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  1. Name | Zalon Rank | C Species | Dog (Mutt - Hound) Appearance | The mutt appears to be primarily of some hound species but its hard to guess all that's in it. The course coat is a dark red with a white patch on the right front paw. The animal stands 21 inches at the shoulder with a lean frame weighing a bit over 50lbs when ideal. The tail has that stick like look to it with an upward curve to it. The dog's right eye is glazed over, the other a liquid brown. His eyebrows have that bit darker shade to offer personality. The ears are set far back and flopped over. The jowel's of his mouth droop, causing saliva to drip when excited, and one of his canine teeth is missing. Personality | Zalon's an affection mutt but he takes time watching a person before deciding if he's ready to make friends. That nose works, a lot, whether its on the ground or in the air. He's a natural beggar, knowing how to stare at a person for maximum affect in trying to get a person to feel sorry for him. He enjoys snoozing in the sun, tracking man or beast, rolling in a good pile of trash, and begging for food. Jutsu | None History | Just another dog that was never meant to exist. His lineage is a mystery of dogs that were likely also considered worthless mutts. Zalon was hunting scraps out of an over turned garbage can when Katori met him. Typical of the hound all it took was some soft words, patient waiting and some bits of food to get the animal to like Katori. A warm house and more food got Zalon to accept Katori as pack that he should stay with. Ryo Cost | Not sure?
  2. Name | Katori Satoshi Nickname | N/A Title Name | N/A Gender | Male Age | 15 Birth Date | 7/13 Hair Color | Black Eye Color | Green Height | 4'9'' Weight | 120 Appearance | Black hair that falls to the back of his neck, and bangs are trapped to his forehead by his headband. Long thin eyebrows help to draw out the green in his eyes. Still growing the youth has a lean body with gangly arms and legs. His skin is a softer shade but tanned from his hours outside. The clothing he wears comes in a variety of colors but most always includes pants that are well-fit and fall to his ankles. The shirts tend to be simple things, most with collars emblazoned with a silver fox in a crouched position. A belt made of brown braided rope is around his waist, used to keep a pouch on his right side and a katana sheathed on his left hand side. Katori has a leather mahogany jacket he frequently wears, evident in how close inspection would notice there are some leather patches repairing old tears. Village | Flame Clan | N/A Village Ranking: | Genin Shinobi Ranking | C-Rank Element(s) | Lightning Specialties | Bukijutsu (Beginner) Bloodline | N/A Favorable | Stalking, tracking, lying, gambling, close-combat, playing with his dog, hanging out with friends, sword-play, adrenaline rush Unfavorable | Getting caught in unfavorable positions, lectures, over-done formality, strict time schedules, studying via books, math Personality | Katori has an upbeat personality, the sort that doesn't seem to have a care in the world. If it was up to him alone he wouldn't. Rules are things he only cares for when they are in his favor.His morals blur about the accepted lines. He wouldn't dream of killing a friend or hurting them outside of training or games. However he has no problem with 'harmless' lies, spying, and anything in the range of deceitfulness. Bookwork might not put him to sleep but it certainly loses his interest fast for other things. Katori seems drawn to a good adrenaline rush, finding his fun in whatever takes risks. His sense of pride is also an oddity for what the norm might be. He has no problem accepting defeat in a fight and can laugh off a prank pulled on him. He doesn't even get insulted over lectures, though he does find them a waste of time. What frustrates him is when insulted on his abilities to lie or deceive. Daring to insult him because of his deceitful nature also hits his pride. Philosophy & Beliefs | Ninja life is too short too worry about the little things History & Background | Katori's parents recall and wish for the days before the war. It's not something they talk about often, and not out in the public eye, but still you can't grow up around them and not be aware of that. The idea of loyalty to your fellow shinobi yet there being a grudge with leader is a hard notion for a growing child to work through. Maybe that is why Katori took the path he did, or maybe he would of had limited morals either way. His confusion with his parents logic caused him to learn to be silent and find spots to listen to others talk, to watch them from the corner of his eyes and observe their body for hidden signs of how a person felt. It was a downward spiral from there as he confusion grew to curiosity and on to amusement. He quit worrying about right and wrong over ownership of the land and any sort of politics. His interest centered around himself. Of course this formed over time and somewhere in the time of his spying he also joined the academy. The academy was a mixture of pleasure and boredom. He was all for learning how to fight, hide, walk silently and jutsu's. Reading books, learning shinobi rules or math functions often caused him to drift off into pondering things he had heard or seen earlier in the day to muse over.While he enjoyed the fighting, he was never the best at it and yet he always wanted to fight the best. As a child this encouraged him to be a target of laughter for how often he ended up with his face in the dirt. Katori would just stand up and smile cheerily at them. They assumed they were his better, Katori was sure he was better than the rest. As far as the young man was concerned he was smarter and knew he could sneak up on any of them and all it would take was one shot in the real world to be the victor. Someday he'd get better than them in up close fights as well, at least so he decided. Once he decided he was most comfortable with weaponry he focused on learning how to use a sword. He wouldn't always win when bukijutsu was the practice of the day but he held his own better. Katori spent his last year in the academy learning to spy on others training to learn their strength's and weaknesses that weren't as apparent in class. He graduated with a bit under the average scores. That didn't matter. So long as he was done with the boring books. He also picked up a dog for himself the last year. It was a stray, with no special abilities and blind in one eye. Katori felt a kinship with the dog. Like him people didn't see the potential for which he had. They were both notion special.