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  1. Jutsu Name | Heavenly Speech Bounded Voice Jutsu Type | Offensive Ranking | C Element(s) | Wind Specialty(s) | Ninjutsu Energy Cost | 25 Handsigns | Bird Monkey Dragon Range | 15 m Duration | Instant Description | After completing the hand seals, the user can exhale up to two bullets of wind. These bullets are one cubic inch in size and very difficult to see, as they are made of compressed air. These bullets have no damaging abilities. When they strike a surface or reach the edge of their maximum travel distance they will explode in a gust of wind of three cubic meters in radius which will feel like a strong breeze to anyone caught within the area. This explosion pushes all of the air out of that zone in roughly one second, after which the air will rush back in, again feeling like a strong breeze. The removal of the air in that region causes the air pressure to rapidly fall to nearly zero and as the inner body cannot keep up with this unexpected drop in pressure, it ruptures the eardrums of whoever is in the area. This causes deafness until treated by a medic as well as minor bleeding and intense pain. Other Effects | After rupturing the ear drum, victims suffer extreme nausea and loss of balance for three posts. Requirements | Chikamatsu Status | Personal
  2. The nausea and dizziness only lasts for 3 posts, but I can shorten this if you think I should. Only the ruptured eardrums last, but they would be easy to heal with a medical technique I think. Does anything else need to change?
  3. The young, short man waited patiently for his newfound partner, the girl and this jounin now forming a three man squad. Aside from theoretical history references, Mono had no particular clue that squads existed so rigidly in a four man unit until Jinpachi remarked as much, but he found himself pleased that it would only be the pair of them with him; he would have fewer people to learn of and work with, as well as fewer people from which to conceal his true identity. Plus, a squad of this small size would doubtlessly prove extremely maneuverable and swift in its actions, something which an assassin valued very highly. He listened attentively to his new sensei as he introduced himself, but visibly startled when the man asked him for his own life story. Monogatari did not usually have to convey historical information, especially about himself. Before speaking, he bowed deeply to the pair, each in their turn, showing the utmost of respect. "My name is Monogatari, as Jinpachi-sama said. It his pleasurable to meet the both of you. I, too, come from the streets with no family of my own. Up until only recently I worked where I could as a low-grade assassin for hire, and even though I am now a fully fledged ninja," he hesitated, not desiring to reveal his rampant shortcomings, "I-I have no notable skills as of yet beyond what my body can achieve on its own and the most basic of techniques taught at the academy. I am sorry for my failure, but I promise I will not fail either of you."
  4. Characters Involved | Chikamatsu and Shisui (Peridot) Link to the Missions | Overview | Monogatari and Shisui were paired up to prevent a crazy old man from killing a nurse. They succeeded, but not before feeling one another out. Then later they were paired again to collect some spider silk and Shisui collected some spiders too and gave Mono his calling card. Shisui is crazy but Monogatari does not seem to mind.
  5. Mission Name [Entity] | Silk Farming! [Flame] Mission Type | Village Mission Ranking | B-Rank Repeatable? | Yes Mission Description | A man in Midori forest has a small hut where he tends to and regulates his silk farm for profit. He collects spider silk while caring for three large underground pens of Wood Spiders. Help him collect the silk and do not get bitten so many times you need hospitalization. -The mission is failed if more than 10 spiders are killed, anyone is bitten too many times, or if a nest is destroyed. Mission NPCs | 1 B-Ranked Large Spider's Nest {Non-Lethal} 3 C-Ranked Small Spider's Nests {Non-Lethal} Nest Details: The large nests above are equal to 3 small nests and contain larger more dangerous species of aggressive spiders which are poisonous. Being bitten by 2 spiders can cause inflammation and infection, while 4 can cause nausea and dizziness. More than 6 can cause paralysis or death. A large nest contains 15 spiders. The small nests contain small bunches of nonlethal though aggressive biting spiders, though being bitten more than 5 times results in numbness, inflammation, and possible infection. A small nest contains 10 spiders. Word Count | 1000 WC per person Requirements | Must be done with at least one other person. Flame. Another day had brought onto the plate of the young man another mission, this one with a partner. He was not entirely sure who to expect for his partner today as the mission scroll in question did not specify anything of the sort, but he prepared himself in any capacity for any scenario. He donned his typical mission garb, the concealing bandages which obfuscated most of his body and the vast majority of his face, revealing only two, massive dark eyes and a collection of spiky silver tufts of hair. Beyond this, he wore a simple, tightly fitted black t-shirt and a pair of loose but well made black pants, terminating in matching boots. He had brought a few weapons with him, tucked safely into two small pouches at his hips, and otherwise waited here for the person he was to meet. He leaned up against the side of a tree in a small park in the village, his rather minuscule frame partially hidden among those who had ventured out to enjoy the lovely weather of the day. However, with his clearly mission-ready attire, any partner who wanted to find him would easily be able to locate him, especially since he had left word with the office of the kage that he would wait in this location just down the street. @Peridot
  6. Receiving a missive by bird was a bit of a novelty for the young warrior, but Monogatari read the message and prepared himself anyway, donning his normal garb which covered nearly every inch of flesh in a thick wrapping of bandages. The name of the sender raised a small bell in his mind, he recalling that this Jinpachi person should serve as his sensei in the time leading up to chunin exams and would lead him and others on more difficult missions than he had already taken. With any luck, this man would know more of ninjutsu and, if possible, the wind element and could help Mono in learning more of his current proficiency. Plus, if he knew of bukijutsu he would be able to help Monogatari train for one of his truer passions. He did wonder if a ninja team had a real need of an assassin, for as of now, the young man could provide little in the way of support, though some additional ninjutsu techniques may very well change all of that. For now, he made his way quickly go to the arranged meeting spot, a more secluded area at the edge of town whereupon he found a man in an outfit befitting a true warrior of shadows. Mono found himself impressed but did not allow his massive, dark eyes to betray him, instead slinking up to his sensei with the classic gait of deathly stillness that he possessed. He bowed upon find the man, speaking as he did. "Monogatari, here for the mission. You are Jinpachi-sama, correct?"
