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  1. After finishing explaining his elaborate plan to Shisui, his partner smiled. He looked excited. Too excited. Magatsu decided to ignore it. “First thing’s first. There's an arms dealer, who is a subordinate for the Criminal Organization. We swipe his Combustion Tags, tags that explode into flames, rather than physical force. He is an unassuming midget, so taking him down won’t be much of an issue.” Shisui began to talk. He wasn’t fully listening. It wasn’t an objection to his plan, so he didn't really care, until his mission partner said something not only colorful, but something that pushed him off guard. “...I gotta go fuck your mom after this.” “......” Magatsu was not amused. He wasn't upset but he certainly was not amused. Rather than flying off the handle and beating the life out of Shisui like a normal person who has no mother nor father would, Magatsu ignored it and moved on to his plan. It was night. Perfect. Magatsu knew where the post was for the midget. “ He sat down in front of a dirty alley between two buildings, with a large bag behind him, undoubtedly filled with seals containing weapons. And the bag was huge (compared to a midget). “Here is what we are going to do. You distract him, pretending to be a customer, and I will sneak up behind him from the back way of the alley, and steal the bag.” Magatsu immediately went into action. He didn't want to outright beat the small man in public, especially out in the open in the Black Torch infested slums. Magatsu walked behind the building, looking as unsuspicious as possible. He crept into the alley and waited for his partner to commence into action. WC 288
  2. Mission Magatsu meditated. He had been undergoing the mental work out all mourning. He had been having dreams again. He this time he remembered. This time he wasn't remembering himself remember, remembering the feelings , but he can remember on full. It was a very short dream but it was playing over and over and over. The same scene. Magatsu was being held. He felt scared. As he he clung to whoever had held him, they clung tighter. It was female. The breast made clear of that. His chin was on her shoulder, bumping up occasionally with each great jump she made. Trees were flying by. Chasing after Magatsu and the mystery woman was a man. His hair was as red as Magatsu’s. He had a sword in his hand, and he kept looking back, as if he had a pursuer of his own. He had on a black cloak, and his eye had a scar vertically going through it, his iris pale and pupil non-existent. He took one more look back before spinning mid air, to face whatever was after him. His image became smaller and smaller, as Magatsu was carried farther. And that was it. The same scene would replay. Magatsu didn't like it. It felt strange. He had to get it out of his system. So he sat on the old wooden floor, legs criss crossed, eyes clothes, hands clutching his knees all mourning. He couldn’t afford such distractions. At that moment there was a sudden knock at the door. Magatsu got stood up to go and open the door. It was a Jounin. The same one who had informed him of the inmates that had escaped not too long ago. “Another mission?” “Yes. This time I want you to go and destroy a few hideouts that belong to the Bone Torches.” “An entire Criminal Organization?” “Like the inmates, they are very very weak.” He hands Magatsu a piece of paper. “These are the locations of the Bone Torch Hideouts. Destroy each one. Enemy casualties are not an issue, so do what you must. Now, go meet your partner in the square of the village.” Magatsu sighed. He closed the door, and ran towards his open window. He jumped out of it, rolling on the ground as he lands. He made a break towards the village square, as instructed. He needed the exercise, take his mind off of things.
  3. Jutsu Name | Shadow Afterimage Technique Ranking | C Element(s) | N/A Specialty(s) | Genjutsu Energy Cost | 25 Handsigns | None Range | Within Eyesight Duration | 3 Posts Description | When casting this Jutsu, it causes a Genjutsu that the user to be completely invisible to the target while he is movement from place to place. While this is happening, the target will see of an illusion of the user in the place he originally was in. The user can have their illusionary selves make any motion they so please. When Magatsu stops moving, the illusion of himself disappears. When he is back in motion once again he will leave another illusion of himself. The Illusions can't move from the spot it is standing in, but the user can have the illusion of himself say and make gestures with its body. Other Effects | None Requirements | Magatsu must either make direct physical contact, or make eye contact while his Ketsuryugan is active. Status |Private
  4. Magatsu, wearing nothing but a leaf to cover his genitalia, dry blood all over his body, a mutilated raccoon in one hand and a dagger in the other. "It wasn't the Ice Cream Man? Damn. Then it was probably Akane. She gives me savage evil vibes. Lets Sacrafice her to Hoorootoo, The Goddess of Bitches!" He raised his head and spread his arms, rejoicing to Hoorootoo.
