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  1. Sup.
  2. Since there's getting to be so many alts, I thought it'd be useful to have a list handy. Just post the names of your main and alt accounts and I'll add them to the list! Main/Alt Accounts: Momiji > Saisaki Kaijin > Saikechi Suijin > Shinrin Essien > Amelia Shinrai > Freya Amai > Kamatari > Kobura Reimei > Sei Taka > Akane Jigokuchō > Kyojin
  3. Jutsu Name | Waterbreathing Jutsu Type | Supplementary Ranking | D Element(s) | Water, Wind, or Lightning Specialty(s) | Ninjutsu Energy Cost | 5 CP, 5 CP upkeep Handsigns | Ox - Monkey Range | Self Duration | Until cancelled by user Description | The user pulls apart water molecules directly in front of the face while underwater, creating breathable oxygen. This is done either by pulling hydrogen molecules away from the oxygen (water release), extracting the oxygen from the hydrogen (wind release), or dividing both through electrolysis (lightning release). The leftover molecules become lost and cannot be manipulated or utilized further by the user or anyone else. In the case of electrolysis, the amount of electricity used is small and focused, and cannot harm anyone or anything. Other Effects | Can only be used while underwater. Requirements | N/A Status | Open
  4. Jutsu Name | Piercing Gaze Jutsu Type | Supplementary Ranking | D Element(s) | None Specialty(s) | Genjutsu Energy Cost | 10 CP Handsigns | N/A Range | 5 meters Duration | 1 user post and 1 victim post Description | To activate this jutsu, the user must fully close and open their eyes, making direct eye contact with the victim. Upon contact, the victim experiences a sudden wave of emotion, ranging from fear and anxiety to comfort and even reassurance. Naturally this depends on the user, who must have the desired emotion in mind upon eye contact. Simple eye contact will not trigger this jutsu; the user must establish focused eye contact as stated above, which can only be created while stationary and motionless. Depending on the emotion (such as fear), the victim can be temporarily stunned, and unable to take action during their post. Other Effects | N/A Requirements | Established via focused eye contact Status | Open to any predatory mammal in the animal kingdom.
  5. Small rings rippled over the lake’s surface as Izumi walked along the water, feeling the slight coolness through the soles of her boots. A small white fox walked beside her, his paws similarly dispersing thin ripples with each step. The training grounds of Mizumura provided a variety of different fields for practicing one’s skills. Izumi enjoyed contemplation over the tranquil waters, as well as the natural geography and vegetation surrounding it. The medium-sized lake extended about 50 meters in diameter, with a miniature islet rising from its relative center, surrounded by large rocks. Mizumura built its training grounds around preexisting terrains such as this, wanting to make the best use of the landscape while providing ideal places for students to grow. The woman’s proficiency with the water element only strengthened her appreciation for the beautiful lake, making this area in particular her favorite. Mind clear and focused on the chakra releasing underneath her feet, Izumi continued to walk with Junichi, circling around the edges of the lake about 5 meters in. The shinobi strode in slow steps, taking the time to enjoy the fresh air and beautiful scenery around her.
  6. Bloodline Name | Ice Release (氷遁, Hyōton) Possessors | Water territory residents hailing from tundra/sub-arctic regions Appearance | Ice Release takes on the appearance of ice crystals, which can form into many shapes. Though ice is typically translucent, ice created by an Ice Release appears slightly opaque due to the chakra embedded within it. Whenever Ice Release is used, the air of the surrounding area will become cold enough to evoke light snowfall (if outside). Abilities | Ice Release is an advanced nature transformation created by the Water and Wind elements. The user of Ice Release is capable of creating and manipulating ice by combining water and wind-based chakra. Ice Release is effective against Water Release and Fire Release. Whenever an Ice Release contacts a Water release of equal rank, it will remain entirely unaffected, while a Fire Release of equal rank will slightly melt the surface. As ice is made up of frozen water, users of Ice Release will have an easier time creating ice if they are near a source of water. The chakra cost of Ice Release lowers by 1 rank as long as the user creates a reasonable amount of ice according to the amount of water it sources from (meaning a user cannot create a giant wall of ice from a single cup of water). Weaknesses | Ice Release is elementally weak against Scorch and Blaze releases, and will both melt and evaporate upon contact. As both of their elemental weaknesses involve fire, Ice Release users cannot take up proficiencies in the Fire element. Chakra Cost | Depends on the rank of the jutsu.
  7. Ever wanted to show someone an interesting, beautiful, or even peculiar picture you found on the internet, or took yourself? Well this is the place for you. Feel free to post whatever pictures you find interesting-- just try to keep it clean!
  8. @Nuitari Kouga Edited.
  9. I saw an advertisement on my old rp forum and clicked. The whole "what makes us different" description was what caught my eye.
