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  1. Characters Involved | @Ikari @Peridot Link to the Missions | Link Brief Overview | Ikari and Shisui meet up and, after a brief fight, they head to Midori forest. Ikari falls from a tree and is about to die when Shisui heroicly leaps down and kills the lizard in a single blow. Shisui ends up kissing Ikari, leaving the Redhead incredibly angry and what not.
  2. It had all happened in a flash. One second she had been attempting to slap him, the next, her lips were being forcefully pressed against his. She placed both of her hands on his chest and pushed him away from her as hard as she could, which was surprisingly strong considering how weak she had been made out to be in this encounter. Her face was almost the same colour as her hair, not from embarrassment, but from anger. Her blood was boiling, did this... Rat-faced man really have the audacity, to just kiss her without any permission? Such a thing was simply disgusting to the giant, she hoped that the two would never meet again. Not just for her sake, but for his... Glad that he had finally left her alone, Ikari stood up and dusted herself down. She spat on the floor beside her, trying to rid herself of all traces of the disgusting rat. And then, giving the lizard's limp body a kick to make sure it was dead, Ikari headed off in the opposite direction as Shisui. Not wanting to ever see him again. Imagine if they ended up being partners again, that'd be awful. EXIT TWC: 2774
  3. Ikari's face was a deathly pale as the lizard walked closer to her, its heavy footsteps shaking the ground with every step. Her breathing quickened, all signs of her previous bravado had evaporated from her form. The lizard grinned, revealing an array of knife-like teeth, Ikari wasn't sure if she was seeing things, but it looked like there was blood dripping from them... Oh no, this was not how she wanted to die! Blood pounded in her ears, a cold sweat ran down her ghostly-white face, she had never been this scared in her life. And try and guess the reason she was frozen in fear down here... That's right, it was the Rat-Man. Now, Ikari knew that Rat-Face was annoying, infuriatingly so. However, what she hadn't expected, as for him to literally be the reason she died. What's more is the fact that she was literally going to be eaten by a lizard... Yeah, not exactly the most glorious death to be a part of. Next thing she new, there was a flying Shisui from the tree, the blur of silver telling Ikari that he was holding a sword. Then, the moment the sword was recognised by Ikari, it was suddenly buried deep into the top of the lizard's head. The creature shook violently, each of its muscles jerking at the sudden loss of their boss (The brain). The ground vibrated when its large body collided with the floor, only serving to add to Ikari's shock. Had... Had Rat-Face just saved her life? She refused to believe it, in fact, she completely rejected the mere possibility that such a thing was possible. She sighed as he crouched beside her, he was obviously going to gloat in it. He was definitely the most random person she had ever met in her life, but that didn't mean that you always couldn't figure out what he was going to say. I.E: Being a total douche-face, narcissistic prick. Yeah, she didn't re- Wait, a date? "No." She spoke through gritted teeth, all the fear in her system melting away and being replaced with a deep, underlying rage. This... Kid, really thought he could just ask her out like that? He would have to do more than not just save her life... He would have to, well, not be a twat, and actually be good-looking! Filled with rage, Ikari did the only thing a tsundere would do in this situation. She brought out her hand and sent her palm sideways, directly into the side of Shisui's cheek had he not moved in time. TWC: 2577
  4. Ikari almost growled with anger when she heard the Rat's voice speak up from behind her, yet, once again, she attempted to keep herself calm. Not jumping to any conclusions about what the boy may say. The words he spoke were random, Ikari realised that even if she lived with the Rat, she would never be able to anticipate what would come out of his mouth. His words were just endless, meaningless. And it annoyed Ikari to no end, never giving him the satisfaction of showing her anger, however. That was when Mr.Rat said 'I love you' in the most peculiar way, his tone reflecting that of someone who was utterly convinced that what they were saying was true. She snapped her head to stare at him with shock, strands of Red-Hair flicking to the side at the sudden movement. What had he just