  5. Magatsu Finally made it towards the Village Square. It was a very economical place, as most village squares were, with people moving around, buying and selling. Lots of socializing about. Magatsu was a bit confused. Why would the have a mission be briefed in a place like this? It seemed kind of reckless. Nonetheless, he had to follow through. Magatsu looked around, wondering where he might be. Magatsu stopped realizing that, if he wasn’t given a notice to what he may or may not have looked like or a location he would be in, he was probably looking for him. He found his new partner very lively and enthusiastic, easy going. "You're my partner on this mission! Now, you ready to go kill us some people and get PAID for it? I know I am, hahaha." “......” And a bit amoral. “ I devised a plan for us to destroy the hideouts. Its pretty simple. We Barricade in the doors, block all exits of each one. Then while everyone is trapped inside, we set them all on fire. Plain and simple. Of course it will require many stakeouts, to assure the shinobi in the hideouts are going to stay in there.” Magatsu looked around. “Oh and its night time. This just made our job easier. The hideouts are very small, and are more like shacks, so they will be highly flammable. The guards should be sleeping by now. They are all windowless and windowless, so not only is there no means of escaping, they lack of oxygen will surely have them pass out before they are even burned. We HAVE to make sure they are all dead inside. So after we watch it burn we move in to search for any sign of life. And if so, we execute them immediately. Then we move on to the next hideout and repeat the process. Understood?”
  6. Magatsu said nothing. He gave a quick nod, and jumped off the building. It was burning from the inside, indicating it started only recently. He bursted through the doors of the building. “Hello!? Is anyone alive?!” He didn’t hesitate. He activated his Ketsuryugan. With it, he could since blood, weather in or out of a body ...only four bundles. But damn, they are so far away from each other. Magatsu was going to have to make some decisions. Despite the lack in number of people needing to be saved, time is a factor. The building will undoubtedly get worse, and either collapse or burn everything within it to a charred crisp. Either way, there is a good chance someone will end up dead. “If it comes to that then so be it.” Magatsu didn’t have time to think this over. He quickly ran up the stairs to get the first victim. He rushed up the stairs. Luckily they weren’t burning. He jumped to the top of the steps, to find someone coughing at the end of the hallway. His Ketsuryugan still activated, he can sense the bundle of nerves. There was a wall of fire between him and the person. He was able to see without his Ketsuryugan. He deactivated the jutsu, and ran forward. He was wearing a cloak, so he shielded his body from the flames. He jumped forward, and upon landing on the floor, he rolled around, certainly distinguishing any flames that were to catch on his clothing. Magatsu stood up and saw the wounded person. He hurried over to them, and knelt down. It was a female, not too older than he was. He looked at her (very large) chest, to get a hint of breathing. She was. He picked her up on her shoulders, and continued to look for the next. He looked up around. There were two other s on this floor. And the fire was spreading fast, and beginning to get out of control. “Is someone out there? I can hear you please let me out of here! The door won’t open!” He heard banging on the door next to him. He sat the unconscious woman on the floor against the wall and stood back. He ran towards the door, and kicked with as much force as possible, smashing it open. The woman who was on the other side yelped and jumped backward. She was dressed rather revealingly. “I’m here to help you. Is there an emergency exit?” “Yes! Its down the hall!” Magatsu pointed to the unconscious woman. “Take her with you. And hurry, before the fire gets any worse than it already is. Magatsu ran towards the stairs he original came from, to move up. There were two others left, and no time to waste. He looked up again. “Strange...these two are close to each of them would have found the exit.” The two sets of blood were moving around one another, one pumping much faster than the other. It was strange. He raced up the stairs to the next floor. “...let me go!” “There’s no one who can help you! We are going to die here together! And what a way to go!” Immediate red flag. He raced towards the door, dodging flames left and right, and kicked open the door at the end of the hallway. He found a woman about the same age as the one on the previous floor being grabbed onto by a slightly older woman. The older one pushed her away in panic. Magatsu ran forward, and delivered a punch straight to the side of the head. She was knocked out instantly. Magatsu picked her up and placed her on his shoulders. The fire was out of control now. There wasn’t much place to walk without seeing it or being burned. “Hurry! Get to the emergency exit. Magatsu watched her run towards the door, and he followed after her, the attacking lady on his shoulders. He had to dodge flames even more, and even got burned in the right arm and left leg. The shinobi finally reached the exit and opened the door, leading to the outside. Magatsu dropped set the lady down, and dropped to his knees. His vision was blurred and he felt weak, getting ready to pass out. He hadn’t realized he was doing so much work with so little oxygen. He dropped to his hands, attempting to catch his breath.
