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  1. OOC

    Dimi would be running along with his clone. The clone still making hand seals. A seemingly big jutsu to come. Though it seemed he was in at least 25 meters from Fa when he began to act due to understanding Dimi possessed a clone and could find the real him underground. A trait one of his slugs possessed. Dimi would feel the rain begin to pour down on the surface. His opponent seeming to want to mix up where his location was. Or maybe thinking that would nullify him able to sense the surface. Dimi would now only feel sudden drops from the surface hammering down which he sensed. The droplets being so light and consistent, he would assume it to be water. It was a logical explanation, though seeing as the day was sunny before then with clear skies he could conclude his opponent was a water user. The fact this water also seemed to slowly deteriorate his reach of sensing the surface, the water could be acidic. Few water substances being able to do such extensive damage slowly. He would summon his legendary weapon Tatsumaki while underground, being extremely close to the surface. Attaching three explosive tags to a kunai he also retrieved. Taking note of the fact his opponent was expelling something out from underneath him. It would take a few seconds or so to actually finish what he was doing, though by then it wouldn't matter. His opponent stepping atop of whatever this new thing would be exactly, however Dimi able to sense it just fine. Seeing how it's substance was sticking to the ground so perfectly almost as if another mask, it was just a sticky goo to Dimi. By this point where he was just about done making this new substance, Dimi would be where he needed to be. The clone would just stand outside of the goo. Watching. Dimi underground would have kept running, swinging above where he felt his opponent to be with the Tatsumaki. Activating its ability, able to create a strong current of wind the rank of S. Though this would be a concentrated wind slice following the arc of the swipe which was to be 5 feet wide or so. It's ends being razor sharp and concentrated with wind able to slice easily through many objects. Being somewhat underneath Fa, it would easily slice through the ground and this sticky goo effectively and quickly. Somewhat as in far enough to not be entirely underneath him to arouse suspicions but say a few feet underneath in front of. In doing so if continuing to go likely slicing him in half from below, most likely between the legs up to his head in half. His durability unable to really resist fully this attack. And the dimensions and ability of this attack slicing through many substances extremely easy. Though Dimi was a careful man. There was now an opening in the ground and this sticky little jutsu Fa created. It's size big enough to fit A simple kunai through easily as the arc before followed the size of the weapon he possessed. He would throw the blade through this crack aimed towards the body of Fa, hopefully beside the balls Dimi questioned he even had at this point. Where he would detonate the three explosive tags he attached blowing up Fa in the process and his being. The Kunai most likely being destroyed from this attack. Though he would be sure to detonate the tags when he was safely away which wouldn't be far as the ground and this new sticky glue would take the blunt of the force. He really just had to get away from the hole. These were a lot of variables that could change. Though his opponent was confident in his ability to dodge whatever attacks he possessed. So surely this one right?
  2. OOC

