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  1. This still open?
  2. By the time he had given her the tea he had already been sipping on his giving her this wide-eyed look that said it all. "I'm new to this whole mission thing but sure we can get along right?" He didn't have to speak it the look did it for him but by the time she said his name, he blinked into a more formal expression and nodded his head every few words just to let her know he had been listening. Was he already late or were they simply in a rush to get to their destination? Either way he continued to gulp down the tea until it was finally time for him to speak in which he would scratch his head for a moment," I'm good with swords and weapons...but mostly i can do some basic ninjutsu. As for whatever else...I shouldn't probably get mad too often. Other than that...well pleasure to meet you?," though as she moved so he did almost like a lost puppy of sorts. "While that sort of seems harsh to throw me over the boat, good thing i can swim by the way, isn't the way things work that the genin follows the orders of the chuunin regardless? I know you're probably trying to spill it out in a way, but i get the gist. So. Where are we going for this mission by the way? I wasn't told much in the way of the actual mission specs so I thought i'd ask you senpai," after that he laid silent and waited for her next move. Every few steps he shifted the position of his sword to the correct side before it had finally stayed, his eye looking around somberly to take in each thing that passed him. Why did he do this? To simply know what had been in his surroundings.
  3. A mission of great importance. The words echoed through his head as he sat on his bed with nothing but a kodachi in his hand and the warm shade of a lamp showing a portion of his face. He didn't know exactly why the village had chose him out of all of its successful ninja alas he was happy to take the chance to prove himself in a mission such as this one. It was a steady climb to get out of his bed as he simply used the end of the sheathed blade to promptly get up before getting dressed. His clothing had always been put on in layers, each one showing some form of distinguished style from a family long gone until he had finally be dressed in his pale-lilac samurai pants and woven robes he put the last piece of clothing on and strapped his forearm protectors on with ease. It took him only a few days to get the guards in the right fitting and to also go with the coloring scheme of his clothing but with a smooth transition of his sandals he was fully dressed. The only other thing he had required had been his weaponry. No time was wasted strapping the two smaller blades on each of his sides, one on the outer right where his elbow sat if he was in a neutral standing position and the one on the right followed the same pattern. On his back however sat his single katana for one could never be under-prepped for a mission like this. With the last touches done on his clothing and weaponry, the young male sat out of the door and into the world of his home. Their meeting place wasn't far but for simplicity's sake he walked at a brisk pace only stopping to get two cups of tea, one for himself and one for his teammate. He honestly knew not who the person was, but judging from the mission details it was someone higher than him- had to be. Within a few moments he arrived and well on time at that, he stopped to the females right so she could fully see him and he could do the same. Looking clearly through his right eye and only partially through the left which had been covered with his hair he smiled lightly and extended the tea to her," Masaki Ubrashi reporting in," his statement was short and sweet as he awaited any further instructions or notable mentions from the young female in front of him. Hopefully a name came with her introduction or this might've been a bad pairing.
  4. [color=#ff3d3d][b]Update Type[/b][/color] | Equipment [color=#ff3d3d][b]Update Name[/b][/color] | Katana 50 Ryo Forearm Protectors 200 Ryo Standard Kodachi x2 so 600 Ryo [color=#ff3d3d][b]Update Training[/b][/color] | [color=#ff3d3d][b]Update Ryo[/b][/color] | 850 -1200 = 350 ryo [color=#ff3d3d][b]Update Links[/b][/color] | Links in desc.
  5. Update Type | Jutsu, claim(starter ryo 2,500) Update Name | NINJUTSU(E) Eyedaption Sleight of Hand Chakra Adhesive TAIJUTSU(E) Backbreaker One thousand years of death Stilling Technique BUKIJUTSU(E) In the shadow FUINJUTSU(E) Ignition SUMMONING(D) Summoning Jutsu Update Training | Update Cost/Pay | 2,500(starter)-800 = 1700 Ryo Update Links | (Links in jutsu names)
  6. I am quite fine with this ^^
  7. Update Type | Free JutsuUpdate Name | Transformation, Surface Walking, Clone TechniqueUpdate Training | -------Update Cost/Pay | Free
