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  1. Mission Name | Bandit DuoMission Type | Water VillageRanking | BRepeatable? | YesMission NPCs | 2 C Rank banditsMission Description | There are two bandits who have camped out on the Mizumura Coast. One bandit is strong in Taijutsu, the other is strong in Bukijutsu. Locate them and defeat them before they can stage any more robberies.Word Count | 1000 WordsRequirements | N/A @Tenri __________________________ "I suppose a B Ranked mission is as good a way to get to know a person as any other," Junnosuke said to himself. His eyes skimmed over the briefing as he stood, waiting with his ever present smile. It had been made known to the village proper that two bandits had taken up residence -- if it could be called that -- somewhere along the coast of Mizumura. There had been a string of robberies going up and down the shoreline, and until recently there had been no witnesses. The most recent burglary, however, had taken place much closer to the bridge than any of the others had. "Must have gotten cocky, or maybe they wanted a bit of excitement," Junn mused. Whatever the reason, they had been careless enough that the guards were alerted and a group was sent to investigate. They were, unfortunately, dispatched quite easily. Still, the descriptions they provided were extremely valuable, as was the knowledge that the assailants were capable of taking out the village guards. They were two figures of equal height. One fought with a series of strikes throws while the other made use of a variety of weapons. Their genders were unknown, but that didn't matter much -- a criminal was a criminal, after all. The only real thing they had had to go on as far as identifying them was that the taijutsu fighter had had long hair that brushed against the struck-down guards, and the bukijutsu user had mainly utilized small, hard to see darts. It certainly wasn't the most information to go on, but at least it would give Junnosuke and his partner something to start with. All he had to do now was to wait for her. _______________________________ WC: 286/1000
  2. Name | Junnosuke Shimizu Nickname | Junn - A shortened version of his name that he often prefers to go by; it is typically how he introduces himself outside of extremely formal contexts. Shimi - The nickname used by the people within Water's organized crime who know him. A play on his family name and his ability to "shimmy" past guards. Title Name | Not Yet Given Gender | Male Age | 17 Home Link | Home Village | Mizumura Clan | - Village Ranking | Genin Shinobi Ranking | C Element(s) | Fūton (Wind) Specialties | Fūinjutsu [Novice] - For 5 additional chakra points, you may draw seals in the air using visible chakra to activate them. TBD TBD Bloodline | - Chakra | 100 Stamina | 100 Jutsu | Equipment | Forms | Creatures/Summons | Styles | Mentors & Pupils | N/A Friends & Family | N/A Recent History | N/A Update Template Update Type | Update Name | Update Training | Update Ryo | Update Links |
  3. Anyone else might have been put off by this woman's strange mannerisms -- the way she called him cub, or the air that circulated about her like a timid storm that was about to become a hurricane -- but Junnosuke was not. Well, not entirely. There were many people in the slums who seemed a bit off whether it be due to mental illness or an inherent eccentricity, so he'd grown up around it and to him, it was just a different type of normal. He finished shaking her hand without issue. The folded paper, however, was neatly tucked back into his pouch immediately. By the time he'd looked back up Tenri was on the move, motioning for the young cub himself to follow along. And like a cub, his ears were trained on the sound of her voice, listening as she spoke about the underground fighting and the history of the criminal organizations. Though he had only been a kid and not exactly a part of anyone's inner circle, he knew all too well the lengths that people involved with the syndicates were willing to go to to be on top. Betrayal, sabotage, removal of another party entirely; Junnosuke wasn't sure about thieves, but he was certain of the fact that there had been little honor, if any, among criminals like his father when it came to getting what they wanted. Money was a given, but more often than not it was power and status; earning respect through fear and wresting the authority to enforce it. "Brawler's Cove... I can't say I have, though as far as the underground goes I've been out of the loop for quite a while," he said sheepishly as he jogged up alongside her. "Even when I was in it, I wasn't really in it." It had thankfully been a longer time than he'd expected since he'd had anything to do with that world and those types of people, and so he wasn't quite as aware of the goings on as he had once been -- not that he was very aware in the first place. He was grateful that his return would see him on the opposite side of things. "Besides, I sort of get the feeling that a place like that may have been above the slums. I can't imagine the syndicates would send just anyone to represent their interests in a place like that." "Still, I'm surprised they were able to