  7. He listened intently as the other man explained the production of the silk and the various sorts of glands and proteins involved in the material's creation, his head bobbing slightly as he listened, hands gathering up the silk they were to collect almost absently. He had found himself so engrossed in Shisui's description that a small spider, still held within the nest, attempted to bite his hand, though the thick wrappings of cloth prevented its fangs from actually finding his flesh. He stared at the creature as it dangled from his arm before shaking it off, the eight-legged beast flying into the grass somewhere unseen. The boy had impressed him with his knowledge of the spiders; he had initially assumed he was a jumpy lunatic with smarts erring more on the street side than the academic, but that assumption had been proven wrong. He turned then, picking up the reams of silk he had gathered, and moved nearer the house, depositing them into a wicker basket for just such an occasion. Monogatari had easily gathered up enough to pass the mission on his own and, in between killing and stealing spiders, Shisui appeared to have also grabbed a bit of the larger silk strands as well. Finished, he would beckon his partner over to return to the village and collect their pay, though he did have something to ask. As they strode away, he spoke up, quietly enough that the man in the house could not hear them. "You took some of the big spiders, right? The mutated ones? Can you reproduce their glands with your medical knowledge? You say it's been hard to reproduce the silk, but could you crate some kind of genetic rewrite that would let someone produce silk and enhance it with chakra to expedite the production?"
  8. Mission Name [Entity] | Noises in the Forest Mission Type | Village Mission Ranking | B-Rank Repeatable? | Yes Mission Description | There have been strange noises heard in the forest around the village, stranger than normal. People have started talking about a clan of people living in the trees but such an idea is insane. Find whoever is behind the noises and put the people at rest. Mission NPCs | - 1 B-Ranked Shinobi - 1 C-Ranked Shinobi per additional person Word Count | 1000 Requirements | None The woman disguised as a boy stood outside one of the nicer buildings within the village complex, posture an image of pure perfection, long silver ponytail trailing behind his bandaged body, enshrouded by a weave of bright crimson cloth. Monogatari, an assassin by trade, though an inexperienced ninja by any real measure. He had only a few basic techniques and had yet to purchase any real equipment for the assassinations he engaged in usually required that he enter buildings unarmed and in an elaborate disguise. However, today's shinobi mission was something different entirely; he, and a more senior partner by the name "Akane," were to venture into the woods to quell the rumors about a clan of treefaring people. Absurd rumors to be certain, but ones that had continually cropped up and thus needed silencing. Either way, the village could not really afford to have potential enemy ninja living and colluding so close to the heart of their power. Outside of the room he had been instructed to meet Akane at he paused, hesitating for only a second before rapping his hand upon that door, summoning his mission leader to answer his call. He backed away form the structure then, the rigidity of his posture returning as he waited in the most respectful way he knew how, eyes looking down towards the bottom third of the door, hands placed firmly at his lower back, fully at attention. A few passersby gave him but fleeting glances, the appearance of someone dressed in such an outdated and overly conservative style of little need for remark in this place of war. The streets found his choice of garb alarming and odd, though his extreme shortness insulated him from the surrounding crowds, but here, among other trained killers, no one batted an eye at his clothing or mannerisms beyond people occasionally telling him that he was a little too formal. And so he waited, contemplating what to make of this mission, fidgeting slightly as the seconds ticked by. He was a little bit nervous about his greeness in these sorts of situations as he had very little practice in tracking or anything of the sort outside of the rudimentary survival skills instilled into him from the academy. He also had no weaponry to speak of beyond his fists, and he hoped that his new leader would not frown too much upon him for this. When finally he was able to cash in a few mission he would be able to buy and repair some of his gear, like his katar, but until then he would be left with only a few knives and the like, as well as any ninjutsu he was able to learn upon the way. @Akane
  9. He nodded as Akane spoke, agreeing that traps were often the best plan of attack, especially in situations such as these where they had the ability to preemptively prep and area and lure their targets to it if the need arose. "I agree, let's gather some information and then lay a trap. I confess," he hesitated, his prior training all telling him that showing weakness when weakness existed was, at all times, a major folly. However, he wanted to trust his partner and would like that she trust him. "I confess I am very unversed in ninja techniques and can do little beyond the most basic abilities taught in the academy. I have not yet found a teacher to help instruct me in ninjutsu." He nodded then, reassuring himself of their plan. "But we will succeed, I have no doubt." With that, if Akane had nothing else to say, he would be off to ask some of the people who lived near the edge of the village about their experience with the sounds they had heard, particularly those, like the lumberjacks, who ventured frequently into the wood. He learned that the noises picked up most often around these times, though it was by no means consistent. Still, there was a solid foundation for searching today and the men he spoke to claimed that they most often heard the voices and such coming from an area near a small cave off a ways to the east. He returned then back to their initial meeting location, assuming it the best place to regroup, and sought to find Akane. "The loggers who live just within the forest say that they hear the sounds coming from the east, down by a small cave. No one has gone over there recently so it will probably be a little overgrown. It's the prefect place to set a trap up, in case we need to lure anyone into it."
