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  1. Beads of perspiration trickled down the bare torso of the lightning shinobi despite the cool night air in the emptiness of the opening at the water fall, the light of the risen moon shone across the towering dark trees at a distance. The stars at a distance seemed to be reaching out to one another in code appearing glow ever so faintly from time to time. The silence here seemed overwhelming as even the rustling of the sleeping leaves played at a tone an untrained ear would hardly catch. The dark trees at a rocks throw away seemed to have endured the wicked nature of the earlier storm, as traces of fallen debris laid all around, the wraith of the storm revealing itself on the chipped armor of the trunk. Ken's whistling broke the silence as he played a somewhat melancholic tune as he moved and stretched his body. The earth beneath his feet was cold against his exposed toes as he planted them deeper into the rough earth curling dirt in-between his open toes, shifting his stance he slowly swayed his arms around him controlling his breath as he moved about. The rough weather had pushed the fertile ground up, the smell of fresh enriched land filled his nostrils with the essence of nature. Kensei had marked the boarders of his dirt arena around him as he stood within the square eyes closed, listening to the silence as it spoke in tongues. It had been a perilous day of training and his appetite for cold drink and indulgence had only grown further since his last put at the last sight of of the setting sun but he had not yet reached the completion of his training, and the night was still young. With every slow move came a stop, a low methodical chant under his breath of some sort before and after each breath. Exhaling his eyes broke open, revealing his red tired eyes, as he looked over the trees in front of him wondering to himself on the whereabouts of his teacher. Bringing his hands together at his chest he formed the Tiger handling his tune interrupted. “I am a Weapon…I am a Shield… I am a Vessel…I am one with the force…I am one with the force…..”
  2. Darkness had befallen the day as the stormy winds turned over the restless trees in the dark as lightning struck from afar. Rain clouds embraced the skies, the thick building of pressure all around the mountainous terrain could be felt in the air. The early dark blue sea called at a distance, its waves crashing against the unwelcoming jagged edges of the rocks. The cold breeze One flash...The icy dark poorly lit room reeked of death and carnage as organs painted the sandy white square walls the large yet compact storage room. Four heads hung on the four caged spikes impaled against the ground around lightning nin, he held another head from its long knotted hair in his right hand a clean cut, a ragged short blade in his left. His chest was bare and blood dressed him in a gown across his body, his black pants now tinted. A trail of red made its way down his right cheek as he stood there, his body appeared lifeless his eyes drained and distant. A man sat strapped against a chair at the center an arms reach away, behind him outside of the spikes another man arms held up by chains against the wall, a choker around his mouth impeding the man from making out any clear words. Twirling the knife around in his hand he walked over to the man, taking a closer look the man seemed to have several carving across his body, fresh wounds, and fresh stitchings across his torso. Ken stopped in front of the man before slowly driving the jagged blade into the right side of the mans stomach, making sure to tug at the flesh as he carved through. Leaving the blade sticking from the mans flesh he paced back around facing the seated man, looking around at the heads around him, his expression seemed disappointed at what he was observing. Kensei turned his gaze to the man and smiled, his eyes were wicked and animal like as he leaned over him. Bringing his right arm across his body he wiped his cheek with the back of his right hand, blood squirted from the neck of the severed head splashing across the sitting mans face and upper body. "I find no pleasure in this, Having bested you in the field of battle a honorable death would of been the merciful approach to this ordeal. There is no war amongst animals, but man is a tricky creature of complex thoughts and dominating impulses. Allow me to further explain this further would you sir..." The Shinobi erupted into a stream of tears and muffled words that sounded of supplication and desperation. Ken shook his head as he stood upright, circling around the man before stopping once more in front of him. "Fear not, I too will carry your cries to the underworld if such is where our lives thus go when ash and rot has taken its tow. Alas you have information I require, and although I will not play games of deceit and tell you said information will result in your spared life, no friend your fate has been rewritten and destiny is all! But the manner in which you pass can be yours for the choosing. I can give you a warriors death with blade in hand a noble right, or one quick cut to drain you of your core, or if poison is more to your taste a touch could be arranged sir. I am not of such horrid taste to dishonor a man as to bury him with his intestines hanging and his reproductive parts inside their eye sockets but I am bound by word and blood. You can join the men around you, heads on spiked after we dispose of that in which we cannot use. You will find no rest as your body will never be honored if that is what you truly desire. Ponder sir even getting to such point would not prove a pleasant time, our medic outside will keep you breathing and respondent under the most critical conditions. She is a savant in her craft. I believe you are a man of civility and reason, one that knows of honor and what is right. What say you then sir... will you tell me about your leader and his plan or should your eye be the first of the burdens I'll remove and carry from this day forth..." A second flash,followed by the blow of thunder interrupted the walking memory as rain poured down from above. Kensei laid shirtless against the cold hard rocky floor as the rain poured over him, drenching his grey fitted cargo pants. His eyes gazed up to the dark clouds above as small ripples of light zipped across the night sky. He seemed short of breath now as if being disturbed had ripped him from his vivid dream state, from where he laid the sky was a screen, a portal to a distant time. He wondered about the organic substances he had consumed earlier in the woods below, and whether the sky and the stars were for show, and aliens were in fact watching live and had seen him in this life. Would they judge him for what he has done? A third flash struck once more..