adhere to any sort of moral code, if you can even call it that." He shrugged and laughed, the smile that accompanied only widening with Tenri's wink. The barest hint of a blush was visible on his cheeks, and though he was highly aware of its existence he hadn't the faintest clue as to why it was there. "But anyways," he said, clearing his throat when the words didn't come out all too well, "if you're positive that that's where we'll find them, I'll trust your instinct. It'll be interesting to see, at the very least." The deftness with which she cut Junn's headband away surprised him more than the act itself. She was quick, and it seemed rather accurate with a knife -- he hadn't even had time to begin undoing it himself. "I could have just taken it off," he said with an awkward laugh. "I know you see me as a... Cub, right? But they didn't let me become a ninja because I was incapable." He grinned reassuringly as he helped to cover the pieces of cloth and metal in the sand. "Plus, you did just tell me quite a thorough history of Brawler's Cove, I'd assumed they wouldn't take too kindly to ninja," he added with a wink of his own. Once they were sufficiently covered and in a place where they wouldn't have difficulty retrieving them, Junn set off under the assumption that Tenri would come along. He pointed himself in the direction of a majority of sand dunes, but stopped when he realized something very important -- he had no idea where this place was, or even how to find it. He quickly turned back to Tenri and cocked his head to the side. "Soooooo," he began, squinting playfully. "You seem to know a bunch about this place, eh?" He stepped closer, cursing the sand that worked its way into his sandals despite his best efforts. "I won't ask how... Yet, anyway. But I feel like you probably know where it is and what the best way to get there is, so instead of making myself look foolish by trying to find it myself, I think I'm going to defer to you." The admittedly long winded combination of question and declaration ended with a playful and incredibly ironic bow. "So, if you would be so kind...?" he asked after a brief moment, rising back up to his full height. "Perhaps we can talk a bit on the way. Come up with a strategy, get to know each other, build up some of that spirit of team work," he said, another sheepish smile plastered across his face. _______________________________________________________ WC: 600 + 847 = 1447 (damn, so close to 1337)
  4. Update Type | Mission Rewards Update Name | DoppelDang Update Training | N/A Update Ryo | +1100 Ryo; +24 EXP Update Links | The Loot
  5. Characters Involved | Kazuo & Junnosuke Link to the Missions | Doppelgangers 1 & 2 Brief Overview | Kazuo and Junnosuke are paired together to investigate and subdue any doppelgangers they might find. The situation gets... Heated B-)
  6. It's parts 1 and 2 for the doppelganger series Kazuo had the first mission description, and then after we'd completed the first he posted the second missions description. Sorry for the confusion! I just realized I forgot to put that they were plot missions in the overview, that's completely my bad. Sorry Akane D:
  7. At first, Junnosuke had thought the woman was speaking to another person, but as he glanced around he realized that her words must be directed towards him -- there was nobody else around save for a handful of guards, and they were definitely out of earshot. He surmised that she was likely the shinobi he had been paired with. "Oh, hello!" he exclaimed. His smile was so large that his eyes were forced into a squint, so for a brief moment it was difficult to actually make out the woman's features. "It's nice to meet you, I'm Junn -- Junn Shimizu!" He extended his hand towards her in greeting, letting the smile a bit loose so that his eyes blue-grey could open. "What's your name?" As he spoke, he examined her face, wondering if she might be someone that he recognized. She was certainly attractive, but what most caught his eye was the quality of her hair; even with the wind whipping around, he thought it very lovely. As another gust blew past, he raked his free hand through his own tresses to mitigate whatever messiness the wind might have caused. Perhaps she could give him a couple of tips sometime. The same hand reached back into his pouch to pull out the report he'd been given, and present it to his comrade neatly folded. "These are the mission details in case you haven't seen them yet. It shouldn't be too difficult of a mission, they were able to take out the guards but it's not like they maimed them. I figure the hardest part will be tracking them down!" He smiled even as he spoke, and he began to wonder if he was maybe a bit too eager to do well. As of yet, the only friend he'd made was Kazuo and the two had spoken in several days. "So, shall we head out and start looking?" _________________________________ WC: 286 + 314 = 600/1000
  8. Mission Name | A Request |M5| Mission Type | Village Ranking | D Repeatable? | Yes Mission NPCs | N/A Mission Description | Junmuzi needs someone to follow and spy on a young academy student. Keep a notepad on hand and record the Academy students actions for a whole day before returning to Junmuzi with the information. Don't get caught or you will have failed the mission! Word Count | 500 Words Requirements | N/A _____________________________ ~~~Place Holder~~~