  10. The intermittent sound of whistling rung out as the two made their way off to the woods, but Mono paid it no mind, choosing instead to focus on the mission. However, he found this incredibly difficult as he could not envision what could possibly warrant two people to do a job clearly intended for one. The mission had even included information on the spiders, their sizes, and the way in which their venom tended to interact with the human body. Not a medic himself, Monogatari still understood that he was probably a bit more vulnerable to the effects as compared to, say, someone of larger stature or body fat. Still, the required dosage to even cause extreme nausea was severely high. Perhaps the client was also a murderous madman? But luckily, he had brought with him his own one of those in the form of Shisui. He rolled his giant eyes as his partner rambled on about killing the spiders. Mono, naturally, hardly cared what the other man did with the spiders, save the fact that killing to many of them would result in their not getting paid, but he could not really understand any reason to kill them. They were just spiders, why waste energy murdering them? Unless he had some deeper plan for them, but the assassin highly, highly doubted that anything of the sort held true. "I don't really care what you do with the spiders, but don't fail this mission. I want to get paid." He couldn't really help himself from grinning as his partner agreed to only kill nine, "just for him." And with that brief exchange, they were off, Mono speaking with the silk man and Shisui rushing off to harvest some silk. He apologized for his rash partner before requesting one of the small jars of live insects that the man used to feed the monstrous arachnids. When he got outside to find Shisui screwing around with a kunai. He saw, also, why the silk was so prized: the spiders, in their extreme size, created very think and powerful silk which could easily be used in very sturdy constructions. A useful thing to have, no doubt. Unscrewing the lid of the jar, the assassin poured a bit of bugs into a collection of webs which had strands going up to multiple nests, the insects' struggling sending waves of vibrations up the threads and into the homes of the hungry beasts. In no time, a host of eight-legged terrors strutted down to their captured prey to begin feeding, allowing the man to easily extract a few handfuls of silk. "You're a medic, right? How do these things make this silk?"
  11. He had waited for some time, though not anything approaching the unbearable wait some people gave. Luckily, he was not in any particular hurry today as his assignment required only that he go and collect some silk with the help of a partner, something which did not feel as if it warranted the difficulty normally given of a B rank mission but, regardless. Unluckily, his partner was once again that crazy Doctor Doom, Shisui. Monogatari had forgotten the man's last name, but recognized him on sight as he approached in a... white jump suit of some sort. He wore the headband of the village, something which Mono generally scoffed at. Though perhaps it was not actually unlucky after all, for while he did seem crazy, Mono found him terribly amusing and he, if nothing else, kept his wits about him. He probably wouldn't trust him unconditionally, but if both of their lives were in danger, it would be better to have him at his back than a coward. Naturally, the incumbent immediately began shouting some string of rather inappropriate ramblings. Mono pushed off the tree he leaned against, rolling his gigantic eyes as the other boy yelled and ranted about... men and women and sausage fests and what not. Monogatari honestly found the village to have a fairly predictable split between men and woman and have recently attended a mission with a chunin kunoichi, but he didn't bother commenting on that. It sounded to him that Shisui meant his use of friend sarcastically, but he also used the word friend, which felt more or less important; for all of the guy's posturing, he seemed to have also come around to the presence of his partner. Plus, they worked fairly well together. "You ask me to transform into a woman so you can stare at my ass but I'm the faggot? Yeah sure, ok." He turned then to lead the way off to the spider's layer, the man's hut existing not far out from the village itself, which was fortunate. Honestly, it confused the young ninja why this bizarre man had decided to harvest spider's silk rather than the more common and easier to obtain silkworm casing, but who was to say? He had a sneaking suspicion that such a decision would have provided a much more lucrative business for the man, but such decisions were not his place; the village paid him to harves the man's spider silk for him and, as such, that's what he would do. A few meters prior to walking into the clearing the man lived in, Mono spoke once more. "You do know we aren't supposed to kill all of his spiders, right?"
  12. The short man smiled as the woman spoke, finding the new nickname rather amusing, though most of the facial movement was hidden by the bands of fabric which coated his body. Still, those massive, dark eyes crinkled at lit up, a clear sign of amusement, good will, or both. As Akane made her way out of the elaborate and richly furnished complex, Mono followed suit, a half pace behind and to the woman's left. They moved mostly in silence, though a companionable one which, at least to the short man, did not feel stilted or stifling. When finally they reached the outskirts of the village, their position indicating that their mission was soon to begin in proper, the chunin spoke up again, chastising the man for his formalities. "Forgive me, Akane-sama." He reflexively moved to bow but caught himself an inch into the motion, re-straightening his posture and brushing his hand on the back of his head in embarrassment. "I was raised in a very conservative household." He snickered a bit at her accusation before adding, "And no, I do not think you are ugly; quiet the opposite in fact." He then turned to the forest, a dense expanse of brown and green, bark and leaf, before readying himself for what was to come. Akane was likely correct and a small band of missing ninja, or perhaps even villagers just goofing off, but preparedness would serve the pair well. Before departing into the trees, he turned once more and spoke, attempting to catch the eye of the woman, "Have you any advanced methods of tracking? I unfortunately do not, but if they continue to make noise it should not be difficult to pinpoint their location." And with a final, brief point of communication, they pair would be off, dashing into the forest, at which point Monogatari would fall into a pace at the equivalent of a brisk job, swift enough to cover a large expanse of land but slow enough to be able to observe everything that was going on around them and to avoid potential traps.