said? The shock on her face slowly morphed into anger, angry flushes plaguing her tanned face. She grit her teeth, her crimson stare was somehow more fiery than normal, it looked as if she could cook an egg with just the sheer ferocity of it! The anger on her face then slowly evolved into embarrassment. Her features showcasing a sign of weakness, something which was out of her control. She wasn't as well-versed in controlling her facial expressions as her partner after all. Ikari had never been exposed to love, she had spent too much time training by herself to have time for trivialities such as boys. She didn't like Rat-Face in the slightest, but the sincerity in his tone was enough to throw Ikari into an embarrassed loop. Not because she liked him, but because he was probably smart enough to study her reaction and realise that love was something she had never dealt with. Amidst the embarrassment, the anger found its way back into her system. In her rage, Ikari attempted to leap from her tree to Shisui's, intending to pummel his face in for the jeers and insults which she knew were coming. However, in her angry-bluster, Ikari misjudged how slippery the tree branch was. The slipperiness resulting in Ikari's foot slipping out from underneath her, Ikari tumbling to the ground below. "Owowowowow," She whispered, having managed to land on her rear again. God dammit, why did this always happen to her? She looked up and glared at Shisui, he was going to pay for this! She cracked her knuckles menacingly, her glare never faltering. Suddenly, the sound of sticks breaking under heavy footsteps echoed around the forest. Ikari's face turned deathly pale as she stopped glaring and looked around the clearing. She spotted the gigantic creature slowly making its way towards her, savouring the delicious face of its prey's final moments. Ikari tried to move but she couldn't budge, the fear was rooting her to the spot. Dammit, she was going to have to rely on Rat-Face to save her. TWC: 2155
  5. I actually did something like this ages ago, I'm not sure what happened to it though
  6. She scoffed at his request to no longer be called Rat-Face. You see, Ikari was incredibly one-track minded, once she had her mind on something. It was nigh impossible to get it out of her head. As such, the crowd and the boy would find that, no, she wouldn't stop calling him Rat-Face. It had stuck, besides, dumb little Ikari was quite proud of her handiwork. She was sure that the boy wasn't truly being offended by it, but she was 100% sure that he was doing it to manipulate the crowd. Ikari realised that this Rat must have an obsession with manipulating people. Ikari smiled evilly, declaring to herself that she was no longer going to be easily manipulated. She made no effort to dodge his attempt to grab her hand, after all, the boy had already proved his superiority in combat. Well, not exactly... But Ikari knew that she was probably one of the worst and least-skilled fighters in the entirety of the Flame Village, even though she would never admit it to anyone. Her pride was too strong to tell people of stuff like that, especially to the Rat-Faced man who was currently holding her hand and dragging her through the village. She prayed that no one would see her in the company of such an... Ass. They stopped outside the borders to a dense-looking forest, and the ass-face started to give a little speech. What he was saying was making her more and more angry by the second, but she didn't give him the satisfaction of seeing her angry. Instead, she maintained a completely calm expression, her lips forming into a sneer. Like heck she was going to get give this man any more fuel to annoy her with. That was when called her a cum dumpster... She inhaled suddenly and would pull her hand from at her full-strength. She looked at him, breathing slowly to calm herself down. No! She refused to give this idiot any more gratification by getting angry at another one of his insults! But alas, the anger was extremely evident in the way she breathed, and the growing red-flush on her face. This man... Was definitely one of the most annoying idiots she had ever met in her life. She sincerely hoped they didn't get put on a squad together or something, but she knew the universe had a habit of cucking her, so it was extremely likely that it could happen. "I'd appreciate it if you didn't call me a 'Cumdumpster' from now on, okay?" She spoke slowly, enunciating each word slowly as a means to calm herself down further. Then, assuming her hand had managed to be pulled out from the rat's vile grasp, she ran into the woods and quickly scaled to the top of a tree. Once on top, she would start leaping from tree to tree, as if she was some kind of forest monkey. As she leaped through the trees, her crimson eyes would be scanning the forest ground, she didn't really know what to expect when looking for this lizard, but that didn't mean she wanted to be caught unprepared! TWC: 1674
