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  1. Hajita could see the chakra very good. After some seconds, someone threw kunais.Hajita could take her kunai and struggle the kunais.The guy was wearing a very dark cloak with a rouge headband,the headband looked old. Hajita Shouted."Who Are You!" But the guy turned to a shadow.,She Didn't Know Who was that. "Kazuo We should leave this place,or we will get attacked again.I wont rest my sharingan because maybe someone will attack us again." Hajita would start tree-jumping.
  2. Hajita Has Her Dad's Picture In Her Pocket,Hoping She Could Find Him. Hajita Would Take It From Her Pocket And Look At It. Then She Would Tilt Her Head To Kazuo."Alright! I'll Try." Hajita Would the hand signs.Boar Horse Tiger. "Fire Style Fireball Jutsu!." Hoping That It Will Work. The Flags Would Start Burning,She Didn't Know Why She Pointed It Till She Took The Mirror and looked at her Eyes."Oh My God!" She Unlocked The Sharingan(1 Tomoe) I Did It! I Did It!." Hajita thinked,Maybe it's because she was missing her dad.She was very happy because she Finally did it.
  3. Hajita Looked At The Scarecrow, He Had A Jacket and two Buttons as Eyes with another Button As a nose. Hajita Started Laughing A Little Bit. "Alright." Hajita Started To Do Hand Signs. Horse - Boar - Tiger. Hajita Shouted: "Fire Style: Fire Eagle Attack!. She Failed Because She Forgot that it needs sharingan. Hajita Started Crying Because She Still Didn't Unlock The Sharingan. She Didn't Give up, She Tried an easier Jutsu. " Fire Style: Fire Style: Phoenix Flower Jutsu!." The Half Of The Scarecrow Burned Because She Didn't Point The Target Perfectly.
  4. Hajita Tilted Her Head To Kazuo. "Of Course!,I'll Get Going." Hajita Started Roof_Jumping From Roof To Roof Till She Found The Old Lady's House. She'd Knick The Door Of The Lady's House. The Lady Opened The Door. "Oh!. You Have Found Zippers!." The Lady Smiled. "How Could I Thank You?." "No Problem,Now I Have To go It's Late."
  5. Hajita Slowly went in the guy's back then shouted "Fire Syle!: Fire Ball Jutsu!" The Guy Would Almost-burn As She Tilted Her Head To Kazuo. "Are You Okay?;The Guy Is Knocked out."
  6. Hajita was stomping one foot thinking. Till she remembered. "I Remember That He Has Brown Hair With A Lightning Village Headband and He Looked Like A Genin." She Said. She Saw The Man Wake Up,So She Too Kazuo's Hand and went next the doory way.
  7. She Stopped Roof-Jumping when she saw Kazuo. "I've Found an Abandoned House,I Went inside and found a man sleeping,next to him a bunch of animals in cages including a dog." She Said Happily. "I've Scratched The Place With The Kunai So We Know That That's The Abandoned House." She Started Roof-Jumping To The House.
  8. "Alright!" Hajita started roof-jumping from roof to roof,till she found an Abandoned House.She Smelled a strange smell and heared a snoring noise of a Human."Should I Get Closer?.I Have to." Hajita Started To Get Closer and Closer To See A Man Snoring With A Bunch Of Animals In Cages,As She Found A Dog In One Of The Cages."I Should Go To Kazuo fast!" Hajita Took Her Kunai Then She Did As Scratch with her Kunai On The Abandoned House. She Started Roof-Jumping Agian Looking For Kazuo.
  9. Jutsu Name | Faiyāsutairu: Faiyāīguruatakku [ Fire Style: Fire Eagle Attack. Jutsu Type | Ninjitsu Ranking | C-Rank Element(s) | Fire Specialty(s) | Ninjitsu Energy Cost | 25 Handsigns |Horse - Boar - Tiger Range | 1-15 Meters Duration | 1 post ( 1 post Activation) Description | The Fire Eagle is an Eagle,just like fire ball Jitsu but it's a fire Eagle that attacks the target with it sharp claws wich causes small burns in their clothing,if the target's clothing were weak, it could burn their arm..It Needs Sharingan to hit the target in a good way. Other Effects | Applies burn (See Status Effects) Requirements | Sharingan. Status | Private(For Uchihas)
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  13. As Kazuo and Hajita were behind the bush another dog comes and eats the steak,Hajita Runs to scare it off. "It Failed,We need to think of another plan!." she frowned saddly.
  14. "That's a good idea!" She jumped happily. "Let's just buy steak and put it somewhere and wait till he comes."
  15. "Did You Ask The Lady About Zipper's Favorite place and food?" She said.