  13. He stood calmly, in an display of almost utter stillness, as people chattered around and, occasionally, to him. One of the women who served as some sort of receptionist had completely collapsed onto the desk in a fit of laughter, though Mono could hardly figure out why. As time moved along, he began to feel that he had been somehow made the butt of an elaborate joke, elaborate for the reason that he could not identify what on earth these people found so comical. When asked if they could help him, he looked over to the giggling masses with a curious look on his face, not entirely sure what to make of the question or how exactly to respond; he'd come to complete a mission with a more experienced shinobi, certainly they knew that, right? Before he could formulate something to say, another voice sounded, a woman who scolded them moderately and indicated that she had instructed the boy to knock. Perhaps this was Akane-sama? It must have been. She made it to the door, which the pair of secretaries who no longer laughed had opened wide, and told him not to worry about the others. He bowed deeply to her, a sign of extreme respect, before speaking, and when finally he opened his mouth he did not meet her in the eye, again to signify his deference to her as the squad leader. "Yes Akane-same. But it is Monogatari, my name that is. You are Akane-sama, correct?" Before departing he wanted to make sure he had found the right sensei and his eyes flared a look of mild panic at the thought that he had located the wrong person. Not only would these women laugh more at him, but he would have become utterly lost. Perhaps that was why they had laughed in the first place, knowing he had made such a rookie error. "I think I may have come to the wrong place. Please forgive me." His high, clear voice rang out even as he entered another, deeper bow that previously.
  14. Name | Chikamatsu Nickname | Monogatari Title Name | N/A Gender | Female Age | 24 Home Link | Village | Flame Clan | Nara Village Ranking: | Genin Shinobi Ranking | C Element(s) | Fire Specialties | Primary: Ninjutsu [Beginner] Secondary: Bloodline | N/A Chakra | 200 Stamina | 100 Jutsu | Equipment | Forms | Creatures/Summons | Styles | Mentors & Pupils | Friends & Family | Recent History | The Code Box Below is to Provide Easy Access to the Update Template [color=#ff3d3d][b]Update Type[/b][/color] | [color=#ff3d3d][b]Update Name[/b][/color] | [color=#ff3d3d][b]Update Training[/b][/color] | [color=#ff3d3d][b]Update Ryo[/b][/color] | [color=#ff3d3d][b]Update Links[/b][/color] |
  15. Mission Name [Entity] | Escaped and Deranged! [Flame] Mission Type | Village Mission Ranking | B-Rank Repeatable? | Yes Mission Description | An unstable old man with dementia was hospitalized after his wife passed away, being deemed a possible harm to others or himself if left alone. Reports have come in of an urgent situation in the hospital whereupon this old man, who barely knows who he is, has taken a young nurse hostage and demands to be reunited with his wife, given 10,000 ryo, and several casks of the best sake in the village. He is armed with a scalpel, and though old, has maintained muscle and strength. While it is not advised to kill this poor man, the hostage's life takes priority over all. - You fail this mission if the hostage dies. Mission NPCs | 1 B-Ranked Deranged Man: Taijutsu, Bukijutsu {Violent} Word Count | 1000 WC Requirements | Flame. Monogatari had recently received a rather alarming mission assignment which required the partnership with another of the village. He had never met this other boy, but time here was of the utmost importance. A man had gone crazy in the local hospital and had a set of strange demands which, while abnormal, would not generally require the attention of battle hardened and super powered warrior. However, he had taken a hostage and it was this strange development which required the use of the village's military and covert operations forces. He had, thus, donned his usual attire of simple black pants and a matching shirt and a collection of bandages which hid almost every surface of his body, including all of his face save his huge, dark brown eyes and the spiky silver chunks of hair that stuck out from their binding in a vibrantly red collection of woven fabrics which took the form of a modified ponytail. He had decided it would be easiest to lull the man into a false sense of security by meeting with his demands as much as possible. He found at first that he wished he had a higher skill in genjutsu that he did, but this was something he could not currently address. Instead, he had gone to one of the most well known sake houses in the country and asked that they fill up some of their emptied casks of high-brand sake with cheap spirits so that they could pretend to give the man what he claimed he so desperately wanted. As a few men helped him load these onto a small cart, the man waited for his partner to arrive so that they could talk a small amount of strategy. Mono leaned up against the cart, looking all too like a shinobi from over a hundred years ago, his incredibly small stature giving him the appearance of a child playing dress up. He knew nothing of his partner, other than that his name was "Shisui." @Peridot
  16. To himself, he snickered at the overreaction on the part of his partner, though he never broke his precise and casual step. He had briefly worried that this other man would not react at all, or that he was too focused on something else to even notice, but eventually a blade was drawn in err at the terrifying sight of a box of mints. He had attempted to play it off with a crude joke, but Monogatari found it utterly amusing all the same. Jumpy it seemed. But that was good, it showed that for all of his posturing and grandeur, Shisui was actually taking things at least a little seriously. That impressed the silver haired man, if only slightly. "Master doctor? According to whom?" He let the question hang, not necessarily searching for a real answer and simply continuing. They were almost upon the hospital, and thus the majority of their day's work. Of course, when he - in the guise of this woman - confirmed the plan with his partner, he could not help but snicker when he saw Shisui's eyes grope up and down his body. He paused at the more or less calming words given by his partner to this fool Keita, which caused