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  4. Jutsu Name | Force Stealth Jutsu Type | Defense Ranking | C Element(s) | Specialty(s) | NINJUTSU Energy Cost | 15 CP 5 Per post Handsigns | Tiger Range | Self-Short range- Projection (15 Meters) Duration | Dispelled Description | The user uses their affinity to the force (chakra) to excrete chakra from their body and surrounding themselves in a camouflage that blends in with their surroundings, this enables the user to mask the presence of their own allies by concealing their chakra signatures, and muffling their sound. The user can also project their own chakra in a wave of force across the environment to confuse any sensing nin effectively drawing them off in a misguided direction. Other Effects | Requirements | Kouga Status | Clan (open)
  5. The dim light of the moon over the opening of the woods gave way to the lurking shadows as the Lord of the lightning lands emerged from within. The slow approaching steps already catching his attentive ears, he turned his gaze towards his old acquaintance, his eyes fixing on the other mans stare. The older shinobi's eyes were still a looking glass into the past, to a time that had drifted from memory, a time of war, betrayal and deceit where the last hope of innocence in a dooming world was erased. Then to an awakening, a hunger for vengeance that remained insatiable, a time of blood. His eyes grew dark in this moment remembering the autracities he had once committed on his path, as he lowered his arms and bowed to the man before he spoke. The denkikage wore a rather casual and informal attire, this was obviously a courtesy of trust he noted as he listened to the man speak, he closed his eyes as the words rang in his head. His teachings had driven him to disconnect from the attachments of the physical world, to be released from the pain and reach complete balance with the force- that in which makes everything what it is to be. He inhaled softly as he repeated within himself the mantra of the Kouga, once more extinguishing the fires of the bridges once burned and relit by the eyes of his oldest friend. He opened them and looked the man in the eyes once more before nodding."I will speak no false words to you,Lord. For I feel my path to the balance is still a longs way, but attainment is not far. I find comfort in knowing serving you and our village will only further my enlightenment." His gaze broke past his Kage to the trees behind, a flash of an old memory- the severing of heads and torturing of wind shinobi- struck a nerve as his right eye twitched slightly an expression that would otherwise be noticed by the prying eye. Dusting his black sweats off he nodded in acknowledgment of the technique being discussed. He had heard the rumblings of the jutsu before, priding himself in the history and knowledge of the proud lands in the Lightning and their techniques, he knew what was to come and understood the rite of passage being performed. The village was all. His sullen eyes turned back to the man as he continued speaking. His eyes widen as he heard the man mention of a Nanashi, he had never heard of. Dropping to one knee he turned his head down to the ground below. "Lord, such honor I do not believe I deserve. But questioning your judgement is an offense I am not ready to commit. I swear to you this oath of truer words. Be it on the blood we share, the village I have sworn my Odachi to protect, and on the force in which all things exist from, I accept this position as Captain and hope to be the hand that moves in the shadow, the sword in the dark....used as you best deem fit, and may the force guide us all into the light."