    So got to explain how jutsu are used? Alright. It's been edited.
  3. OOC

    Witnessing the area he was in, Dimi had a sure idea of what to expect. Only seeing a light in front of him, though adjusting his eyes to see the area in front of him. A stadium. A place he would battle to the death. Understanding the weight of this battle being potentially his last, he would make the appropriate measures to do battle with this individual he would meet very shortly. Out walked from Dimi's side of the corner a pale skinned adult. Taller then the average fellow and matching the visual representation of Dimi Zataru, though possessing no inner core close to the natural. A facade of his true desires, feeling as if he was no more then a shell with a task. He grudgingly walked towards his starting position, as the ground below him radiated softly as if attached to a spiritual leash. The sand murmuring slightly though shifting not from his stride to his starting position. But the altercations coming from the ground, as if it had an unnatural addition calling for death. He would walk to his starting position as if death itself. Black hair and steel eyes illuminating nothing. Though from the distance his opponent was from, with regular eyes he most likely could barely pinpoint what his expression was and what this shell of a man felt in his immediate directions. Armed with nothing but his normal sleeveless black clothing, no weapons. His intentions seeming to not even need weapons for his own purpose, being held and safe kept away by another storage outlet. With the cry of the announcer saying to fight, the steel eyed man would begin to run towards his opponent. The sun above radiating madly though slightly looking towards him, hiding away what naturally would be behind him. Beginning to make several handseals as he ran with incredible speed towards his opppnent. With the intent to finish the deed he was made to do here quickly, his very reasoning for waking in such an odd area. The ground below him magnifying with him matching his pace, that same leash to keep him going close by as the ground set out with intent as if a powerful force to win. The ground feeling as if it moved just far enough to naturally keep the life line to his intentions, though unable to be made clear of its vibrations as only he would be aware of it. Or at least be focused on that, seeing as a battle just began.
  4. Update Type | EquipmentUpdate Name | YachtUpdate Training | Update Cost | 1600Ryo After | 1750Update Link |
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  8. My activity here may be dropping for a few days. I'll be out of town for the whole week and unsure if I'll find time in my schedule to be online. This isn't to say the chances of seeing me online will be 0%, however I'll have my hands tied for the most part.
  9. Update Type | JutsuUpdate Name | Body Flicker, The Breeze, Gale Palm, Hiding like a Mole, In the Shadows, Ignition, Sealing Technique, Sand Conversion, Rock Coffin, Rising Stone Spears, Mud Clone, Gods Hand Erebus, Hephaestu. Not sure if it would be allowed but also my weapon and equipment Yamu/Saturated Scrolls prior to the tournament lock-in.Update Training | Update Cost | 2150Ryo After | 3275Update Link |
  10. Name | Yacht Type | Spear - Sub-Type | One or two hand. Ranking | X Material(s) | Chakra Drenched Pure Tungsten colored red, Inconel, Purple Cloth Dimensions | Shaft 6 feet. Blade 1 foot. Nature | Appearance | Unlike the appearance, the blade proves to be light and nimble able to be wielded and thrown around easily. The shaft is much more bulky and durable able to keep the weapon positioned and stable to be used like any other spear. The blade is able to slash and stab. It has purple cloth wrapped around it from one end up to the start of the blade. Abilities | Description | A spear found by Dimi which he reinforced. Availability | Me Requirements | Be Me Ryo Cost | 1600
  11. This jutsu should have at least 5 hand seals for A rank level.
  12. Approved.
  13. Jutsu Name | Sand Platform Jutsu Type | Supplementary Ranking | D-X Element(s) | Sand Specialty(s) | Ninjutsu Energy Cost | 10 CP for D; 15 C; B 25; A 25; S 25; SS 50 ; X 50 Handsigns | Range | 5 meters for D; 10 C; 15 B; 25 A; 30 S; 40 SS; 50 X Duration | Indefinite Description | Shukaku Jinchurikis can use Sand as a platform to levitate and move above the ground flying. Able to solidify the sand to support any weight and bring along allies or others. To access each range in the sky, the user must first pay the cost before able to fly up to the range before having to pay more to go higher. An example being a user must pay a D rank amount of chakra to go up to 5 meters. Then after to go higher must pay C rank to go farther up. Sustaining a certain altitude will cost the chakra of the range you're above the air every two post. Meaning initially you must pay 10 to go up to 5 meters. Every two post must rise, go down, or pay another 10. Other Effects | Requirements | Shukaku Jinchuriki Status | Public
  14. Name | Saturated Scrolls Type | Scroll - Sub-Type | One or Two hand Ranking | X Material(s) | Chakra Conductive Paper Dimensions | 1 foot in length. 3.4 in width. Nature |Fuuinjutsu Appearance | It's a scroll of the users color preference. When opened it will display an area to put seals on. Showcasing small panels of reoccurring wooden chairs with violins sitting atop of them above and below the area to place seals. Abilities | X Rank: The scrolls allows Dimi to seal away objects such as weapons. This scroll succeeds in categorizing duplicates of weapons into one seal. Meaning one specific seal on the scroll may possess more then one kunai for safe keeping. The quantity of products able to be sealed or more so seals able to placed on the scroll is 30. This scroll is also specifically connected to Dimi's Chakra system allowing him solely to use this effect. Dimi can seal and resummon objects to the world by grabbing onto the scroll itself. The scroll can also become a seal present on any surface he chooses upon applying it there via contact. Description | These scrolls were made in Dimi's lab to lighten his load regarding objects he couldn't always carry. His passion for fuuinjutsu and weapons alike inspiring such an idea. After working on the idea for days on end he was able to create it. Availability | Personal Requirements | Be the member Dimi; Fuuinjutsu spec. 1 equipment slot. Ryo Cost | 3100