  7. The sudden pressure on her back while mid-spin, mixed with the sudden outcry from the boy, was more than enough to startle Ikari exponentially. This was an unexpected turn of events, Ikari had made a half-assed attack thinking it would be acceptable enough to deal with the boy, but the rat had managed to exceed all expectations by actually counter-attacking. This angered Ikari to the point where her face was practically glowing red due to the expanse of rage inside her. Unfortunately, they had a mission to complete, Ikari may be a madwoman, but she knew that the mission always came first. It always had to be above the petty squabbles of the shinobi doing the mission. She landed on her rear, noticing the small crowd forming around the two, not hearing the jabs from the group at first due to the anger bubbling throughout her system. But when she did hear them... Oh boy was she mad. Her face fell down, the shadows obscuring her eyes like a stereotypical anime character, her hands clenching and bringing clumps of dirt into her hands. If they weren't on a mission right now, Ikari would've likely attempted to kill the rat-faced man. Plus, the crowd's jabs didn't even make sense. How, in any world, did the two look like they were related? You could clearly see the massive differences between them. Their hair/eye colour, the difference in their physique, their height. She shook her head, trying to contain the rage. How were some people so stupid? After a couple more seconds of the crowd, Ikari's anger suddenly sky-rocketed. "EVERYONE, PLEASE SHUT THE HECK UP, HOW THE HECK DO YOU THINK THAT WE'RE RELATED, SERIOUSLY, HAVE YOU GUYS EVEN BEEN TAUGHT BASIC GENETICS? JEEEEEEZ." She stood up, marching over to Shisui so that they were about 2 feet apart. She loomed over him, her great height giving her an incredibly intimidating presence. Even the crowd was silent now, they all waited with their breath drawn to see what the supposed 'Brother Toucher' was going to do next. She looked at him with her crimson gaze, her aura practically sending signals to the crowd that she was going to attack. "Rat-Face, don't we have a mission to do?" She spoke through gritted teeth, as if it was taking the entirety of her self-control to not attack him there and then. Which, in all honesty, she actually was. "Please take me to the location, I've forgotten." Her tone was authoritative, the kind of tone which didn't give any room to deny her request. Ikari's mode was quite precarious at the moment, she had managed to calm down, but the slightest of things would probably annoy her. Let's just hope, ladies and gentlemen, that nothing does that, right? TWC: 1156
  8. Name | Furō (Flow) Elements | None Specialties | Taijutsu Abilities | C-Rank During this stage, every subsequent attack after the first one will increase the user's speed by 1/2 a rank (Capping at +2 Ranks above the user). I.E: Let's say someone is a C-Rank. Their first strike will be C-Rank speed, their second one will be C-Rank and a 1/2, their third B-Rank, fourth B-Rank and a 1/2, and then they'll finally cap at A-Rank speed. If the user stops (Be it forcefully or willingly) the buffs will end instantly. B-Rank During this stage, every subsequent attack after the first one will increase the user's speed and strength by 1/2 a rank (Capping at +2 ranks to the user) A-Rank During this stage, every subsequent attack after the first one will increase the user's overall physical rank by 1/2 a rank. (Capping at +2 ranks to the user) S-Rank During this stage, every subsequent attack after the first one will increase the user's speed and strength by one whole rank. (Capping at +2 ranks to the user) SS-Rank During this stage, every subsequent attack after the first one will increase the user's overall phyiscal rank by one whole rank. (This is stage is not capped, and the user can increase to any rank, assuming they aren't interrupted) X-Rank During this stage, every subsequent attack after the first one will increase the user's speed and strength by 2 whole ranks. (No cap on this stage either) Equipment | N/A Description | Furō is a style which heavily takes advantage of the momentum generated from attacks, allowing the user too move at speeds and strengths which is usually impossible. All of the attacks in this style are designed to link into another attack using the momentum Cost by Stage | Origin |