  6. Jutsu Name | Lightning release: Eye of Ra Jutsu Type | Suplementary Ranking | B Element(s) | Lightning Specialty(s) | Ninjutsus Energy Cost | 25 CP to activate 15 CP to maintain (PP) 25 Cp for shield form Handsigns | Rat - Dragon -Dog Range | -Hover around the user within 10 meters -Blast range-25 Meters Duration | Dispelled Description | After performing the necessary hand signs the user concentrates chakra into the palm of his hands. The user's palm begins to secrete chakra which manifest and forms into charged clouds(3ftx3ft) which hover around the user. These clouds act as an extension to the user and can fire black lightning blast at the users whim (2 blast per post for each cloud). The clouds also induce a paralyzing effect when at close proximity to a target (If within the AoE for more than a post the user will then become paralazyed) this last one post (When within 5 meters of the cloud) ((Endurance of level 6 or higher can effectively resist these effects)) . The electric currents beneath the clouds can solidify around the user and act as a shield against attacks. The clouds themselves move at a lvl 5 speed around the user and form together at the same speed.(lvl6 Endurance) ((Cloud size shields are each 3x3ft(LW) they form two halves of a whole)) Other Effects | The clouds are dark and thick with spiraling lightning currents ripping from within. When they form and become a shield of two halves molded in black static energy. The user can then use the clouds as shields for both arms. Requirements | Lightning village, Ninjutsu, must be taught Status | Open
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  9. The hooded man continued his whistle as he lifted his right hand to his face waving off the cloud of smoke away from the dispelled transformation. The nearest clone to his left sprang to its feet disturbing the wave of swaying occurring all around, birds fluttered into the air alarmed. The scene however otherwise continued around them as the clone began concentrating its lightning chakra around his palm, once completed he waved it in front of him as two thin lightning spears formed in front of him. The low cutting electrical currents a back up singer to the tune around them. A fox stepped away from the clone, as if to avoid being involved in the foray while several other animals nodded and bumped each other in recognition of the scene unfolding. The standing clone eyed the young girl as he adjusted ol his stance, the spears above him fixing on their target. "SPY!!!" Before anyone could react any further a lightning spear ripped through the standing clone crashing and spearing the ground beneath it as he disappeared into a cloud of smoke, the spear itself remained impaled on the ground. All eyes turned now to the sitting clone with the drums, who's right arm was now extended in front of him."The song must go on." The clone called out from where he sat, before returning to his drumming as the tune once more began around them, the animals forgetting what had occurred and once more joining in song and dance. The hooded man at the center in front of the girl had never turned his gaze from the girl nor stopped his whistle. He waited for a moment before letting out a short chuckle, the birds around him rose from where they sat as the man took a step backwards while reaching up to his hood. Once removed the hood revealed the rough unshaven yet handsome face of the towering shinobi, his feral hazel eyes seemed strained and tired but furthermore complimented his glowing caramel skin, he showed long black hair which was braided neatly behind him. A wicked smile slid across his face as he looked deep into the eyes of the girl as he pushed. He had yet been given the pleasure to of meeting this kunochi but he quickly assumed she was a fellow lightning ninja, it was hard for him to remember all the new ones with such a influx of graduates. "A squirrel becomes a girl. Why Feint when we are already animals in our own skin hmm? Do you not find our tune and song pleasant and uplifting? Does your soul not cry and reach out in longing for this? Tell me if you will to whom I might be addressing during this wonderful, essentric experience. And fear not when joining us for we are all a part of one..." He asked down to the girl, his voice was deep, low, and stern but there was a faint softness in the ending of his sentence. Chuckling once more he reached both hands into his sleeves before revealing a long white cigar like object in his right hand. Walking over the the speared ground he bent down, slightly grazing the paper over the spear as the bud of it caught ablaze. The aroma of the burning substance filled the air around them as the man took a deep pull enjoying every moment of it to himself before standing upright once more and turning to her.