him to almost instantly lower the scalpel, though the hostage was not yet free. Enter the wife, sullenly moving into the room and searching around with an expertly placed gaze of desperation. "Oh my Keita! I thought something... I thought something terrible had happened." She opened her arms then, a small purse Mono had nicked from a table in the hall falling to the floor, and Keita dropped the knife completely, running over to his long lost but yet beloved wife. The assassin found it almost too easy, to think that this man was so easily disarmed, but he supposed it made sense. He inclined his now blond head to the woman, looking for eye contact with his partner and indicating to do something with her, though he was not exactly sure what; he feared that he had his partner lacked the fundamentally required levels of empathy to effectively engage in rescue missions. Maybe just put her on the bed or something. When the husband game to his wife, he found himself smashing into the ground, his right arm having suddenly been wrenched behind his back by the person he thought he had married, but who had died some time ago. Apprehended, Mono returned to his regular appearance in a puff of smoke and handed the man off to the hospital guards. "Well, nice work. I'll see you around I guess, Great Doctor Shisui." The title came with not a little sarcasm, but he tossed the box of mints to the man anyway before turning to exit, on to the next set of endeavors.
  17. Update Type | Missions Update Name | Update Training | Update Ryo | 600 ryo and 25 exp spend 100 for 5 shuriken and 5 kunai Update Links |
  18. Monogatari simply scoffed, audibly, as his crazed partner attempted to taunt him. The silver haired assassin did not know this man and so would not underestimate him, but he also had no reason to respect his fellow genin beyond the simple respect given to anyone. He did not care about how or in what manner the other would attempt to goad him for he placed no real value in his opinion. Beyond the scoffing noise, the man did not say anything by way of response to the ill-thought insults. He did, however, put his right hand into his pocket, the side of his body which was closest to Shisui, and rummaged around for a brief second or two, clearly searching for something. Then, with a snapping motion, he withdrew his prize, pulling it with a controlled smoothness and swiftness as one might extract a kunai. A flash glinted off the metal casing, the bright sun of the country flaring in a blinding halo. The man's thumb flicked open the small case of mints, whereupon he extracted one and, using his opposite hand to pull down a couple of wrappings, popped it into his mouth. "Mint?" he offered, as if it were the most normal thing in the world. Regardless of whether this other boy accepted the offer, he would continue. "I'm Monogatari. I work primarily as an assassin. Who are you?" The brief test concluded, he would slow as they approached the hospital, his hands coming together to form the seal for the transformation jutsu. As he did, he spoke, mist surrounding his figure as he underwent his metamorphosis. "I will pose as this man's wife as these two handle the sake. You will bring in the suitcase on that cart, which is supposed to be filled with ryo. Between me, the sake, and the ryo, we will have ample time to find an opening in which he is distracted. At that point, you save the hostage by disarming the man, in any manner you feel." His speech would bring them just outside the hospital doors and upon entering there would be no time to chat any longer or turn back. The smoke had cleared, revealing where once he had been a blond haired woman, busty beyond compare, with long locks falling down to her posterior. She was older, perhaps late thirties, but had retained a youthful glow, though she had a narrow face and sharply slanted eyes. In his new form, he would turn to his partner, awaiting any further objections before they could finish the mission.
  19. He had waited for some time, but without a watch he could not fully determine how long he had slumped against the cart. Still, the notable motions of the sun told him that he had waited much longer than he would have liked. The casks of sake had been completely loaded for some time when suddenly a voice sounded, the tone implying a level of disappointment even before the other man finished his thought, proclaiming how excited he was about killing people and using his partner - the man to whom he spoke - as a human shield. By way of response, Monogatari opened his huge eyes, gazing upon this other boy, and quirked a single eyebrow, the silver hair disappearing underneath the covering of bandages. Shisui then lamented being partnered with a kid, something Mono could not fully blame him for, but which did nothing to ease his mounting concerns with this insane partner of his. That said, he found the antics of the kid rather amusing, though he did not let this show. Instead, he pushed himself up off the cart, rising to his full, unimpressive height, and spoke while walking down the street, off to the mission location. "You do not impress me. Now pull that cart before the hostage dies and we don't make any money." He waved his hand over his shoulder as he spoke, his voice a high and vibrant tenor like a clear and piercing bell. He had, of course, already instructed a few of the men at the bar to pull the cart, though he did hope that his partner would be cowed and accept his place as the cart puller. He grinned as he walked away but kept his guard up. While he did not want this mission to devolve into an insane brawl between partners, he realized that his harsh words may set something with this level of insanity to do something drastic. Meanwhile, his mind ran through a few scenarios, especially after having met his partner. Monogatari realized that the mission advised against the death of this old man, but he frankly did not care about that so long as they completed the mission. Plus, an assassin tended to enjoy a bit of bloodshed from time to time. Ideally he would use a simple transformation, along with the sake wheeled in by his partner, to distract the old fool before Shisui ultimately disarmed or disposed of the man. Quick, clean, and easy, just so long as they two could keep it together for the twenty minutes or thereabout that it would take to get their money and get out.
