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  1. Name | Haruka Aburame Nickname | N/A Title Name | N/A Gender | Female Age | 13 Home Link | Haruka Aburame Village | Flame Clan | Aburame Village Ranking: | Student Shinobi Ranking | D Element(s) | N/A Specialties | Primary: Ninjutsu (beginner) Secondary: Bloodline | Parasitic Destruction Insect Technique Chakra | Stamina | Jutsu | Equipment | Forms | Creatures/Summons | Styles | Mentors & Pupils | Friends & Family | Recent History | The Code Box Below is to Provide Easy Access to the Update Template [color=#ff3d3d][b]Update Type[/b][/color] | [color=#ff3d3d][b]Update Name[/b][/color] | [color=#ff3d3d][b]Update Training[/b][/color] | [color=#ff3d3d][b]Update Ryo[/b][/color] | [color=#ff3d3d][b]Update Links[/b][/color] |
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  7. Name | Haruka Aburame Nickname | N/A Title Name | N/A Gender | Female Age | 13 Birth Date | 09/20 Hair Color | Blonde Eye Color | Blue Height | 5"2 Weight | 100 lbs Appearance | Haruka has long blonde hair, blue colored eyes, and is a short girl. She weighs around 100 lbs and is usually always seen wearing her student outfit. Her hair is usually up in a bun, but sometimes she does wear it down on some occasions. Her bust size is a bit bigger than that of the usual 13 year old girl you may usually see, but this must be because puberty hit her a bit like a rock in some regards. She has what you can consider to be a slim figure due to being 100 lbs, not that it's really a bad thing for a girl her age. Village | Flame Clan | Aburame Village Ranking: | Student Shinobi Ranking | D Element(s) | N/A...yet? Doubt a 'student' would know anything related to the elements yet. Specialties | Ninjutsu (beginner) Bloodline | Parasitic Destruction Insect Technique Favorable | Jokes, nice people, eating ramen, goofing around, bacon, insects Unfavorable | arguments, seafood, annoying people Personality | Haruka is a very outgoing and friendly person. You will always see her with a smile on her face and looking out for others. She is the kinda person you'd want as a friend and a teammate as she does care for everybody and respects authority. Haruka does sometimes get irritated with how annoying some people can get when they do not be quiet or ask some very captain obvious questions. Along with that, she hates getting into pointless arguments and always leaves when one will or is going to start. As far as flaws go, you'll see that she can be a bit too trusting sometimes of people and wanna help almost anybody. Philosophy & Beliefs | Haruka aims to become the best ninja she can be! She really wants to focus on being a ninjutsu and perhaps even a taijutsu specialist. History & Background | Born in the Flame Village, Haruka had a mother and a father who were also former ninja and academy students. Her father was an A Rank ninja while her mother had only made it to Chuunin rank and decided being a ninja had not been for her. Her mom and dad both met and weren't exactly in the same squad or anything. Her mom and dads family both were friends, so it worked out for them to meet up and such. As they dated, and then when they turned 18 years old they decided to become engaged and 2 years later were officially married! They were that close to each other as students and up in the ranks. Haruka's mom had her and she was born a healthy young baby girl! Haruka was born and raised to become a student at the academy and to go up in the ranking system to hopefully become something. Maybe Haruka could become a Jonin? Maybe even join the Anbu? Who knows? Haruka did learn a bit about the academy from her mom and dad, so she had been prepared. It's even possible that perhaps Haruka could become the Fire Village leader too! Now at 13 years old, she had been ready and sent off to the academy to become a student there and hopefully learn the ways of the shinobi. It sounded very exciting to her to join officially now and hopefully graduate from the academy with no problems. This is now Haruka's time to shine.