  10. Hey there Setsa! Welcome to SG.
  11. A slight wind blew over the land, the short blades of grass over the tundra fighting stubbornly against it. Izumi gave a small smile at the sight of the thawed summer grounds, with some vegetation and even a rabbit or two running around. Despite the sunny day, the winds still felt chilled, causing Izumi to bundle up her coat tighter around her. She glanced behind her and slightly to her right, checking on the small wagon and the horse pulling it. Carrying a 500-pound crystal back to Mizumura with only 2 ninja seemed impossible, so upon seeing the cart was alright, she felt a certain relief. The Genin's eyes moved over to the other water shinobi accompanying her, someone she only just met during their mission briefing. She knew he was a Chuunin, but not much else about him. Izumi had yet to say a word since beginning their trek out to the tundra, but had nothing against him; she simply didn't know how to be friendly, having never made a friend in her life. Plus shinobi died all the time, and there was no telling when one would meet their end. This was a B-rank mission, so the pair could expect to counter some trouble, and Izumi herself was no combat star. She turned her head back to look over the landscape, her sky-blue eyes scanning the area for any sign of the large blue crystals they sought.
  12. Private

    The young genin looked up at the dark clouds looming overhead, her arms stretched out at her sides as she lay atop the coastal sands. A white fox, nestled in the nook of her arm, let loose a soft sigh, raising his head as he looked to the sky. Quiet yips emanated from his throat, his golden eyes looking to Izumi. Soon a heavy rain would fall onto Mizumura, a premonition causing most people to stay indoors. Izumi continued to gaze up into the heavens, seemingly lost in another world as she remained unmoving, minus the gentle rise and fall of her chest. Time mirrored the flow of the clouds overhead: slow, yet unmistakable, the storm approaching the land with a certain leisurely confidence. Eventually it would pass and the sun would set, to rise again in the morning. However, the storm still had to be braved. It was easy looking to the future, while one could still see in front of them. A loud yap sounded through the air, and Izumi’s sky-blue stare quickly faltered. The girl raised her head, looking down at Junichi as she gave a small smile, a light blush on her cheeks. “Sorry Jun,” she spoke, moving her hand to gently massage the soft fur near his ear. “Let’s get going, before this storm hits.” She smiled, watching the fox wag his tail as she sat up, dusting the sand from her body. Izumi then rose to her feet, walking over to the water with Jun in tow, washing the sand from both of them before heading off into the city. The girl wandered through the cobbled streets, her hands tucked into the pockets of her coat. She glanced down each intersection, noticing a person or two hurrying down the road. Eventually she reached the inner city, only to realize not a soul accompanied her. Yet the winds remained peaceful, the humid air still resting atop the city in a calm, undisturbed layer. It’s still a ways off, Izumi thought to herself, deciding she could spend a little more time in the city before taking shelter. She climbed up onto a waist-high stone fence, balancing herself on its narrow top before making her way down the length, her arms outstretched at her sides. She made it to the other end and jumped back to the ground, walking off in search of something else to entertain her. Izumi sauntered through the quiet city, her eyes darting around for signs of life at this point. Eventually the buildings around her began to thicken, rising up into the sky in dark networks of neglected stone. Her eyes began to strain as they glanced down the increasing number of intersections, until at last she saw human life. At first she smiled, only to realize the dirt covering them from head to toe, the ripped clothes clinging to their rough skin. Soon a sea of people surrounded the young genin, a small child clinging to her skirt before her mother pulled her back into the mess of dirt and sweat. Izumi felt a pressure in her chest, confused at the thought of this harsh reality existing within Mizumura. Her footsteps crawled to a stop, the girl’s eyes searching desperately to meet the ones of another among the flow of people, but finding none. Her eyes glazed over, moving ahead from the faces swirling around her and looking over the crowd. Immediately she noticed a head of blonde hair, neat and straight, and falling in bright strands. It caught her eye precisely because it did not belong with the rest, contrasting with the others with such a stark difference. She felt herself gravitating towards the sight, unsure of why; it simply interested her. She kept close to the other side of the road, coming closer to the man. He donned clothing much different than the crowd, clean and immaculate. Before him stretched a long, dark alleyway, its uncertain depths giving an ominous feeling. The girl wondered why he was in such a place, standing a distance behind him and to the right. She kept herself in the background, though she could be seen if there was an attempt to look.
