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  1. Name | Mirato Kizuna Nickname | Kizu Title Name | The Ghost Gender | Male Age | 18 Birth Date | 29 Mar [] Hair Color | White Eye Color | silverblue Height | 6"4 Weight | 75kg Appearance | Mirato has Long Silver/white hair that matches his pale skin some refer to his skin as lifelessly pale. His eyes are a glimmer in a silvery blue gleam reminiscent of the glow of the moon. He wears robes sewn from silk harvested over many moons, fine yet elegant, the bottom of his robes are dyed a midnight purple. He wears a Chest plate that is reminiscent of a Carapace to protect his chest and carry tools. Mirato wears his Headband on his leg typically as he likes to wear his mask due to its practicality as a means of concealing his identity and filtering the air. Village | Lightning Clan | [TBA] Village Ranking: | C Shinobi Ranking | Genin Element(s) | Fire, Lava Specialties | Medical Bloodline | Yogan Favorable | Origami, Onigiri, Manga, Katsudon, stormy days and meditation Unfavorable | Tanuki, Perverts, Laziness and arrogant people Personality | Mirato tends to be inquisitive about stuff that he hasnt seen before. He tends to have his head in the books researching herbs, medicinal techniques and also reading up on history as he wanted to know how the body ticks. when he isnt studying he can be found at the dojo training his martial arts and meditating. Typically calm and collected , if you push him enough he will black out and then his other personality appears... This other side of mirato shows no fear, giving in to the more animilistic side of humanity he cares little for what can happen to his body as he can repair it. Philosophy & Beliefs | History & Background |
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