  7. Half naked cult leader Magatsu. Heard the screams. He was busy animals he had captured alive to the ol Mighty Blood Goddess. Everyone was gathered around. The world werewolf was thrown left and right. He was covered in animal blood half naked this was bad. He would sure to get pinned. "I knlw what it looks like but it wasn't me. My followers lf the Blood Religion will vouch fofor me." He had a confident smile on his face sure to not be blamed. "If you ask me, it's that Ice Cream Man. Never trusted him"
  8. Magatsu wasn't at his finest. He was constantly waking up last night, from the same dream. He couldn't remember what it was exactly, but he does know it was the same, and he also recalls the familiarity of the scenario. If only he remembered what the scenario was. At any rate, there was a knock on the door, and he was greeted by a prison guard. Magatsu sighed and opened the door. “Hello?” “There's been a situation at the prison. Many inmates have escaped and are hiding on the street. We need many hands on deck, so you and a few others are to find them all and round them up.” He had a tone of urgency, though it wasn't as serious as it should be. “Are they strong? “ “No. In fact, from what their rap sheets say, they are all rather weak. But that doesn't mean they can't harm civilians, which is why we are asking many shinobi of different ranks to get on this mission. You have been assigned a partner for this mission.” He handed Magatsu the paper, with a picture and some information of his supposed partner. “Daichi Uzumaki. He has already started on the mission. It shouldn't be hard to find him.” “Wouldn't it have been better to have most of the Jounin do this, 5o make it all the more quicker? “ “Many if the Jounin are under more important missions. And this mission will be a great learning experience for a genin like you. Now, get on it.” Magatsu nodded. He jogged to his window, and slid it open. He clicked out of it, and clung to the outside of the pain, closing it shut. He launched himself into the air, and grabbed hold of the roof, flipping on top of it. He looked around. He could see a few other ninja who appeared to be on the same mission he was. None of which fit Daichi description. He ran across the roof, and jumped onto another, repeating the process at maximum speed. Along with the sheet about Daichi, he was given a list of names and pictures of the inmates. Some had matching tattoos in their faces, indication of a gang. But, more evident, they were all ugly. He put them away, and continued to move forward, picking up speed. Eventually, he found someone doing the same, fitting the description of Daichi. He moved quickly to get beside him. “Excuse me!” At that moment he saw a building on fire, with a screaming laughing man on top of it, in a prison uniform. He looked at the sheet. “Serial Arsonist.” 434
  9. I'm in
  10. [Insert Image Here] Name | Magatsu Nickname | None Title Name | None Gender | Male Age | 18 Home Link | Village | Flame Clan | Farron Village Ranking: | Genin Shinobi Ranking | C Element(s) | Fire Specialties | Primary: Genjutsu-Beginner Secondary: Bloodline | Ketsuryugan Chakra | 100 Stamina | 100 Jutsu | Equipment | Forms | Creatures/Summons | Styles | Mentors & Pupils | Friends & Family | Recent History | Just got kicked out of the orphanage for being too old. The Code Box Below is to Provide Easy Access to the Update Template [color=#ff3d3d][b]Update Type[/b][/color] | [color=#ff3d3d][b]Update Name[/b][/color] | [color=#ff3d3d][b]Update Training[/b][/color] | [color=#ff3d3d][b]Update Ryo[/b][/color] | [color=#ff3d3d][b]Update Links[/b][/color] |
