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  1. Bloodline Name | RENKOY Possessors | Konto Appearance | Gold eye with slit pupil Two large tomo at level 1, three at 2, rinnekoy is a whirlpool spiral with a white slit pupil in center Abilities | weaker version of sharingan; but can copy other bloodline traits if observed three times gains ability permanently(save the dojutsus and other major kekkai genkai in anime) Weaknesses | is easily confused if too many people/jutsus are attempted to be analyzed causing temporary blindness Chakra Cost | low in normal use high when attempting to copy
  2. Name | Akaro Konto Nickname | NONE Title Name | Demon Dragon Of The Leaf Gender | Male Age | 14 Birth Date | October 7 [Character Image Here] Hair Color | Black with red tips Eye Color | Gold Height | 6 Feet Weight | 176 Appearance | Thin scar through left eye, wears red and black Jump Suit (like Naruto except the neck fluff is a collar) Has gold dragon wings and tail that allow levitation like flight when flapped Village | Flame Clan | Konto Village Ranking: | ? Shinobi Ranking | B Element(s) | Fire, Wind, Lightning Specialties | Front Offensive Jutsu Bloodline | Dojutsu Rinnekoy (where do i go to request this?) Favorable | Excessive Loyalty to friends Unfavorable | vengeful Personality | Fun, Sarcastic, can be dark and moody Philosophy & Beliefs | To betray family/friends is to betray life itself History & Background | Ancestor was placed on an island because of bloodline trait. 'Madara' came and murdered the clan and attempted to murder Akaro but was saved by mother who also died. Akaro wakes up from seal with wings and fly's from island to land of fire