  9. Mission Name | Deliver The Meds |M1| Mission Type | Village Ranking | D Repeatable? | Yes Mission NPCs | N/A Mission Description | Deliver the meds safely to Junmuzi he lives at Yugetsu Outpost. Word Count | 500 Words Requirements | N/A _____________________________ The wound on Junnosuke's back had healed quite nicely over the last week. Thanks to the quick work of a very kind medical ninja called Kaori, his wound had been cleaned and bandaged expertly. She'd even given him a bit of ointment that had sped up the healing process, and it appeared that for once in his life there would be no scarring. As thanks, he had returned to the hospital earlier to see if she could use an extra pair of hands for the day. He initially thought that he might be her assistant and follow her around to different patients, but she had instead given him an assignment that would take him to the Yugetsu Outpost. He was to visit an old man called Junmuzi and bring a prescription that he absolutely had to have; he had forgotten to take it with him after his appointment the previous day. It wasn't exactly a long trip from the clinic to his home, but Kaori couldn't just up and leave as she had patients. It turned out that Junnosuke's arrival had been incredibly fortuitous. She was quick to hand him the medicine and to send him off with a handful of directions. "Trust me, you can't miss it," she had told him. He set off expecting to return to the clinic by the end of the afternoon, but his day would not be entirely within his control. As he got closer to the outpost, he became thankful that a jacket was one of the common articles of clothing he wore; the tundra was labeled as such for a reason. The cold was harsh and the winds were unforgiving. Junn couldn't help but wonder why an old man who required so much medicine would remain where there was so much ice and snow instead of move into the village proper. It was then that he came upon what he could only assume was Junmuzi's home. It was modest like many of the other homesteads he had seen in the area, but there was a great deal of clutter and frozen over waste in the yard. At least half of the items bore the symbol of the hospital. With medicine in hand and a shiver in his bones he approached the home and knocked at the door. "Hello? I'm a shinobi from Mizumura, I was asked to bring you the medicine that Kaori had prescribed for you!" Junnosuke yelled, attempting to make his voice heard over the whipping winds. He waited with his back pressed into the wall beside the door to avoid the quickly flying pieces of ice and snow, and he couldn't help but wonder if his mother had run into the arms of his father just because she didn't want to continue living in a place like this. The door opened a crack and a single eye looked out at the shinobi, though much below his own eye level. "Yes, yes, come in! Come in my boy!" He ushered Junnosuke into the ramshackle dwelling and closed the door behind, piling several books and a chair. "Oh... To keep the door from being thrown open by the wind, that's all!" he cackled after catching the ninja's odd expression. "Oh, sure," Junn laughed heartily. "Well I probably shouldn't stay too long, I just came to get these meds to you and -" "Oh but you must stay! The storm is getting angrier so it won't be safe for a few hours, plus I rarely ever get company!" Junmuzi looked up at him with pleading, desperate eyes and a hopeful smile that, regardless of the weather, Junn didn't have the heart to refuse. He nodded and raked a hand through his hair. "Plus, I could use some help around the house, eh!?" __________________________________________ Word Count: 629/500
  10. Mission Name | A Favour |M4| Mission Type | Village Ranking | D Repeatable? | Yes Mission NPCs | N/A Mission Description | Junmuzi recently pulled a muscle in his lower back and hasn't been able to move for a week! His house is trashed and he needs someone to come clean it up for him. Rush over there and get it done! Word Count | 500 Words Requirements | N/A _____________________________ ~~~PlaceHolder~~~
  11. Mission Name |Cook For Me |M3| Mission Type | Village Ranking | D Repeatable? | Yes Mission NPCs | N/A Mission Description | Junmuzi is looking for a home cooked meal. Find the listed Ingredients and cook him something he'll enjoy! Word Count | 500 Words Requirements | Find out what kind of Food Junmuzi likes and make him something agreeable. _____________________________ ~~~PlaceHolder~~~