  11. Name | Magatsu Nickname | N/A Title Name | N/A Gender | Male Age | 18 Birthdate | 1/13 Hair Color | Red Eye Color | Amber Height | 5’11 Weight | 120 lb Appearance | Magatsu is of a medium height, at 5’11. He also has a very low body fat percentage, his weight bing 120 lb, but his figure is very lean, on the account of his physical training (though bukijutsu and taijutsu aren’t specializations he is adept in.) His hair reaches to his neck, and is of a crimson red color. Magatsu’s eyes are a deep amber. And speaking of amber, around his neck is a short and thin chain, and attached to it is a small piece of amber he obtained from his mother, with a small millipede encased inside. A very large, black tattoo of a eastern dragon covers his back, spiralling inward into a circular motion. His attire usually consists of simple, plain, and casual black and white clothing, and sometimes switching up which is primary and which is secondary. He normally has a t shirt under an unzipped hoodie. Village | Flame Clan | Farron Village Ranking: | Genin Shinobi Ranking | C Element(s) | Water Specialties | Genjutsu-Beginner Bloodline | Ketsuryugan Favorable | Books on military strategies and leadership Horror novels Most Seafoods Unfavorable | Toddlers The idea of religion Corrupted Leadership People who wear their heart on their sleeves Personality | Magatsu is a very calm and collective individual. He is a man of very few words, and is very reserved. He is smart and very quick thinking, and a very analytical person. He normally speaks formally, yet very seriously. His tone is deep and even. In most cases his face is either expressionless, or stern. Magatsu is a very analytical person, always looking deep into things, and he normally doesn't accept the face value. Magatsu is a person who believes himself to see the bigger picture. His beliefs are that sometimes, no matter how painful, the altruistic route isn't the best way. To him, the means will always justify the end. He finds those who believe in a universal moral code are bound by their own experiences and circumstances, and are downright naïve. He believes that in order to make everyone happy, in order to have true order, there will always be sacrifice. Philosophy & Beliefs | Altruism is for naïves The end will always justify the means History & Background | Magatsu was an only child born to the Farron clan. And like many members of the Farron clan, he and his parents were hunted for their Kekkei Genkai. The family stayed in the Lightning village, but not long after Magatsu was born, they left the village, becoming wanted nin. For four years they were constantly hunted by those who deemed them dangerous, those who deemed them dangerous. Though they were both powerful, they grew fatigued, constantly fighting for their safety, and the protection of their son, constantly killing in front of their child. When Magatsu turned four years old, and after his father decapitated multiple ANBU, his mother horrified to find Magatsu watching. Realizing this was no way to raise a child, his parents both agreed on his mothering casting a Genjutsu on him using her Ketsuryugan, making him forget them, their names, and everything before. She would only have him remember his name. In disguise they traveled to the Flame village, and left his unconscious self to an orphanage, telling the owners only that they found him. Both of them knowing they can't run forever, his father used a powerful sealing jutsu that killed them both. Starting in the Orphanage, Magatsu was very different from the other children. He preferred reading to playing with the others, and often finding them annoying. He outright refused to play with them when the owners tried to sway him to do so. On his teen years, he became immersed in his studying, and learned to become a shinobi. Though he did physical training, he delved deep into military strategy. Not long after he turned eighteen, he was kicked out of the Orphanage and moved into the barracks.