  10. The man at the center stopped his whistle mid-tune as he observed the small squirrel scramble off the tree, stopping in front of him curiously. He stared at the small creature, the critter a speck of dust in size compared to the large hooded shinobi. The animals around him fixed their gazes on the newcomer still continuing the whistle faintly, both curious and wary of the only animal in the small wooded paradise not joined in song. The clones behind him continued their slow weather dance behind them as the man crouched down, the animals around them lowering their body eyeing the strange squirrel. Raising his arms he performed a couple of hand signs resulting in two clouds of smoke appearing at both sides of the small rodent, two more clones emerging from the clones. The loud valley had gone silent once more as everything stood still. The ducks at the end of the pond turned their heads towards the moment, one of them noticing his distracted kin and used the opportunity to snatch the remaining bread crumbs, before retuning to battle in the water once more. Extending his right arm in front of him his large hand escaped his sleeves, the tip of the mans index finger softly grazing against the center of the squirrels face. A small shove would set the squirrel of his bottom as the crouching man go up once more. He looked at the new clones in front of him before turning to the scene behind him as the animals all around hopped and chirped in excitement. Lifting his arms up in front of him the animals began shifting around, circling around the large hooded men. Once sitting they all stared impatiently. The clones who at this point ended their swaying glanced over to one another before each clear their throats. A small hum began from the clone at the end to the right, another to the left. The two clones moved joining the circle formed around them, all of them plopping down with the other animals. The Standing man waved his arms as the orchestra began once more. The escaping light of the fleeting creeped at the horizon, a blinding ray of orange painted across the valley.The sun waving its final farewell, as the creatures of the forest sang it its lullaby. The animals had all joined in once more in chirps and whistle, in swaying and giggles. One sitting clone revealed a set of small drums from his cloak, handing one to a beaver besides him, before playing the other. Turning the man dropped his arms, his gaze back to the small being under him. His head had begun a slight methodic swaying from left to right, as he joined in whistle to the tune around.
  11. Jutsu Name | Force Wave Jutsu Type | Supplementary Ranking | C Element(s) | Specialty(s) | Ninjutsu Energy Cost | 25 Handsigns | Dragon Range | 15 meters Duration | Instant Description | After the appropriate handsigns the user gathers their force (chakra) at his core, before a pure wave of condense force energy pulses out from the user in all directions. This is useful to stun and knock back targets and projectiles within the blast radius. (Endurance Level 6 Can withstand the wave) Other Effects | Targets with Endurance lower than 5 will be stunned for a post if caught within the AoE. Requirements | Kouga Status | Open (Clan)
  12. The searing wind clashed against the jagged edges of the mountain side, unearthed rocks scattering along as small tremors could be felt coming off the vibrating mountain. Pine trees stalking in place above the small poorly lit concrete training field, weaved in place whispering in the old tongue. The dark clouds now hung heavy and ominous in the coming night sky as they gathered for a feast above. As they encircled over the mountaintop, rain began falling in a frenzy over the darkness of night the searing flashes of lightning separated the darkness from the light. The shouts of thunder descended from above as the night turned to a stormy yet blissful chaos quickly as a hooded individual stalked through the dark woods and onto the concrete floor. The large frame covered completely in a oversized black coat, a shadow under the covers of night as it carried what appeared to be armored practice dummies over its shoulder and a small duffle bag in the right hand. Placing one at the edge of the arena then walking and doing the same on the other side, he dropped the duffle bag on the ground, several small wooden staffs rolling out. The cloaked figure descended once more into the wooded area to his right and out of any line of sight. The sound of a cutting wind zipped through the arena as a lightning enshrouded chokuton shot out from the tree striking the mountain side piercing and burying its blade against the mountain. A small scroll tied at the hilt of the chokuton unrolled itself, the black ink seemed laminated. Genin Squad One: In the cover of night, under the eye of the storm
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  15. The dry breeze whistled through the jagged mountainous terrain as the hulking shirtless Kensei walked downward through the rocky valley. The sun was still scorching although setting now and the rocks beneath the barefooted shinobi burned lightly against his toes. Over his two broad shoulders two large lifeless coyote bodies draped over him as he descended down a small rocky area escaping the sun into the shadows of the rocks behind him. He wore a large camping duffle bag strapped over his shoulders and light cargo pants, with his standard ninja pack at his side, his chokuton strapped to the side besides him, his long large coat tied around his waist and dragging on the floor. The sunset painted the sky in peaches, grapes, and oranges as night foreshadowed. He stopped and looked across at the horizon, he could almost see everything at a distance from where he stood now. He continued on his path until he reached a area shaded by a cliffside, topping he slid the bodies off his shoulders. The air had turned cold now bringing the stillness of the night along with it. -Thud. Thud.- Taking a seat in front of him he let out a sigh, upset at the fact that the two animals had caught him by happenstance sleeping in the outskirts and decided to ambush him, resulting in their ultimate and accidental demise. He shook his head as he began to set up some sort of camp around him. Shortly after building a decent fire with supplies from his bag he began preparing his hunt to be cooked while warming himself in the fire. A wolf howled out at a distance breaking through the silence of the turning night. After preparing the two meat bodies and hanging them slightly above the fire he sat back, leaning against the rock wall behind him watching the meat cook. His thoughts drifted took him across the world and to a distant place as he sat in the glow of the flames in the emptiness of the night. The sky around him was clear and light up with the face of the beautiful moon and its bright diamonds studded skin. The sound of approaching footsteps broke the distant thoughts and brough the Jounin's gaze towards it, at a short distance two eyes peered back. "Hmm, I mean you no harm." He called out to the shadow as he slowly reached and grabbed one of the charred bodies with his right hand and chucked it out towards the deathly cold yellow eyes. The predator assaulted its prey the second it cracked the ground as the sound of the mountain lightning digging into its meal brought a laugh out from kensei as he slapped his knee, the beast was hungry as was he.