  13. Jutsu Name | Binding Coils Jutsu Type | Supplementary Ranking | C Element(s) | Water Specialty(s) | Ninjutsu Energy Cost | 25 CP Handsigns | Snake > Rat > Dog Range | 10 meters from user Duration | 3 Posts Description | Water rises up from beneath the target in thick coils, wrapping around their legs and waist for a duration based on their rank. The victim cannot move their position until freed, but are still able to perform jutsu. These coils can only be dispelled by either completely evaporating the water at the victim's feet, or neutralized by an earth jutsu of equal or higher rank. Other Effects | When the jutsu retires, assuming it wasn't evaporated, it falls back to the ground to be used for other water jutsu. Requirements | Water Village Status | Open
  14. Jutsu Name | Hyōton: Excruciating Needles Jutsu Type | Offensive Ranking | C Element(s) | Ice Specialty(s) | Ninjutsu & Genjutsu Energy Cost | 25 CP Hand Signs | Snake > Dragon Range | 5 meter AOE within the snow (jutsu that makes snow here) Duration | 1 round (1 victim post and 1 user post) Description | Falling snow collects and sharpens into ice needles, raining down on anyone within the designated area of effect within the snowfall. The 3-inch long needles pierce through clothing and exposed skin into the victim's flesh. (There are about 5 needles per square meters within the AOE.) In the opponent's first post after being struck in the flesh with the needles, they will experience an excruciating pain in every muscle in their body, causing them to fall to their hands and knees. This pain forces them to stop their current actions, making them unable to perform/maintain jutsu. At the start of the opponent's next post, the genjutsu fades away, though the victim will still be left with puncture wounds. Other Effects | Note: Hyōton states that "Ice Release is effective against Water Release and Fire Release. Whenever an Ice Release contacts a Water release of equal rank, it will remain entirely unaffected, while a Fire Release of equal rank will slightly melt the surface." Requirements | Ice Release (Hyōton), Water Village Status | Personal, but can be learned from Izumi
  15. @Drak @Fa Zheng Okay, so I think I caught onto the problem. Sorry, I wasn't trying to be difficult. You guys are right, there needs to be a set range. Also I forgot Hyoton itself creates snow whenever someone with it uses an ice jutsu, which could have been really abusable. I apologize. Anyways, it's edited it to have an AOE now, and the number of needles inside of each square meter. A circular AOE comes to 20 meters squared (not to say this is a circular AOE, it was the only way I could calculate it) and 100 needles / 20 meters is 5 needles per square meters. I hope that works. Sorry again. Edit: and yes, when it goes into their flesh. I thought it was in there but it seems I deleted it, re-added it. The snow also is used to make the needles so I changed that too.
  16. @Fa Zheng Wait, what? I mean, there's jutsu approved here that uses the area of preexisting fog/mist already. I guess I don't understand why this jutsu is any different. But I could include it?
  17. @Fa Zheng Oh I misunderstood, lol. Edited to the normal C-rank range.
  18. @Fa Zheng The range of the preexisting snow is the range. It's like mist/fog/rain, and has its own creation jutsu here. The jutsu's been tweaked just a bit and doesn't have the speed debuff anymore, hopefully that makes up for it. Thanks
  19. @Fa Zheng In the description it says "below the target." It just has to be water, like a puddle at their feet or even a body or water, doesn't matter. Edited the range to say that though.
  20. Jutsu Name | Surging Armor Jutsu Type | Defensive Ranking | C Element(s) | Water Specialty(s) | Ninjutsu Energy Cost | 25 CP Handsigns | Snake > Ox Range | Self Duration | 3 posts Description | Water flows over the skin of the user in a network of small streams. This living exoskeleton reinforces their flesh, allowing them to take less physical damage from both ninja attacks and jutsu below their own shinobi rank. The jutsu cannot protect well against certain techniques, such as needles or skin scorching. The armor will help the user keep their balance, meaning they can only be knocked over by jutsu at or above their shinobi rank. Because the water constantly flows, it will absorb all water attacks below the user's shinobi rank. Other Effects | The user must either be standing in rain or within 5 meters of a large quantity of water for this jutsu to work. Requirements | Water Village Status | Open
  21. @Soul Edited
  22. The old template will always feel nostalgic, but the sliding announcements are really nice. Plus it's more functional, imo.
  23. Quick question, are debuffs considered a negative boost? Like if two jutsu both lowered an enemy's ___ by 1 rank each. Thanks.
  24. Jutsu Name | Vanish Jutsu Type | Supplementary Ranking | D Element(s) | Water Specialty(s) | Ninjutsu Energy Cost | 10 CP, 5 CP upkeep Handsigns | Snake Range | Self Duration | Until cancelled by user Description | While underwater, the user coats themselves in a thin layer of chakra, bending light around them to appear invisible. This also affects any clothing, equipment, and so on. The user becomes visible again either when the jutsu is dispelled or once out of the water. If part of the user emerges from the water, whatever parts that are still in the water stay invisible. The user can still be touched, struck, or located via chakra sensing while in the water. Other Effects | This jutsu will not fully work in mist, fog, rain, or snow (there is a separate jutsu for that here). It will just cause small specks of the user to vanish, which might be kinda pretty. Requirements | Water Village Status | Open