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  1. Introductions

    Welcome, hope you enjoy your stay!
  2. //ponders starting her secret lab early//
  3. Anyone??? Missions/Social/Training???? Active people only >.>
  4. How many active members do we have now with all the departures? I looked at the Activity Check and know a few on there are gone now and I'm just trying to get some non_solo threads going on as it's pretty dry right now.
  5. You will like them
  6. Name | Jigokuchō Nickname | Rain Title Name | Hell's Butterfly Gender | Female Age | Seventeen Home Link | Jigokuchō Village | Flame Clan | None Village Ranking: | Genin Shinobi Ranking | C-Rank Element(s) | Water Specialties | Medical [Novice] Bloodline | None Chakra | 100 Stamina | 100 Jutsu | Equipment | Forms | Creatures/Summons | Styles | Mentors & Pupils | Friends & Family | Recent History | Finding Nemo - Mission You've Got Mail - Mission Substitute Nurse - Mission Getting the Loot - Mission Biology 101 - Training The Code Box Below is to Provide Easy Access to the Update Template [color=#ff3d3d][b]Update Type[/b][/color] | [color=#ff3d3d][b]Update Name[/b][/color] | [color=#ff3d3d][b]Update Training[/b][/color] | [color=#ff3d3d][b]Update Ryo[/b][/color] | [color=#ff3d3d][b]Update Links[/b][/color] |
  7. Update Type | Training Update Name | Biology 101 Update Training | Medical Upgraded to Novice, Learned Chakra Wrap Jutsu Update Ryo | N/A Update Link |
  8. Medical Training

    Rain nodded once again in response to Akane as she gave her great information about medical jutsu and applying them at the correct time. "Yes I see" she replied back looking at the chakra bandages that were now covering Daichi's cuts. Rain stared at Daichi for several seconds replaying what she had previously did over and over in her mind. This was how she mastered things quickly without alot of hands on training, but she would need that training to have complete control of her chakra. She smiled at both Akane and Daichi as she listened to her speaking before she left. Rain caught om every word and replied back "Maybe I can teach you a jutsu one day" ending it with a giggle. She admired Akane so much that to impress Rain meant alot. Rain would wave goodbye to them both going on home replaying the lesson repeatedly in her head. One day Rain was going to become the Head Medic of the Flame Village and nothing was going to stop her. //Exit TAGS: @Akane @Daichi Uzumaki Wordcount: 171 Total Wordcount: 1.360 Learned Chakra Wrap Jutsu Medical Spec. Beginner->Novice
  9. Medical Training

    Speciality Training: Medical Current Rank: Beginner Next Rank: Novice Wordcount Requirement: 350 (Medical Trainer @Akane)
  10. I agree, it isn't like someone is taking the Sharingan and claiming it as their own custom doujutsu
  11. As you all have heard by now Hurricane Harvey came through and tore some **** up. Being that I live in Houston that included me and as you know when something life threatening is happening you aren't worried about a text based game. But I am back just will be replacing small things like carpet and clothing but I'm in full effect.
  12. Not sure who said that I even posted lol.
  13. Hey I'm still here, is it possible you can reach @Akane so we can finish biology 101. Also is it possible we can start fleshing out branches in Flame, with the departures group missions are slow or impossible and currently would take quite a bit to go from C+ unless just doing solos.
  14. I like the idea except for having to reply on putting points into stats. I was working on a system and rather than increasing stat points you were placed within a bracket which allowed you to run faster, hit harder at higher tiers. Someone with a C-Rank and a sub-ranking of C (C-C) would be weaker than someone capped at at C-Rank (C-S) but be weaker than a B-Rank with each sub-rank being C though S. So at max capped level you could be S-S (which also shows the difference in someone that completely "mastered" versus someone being a novice S-RAnk (S-C)
  15. Mission

