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  1. Thank you Daichi for staying.
  2. Hiyoku
  3. First the Masked Shinobi, who had now introduced himself formally as Jinpachi, began somewhat informal introductions as he explained the make up of the tradition Shinobi Team. As he continued on with a basic introduction of himself she would nod politely, letting her eyes wander to the even more Mysterious Shinobi at her left side. Wrapped from head to toe in bandages that completely obscured their appearance, they were certainly an intimidating sight to behold. As Jinpachi finished up his introduction she turned her head as the Mysterious Shibobi that Jinpachi had called Monogatari began their own introduction. Something was off about them, but she couldn't put her finger on exactly what it was. As they finished up their introduction the girl took a deep breath, looking at the ground as she thought of what to say about herself. For the time being she decided to just shrug off the uneasy feeling she got from Monogatari, figuring that it must be the whole obscured identity thing that had set off those feelings. "I am not important, so don't worry about me." She spoke, after several moments rolling her possible words around her head. Turning to look side eyed at Monogatari she tilted her chin up slightly for just a moment before bring her emerald eyes back onto Jinpachi to hear the rest of what they would be doing. She didn't have the mental advantage of looking mysterious and intimidating like the others, and so all she could do to try to match their air of intimidation was to keep her information tightly guarded. 260 647 907/700
  4. The stone struck, heavy and true, smashing into the birds tiny body as it landed atop one of the gnarled roots that formed the entrance to a small cavern located at the base of a massive tree besides a small stream. The thrower, a startled young woman laying unclothed on a bed made of woven reeds, glares in it's general direction before her heart beat lower back to normal. She had learned to keep an ear out for any disturbance near the entrance to her home, and had simply acted on instinct to toss the rock that had struck down the offending bird. Rolling out of bed she stretched, feeling her muscles and joints loosen up, the aches working themselves out as she made her way to her homes entrance. She took a careful look around to see if their was anyone else around before emerging, still unclothed to collect the now dead bird from where it had fallen. She knelt before it, bring her hands together in a quiet prayer before picking it up. It would be a shame to waste the bird, and so it would serve as her breakfast this day. As she started to pluck its feathers she noticed a paper wrapped around its left leg. Curious she removed it, reading the summon. It was from the Masked Shibobi that had humiliated her not long ago, requesting that she arrive at the Village Gate for a mission. She sighed, tossing the paper aside as she worked on starting the fire to cook the bird on. Today would be her first mission as a Kunoichi it seemed. With the bird eaten, her body somewhat cleaned in the stream, and her cloak and robes tossed on, she made her way to the village gates to meet with the Masked Shinobi for this task he had selected her for. Upon arriving she spotted the Masked Shinobi already waiting for her, as well as a stranger she had never seen before. She stopped for a moment, examining the stranger in the same way she had the Masked Shinobi at their first meeting. The Strangers was covered head to toe in bandages that made it nearly impossible to discern any distinguishing features. She had to wonder if all Ninja were so over the top in their attire, having nothing else to judge this with as of yet. With a small sigh she walked up, emerald eyes staring straight ahead as she strode with confidence to the waiting pair. Her cloak was tan in color, scuffed and ripped in places, having been sewn back together many times it seemed. Her robes under them were grey, equally if not more scruffy then the cloak over them were. They were stained in several places, and carried the same stitching that indicated several rips and tears as the cloak. She wore the cloaks hood up over her head causing slight shadows to fall over her face. The only indication of her reddish blond hair coloring were the several strands that fell down around her neck. Around her body was a brand new looking leather sheath, on her back a sword was carried in its holster, only the old leather wrappings of its grip could be seen. Her emerald green eyes carried a look of seemingly unearned regality and confidence, mirrored by the movement of her body as she finished her stride. "I am ready for this task." She said, eyes moving slightly to look at the Bandaged Stranger nearby. She wondered if she was being impolite not to speak to them. It was at this moment she realized that living in the root cavern of a tree alone in a forest park did not prepare one with the necessary social skills for a situation like this. So for the time being she let her words hand there, and just hoped the Masked Shinobi would take care of further introductions. 647/700
  5. Uh...Hello. I would like to see plot driven and character development threads given more meaning. I want to roleplay and be successful...this is my first roleplay site after all...but from what I have seen discussed in the chat and seen on the board you get more from grinding out rather meaningless mission post then you would for actually advancing personal or site plot. So I humbly ask that you reconsider your stance of mission, exp, and so on, in order to encourage quality over quantity. After reading up about the Naruto series I understand that missions for lower level characters is something very important to the series, but I'd rather see people earn more EXP for quality story advancement and character development. Also...I understand that fights happen and characters can die in some cases, but I'd like if you would consider some way to discourage it. I understand that soon the Villages will be enemies and may have wars and fights and that people die in wars, but maybe consider offering more EXP for not killing another character when there is no plot reason for it. Such as...uh...like if Lightning and Flame have a war people must mark the thread a Warzone thread in which joining they understand they can be killed, but they are also offered triple the EXP for participating or something. This is my first ever try at doing roleplaying so maybe I am just being naive about how it is suppose to work. I would just like to be rewarded something for playing the character and growing their story and not just grinding out meaningless post.