  12. Mission Name | Support Me.. |M2| Mission Type | Village Ranking | D Repeatable? | Yes Mission NPCs | N/A Mission Description | Junmuzi has problems such as headaches and chest pain he wants you to take care of him and support him until he feels you are good to go. Visit him at the Yugetsu Outpost Word Count | 500 Words Requirements | N/A _____________________________ "Uh, help?" Junnosuke asked as he looked around the place. It was full of clutter and waste the likes of which he had never seen, even back in the slums. "No wonder there's so much stuff frozen over outside -- there was no room left in here for it," he thought. Junmuzi had already taken to laying on a couch pressed against the far wall of the first room, which seemed to serve as a living room area. It was dark in the room, so as Junnosuke approached to enter he made to turn them on and lighten things up a bit. "No, leave them," Junmuzi moaned out. He had become much less enthusiastic and energized rather suddenly -- perhaps he'd taken the medicine and it caused him to be lethargic? He didn't know enough about the subject to make anywhere near an educated guess. ~WIP~
  13. Junnosuke couldn't help but nod in agreement. He didn't feel bad either, though he still had qualms about how the situation had gone down. A lot of it could have been avoided if he'd just paid a little more attention and been more aware of his surroundings. Maybe Kazuo wouldn't have found himself in a position where he felt he had to do what he had done. "Yeah, thank you. We'll be sure to do that... Oh! I should probably grab my knives," he said. He jogged back into the shop to retrieve them, and by the time he had come back out Kazuo had already gone. "Oh." He was surprised, but he could also empathize. It was a heavy situation and he hadn't exactly been supportive of Kazuo's actions. He could very much understand the need to be alone for a little while. [Exit] ---------------------- Word Count: 1631 + 144 = 1775 Total = 2827/1400
  14. Jutsu Name | Arm Binding Seal Jutsu Type | Supplementary Ranking | D Element(s) | - Specialty(s) | Fūinjutsu Energy Cost | 10 CP Handsigns | Dragon > Snake Range | Touch Duration | 2 Posts Description | This seal is designed to partially immobilize a target upon application. When the jutsu is performed, the kanji for "restrain" appears within a circle on the underside of the target's wrists. Once placed, black chain-like patterns begin to snake out from the seal to lace between the target's fingers and wrap around their forearms. Upon completion, the seals glow a soft grey color and press together, locking the arms and wrists together. Other Effects | The seal can be broken if the target is of an equal or higher rank at the cost of 10 CP or SP The seal can be broken if the target has a higher skill level in Fūinjutsu than the user for 5 CP Requirements | Must be a member of or taught by a member of the Water Police Force/Aoitsuki Status | Open to members of the Water Police Force/ Aoitsuki
  15. Yeah, I definitely see your points. I hadn't considered a lot of that. Alrighty, I made a few edits that are hopefully more on the right track?
  16. I mean, it isn't paralysis though? They aren't unable to move their arms or legs, it's just a restraint. Handcuffs, essentially. And no, they wouldn't be able to just say "Oh, it's been two posts I think I'll extend it longer." It's something that has to be done when the seal is placed, they can't just extend it afterwards. That's why I said it could be done "upon the placing of the seal". I mean I can change the distance to touch if that would be an improvement. I just figured it's something that has to be done extremely up close so it's not like it's easy to land.
  17. My first invention. Plz bare with me if it's awful and unbalanced haha
  18. Conflicted didn't even begin to describe how Junnosuke was feeling. He was as horrified as any of the other people who had come out to investigate. The last thing he had imagined when going out for a mission that day was baring witness to an incinerated corpse. He glanced from Kazuo to the now extinguished body. "You could have just immobilized him. We didn't..." His voice stopped and he cleared his throat. He wasn't sure what he would do, what he should do. Was there even a right answer in this kind of situation? His eyes met with the guard's as he approached, and as Kazuo moved out from underneath his hand he relaxed it gently by his side. His other hand raked through his sweat soaked tresses, and he sighed before addressing the man. "Doppelgangers. We were assigned to investigate the issues that have been happening around the village with shinobi and even civilians being impersonated and implicated in crimes that they had nothing to do with." He nodded back in the direction of the weapons shop where the altercation had started. "We found a couple that were disguised as us in there, and when we tried to corner and capture them, they went on the attack. So we fought back, and..." His voice trailed off, so he gestured to the burnt body that was just down the road. "The other one is unconscious in the shop, pinned to the wall with one of my kunai. You guys should probably take custody of him. "And we should probably go and get looked at, ourselves. We've both got some nasty wounds -- those two were pretty dangerous," he said, turning to show the wound on his back. "If there's nothing else...?" ---------------------- Word Count: 1341 + 290 = 1631