  16. Jutsu Name | Lightning Release: Electric Current Armor Jutsu Type | Defensive Ranking | C Element(s) | Lightning Specialty(s) | Ninjutsu Energy Cost | 15 CP Initial 5 CP upkeep. Handsigns | Ram - Tiger - Boar Range | Self Duration | 3 Post Description | The user channels his chakra around his body which is engulfed in a dark blue current of electricity. This current acts as a ninja tool deflector, sturdy defense against C rank or below weapons and provides a paralyzing coating around the user which shocks others when contact is made. Other Effects | This Jutsu deals no damage, instead paralyzing one limb for one post when physical contact is made. Small projectile weapons of C rank or lower will be deflected. Large and melee weapons will bypass this defense, but deal reduced damage. Requirements | Lightning Release Status | Lightning Village
  17. "You have all been summoned here for a purpose today, your first squad meeting. The darkness of night and under the elements! Come now, show me who is who! I must assign a squad captain last man standing wins the title. This should go without saying, but hungry hearts go death and blind to reason. There will be no killing. Anyone who goes beyond the means of honorable combat will be heavily sanctioned. " The deep voice called out from within the trees, his voice amplified and appearing to come from all directions. From a distance a shearing kunai ripped through the air towards the shinobi on the tree. The kunai itself engulfed in a lightning blue coating glew in the dark as it crashed against the tree branch the nin stood upon, cracking the trunk in two. "Begin!"
  18. Name | Kensei Hakurou Kouga Nickname | Wolf, Ken, Ken-El Title Name | Wolf, Lightning Thief Gender | Male Age 20 | Home Link | Village | Lightning Clan | Kouga Village Ranking: | Jounin Shinobi Ranking S Element(s) |" Force", Lightning Specialties | Bukijutsu (Adept), Ninjutsu (Adept), Bloodline Kouga (6 Starting levels + 2 STR Buki spec) Strength | Level 8 (3 Starts, 2 Spec) Speed | Level 5 (3 Start) Reflexes | Level 5 Chakra | Level 1 Endurance | Level 6 Stamina | Level 1 Jutsu | Equipment | Forms | Creatures/Summons | Mentors & Pupils | Friends & Family | Recent History |
  19. Update Type | Jutsu Update Name | Iado Update Training | Update Cost | 750 Update Links | Update Type | Equipment Update Name | Gauntlet of Thebes Update Training | Update Cost | 400 Ryo Update Links | Update Type | Equipment Update Name | Explosive paper bomb balls (Pair) Update Training | Update Cost | 50 Ryo Update Links |
  20. It was a beautiful turning of day as colors of pink and orange brushed across the horizon, the shimmering rays of the fleeting golden sun glistening, a small rainbow struck afar, breaking through the overcast skies far off the peaks of the jagged mountain. The blissful forest sang of life under the beauty of the watching skies, birds hovered above chirping and singing a tune that would make even men of stones turn a cheer. All around the forest below critters of different sizes wandered about, there was a sense of serenity here, a peace yet unknown to the troubles of the world. The animals around seemed to work in equilibrium as they shared their meals, squirrels chasing one another on trunks , a woodpecker hard at work on a tree. A hardened Stag raised its head from the plant it was enjoying, cautious at the sound of footsteps at a distance, the sound of a repeating tune ringing in the stags ears. A large cloaked man trounced through the wooded area disturbing the spell of frozen time over the grassy land,there was a rather small yet noticeable skip to his step as he moved about. The scene itself was odd, cloaked in all black and incredible large this appeared to be an imposing figure yet it appeared like this man was frolicking through the broken path, whistling along with the birds above. The air was cold and refreshing as the thick trees surrounding rustled along with the soothing wind as the man broke into the opening in the woods, a small crystal lake cutting through the rocky are running down the mountain side. The water splashing against the riverbed aided in the small mist that surrounded the rocky terrain, the sound of two ducks arguing over their meals filled the air as the hooded man skipped through and towards the water. Looking to his left he spotted a small girl sitting by the riverbank leaning on a tree, she tossed bread out in front of her for the birds to enjoy. Nodding in approval the man brought