  6. I ask you to check my purchase of jutsu and items.
  7. Update Type | Purchase Update Name | Smoke Bombs x 10, In the Shadows E Rank, Cloak of Invisibility Technique E Rank, Chakra Enhanced Strike D Rank, Stilling Technique E Rank, Second Wind D Rank, Taijutsu Block D Rank, Carrying Case B Rank x2, Back Sheath E Rank,Update Training | Update Ryo | Smoke Bombs x 10 - 500 Ryo Carrying Case B Rank x 2 - 800 Ryo Back Sheath E Rank - 100 Ryo In The Shadows E Rank - 50 Ryo Cloak of Invisibility Technique E Rank - 50 Ryo Stilling Technique E Rank - 50 Ryo Second Wind D Rank - 100 Ryo Taijutsu Block D Rank - 100 Ryo Chakra Enhanced Strike D Rank -100 Ryo 2500 Ryo 1850 Ryo 650 Ryo RemainingUpdate Link |
  8. Update Type | Rank Up.Update Name | C RankUpdate Training | Training the Next GenerationUpdate Ryo | 0Update Link |
  9. Name | Father's Bokken Type | Sword - Sub-Type | Bastard Ranking | E Material(s) | Wood Dimensions | 37 inch in length Nature | Appearance The blade of the bokken is made up of several skinny bamboo branches bound tightly together by woven reeds located at various points along the blade. At the tip is a leather wrapping in order to keep the ends of the bamboo from splitting. The hilt is made of leather strips designed to provide extra grip, as well as keep the bottom of the bundle from splitting out. Abilities | Description | This bokken was made by Hiyoku's father and mother for her tenth birthday. Availability | Hiyoku's personal weapon. Requirements | Ryo Cost | 50 Ryo
  10. Name | Hiyoku Nickname | Title Name | Gender | Female Age | Sixteen Home Link | Hiyoku Village | Flame Clan | Village Ranking: | Genin Shinobi Ranking | C Element(s) | Specialties | Primary: Taijutsu (Novice) Secondary: Bloodline | Chakra | 100 Stamina | 100 Jutsu | Equipment | Forms | Creatures/Summons | Styles | Mentors & Pupils | Mentor - Jinpachi Madarame Friends & Family | Recent History | Training the Next Generation - Learned the Basic Ninja Skills from Jinpachi Madarame. Was humiliated in the final part of the test but was allowed to pass. The Code Box Below is to Provide Easy Access to the Update Template [color=#ff3d3d][b]Update Type[/b][/color] | [color=#ff3d3d][b]Update Name[/b][/color] | [color=#ff3d3d][b]Update Training[/b][/color] | [color=#ff3d3d][b]Update Ryo[/b][/color] | [color=#ff3d3d][b]Update Links[/b][/color] |