  8. If no one else joins i'll do it.
  9. Name | Masaki Ubrashi Nickname | Black Sheep Masaki Title Name | Lightning Ogre Gender | Male Age | 23 Home Link | Ubrashi Masaki Village | Fire Clan | Sennin Village Ranking: | Genin Shinobi Ranking | C- Rank Element(s) | Lightning Specialties | Primary: Taijutsu Secondary: Bloodline | Sage Transformation Chakra | Stamina | Jutsu | Equipment | Forms | Creatures/Summons | Styles | Mentors & Pupils | Friends & Family | Recent History | The Code Box Below is to Provide Easy Access to the Update Template [color=#ff3d3d][b]Update Type[/b][/color] | [color=#ff3d3d][b]Update Name[/b][/color] | [color=#ff3d3d][b]Update Training[/b][/color] | [color=#ff3d3d][b]Update Ryo[/b][/color] | [color=#ff3d3d][b]Update Links[/b][/color] |
  10. Name | Masaki Ubrashi Nickname | Black Sheep Masaki Title Name | Lightning Ogre Gender | Male Age | 23 Birth Date | March 21st Hair Color | Black Eye Color | Black/Red Height | 5'11 Weight | 210 Appearance | Masaki has a lean yet very muscular tone for someone of his age, which to others makes him look younger than he actually is. Standing at 5'11 he weighs roughly 210 lbs which compared to his older brother is small. Masaki has mid-length, spiky and black hair which covers the right portion of his face specifically to cover his right eye. His hair is tied into a low-ponytail and each strand of hair flicks out. The right side of his face is covered with markings that he had obtained alongside his brother as a pact between the two and continues lower down on his body. The eyes of the young male are brown with the exception of his right eye which is stained red due to a genetic defect within his fathers side of the family. At times the red eye shines through the hair that covers that particular portion of his face. His attire consists of black legwarmers, pale-lilac samurai pants and woven robes. Another layer of a dark purple robe is worn over and tied around his waist. The purple layer of clothing has orange as its inverted colour. He wears a chest-plate guard and presumably something of the similar sort for his arms, which is finished off by a thick, plated shoulder-guard. He has a strap attached to his torso which he hangs his sword on the back of. Village | Flame Clan | Sennin Village Ranking: | Genin Shinobi Ranking | C -Rank Element(s) | Lightning Specialties | Taijutsu [Beginner] Bloodline | Sage Transformation Favorable | Drinking Snake Wine, Training, Lightning, Rain, The Bushido Code Unfavorable | Dishonor, Lying, His fits of rage, Untrustworthy people, Hot days Personality | Masaki's training had taught him how to keep is cool in any event. Showing him that the world is meant to flow to its own beat he stays on track with his own flow. So in battle he can see some parts of the flow of an enemy. His grandpa told him to let his all his senses go in to the wind and have is body still as water. Then when he is at his calmest he reacts faster than lightning. Being able do this helps him in split second events. When he is all done with what he wanted to do he loves to sleep anywhere he can. As his Grandfather told him “This world would be more peaceful if people would learn to enjoy the currents” With that he has been able to keep a level head in normal circumstances. Even in his position he has learned that honesty is the best policy. Whatever he has to say about a person or event he will be right up front and does not pull any punches. He would tell men or women far older than himself that if they had a story or info wrong and soon correct them. As a lighter note on his more pleasant side he has been known to do many things to cheer people up. He will say thing at random that only make sense to him and then will laugh at them for no reason. Usually he does this to get a laughing fit out of those that really need it or to simply lighten the mood. It happens when he is bored at of his mind. His granddad does the same thing with him from time to time. They can spend hours talking about random things that they remember that they thought was funny. Philosophy & Beliefs | Masaki believes in the Bushido code, the code of conduct albiet unwritten, held that the true warrior must hold that loyalty, courage, veracity, compassion, and honor as important, above all else. An appreciation and respect of life was also imperative to this code. History & Background | Masaki was born in March on the 21st day of a warm morning in a hospital. When he was born, his future was already foretold as one who would lead his family into a new age...or so they had thought. His Father and Mother were happy and excited for the new member of their great clan. At a young age, he was already becoming a proficient ninja, but as a future leader he was already going down the wrong slope. At the age of 3 he was already in a group of troublesome kids, those of which the current leader of his clan would not tolerate. His father pleaded with the leader to let the boys be and he would fix it. Within his own small family was a hierarchy of the strongest, the small family being of five only held two and yet something held Masaki to be the next strongest of his family. Maskai started in the Academy along with most of his friends at the age of six, having a good time and training. He was in the top three of his class, not only due to his memory work but because of the extra studying he did with his mother. At the age of eight he graduated at the top of his class along with his friends, forming Team 5. The days after seemed bright for him as his days as a delinquent was over and his team flourished. The mission success rate of Team 5 was not as good as the other teams, but they were quickly working on becoming better. Over the course of three years the team had gotten a relatively good success rate. At the age of eleven he underwent the Chuunin exams, and passed but had to fight one of his own friends in the process. Although he obtained the rank he lost a valuable friend. Now the rank of Chuunin and well on the way to becoming a significant figure in his families own hierarchy he proceeded to go on more dangerous missions which his team. After he turned thirteen however everything went down. During a mission to kill a couple of deserters whom had stolen not only valuable data from the village but also took scrolls in which held some of the villages most destructive jutsu, two of his friends were mortally wounded right in front of him. It was at this moment that Masaki's latent powers had manifested into a more concentrated form. At the site of the fight, he was found with not only the bodies of his enemies but also carrying three of his teammates back to safety, saving all three of them from the threat although he was the main reason of it happening. No one officially told Masaki what had transpired, but in the shadow of his bloodlines awakening he was kept under lock and key by his family until he could finally show a semblance of control over his emotions.