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  1. Once there was a pause in the air as the stick hit the ground from the hands of the genin, the both of them looked shocked that he was not speaking to them. Yuri had a strange look on her face then she asked about her living quarters. Once that was said from the Hikage Essien nodded his head and finally someone was looking into what he was saying. This was a first time anyone has ever acknowledge Essien. This made him happy so a smile came across his face once more. This is the most he has ever smiled in the life of the genin. The smile looked dark and evil, but it was a pleasant smile when you got to know him, A random ohhhh came from the lady that was standing next to Essien and Yuri. Essien still didn't know why she was still here. Maybe she came for the same reason as E. Was this a guard that has finally found Yuri? The clock that he was wearing started to heat up and was starting to get uncomfortable for the genin. Once he was getting really uncomfortable Yuri spoke again and it broke the silence like a rock breaking a window; This time she wanted to know if they would like to go for a walk with her. This was unexpected. First, E has never been on a walk with a girl before left alone talk to one. Second, he doesn't really walk anywhere unless he is trying to be sneaky. With these thoughts going through his mind the lady spoke again. Agreeing to walking with the Hikage. Well it was Essien's day off so he established that he has nothing better to do so he looked back at Yuri and nodded on agreement to the walk. But first he need to sit in the shade for a little bit.
  2. Standing looking at the two women that stood before him he smiled underneath his mask. Something about these two he just had to smile. No one knew that he was because of the mask. This is why he loved the mask that was upon his face. It hid the emotions of the young shinobi. Essien watched as the two looked at him. He didn't know what to do because he was mute. There was no way to explain that he was deafened. Maybe if he grabbed a stick and drew in the dirt. His eyes darted upwards and snatched a tree branch that was low enough for him to touch. The branch snapped with ease and he began to say that his name is Essien Hei. Once completed he looked back at the two he waved once more and looked around to see if anyone else knew that they were there. Once checked he climbed back onto the roof and looked at the two from height to make sure no one was watching. Once clear he jumped back down and took off his mask. The dirt from the chase came off with the mask. This wasn't the first time that he would show his face. The only reason for the mask was to hid himself from enemies. He grabbed the stick once more drew in the dirt again. Once done it said Yuri why are you away from the palace? It took awhile but when it was done he looked a Yuri as to wanting to know at that second. It wasn't like her to leave the palace alone. Come to think of it, it was getting really hot in all of this black and Essien decided to go and find some shade underneath a tree. He was satisfied from that moment on.
  3. Essien followed the Kage into the village where all the people gathered for the day. There was no shade in sight so someone was going to get really sweaty underneath all of that black clothing. Knowing what he must do he followed Yuri through the village than to a empty street. Out of all the places that this girl lead him it was to empty street. This time Essien was on foot so his cover would not be blown. There was so many people around that it was hard for someone to notice anyone being followed. But this was the Kage and he knew that she knew that something was up. Once they both got to the empty street Essien decided to take the higher ground once again and watch from afar. Hiding behind someone's chimney he stared at the young lady. Waiting to see what was going to happen next. Was this a test that they gave Essien to see if he would pass? Only one way to find out. As soon as he started to creep out from behind the chimney and loud noise came from the end of the street. This wound was unusual. No one would be moving that fast without someone or something chasing them. Once he saw the girl stop in front of Yuri he decided to listen more into their conversation. All was heard was kids and pickles. "Well this isn't much of a threat if they are scared of pickles" This was the weird conversation E has ever listened too. But it was time to stop in and say hi. Essien jumped over the chimney and slid down the 45 degree roof top. Coming to the edge of the roof Essien did a frontflip and landed inches from Yuri and the mysterious pickle girl. Once fully landed on his two feet he stood straight up and waved as to say hello. He was quite worried that he scarred the two ladies. Hopefully him being there was not a problem.

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