  9. The angry red-head of the flame could currently be seen striding around the flame village, her posture and gait leading many to believe that she was within a high-political position in the village. However, that was incredibly far from the truth, as it was just the way that Ikari carried herself. Strong and firm, never allowing her figure to slouch or mess up somehow. Resting for one second meant that her body would not be ready for any surprise attacks, besides, not slouching made her look better. Suddenly, the day's calm and relaxing atmosphere would be dirtied, as she was suddenly informed by one of the village Jounin that she had been selected to take part in a mission with a partner... Great, what a fun way to spend her day. Had free-will be rubbed out of the village conduct? Did she, as a genin, no longer have the right to pick and choose which missions she wanted to participate in? The scowl on her face somehow increased, a feat which most would deem in possible. She was NOT in a good mood, and she was going to take that mood out on someone. As she walked to the intended meet-up spot, Ikari was holding the mission-slip in her firm grip, eyeing the picture of her mission partner. While eyeing him over, only one word really came to mind... Rat. Indeed, for some reason, her mission partner reminded Ikari of a rat, and his infuriating smile only furthered her distaste of him. Despite not meeting this kid a single time, Ikari had already made up her mind that she didn't like this guy. If he didn't do anything to make her hate him less, he was going to be met with an incredibly strong fist to his face. Alas, the moment she was spotted, Shisui decided the best way to greet her, was with a derogatory name. Ikari's red eyes suddenly flared in anger, her right fist clenching and relaxing periodically. This man had not done anything to help her distaste towards him, in fact, he had only managed to increase it to an almost fully-blown hatred. For a woman like Ikari, she was triggered by even the smallest of things. But someone just coming up and doing this, right in her face? That was an act worthy of punishment. So, to teach this rat-man a lesson, Ikari decided to put him in his place. I.E: The ground. The moment Shisui was half-way through saying 'Lizard' Ikari would suddenly spin with practised ease and deliver a powerful kick into the man's solar plexus. If hit by directly with the kick, Shisui would likely find that most of the air in his lungs would be forcefully vacated, as well as him being sent backward through the air about 5-Meters or so. Following immediately after this, assuming the kick had gone through and all, Ikari would follow up her attack and sprint over to where he had landed, not giving him a chance to fully regain his composure. Once there, she would grab the collar of his shirt and attempt to lift him into the air. His feet dangling due to their massive height difference. Assuming all of this went through, Ikari would look the suspended man with a fire in her eyes. She was pissed, and this man would be able to see it. She felt like this man had been put through a lot of pain already, but she wanted to show him why it was always a bad idea to piss of a woman. Especially a kunoichi. With the man still held firmly, Ikari would bend her arm and bring the man's face toward her's, the action ending with both of their faces being an inch apart. She then started speaking, her words sounding as if she was literally spitting out venom. The sharpness in her words probably felt like they were enough to take a man's head off. "Listen here you little Rat, no one speaks to me like that. Got it?" Once this was said, she threw the man back to the ground, a massive scowl on her face. This action might've accidentally ruined their team-dynamic for the mission, but Ikari wasn't one to even care right now. She was too hopped up with rage and anger. TWC: 700
  10. Oh, according to the Naruto Wikia, Taijutus uses the Physical part of chakra (Ki) to allow them to do their powerful moves. Of course, if you are denying this for purely game-balancing reasons, then that's okay Quotes from the wiki for ease-of-access: Chakra is created when two other forms of energy, known collectively as one's "stamina", are moulded together. Physical energy (身体エネルギー, shintai enerugī) is collected from each and every one of the body's cells and can be increased through training, stimulants, and exercise. Taijutsu is executed by directly accessing the user's physical and mental energies, relying on the stamina and strength gained through training.