  19. Junnosuke released his jutsu and dashed out the door, practically on Kazuo's heels. He was under the impression that they were going to pursue Kazuo's duplicate and capture him much like they had subdued his own. But whoever they were, they were incredibly fast. By the time the door had slammed shut behind Junn, he was far down the road, too far for either of them to hope to catch up to him. Junnosuke's eyes shifted to find Kazuo, standing there and not even attempting to run. Had he realized even sooner that there was no catching him? Did he have some sort of plan? As he began to approach his comrade he saw the hand seals and tilted his head in confusion. It seemed to happen in slow motion. He saw the glow of the flames before the rush of hot air swept over and past him. The fireball launched forward with such intensity that Junn expected the molecules of water in the air to sizzle and steam even though they were already vapor. His eyes traveled with the explosive orb from Kazuo's lips to the doppelganger's body. The fire was extremely catching, and before Junnosuke could even consider trying to put him out the copycat had ceased moving. "K... Kazuo..." Junnosuke muttered. His blue grey eyes were wide and his mouth hung open in awe. "What... Why?" he asked, stepping tentatively closer. Nervously, he placed his hand on the other man's shoulder, standing beside him as a group of cards arrived on the scene. ---------------------- Word Count: 1085 + 256 = 1341
  20. Update Type | Specialty Training Update Name | NoviceLyfe Update Training | Fūinjutsu Beginner --> Novice Update Ryo | - Update Links | Choo Choo Train
  21. It was reaching into the very late hours of the evening -- or early hours of the morning, depending on how one looked at it -- but those twilight hours when most people slept was when Junnosuke did his best work. Tired from a day of exploring the village and trying to socialize, as well as being awake for so long, his mind was free of many of the inhibiting thoughts that buzzed about in his more rested mind. He liked to take advantage of that state of consciousness to dabble and experiment with his sealing formulae because things that might normally seem too farfetched or improbable didn't seem it at all. He was at his most innovative when he was the least intimidated. He sat at a small table in his one room apartment high up on the fifth floor of the shinobi barracks. A small lamp to his right lit the small area around him and left the rest of the room dark. Though a window was just before him, he had closed to small drapes that hung around it to keep his focus -- he was sure to get distracted if he didn't. The books he used for his studies and practices sat on the table along with several sheets of papper and a pencil. His situation now was a far cry from how he had first begun learning his craft. The books were dry and hard covered, the paper wasn't recycled, and he didn't have to scrounge for dark materials to scrape his writings with. He had the proper means and materials to advance himself. He took to the books first, opening the three that he had and placing one to his left side, one to his right, and the last one propped against the windowsill in front of him. The paper and pencils rested somewhat haphazardly in the middle of this, but his process was messy and this was what worked the best for him. His fingers thumbed through page after page as he wrote down the different formulae contained within. Though there was a great deal of reading in order to understand the theories and the basic functions of how different seals operated and were structured, there was also much practice to be had. Often times the seals would be displayed incorrectly so that the student was forced to undo and refit them together in order to form a proper marking -- it was by far Junnosuke's favorite part. He found delight in scribbling the scribbles and drawing his arrows to and from the different sections, lining the seals up end to end until he had successfully solved the puzzle and earned his own approval. Hours were spent like this on days and nights that were free of obligation; often times he even fell asleep for an hour or two only to wake up and get right back to the riddle at hand. The riddle that gave him the clues to solving the puzzle. It was practicing both that allowed him the deeper understanding required to develop his own ideas and concepts and theories and most importantly of all, formulae for jutsu. His current goal was a technique that he could bring with him to the Water Police Force; a restraint that could immobilize or hinder a person's movement. He knew it likely wouldn't be geared for use in combat, and he didn't expect it to be anywhere near perfect, but the utilitarian possibilities it could serve excited him. Shackles that had no tangible matter and couldn't be simply cut through or broken out of would be good for interrogation, for capture and transportation -- perhaps even to keep one suspect bound while another was chased after. That late night and early morning saw him produce countless inscriptions and markings, and an innumerable amount of attempts at finding the correct hand signs for those who couldn't merely draw the seal with their chakra. Before he knew it, it was already the next afternoon. His eyes were bloodshot and papers were strewn about the floor, each marked with different symbols, images, shapes, and patterns. Some even had spots from when he had fallen asleep and drooled onto the pages. He felt the frustration through the tension in his neck and shoulders that traveled down his stiffened back. But he also knew that this was his process. He would sleep and wake up refreshed and revitalized, and he'd go through his designs and find the correct sequencing as if it had been staring him in the face the entire time, crying out for his recognition. With great but stifled eagerness he rose out of his chair and walked across the paper covered floor to the cot where he found his dreams. He was asleep before his head even hit the pillow. --------------------------------------------------- Training Fūinjutsu - Beginner --> Novice Word Count: 800
