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  5. Name | Xerex Masimo Nickname | X Title Name | Agent Xero Gender | Male Age | 16 Birth Date | December 1st Hair Color | Black Eye Color | Red Height | 6'1 (186cm) Weight | 195 lbs(88kg) Appearance | Xerex is a decently tall dude with very dark hair and eyes that shine as brightly as the hottest flame, with the i tesity behind their red color to match. Many people are starteled by the fact that Xerex seems to never have a shirt in, but he isnt a fan of the restriction that comes with them, and when he's shirtless he doesnt have to be worried about burning his shirts off. He is fully clothes otherwise, with a cowboy style hat on his head and a pair of pants. He wear two items of neckwear, one being a shirt bead necklace and the other being a skull pendant on a long string connected to his hat. When people first gaze upon Xerex they are stunned by his appearance just because of how vibrant an bright he looks. You'll rarely see him without a smile on his face aside from just after killing someone. He usually keeps his bright smile on his face even during battle because he loves battle. The only time he'll fight without a smile is when he is extremely angry. People are drawn to Xerex because of this constant smile and he just manages to brighten up and improve the moods of everyone around him because of how infectious his smile is. Village | Lightning Village Clan | N/A Village RaN/Anking: | Genin Shinobi Ranking | C Element(s) | Katon Specialties | Taijutsu(Beginner) Bloodline | N/A Favorable | Food, Jokes, Training, Fighting Unfavorable | Needless Death, Crying, Sunrise/Sunset Personality | Xerex is a very complex individual. He is very happy most of the time and can always be seen with a huge smile on his face , but he hides a deep pain inside. He hates senseless killing but at the same time he understands that he has a duty as a shinobi. He doesn't necessarily hesitate in battle before killing someone but after the kill he cries alone to himself. He's extremely secretive about this habit Xerex is also deceptively intelligent, being considered a genius by normal standards. He is excellent when it comes to strategy and battle planning. He never wastes energy or resources making moves that don't benefit his cause. The main reason he has never been looked at as someone with the potential to be a real squad leader despite leading his group of friends is that he cares too much about the people he works with and would be quick to risk his mission in order to ensure the safety of his friends. Philosophy & Beliefs | As a teenager, Xerex isnt completely done developing and isnt fuly aware of who he is and what he is meant to do. Slightly impressionable, Xerex is vulnerable to changes in philosophy from someone he looks up to and sees as wisee than himself. Thats a reason his influences are very important and its not yet decided what direction he is heading in. History & Background | Xerex was born to a small clan located within the lighting village. They weren't particularly notorious fighters though they were said to be very religious and strong willed. The words of their ancestors guided their every move and the put a lot of stock into ancient texts. The most important prophecy, and the most dangerous, was the one that said that when the child born on the first day of the last month of the year began his tutelage the clan would begin to get on a path towards mass destruction. This child would end up being Xerex, and on Xerex’s first day of the academy a group of missing nin decided to put an end to the prophecy that would “lead to their doom.” They ransacked the entire clan, killing everyone in sight in order to prevent their own deaths. Everyone in the clan died that night, everyone except Xerex. Then 12 years old, he was trapped in the wreckage of his family home. For 3 days and nights he remained trapped, with no part of his body visible. The only source of light was a small crack in the wreckage from which Xerex was able to see the change in the time. Sunrise and Sunset were the worst times for him because they were indicators of how much time he was left alone with no one to help him. On the fourth day, someone finally came to help Xerex and his family. He was pulled from the wreckage of his former hope a sobbing, starving mess. He didn't receive much help from people after he had been properly fed and clothed. Because all of his clan’s property was destroyed he had nowhere to live and was put up in his own apartment by the Kage. Aside from that he was treated the same as any other child. He still had to go to the Academy, though he struggled at the beginning because he lacked the at home training advantage many of the other kids had. He was able to graduate after 4 years and became a genin at 16 years old.