sleeved hands together, the oversized sleeves covering his arms beneath, performing a couple of handsigns three exact replicas appeared our of smoke to his right. Turning they all skipped into the forest whistling in harmony. The loud whistles echoed through the forest with every passing moment becoming fainter until disappearing completely. Moments later the sounds returned, with them other chirps as the leaves around the opening rustled hooded individuals appearing from within. Behind them squirrels, chipmunks, chasing at one another, raccoons appeared at a distant in the trees eyeing the scene unfolding. A trio of beavers followed suit appearing behind the last cloaked man as several grey foxes dashed at towards the smell of bread.The clone at the center who at this point was surrounded by several different species of birds, walked forward as all the animals stared curiously. A hawk flew above, calling down to his friends before landing on the mans right shoulder, a raven screeched his greeting. The blue jays above had picked up the rhythm of the tune being whistled as the whole forest had seemed to come alive in a whistling song. The animals around seemingly bobbed their heads to their tune, as even the ducks had stopped their quarrel and had joined in a peaceful sway on the water. The opening had now been frozen in time over a looping methodic whistling as all ears turned to listen and watch the four hooded individuals and their gang of animals weaving along.
  21. Name | Gauntlet of Thebes Type | Gauntlet - Sub-Type | Armor/ launcher Ranking | A Rank Material(s) | Titanium, Titanium alloy, Chakra infused fibers and metals. Dimensions | Fits across Kensei's forearm. Nature | N/A Appearance | Mate black with a faint blue glow from its inner bearings. Abilities | Description | Gauntlet of the Thebes This gauntlet extends to the elbow of the user and has an array of gadgets across the forearm that have a number of functions. This Gauntlet is chakra infused and its mechanisms allow for the cycling of weapons between slots, the reloading of weapon rounds or projectiles, the retraction of chains, and blades. Its titanium alloy make it incredibly hard to penetrate, and resistant to extremely high temperatures. Although holding several different types of weapons and gadgets the gauntlet itself is slick in design and fitted to not make the forearm of the user bulky or heavy and can be easily concealed under long sleeves. The trinkets all posses the ability of being amplified and used in conjunction with justus. The Knuckles of the gauntlets are studded in spiked reinforced titanium providing the knuckles of the user with a piercing layer of armor over his fist. Length: 8.5" Width: 3.5 A gauntlet-mounted launcher device with four cannon heads around the wrist used to propel explosive paper bomb balls and other specific sphere like ammunitions. The Launcher is designed to travel twenty five meters in a straight line, and 35 meters at an arc. The gauntlet mechanism reloads each cannon head, while shifting chambers (each cannon takes one post to reload). Retractable Chain Gun To the side at the top right side of the gauntlets there is a built in chain and a retracting mechanism which allows the user to shoot out a long chain (35 meters long) that can pierce a target and or also pulling them to the users will. The chain itself is chakra infused and can be used in conjuncture with lightning chakra tor just to add to its piercing power and affects. (The chain shoots out at a A rank speed and retract at equal speed) A wrist-mounted projectile launcher on both of the inner sides of the Gauntlet. With it the user can launch senbon, small ninja needles, stars, and shurikens, and small smalls at their opponent. Having multiple chambers the user can shoot directly forward, or to his sides if he chooses to,the device is usually used to surprise the enemy. This launcher propels the given ammunition increasing their penetrating power at close proximity. (1 post to reload said ammunitions) In one of its many compartments there are also retractable parallel twin faced gauntlet knives which spring from the side of the users forearm aligning over the user’s knuckles. The blades take the form of retractable, serrated blades between 15 inches long and eight inches wide that extend over the back of the hand from the gauntlet. Availability | Kensei Requirements | Bukijutsu, Kensei, Permission Ryo Cost | 500 Ryo
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