  22. The bell went off once again, but before Junnosuke could even process it his attention was captured by the ruckus of Kazuo attacking his doppelganger. The shinobi turned his head to see what it all was, but the windmill shuriken flying at his face was quick to take precedence. "Shit!" he yelped, his concentration on both of his jutsu breaking. He was back to his actual appearance and his target was freed. With the little time that he had, there was no way he would be able to get away unharmed. The shop wasn't large and there wasn't much space, and it had been thrown even before he could fully notice it. He rolled vertically, pressing his right shoulder forward and into a shelf as he turned on his toes. As his chest came flat against the shelves, the angle was just right to avoid being impaled by the knife like blades of the shuriken, but he was still able to feel the metal slice a piece of the flesh off of his back. The rush of air past his ear only served to further unnerve him. "Agh!" he cried out. His body leaned against the structure for a moment as he refocused. He could feel the blood trickling down his back, and he could sense the false version of himself moving closer. It appeared that they would be fighting their mirror images after all. Junnosuke ducked just in time to avoid the swipe of a pair of nunchaku, and followed his motion with a quick left handed punch towards his assailants forward most knee. His fist connected and though he was no prodigy when it came to Taijutsu, he felt that the blow wasn't that easy to take. Probably a lucky angle. He followed with an uppercut, using the momentum of his thighs and knees pushing him to his full height, but to no avail. The doppelganger jumped backwards and then rushed back, one hand on the pommel of the sword and the other on the flatter edge of the blade's tip. Junnosuke met him with a pair of kunai, catching the sword in the wedge created by their crossing. "How about you give us a smile?" Junnosuke asked with a grin that made it clear how much he was enjoying himself. The adrenaline was rushing through his veins, especially after he'd been hit by the other copycat. He could barely even feel the wound anymore as he pressed forward closer to the doppelganger, his kunai meeting at the sword's hilt. "I know not everyone loves the cards they've been dealt in life, but that doesn't mean you can try to cheat someone else's hand!" He pushed the shinobi back with what strength he could muster, and followed with a spinning kick to the chest. The two kunai that had been in his hand flew forward and as the assailant hit the far wall, the first pinned his jacket into the wall at the collar while the other collided with his forehead, thrown so that the handle would hit rather than the blade. It appeared he was unconscious, but to be sure he reattached a hand of chakra threads to his arms, legs, and chest. "Kazuo!" he called, jogging out to the main area of the store. The whole situation had happened so quickly and had taken up all of his attention; he had no clue how his partner had fared. With his other hand held forward, he prepared to cast more threads if need be. ---------------------- Word Count: 498 + 587 = 1085 75 (I miscounted for the chakra strings in my earlier post, would have been 20 for all ten digits) CP - 10 CP = 65 CP
  23. "Someone's impersonating me? Wow!" Junnosuke couldn't help but laugh at the idea. He was still so new to being a shinobi, the fact that anyone even knew about him astounded him. It also flattered him in a strange way. "But yeah, sure, I've got the code," he said with a nod. "'On the future built by the Water Village.' That ought to be an official motto or something." "I figure we should just go in there quietly and apprehend him. I don't want to cause any damage to the store, plus if he gets very hostile there are all sorts of weapons around. It could be tricky." He raised his hand to his chin and tapped his cheek repeatedly as he thought, his eyes focused on the ground beneath their feet. "What if we try to fight fire with fire? Figuratively speaking, I mean," he suggested as he looked up to meet his partner's eyes. With three quick hand signs and a puff of smoke, Junnosuke had taken on the form of another person; a boy about five inches shorter with tanned skin and long, blond hair. "You'll know which one is the fake me because the real me won't even look like me!" He spoke with a proud smile and a slightly higher voice, thanks to the jutsu. "Hopefully