  11. I am ready to start the process of approval.
  12. Name | Hiyoku Nickname | Title Name | Gender | Female Age | Sixteen Birth Date | February, Second Hair Color | Reddish blonde Eye Color | Green Height | Five feet, five inches Weight | One hundred and ten pounds Appearance | Hiyoku is, by all accounts, a rather meek and uninteresting looking girl when compared to most of the other girls who strive to carry the title of Kunoichi. Preferring the modest clothing of her civilian counterparts, she can most often be found wearing a hooded, tan colored cloak, scuffed and worn over the years. Otherwise, she wears an extremely old Samurai's robe, though they now appear more like the rags a beggar might wear. On her feet she wears well worn sandals made of a woven reed, the amateur nature of their craftsmanship very apparent especially when compared to those sold in the local shops. Her hair is naturally light red in color, and as she has grown up become more of an orange color in hue. It is cut short, only extended around the ears and to the nape of her neck in the back, but it often times gets in her eyes in the front. Often times it is in a state of disarray, with locks scattered about aimlessly atop her head. Despite it's disheveled appearance, she often times frets over it's appearance, constantly combing her fingers through it when otherwise idle. She possesses quite expressive emerald green eyes, darker on the outer edges and lighter towards the pupil. Often times her true emotions are exposed by them despite her best efforts to hide them. The sight in her left eye is slightly weaker then in her right, and as a result she has a tendency to close her left eye when she is tired, stressed, or concentrating. Often times the sclera is bloodshot, giving her a rather tired looking appearance. Village | Flame Clan | Village Ranking: | Student Shinobi Ranking | D Element(s) | Specialties | Taijutsu (Novice) Bloodline | Favorable | Hiyoku's first passion in life is the art of cutting and styling hair. The passion was passed down from her father, who somehow made a rather meager living as a wandering barber. He would often tell her that one day there would hopefully be no need for Samurai of Shinobi, but there would always be need for a good barber. While she loves to learn about everything, another of her passions is learning about the Samurai. Her father was a Samurai, but he never spoke of his past of what being a Samurai meant besides carrying a sword. She has an interest in learning more about the Bushido code and the history of the Samurai, and wishes to one day be able to join their ranks. She strongly prefers women to men, and sometimes finds herself tongue tied and weak kneed in the presence of those she finds to be above average in attractiveness. Being of a rather meek persuasion, this issue becomes even more pronounced when that person has a more domineering personality. Strength through kindness. She truly believes that the strong people of the world truly care of others, friends and enemies. Unfavorable | Nihilism. She believes strongly that despite all the horrors of the world that people are inherently good inside, and that one day mankind will reach a age where Samurai and Shinobi are no longer necessary evils. Violence of all kinds. To her Violence is the final means after everything else has failed, because violence only brings more violence. Killing. When it comes to actually dealing a death blow she finds herself unable to if she knows the attack will lead to death. Upon realizing it her hands will become clammy, and her arms shaky. Personality | Hiyoku is a girl who truly believes with all her heart that mankind is inherently good inside, despite the horrors they can commit to each other. That one day in the far future the world will no longer need Samurai or Shinobi, and that people will learn to value peace over war. However, she is also a realist and understands that while one can look to the future, they must live and survive in the present in order to see that future with their own eyes. Sometimes that may mean putting one's hopes for peace aside, and slashing someone in the throat. To her violence is the final solution once all other avenues have been attempted, because violence only breeds more violence. Despite that rather stoic personal belief system, she is rather meek and cowardly in nature. A lack of self confidence, an unwillingness to knowingly kill, and a rather submissive nature add up to someone who is rather unbecoming of a girl aiming to become a Kunoichi. However, she is also loyal to those she cares for, and may be able to overcome her proclivity to run and hide from danger in order to stand by them when they need her. Philosophy & Beliefs | Her number one belief is that mankind is inherently good inside despite everything. History & Background | Hiyoku was born sixteen years ago just outside the territory of the Wind Village. Her mother was a local sandal maker, whose hand woven sandals were considered a sign of high society in smaller, unmarked villages where many luxuries enjoyed by the people of the Flame, Water, and Lightning Villages were unheard of. Her father was a very quiet and mysterious man who would always prevent them from settling in to any place for more then a day or two. He made his living with a pair of old scissors, and would give hair cuts to the people of the villages they visited. He always said that the reason for it was because hair was like the crops in the field, except unlike the crops there was no need for maintenance between harvestings. There were some times when they would come to a village suffering attacks from bandits or creatures who lived nearby. With his sword, her father would often fight them in order to save the village. It was the age of six with she started to wish for a sword like her father. He was adamantly against this for several years, but by her tenth birthday he relented and gifted her a simple wooden practice sword made of several branches that were woven together by her mother. He taught her the basics of the art of kendo, and tried his best to instill her with a work ether based on discipline and a sense of fairness. After a day of traveling to a new village he would sit with her at night, and tell her his vision for a world where there would no longer be a need for swords, because everyone would follow the way of peace. But, he anchored this belief with the reality of the world they lived in, telling her about how people were capable of immense cruelty towards not only one another, but also themselves. When she was eleven her father sent her and her mother to the Flame Village, only saying that the time had come. He promised her that he would meet them within the week, but come five years later he had never fulfilled his promise. Having only a meager amount to their name, she and her mother couldn't afford more then a couple nights at an inn inside the village. After that they took to living under an out of the way park where they lived on what they could catch from the local pond. At the age of thirteen her mother grew ill, and so they sold nearly everything they had in order to afford to see the village's doctor, but it was to late and she passed. Given little choice, Hiyoku decided to join the Village's Shinobi program in order to earn money to live on.