  11. Name | Ikari Sato Nickname | Scary Woman | Riri Title Name | None Gender | Female Age | 23 Home Link | Village | Flame Clan | None Village Ranking: | Genin Shinobi Ranking | C-Rank Element(s) | Fire Specialties | Primary: Taijutsu`(Beginner) Secondary: Bloodline | None Chakra | 100 Stamina | 200 Jutsu | Equipment | Forms | Creatures/Summons | Styles | Mentors & Pupils | Friends & Family | Recent History | The Code Box Below is to Provide Easy Access to the Update Template [color=#ff3d3d][b]Update Type[/b][/color] | [color=#ff3d3d][b]Update Name[/b][/color] | [color=#ff3d3d][b]Update Training[/b][/color] | [color=#ff3d3d][b]Update Ryo[/b][/color] | [color=#ff3d3d][b]Update Links[/b][/color] |
  12. Character app needs approval!
  13. Name | Zen Sento (All-Seeing Combat) Elements | None Specialties | Taijutsu Abilities | D-Rank This is the beginner stage, and it clearly showcases why the fighting style is called "All-Seeing Combat". As the user can now sense accurately sense large movements within a 1-meter radius of themselves. Meaning, they can sense an attack within the radius, but they will be unable to tell where it is coming from or how fast it is moving, they cannot sense small things like finger movements breathing. C-Rank This stage keeps all the abilities of the previous stages, however, the sensing is now a little bit more accurate. As the user can now sense all large movements within their sensory field with great accuracy. So they will know where a punch is heading from, and what speed it is moving at for example. B-Rank This stage keeps all the abilities of the previous stages, however, the sensory field now extends up to a 2-meter radius. The accuracy of this sensory is not increased, however. A-Rank This stage keeps all the abilities of the previous stages, however, the accuracy of the sensory is increased dramatically. Allowing the user to sense the tiniest of movements within a 2-Meter radius of themselves. I.E: Finger movements, breathing. S-Rank This stage retains all the abilities from the previous stages. This stage is where the user can now sense more than just bodily movements, the user can now sense chakra-based attacks within a 2.5-Meter radius of themselves. (Chakra-Based attacks meaning stuff like fireball and water dragon) SS-Rank This stage retains all the abilities from the previous stages. However, the range of the sensory has now been bumped up to a 5-Meter radius around the user. X-Rank Keeps all the abilities of the previous stages. However, the range of the sensory has now been bumped up to a 10-Meter radius. Allowing the user to sense ANY movements which enter their field of sensory. Equipment | N/A Description | A style which basically uses a form of 'Ki Sensing' to sense people's actions. Contrary to popular belief, every person is born with at least some form of chakra sensory which can be honed with practice. Though their sensory skills will never quite reach that of a sensory-type ninja. Anyway, all users of taijutsu use the Ki part of their chakra to move at their tremendous speeds and such, which means all taijutsu practitioners have quite a solid grasp on what Ki feels like. With this in mind, a user of taijutsu can use that knowledge, combine it with their limited chakra-sensory, and get an accurate 'Feel' for what everyone is doing around them. Once the style progresses into its late stages, the user can begin to feel chakra-based creations due to practicing their sensory for so long. At the Max rank possible (X-Rank) the user can combine all their knowledge, and are now able to sense ANY movements within their field of sensory. They can feel thrown weapons (I.E: Kunai) through their sound and the minuscule vibrations they make when sliding through the air. Cost by Stage | D-Rank: 5 SP per post C-Rank: 7 SP per post B-Rank: 10 SP per post A-Rank: 12 SP per post S-Rank: 15 SP per post SS-Rank: 18 SP per post X-Rank: 20 SP per post Origin | A style which was developed by Ikari after she kept getting taken out in group fights. She needed some way to be able to sense all the people in her vicinity, this was the baby of her ideas.
