back to his owner while I alert the authorities about this place? This will take some time on my end so you can head home after the dog is returned."
  21. Because easy isn't always right. That is why we have jutsu and weapon ranks, ninja specialties, chakra and stamina points, as well as word counts on the missions. It is to help keep a balance. But it also means more work for the people in charge. They have to monitor and establish the rules. Would they really want to add more onto their work pile if they didn't believe that it was for the best? And the honest truth, we've been restricting people from the start. You have to begin at a low rank and work your way up. What if I wanted to play as the Hokage or jinjuriki from the very beginning? No one has ever come and said that's why they didn't join. We have new people joining all the time despite that. If someone wanted to have no restrictions on their characters or world then this is the wrong medium. Writing a book gives them all the freedom they could ever want. But we all picked this for a reason. People are smart and open minded. They understand if there is a restriction. Everyone here, whether they agree to this change or not, is still playing here. People haven't left. And it is because the site offers a lot fun possibilities. I respect the idea of keeping things open. It does have a lot of merit and heart. But my point stands that restriction can open more possibilities than it closes.
  22. Please remember, despite how strongly you feel on one side or another, that everyone is intelligent and wants what is best. We've all thought out our ideas so now we are simply arguing the small details. What this boils down to is whether or not the restriction will stop people from having fun or not. Those who disagree with the clan restriction have made a lot of good points. We are not following canon so even if it is the case in the original universe, it doesn't necessarily have to be the case here. And everyone should feel welcomed to play out the character they desire. It is a noble approach. Now, I am for the clan restriction because I think it will add to the world we are playing in. Let's begin with some harsh honesty. The reason why anyone wants a bloodline in the first place is because it comes with cool perks. No one picks the Hyuga Clan because they love their culture. They want the Byakugan. And that's fine to want to do all those cool things, but it is an advantage to have something like that. And advantages should require sacrifices. Clans already have restrictions in their favor. Many of the have special jutsus that no one else gets. Ever. And the idea of keeping a clan in one village isn't much of a restriction anyway. The only difference between the villages are the missions available (which more can be added) and the people you can immediately role play with. Now, granted, some villages do have unique summons and jutsus that can only be learned there. But people have easily come to accept those because it is part of the site. I think that as long as we have a clear guide to tell people which clans go with which village then it might make things easier for them. When I joined I wasn't sure which village to pick. Others may be the same way. They can see that Uchiha goes with Water. They definitely want to be Uchiha and they don't particularly care which village they join. So they pick Water and happily be part of the clan. Now let's flip it, because it isn't fair for me to assume that just because picking a village wasn't a big deal to me that it won't be a big deal for everyone else. Now they have the perks but if they reveal it then they risk being hunted. Well it can definitely suck, but it can also be turned around to be a fun opportunity. Now they have a character who must always be on guard for when they can and cannot reveal their true nature. It adds a layer to their character. If they tell their best friend about it then it isn't them stating something obvious, it is them trusting this person enough to risk their lives. And if they use it openly in battle then it shows how dire the situation is. It is likely that if this did happen, people wouldn't just randomly know and actively hunt them down. The only way that would happen is if the person is showing and using their perks every chance they can, without any discretion. If you guys don't like the idea of hunting someone down then why would any of us want it either. I certainly don't want to. I want players to have fun experiences. And these restrictions do add flavor to the villages. Clans are a powerful force in a village. So if a clan absolutely doesn't want to go into a war then that village has to keep that in consideration. And if a clan seeks to gain power and expand then that also factors into a lot of elements. Pretend that a shinobi from a clan becomes Kage. Now the other clans have a right to argue whenever something doesn't go their way. They can say that the Kage is only looking to forward their own clan and no one else. It may not be true at all, but it opens character interactions and plot. And isn't that what we want? I want to face drama and adversity and deal with it in a fun way. This isn't to limit anyone's fun. It is to expand on the possibilities people have. Some restrictions are necessary like the jutsu ranks and the chakra points. People have accepted those, so let's have faith that newcomers will be open minded and accept clans that are specific to one village.
  23. It was an enemy shinobi. Chances were that he was a rogue ninja, but Kazuo didn't want to rule out the idea that he was sent by the Lightning village. It would be best to capture them and take them to be interrogated. It would help them figure out why he was stealing all these animals. But first they would have to subdue him. "I'm going to go in front the front and distract him. While we're fighting I want you to sneak up behind him and knock him out. So go around the corner and get in through an open window when all his attention is on me." Kazuo pulled out a kunai and slowly made his way back to the door, staying crouched so the enemy ninja wouldn't see him. He took a deep breath and kicked the door open. Immediately three shuriken flew in his direction. Kazuo did a barrel roll forward to avoid them. Kazuo was still on his knee, having just come out of his barrel roll, when he heard a shout. "Lightning Release: Electromagnetic Murder!" Bolts of electricity scattered across the ground, running towards Kazuo's body. The electricity tensed up all his muscles, keeping him rooted to the spot. The pain was intense but Kazuo refused to yell. When the jutsu ended Kazuo couldn't move his body. It felt numb and heavy after that attack. The enemy ninja slowly walked up to Kazuo, banishing a short sword. "You shouldn't have tried to take me on alone." Kazuo almost felt like smiling. Soon Hajita would come in and take this guy down.
  24. This mission took an unexpected twist. Kazuo didn't expect there to be a dog-napper. Even if this man didn't have Zipper he needed to be stopped. They soon reached the building with the kunai markings, just like Hajita said. Kazuo stopped her from entering by blocking the doorway. His hands were up in a stopping gesture. "Before we go in, I have to know more about this man. What did he look like? We might be dealing with an enemy ninja or a homeless man. I need to know these details before we go in. Tell me anything you can."
  25. Kazuo had already searched three alleys with no success. Admittedly, he originally thought that this mission would be a cinch. Tracking down a dog didn't seem hard. He assumed that it would take an hour max. But it was beginning to look like it would take much longer than that. Out of the corner of his eye, Kazuo spotted Hajita jumping from rooftop to rooftop. Something didn't seem right. She knew that he would be searching this block. Maybe she spotted Zipper nearby. Kazuo hopped on top of the nearby roof and called out to Hajita, "What's going on?"