  20. Characters Involved | Chikamatsu Link to the Missions | Overview | Chikamatsu, in her Mono disguise, went to go rescue a lost couple, only to need their help when rescuing a beekeeper as well. Even though there were many bees and hornets, she avoided getting stung, but there were far too many hugs for her taste.
  21. "Hm... honeymoons...." The woman, posing now as a man as was the custom of her mission going ways, mumbled to herself. She had been assigned this mission and was not yet required to take a partner, though she had heard from a few of the higher ups that a squad was being prepared for her even as she mulled over the nature of this mission. It was not an assassination, though technically she did not rank very highly within the village and thus would be barred from most missions of that sort. And so the village would dispatch Monogatari on more mundane endeavors, though he could not much complain and, even if it angered him, he was not the sort of person to raise any alarms or even voice his concerns to anyone. He would simply endure it and work his way up into a position of higher prominence from which he could bring about the change that he felt he needed to see. And so he donned his gear for a mission, nothing fancy or overly specialized, but effective none the less. He wore long, baggy black pants and a black t-shirt, something nondescript and rather standard, but of note were the massive lengths of bandage which covered his entire body. His fingers were completely concealed, as was the majority of his face, leaving only a band which revealed deep, almost black eyes. His hair, a luminous silver, stuck out from the array in spiky chunks and he had concealed the long, flowing locks that remained in a braided ponytail encased in a crimson length of woven cloth. He looked, as he wanted to, like an assassin or ninja right out of the stories of old: no flack jacket or cloak, just clean lines and dark colors. He went out then from the village, striding not so much with an overbearing confidence but with an almost rigid, meticulous care. He was silent and still, even when moving, in a way which only highlighted the extent to which the people around him spent so much energy in wasted motion. Everything about him was reserved, small, and efficient, and watching him naturally tended to draw one's eye away from him and to the extravagance and craziness of everyone and everything happening around him. The simplest of gaits looked like a trapeze act when compared to the stillness of his body, the tight and controlled musculature of him pressed into a smooth and specific set of minuscule actions and decisions. Eventually the crowds and throngs thinned out and he arrived near the forest where he was to locate a lost set of honeymooners who had gone missions. He assumed they had simply decided to spend an extra day or two enjoy each other's bodies, but one could not be certain. Their camping spot had been well defined, and when the boy arrived there he saw that it was mostly unmarred, though all of their canned goods and nonperishable foods had been spilled all about and licked clean by wild animals. However he did not find any signs of struggle or damage to the campsite, which indicated to him that they had gone missing for some other reason. He began to search the area in a continually widening ring, spiraling outward until he was able to come upon any sort of trail or footprints, which he eventually came upon and which he followed to a nearby stream. From here it was simple to see what had occurred: the pair of young lovers had hidden in a nearby cave - he could see the woman - and that cave was surrounded by a large collection of angered hornets. He turned back, returning to the campsite and made quick work of the cloth of the tent with a small pocket knife left by some of the overturned food tins, folding the tattered rags into a more manageable pile which he could throw at a moment's notice. He ran quickly back to the cave then and, upon seeing him, the woman called out, only to duck once more from the swarm of insects. "Get your husband and make a break for it on my count. You two have to jump across the stream right at me at the same time. Then keep running back to the edge of the woods and don't look back. On my count, ok?" The woman's eyes filled with fear again as she realized that there was no way to magically fix her predicament or, if there was, Mono had no idea how to do that. Instead, he had concocted a practical plan to scoop up the bees and prevent them from following the pair. "Three, two, and.... ONE!" At his call, a ringing tenor, the woman and her husband made a break for it, agitating the nearby nests of the already angered insects and raising a loud whirring sound as hundreds of pairs of wings took to the skies. They hoped over the stream and began running at a rather pitiful pace, but as the bees gave chase Mono tossed the cloth up at them, as if it were a huge net, which would trap them between it and the rushing current below. He figured that the bees would be fine and would just fly back away from the cloth, and most of them did, but just as he was turning to go he found a single small swarm that had gone around and now game to him. Shocked, he threw his hands up in alarm before high tailing it away, running in a confusing zig zag pattern around the trees so as to keep the insects away from the fleeing couple. He sighed at his own poor planning and bad luck, but luckily the bees were not terribly fast or overly interested in sojourning too far from their nests. He came finally to the edge of the forest, finding the couple waiting for him. He bent over, panting slightly after the hard sprint, then flinched in fear once more as the squealed, his head searching all about for another struggle, just in time for him to see her glomp onto his side in a death vice of a hug. The man joined in but a second later, a surprise of a big group hug, and Monogatari was not entirely certain what to do. The hug went on for quite a while, the two going on about he had saved their lives, but before he could ask them to stop a bird alighted upon the man's head with a scroll attached to its ankle. The ninja reached up to read the note, finding that it was a distress signal. "We have to go!" And with that simple statement, the couple released the man and followed his heals, the whole group allowing the bird to lead the way. "More bees..." the man muttered. He really did not want to get stung, but a beekeeper had also gone missing recently and they needed to go find him. Hopefully he was still alive, but possibly not. Chikamatsu had always had a bit of a soft spot for beekeepers, probably because honey was one of her favorite treats. The group eventually came upon a small clearing atop a hill which had been