  14. Name | Ikari Sato Nickname | Scary Woman | Riri Title Name | None... Yet Gender | Female Age | 23 Birth Date | 10th September Hair Color | Burgundy Red Eye Color | Rose Height | 6'1 Weight | 150 Pounds (The majority of it is muscle) Appearance | With her massive height of 6'1, Ikari easily intimidates most of her peers as she towers over them. This, coupled with the fact that her face is constantly wearing a scowl, gives everyone the impression that they do NOT want to mess with her... Under any circumstances. She has quite an angular face, all her facial features almost giving her a 'Manly' aesthetic. Her hair is best described as an 'Untamed mess', her burgundy strands somehow defying gravity as they jut out in every which way, something which gets incredibly annoying for when she wants to fight. Ikari's physique clearly showcases the extreme conditioning she has put it through her entire life, all of her muscles being incredibly defined. Her figure is somewhat masculine, though not enough to be confused as a male, as her clothing easily identifies her as a female. Ikari holds herself strongly, her form always upright and never slouched. Her steps are light, her bare feet barely making a sound when they touch the ground. Even when fighting, she does it gracefully and carefully, each movement refined and calm, the complete opposite of how she looks and behaves normally. Ikari's clothes are lightweight and generally optimized for close-quarters combat. She wears a tight-fitting training top around her chest which is white on the front and orange around the sides, revealing her muscular navel. On her legs, she wears white spandex shorts which end just above her knees, allowing her to move around with out any baggy clothing tripping her up. Ikari wears an open judo top, the sleeves manage to drop down about 3 inches over her hands. One of the most peculiar things about her outfit, however, is the fact that she never wears any shoes or socks, this means she can walk maneuver around without making too much noise. Village | Flame Clan | None Village Ranking: | Genin Shinobi Ranking | C Element(s) | Fire Specialties | Taijutsu (Beginner) Bloodline | None Favorable | Fighting | Training | Bossing people around | Connecting her fist with someone's face | Ramen Unfavorable | Losing a fight | When something doesn't go her way | The inability to train Personality | Loud-mouth, annoying and scary are the words people tend to think when first confronted by Ikari's personality. She has the habit of blurting out whatever's on her mind at the time, often with little regard to other people's feelings. She is not a naturally violent person, even if she is incredibly annoying and angry all the time. However, Ikari is what people refer to as a 'Short Fused Person', as she gets violent incredibly easily. More often than not, her temper is triggered by something petty. Like a spilled drink or something silly like that. In her rage, Ikari often just launches into a fight with the nearest shinobi. She never takes her anger out on a random civilian, she isn't 't one for meaningless beat downs. Ikari likes to grow and evolve her strengths every time she fights, thriving on each different victory. Ikari is a rather sore loser however, she will always make a multitude of excuses if she loses. But, deep down, she admits that a loss is just as important to developing her skills than a win. She'd never admit that to anyone though, Ikari is too prideful. Philosophy & Beliefs | Fights make you stronger. Only kill if necessary. Train, train, train!. History & Background | Ikari lived a simple and tragedy-free life, unlike all of the other shinobi in her world. No one close to her died, she didn't suffer from any disease which ruined her childhood and scarred her forever. Anyway, Ikari was born in a family of martial artists, her dad was specifically engrossed in the arts. So, the moment Ikari could walk, she spent day and night in the dojo with her father, doing nothing but non-stop training. These early years passed quickly, Ikari awakening a deep love for martial arts from the constant training, much to the approval of her father. Unfortunately, it was quickly discovered that Ikari was absolutely appalling at it. At first, her father had just brushed her mistakes off as 'Childish Problems', but when they persisted into her late infant ages, he knew something was up. Leaving Ikari to be labeled as the 'Anti-Genius' by her peers. Ikari quickly grew tired of all the insults by the age of about 10, this was where Ikari developed her brash and constantly angry personality. Her spite and anger towards her inept abilities evident in the way she carried herself. Of course, when she turned of age, Ikari joined the Academy to try and further her abilities as a martial artist. Of course, despite being incredibly inept at taijutsu, she was still miles better than all her peers. So she passed that side with relative ease, all that left was... Ninjutsu. Now, taijutsu was simple enough, but manipulating chakra? That was not the easiest thing in the world, in fact, it was probably the hardest thing a ninja would ever have to experience. After staying behind in the academy until her late teens, Ikari eventually made it out of the academy, having become the laughing stock because she stayed behind so long. Once out, Ikari continued to train in her families dojo, vowing to become the strongest ninja ever to prove all those naysayers wrong!