    Rain smirked at Nori as she peformed hand seals aswell transforming into an elderly man. "We are going to do exactly what he is doing. You are going to be my hostage and hopefully I can get close enough to disarm him." Rain had on a hospital gown and held a senbon in her hand as her bald headed form made her way over to Nori. "You look good in that outfit" she said giving Nori a slight nudge and giggle as she made her way to where the elderly man was. "So we are going to have to make this very believable so that he thinks I'm in the same situation as him. He's old so we can hopefully confuse him easy. If we can't easily disarm him without suspicion I might have to attack him." Rain took a deep breath as she had never been involved in something so intense. With someone gone in the head words won't get through to them atleast that is what Rain is thinking. Although Rain went with this particular plan she stopped and looked at Nori. "Do you have a simpler and safer plan or any other ideas?" Rain didn't really doubt herself but input from her partner was always needed, there could always be another way to achieve the same results. She stood breathing heavy awaiting for Nori's response. Depending on her reply in a few seconds the greatest show Rain would be involved in up to this point in her life was about to happen. TAGS: @Nori 095/100 CP Transformation Jutsu [5 CP] 100/100 SP Word Count: 254
  16. Mission Information Team: @Nori @Jigokuchō
  17. I think activity checks should be a thing. I see people who have been here 5 months with 33 posts and are A-Rank and alot more newer players who start off at C-Rank are already more active for the few weeks to maybe a month they've been here. I think some of the ranks should be reevaluated and redistributed to the active lower ranks and even limited positions such as Bijuu and Village ranks should be looked at aswell. Just my .75 cents
  18. As a member I can honestly say I would not quit a rpg because there was this clan/bl restriction that i didn't like. Not all ideas will be accepted. If staff have taken and used ideas before and they said "no" it shouldn't be hell unleashed because you didn't get the idea changed.
  19. Idk if it has been this way since the very beginning I am with the staff in standing "firm" with their own decisions. If it was something that was changed then I could see why, but it seems it has been like this since the site was made. And we all know people come and go, reason there are variety of rpgs. So if the staff believe in their system and their way I don't see why the topic should continue. I could see some of the canon clans being labled as scattered as some of their histories suggest that they are more like a tight nit group of people. I'm partially with them (even though I haven't been here long) sometimes as a member you gotta either respect the decision and explore other options or dip out.
  20. I'd like to say "canon" means squat here. I sorta agree with several points stated above, but in retrospect canon isn't heavily enforced here and looking at abilities canon clans aren't all that with the current weaknesses. Now it becomes personal preference as someone might have reasons they necessarily don't want a Uchiha in Water Village which if given a reasonable IC reason would work, but then every Uchiha not in Water will have some story similar to another of WHY they are in another village. It doesn't bother me at all either way. Also as a member, allowing input is fine but fellow members you have to realize everything isn't going to bend to your will just cause you bitch and complain cause it isn't how you want it. It is the staffs vision and what they want. If you don't like it play a different clan/bloodline or leave. SG can't satisfy or do everything everyone wants. If staff says it ia going to be this way then shut up and move on, no need in taking it to cbox or making threads when a decision has been reached. And a decision has been reached.
  21. Mission

    Rain had recieved word that an old man was at the hospital she had previously helped at had gone crazy and was holding one of the nurses hostage. It was surprising that they picked her, but it was more surprising that Nori was her partner. This type of mission usually required a delicate touch like that of a jonin, but maybe this was a test to see how good they were. Rain doned her sky blue nurses out fit along with her senbon and wrist launcher, this would need to be a quick and precise mission for them so they wouldn't loose the nurse. Rain started to make her way to the hospital running the entire way because at any second the elderly man could snap and she didn't want to leave Nori by herself especially being that she wasn't to fond of hospitals. Upon entering the hospital she saw Nori at the bench near the nurses station and she ran to her standing infront of her. "Hey Nori, any updates on the elderly man and the nurse?" She looked around and didn't realize that everyone was gone, atleast from this area. It was the creepy silent that made you wonder what was around the next corner. She attached her senbon wrist launcher and loaded it as she wouldn't have time to do all this once they entered into the patients room. She also had an idea to throw the man off she was already dressed like a nurse but if Nori could use the transformation jutsu they could get the hostage out and have both of them in the room as stand in hostages. "Hey Nori, do you have the transformation jutsu? I think I have a plan" she stated while waiting for Nori to get up. Rain adjusted her senbon wrist launcher placing a white jacket over it to conceal it. She could still target him accurately if she had to, but this would be used to destract him so that the nurse could get away if the previous plan didn't work. It was a harder mission to not kill the man, but who knows what the outcome was going to end up being. She just hope the end result no matter what, was their best choice with no regrets afterwards. TAGS: @Nori Word Count: 381
  22. Jutsu Name | Medical Water Release: Jellyfish | Iryō Suiton: Mizukurage Jutsu Type | Medical Ranking | C-Rank Element(s) | Water Specialty(s) | Medical Energy Cost | 25 (15 initial, 5 upkeep) Handsigns | Rabbit->Tiger->Bird Range | Self/Touch Duration | 3 Posts (1 Post Activation, 2 Post Lifespan) / 1 Post (Activation / Instant Use) Description | By applying jellyfish to a person's form in advance, the jellyfish can store up and spread chakra throughout its host to allow for quick recovery from a recent injury. The jellyfish can only heal small injuries such as cuts, bruises, and can clot small wounds. This technique appears to drain the jellyfish completely as it can only be used once. Other Effects | None Requirements | None Status | Public
  23. Rival you, Rival me, who will my Rival be?
  24. BUMP!
  25. Thanks hun