surrounded by bee hives and nets and all sorts of beds of beautiful wildflowers. A small cottage stood there and they broke quickly in to find no one there. Mono sprinted out the back door, into a small patch of land used for some subsistence farming. There, downed in the field, was the man they were looking for, his leg heavily mauled by what looked to be a collection of large teeth. A pair of large panthers still prowled on the other side of the fence. "Quick, you two pick him up and carry him back, I'll distract the cats." Thinking quickly, he grabbed two small jars of honey off the counter and went sprinting through the small opening between the panthers. They quickly gave chase, following him back into the forest. Lucky Mono was a fast man, and he wove through the trees once more, finding the stream and following it up river until he could see the cave from earlier. When he was about thirty meters away, he stopped suddenly and turned, unscrewing the lids of the jars and throwing them at the cats, which doused them in sticky honey. They stopped, blinking for a few seconds and the two parties shared slightly confused glances. Then, in a flash, the panthers growled angrily and leapt forward. A small shriek escaped the man's throat as he turned to sprint once more, going right by the mouth of the cave and agitating the hornets that lived there. A moment later the cats went by, covered in sweet honey, and the hornets lost it and began attacking. He didn't turn back as he sprinted once more out of the forest. When he arrived once more, now to find a party of three people, he doubled over, panting more powerfully than before. Another shriek sounded, this time from the beekeeper, who lunged at him to grip him in a bear hug. The couple joined in once more, binding the poor lad before he realized that the beekeeper was badly injured. "Stop you guys! You have to get to the hospital right away sir! Please let me go!!!!" Eventually they relented as the man re-realized how critical his condition was, frantic tears flying about as he entered a dithering panic. But, eventually, they made it safely back to the village and Monogatri knew that the doctors would be able to easily patch up the poor man. As he was walking from the hospital, four arms once more gripped him in a third death grip for the. This time he simply gave up, his shoulders slumping as two large bodies engulfed him from behind.
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  23. Name | Chikamatsu Nara Nickname | Monogatari Title Name | N/A Gender | Female Age | 24 Birth Date | August 24 Hair Color | Silver Eye Color | Dark Brown Height | 5' 3" Weight | 140 Appearance | Short and demure, Chikamatu's general appearance oft makes people who first meet her believe her but a small child, though they quickly retract the offense given upon learning of her or simply speaking to her. Raised in a conservative family she took quickly and easily to the teachings, learning to groom herself to a radiant shine and allowing, whenever up to her decision, to allow her flowing silver hair to crash in liquid waves at her hips, though she happily does it up in elegant fashions when making formal appearances. She moves with a grace and poise which would shame even the most harsh of instructors of etiquette, her every movement graceful and carefully placed as if she engages in a perpetual enactment of the world's most subtle and particular dance. Unlike many within the shinobi world, she possesses a softer, more rounded face with a tiny mouth and minuscule nose, though many fail to take note for her massive eyes which dominate her face, twin pools of a brown so dark as to appear black. For attire, she prefers very traditional clothing, favoring kimonos of red color whenever possible and accenting them richly with gold adornments. However she frequently changes this garb up to suit the scenario, though she hates women dressing in a more modern fashion, such as in pants. She makes only the smallest of exceptions for ninja outfitting, though she herself hates to wear it. When she takes missions or interacts with her team at all, she dons an entirely secondary persona, presenting herself as a man and wearing gear which far surpasses today's shinobi in terms of traditional. Village | Flame Clan | Nara Village Ranking: | Genin Shinobi Ranking | C Element(s) | Wind Specialties | Ninjutsu (Beginner) Bloodline | Nara Favorable | Political, Clever, Vibrant, Ambitious Unfavorable | Political, Genius, Chaotic, Deceptive, Ruthless Personality | Indomitable in her will, Chikamatu moves through life as if with a divine purpose, viewing successes as the fruits of proper and prudent planning and failures as simple setbacks which exist only to further forge her into a more perfect self. Her natural charisma, refinement, and bubbly charm tends to draw those around her to follow in her tread and her utter lack of anything approaching self doubt inspires many to great actions. However, her inability to conceive of failure as anything but a passing test to highlight a shortcoming can at times cause people to think of her as rather cold and unfeeling as she lacks the tools to bond with someone who finds themselves in the grips of doubt or existential sadness. Industrious and creative, she moves towards her goals with purpose and plan and does not tolerate failures. Beyond this, her machinations and schemes know no boundaries and she cherishes a probably-unhealthy love of power bordering on pure lust. A master manipulator the likes of which the world has never seen, she displays the most alarming set of skills for deception primarily because she does not display any of these skills; rather, she keeps all of her aces held closely to her, never revealing anything she does not wish and never permitting anyone any information she does not wish that they have. During her assignments, which revolve almost exclusively around assassinations, she demonstrates a terrifying suspension of emotion, carrying out the will of the village or her clan leaders with an unfailing and unflinching resolve. She is, as she was raised to be, a woman who gets exactly what she wants. Philosophy & Beliefs | Boundless personal vision nearing the point of self-obsession. History & Background | Born of wealthy diplomats within the nation of Lighting, she grew up within the rigid power structures of the Nara clan as one of a collection of high born boys and girls destine to one day inherit the reigns of power which controlled the clan and various powers within the village. While her father attended meetings and served on a collection of war councils, her mother served as his faithful wife, though all the while it was her who pulled the strings of the clan and expertly maneuvered the heads into various compromising positions when