this will work, let's head in before he does anything or decides to leave." With that the smaller, blonder Junnosuke jogged out from behind the shop and headed into the establishment. The bell over-top the door rang as he entered the store. The person posing as him glanced over at the sudden but not surprising stimulus before looking back to the item before him -- a simple katana. Junnosuke quietly breathed a sigh of relief for his earlier idea. He walked about the store nonchalantly, pretending to glance about and marvel at different items -- sometimes not completely pretending -- while keeping an eye on his foe. As the doppleganger neared a corner of the store, Junnosuke glanced over towards Kazuo who seemed to be watching the copycat as well. He decided that his best shot at starting and ending this confrontation without a struggle would be to try and subdue the assailant while his guard was seemingly down. He dashed quickly towards his copy and extended both of his hands, willing visible strands of chakra to extend from each of his ten fingers and attach to the limbs and torso of his target. Whoever it was didn't seem to reply with more than a grunt and an attempt to move. "Copycat got your tongue?" Junnosuke said with an audible grin. "You won't be causing any trouble in my name!" Or at least he hoped; he wasn't sure how long he could actually restrain another person with this technique -- it was meant for inanimate objects or willing participants after all. And just as that thought finished, another thought came blaring into his mind -- when had Kazuo entered the store? ---------------------- Word Count: 498 100 - 5CP - 10 CP = 85 CP
  24. Update Type | Jutsu Purchases Update Name | Some Other Basic Techs Update Training | N/A Update Ryo | -100 ; - 50 = -150 Total Update Links | Genjutsu Release ; Substitution Jutsu (Including the transaction prior to this one it should come out to a net gain of 900 ryo.)
  25. Junnosuke barely had time to acknowledge Kazuo's appearance and request before his fellow shinobi had darted off from behind him. "Wha- Um... Ok!" Junnosuke exclaimed with uncertainty. The exchange had happened so fast that he felt if he were an animation, he'd be physically spinning around in circles. Water shinobi. Bandana. Sadistic. Water Jutsu. He looked up from the half of the file that his partner had passed to him to see exactly what he had described; a woman with a bandana and a nasty, unsettling grin pasted to her face. Quick thinking wasn't necessarily Junn's strong suit, but he did recall seeing someone like her the photographs. "Oh, excuse me!" Junnosuke called out, stepping immediately into her path. "You're uh..." he began, fumbling through the pages as she attempted to get around him. "Ah, right. Anko Saruzen! You're wanted in relation to the recent doppleganger crimes that have been popping up around the village! I'm going to have to ask you a few questions!" He raised his voice as high as he could, catching the attention of several guards and passersby. It seemed to create the same effect as seeing someone injured and being tended to would have. They all began to slow and pay close attention. "Huh? No I'm not! That isn't even my name! My name is Natsumi, you imbecile! Now get out of my way, I've got a real lead on these dopplegangers, unlike you," she huffed, attempting to push him aside and continue on. "Ha! I can't believe it's taken them so long to catch you, you take on an appearance and don't even learn the person's real name! This is clearly a photo of you with the name Anko Saruzen!" Junnosuke cried. He pulled a photo that looked similar enough to Natsumi and waved it about, giving each person around only the briefest moment to take a glance. "Look! She must be the culprit!" The surrounding guards were clearly intrigued, and also aware that if the claims were true there may be danger. They began pushing civilians back and creating space around the two shinobi, and just in time -- Natsumi had begun to weave a string of hand signs. Before Junn had time to fully react, the kunoichi expelled a fast moving stream of water from her mouth, hitting his shoulder and sending him reeling backwards. "I'm no copy! He must be one!" she cried out. Two of the guards crouched down and assisted Junn to his feet, being gentle with his shoulder where there was thankfully no blood. "The mission calls for capturing the perpetrators unharmed. If you were really trying to fulfill the mission, there's no way you'd have attacked me like that," Junn said between heavy breaths. As he did, a handful of guards surrounded Natsumi and grabbed her by the arms and shoulders. "We'll put this one somewhere until someone can come by and suss out whether she's being honest or not. You should go and get that shoulder checked out." They began to walk the belligerent and agitated Natsumi away, presumably to their station where they could watch her until a higher ranking shinobi could come around to confirm her identity. Junn also took his leave of the scene, grasping at his shoulder and wincing quietly as he walked towards the alleyway that Kazuo had chosen for their rendezvous. ---------------------- Word Count: 492 + 560 = 1,052