it suited her personal family's needs. These skills of control and subterfuge she passed onto her beloved daughter, molding her into a powerful and unquestionable matriarch of a clan she would never rule. All of this changed, however, with a collection of truths: Chikamatsu showed untold promise within the secret techniques of the clan, mastering shadow manipulation at a terrifying young age and seeming graced with an intellect unheard of even with a clan of geniuses. Though due to her particular place and order of birth, the clan heads deemed her too valuable to join the academy or train as any personal assassin for the clan's royalty, amongst which she herself ranked. Thus, barred from combat, her and her father trained in secret with a single master, imparting her with an array of combative skills which she never revealed save in the dead of night and masked in a pure black facemask. As the village modernized and began developing some rather unsavory and upsetting tendencies, her parents grew increasingly paranoid about their daughter's well-being and their family's new found secrets. However, the pressures of a militarizing and communizing village outgrew the desire to rule the Nara clan when they took a political tumble which placed them far below the prestige of a few other notable village powers. The economic implications of a mild revolution all but solidified that personal wealth of a family would do them no particular favors and so, the small unit upended their lives. While their influence as a clan had diminished, Chikamatu's family's personal reputation remained strong enough to still warrant occasional foreign affairs and so, with nothing to remind them of their homeland aside from a collection of business papers and a day's change of clothing, they departed, eventually subverting their travels to flame. With no records of the girl being a ninja and the family's non-combative history, plus a potential of clan secretes, they gained entry to the village of Flame whereupon a boy by the name of Monogatari enrolled as an academy student and breezed through the training program. With this as her alter-ego, the woman now practices the ancient art of assassinations, preferring to do so alone so as to minimize the risk of revealing herself.
  24. She practiced during the daylight, a bit of an oddity for the young woman. No one here knew of her abilities, of her powers and methods, or at least no one knew that they were the property of this silver princess. No, for those sort of activities she had an entirely different moniker, an whole new persona which existed within the rigid ranks of the village's shinobi system and to which she answered the crowd. At night, and during missions, no one knew of the lovely woman named Chikamatsu and, likewise, in the daytime and during all of the formal events and affairs, no one could have located Monogatari. They existed as twin sides of the same coin, never seen together and yet, naturally, this never garnered any sort of suspicion; rather, it would be expected for they did not inhabit the same social circles. Whereas the princess went to elegant balls and eat refined foods in formal settings and events, the assassin showed up unannounced and slew before any could have placed a name to the death. She sat, for now, deep within the confines of her palatial living spaces, tucked utterly away from the prying eyes which would seek to find her or which would queried as to where she had ventured off to. Today she has a moment's respite, a day without activities or meetings or appearances to be made and, as such, she was free to practice one of her most intimately loved arts of ninjutsu, of the powerful and versatile techniques which separated shinobi and ninja from the more common variants of warriors, such as mere samurai or drunken brawlers. That said, she did not much approve of most forms of ninjutsu herself, loving mainly her clan techniques and those with more subtle effects suited for a baffling assassination; she had no need for the flashiness that many ninja seemed to swoon over and could see little point in vomiting up an ocean or breathing out a lake of fire. Surely this may be helpful in a castle siege, but such was not the point of a warrior of the shadows. So she sat cross legged upon the floor, resting only on a simple bamboo mat, and took deep and conscious breaths. No sunlight penetrated the bowls of this complex but a collection of candles contained behind delicate cream colored shades cast flickering shadows upon the wall and it twas these shadows upon which she focused her mind. With each inhalation she felt chakra course through her veins like the dark pale of the chill cast by a passing shadow, the candle light breathing heat back into her as dark tendrils of chakra sprouted and surrounded her. She went through these sorts of simplistic trainings whenever given the time within her day in order to keep herself sharp and to continually refine the rather large reserves of chakra which she possessed. After time of stoking these chakra capacities she was able to move on to some of the greater bulk of her training, which again focused upon that which was her shadow over anything else, her most prized and secret of weapons. One notable advantage to this intensive focus upon her shadow and the surrounding lighting was that she was always uniquely aware of not only her physical placement within the dimensional world but in fact that she was always constantly aware of the placement of her and other's shadows. She would not be fooled by anything and took great care in the knowledge of where the lighting sources of an area sat and in which direction the shadows were cast. This would allow her to easily ensnare nearly anyone, even the most hardened of shinobi, for she would have with her the ultimate elements of surprise. She did not reveal her shadowy powers to those she would not soon be killing and no one paid their shadow any mind unless they knew to. She had constructed the ultimate nature of silent assassinations to deal with anyone she needed to. She doubted that this would be supremely needed but she had honed these skills at the same time. However, she needed to sharpen her chosen skills of ninjutsu so that she would have fallback abilities outside of simply shadow attacks, for again, she hoped to keep these secret in every possible way. And thus she activated her chakra, pulling together her delicate hands in a lovely formation of the tiger seal and focusing wind energies all about her, allowing the flickering flames to dance about and flicker, moving faster and faster and she poured more and more chakra into the room, causing a veritable whirlwind to erupt, shadows moving all about until eventually they were snuffed out, just like the lives she took.
  25. Done