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  1. Name | Akira Fantasy Nickname | Fantasy Title Name | Kitsune of the Flame Village Gender | Female Age | 18 Birth Date | 08/26 [Character Image Here] Hair Color | Crimson Red Eye Color | Fiery orange fox eyes with slitted pupils Height | 5ft 4 Weight | 120 pounds Appearance | Akira's body is very slim and mildly built. Her tiny waist makes her bust splendidly curvy. Giving her a busty look with decent sized hips that she uses to her advantage. Her skin being quite pale but silky soft to the touch despite her love for fighting. Akira's right arm is covered from fingertips to her shoulder with black tribal - like fire seals that absorbs any red fire attacks. Helping to protect her from her own Jutsu as well as others that are normal red fire. She obtained her fire seals from her father before the death of her older brother. As some of the Nagakura is skilled in the art of sealing. Her hair is striking red and lays in wild layers that ends at the middle of her small back. Usually unkempt and tassled like bedhead. Her eyes gives away her animal side. Slitted and elegant like a fox with a fiery orange that gives off a faint glow. Kitsune is known for their beauty and how they take advantage of it for seduction and charming. Akira being this way as well. She's usually seen wearing expensive thin-silk gowns and kimonos decorated with beads and glittery ornaments or black leather tights with a black vest as her fighting gear. Under her clothes she usually has fire-proof silk gauze wrapped tightly around her form in case of a flaming accident. On top of her head is a set of red furry fox ears and a red fox tail protrudes from the position of her tail bone. These features which she usually keeps hidden with her kitsune abilities but fails to if distracted, angry, or drunk. Village | Flames Clan | Nagakura The Nagakura Clan are renowned for their Hiden-jutsu which allows the clans members to manipulate both Ash and Smoke through their Ash Release and Smoke Release respectively. Members of the clan are generally skilled in Fire, Earth and Wind Chakra natures who are well-known for their balanced skills. Village Ranking: | Shinobi Ranking | Genin Element(s) | Fire Specialties | Fire Jutsu Bloodline | Hiden-Jutsu Smoke and Ash Release Favorable | She can be fun company is she's not trying to trick you. Unfavorable | Not mentally stable, chaotic, and is a drinker. Personality | Kitsunes have a reputation as trickster spirits. They have a naturally deceptive and mischievous nature, depicted as not caring for the concept of right or wrong. They play tricks on people, i.e. committing thievery, subterfuge or seduction. At their best kitsune can be benevolent, while simultaneously behaving subtly, and malevolent or amoral at worst. Akira does not fall short from that. She's a little she - devil in desguise but tries to keep her manners. One second she could be respectful and just playful and the next she could be set off and ready to draw blood. It's commonly known that she's mentally unstable. Hotheaded and a little psychotic as well as being a Masosadist, taking pleasure in others pain as well as her own. Sometimes Akira can get along with people and might be able to respect them. She might find something interesting in that person and take a liking to them. That can be confused though by how often she tries to charm and seduce others. Which is often for how much she enjoys being in the center of attention. Either way she'll be good if it's in her favor or in her interest as long as nothing causes her mental state to corrupt. Philosophy & Beliefs | N/A History & Background | Akira's parents lived in the Village of Water like most of the clan members until some difficulties caused them to leave the village. Akira's older brother had been murdered before her eyes and had left the parents devastated. A few days after the death of her brother, Akira fell into a coma of sickness. Running a high fever and incapable of waking from her deep slumber. Akira's parents led the village that night without the Kage's permission. They had traveled near the land of flames when Akira had finally awaken from her coma. Her eyes was no longer blue and her teeth was now sharpened like canines. Ears and a tail now protruded from her body. She had been possessed by Kitsune spirit during the weak state of her depression after the death of her beloved brother. She had changed in so many ways and had became a devil child. Her parents dropped her off at the Village of Flames and left. Not wanting anything to do with a demon child. A year later news spread that a couple of the Nagakura Clan had been killed by Anbu of the Water Village. Due to them running away and becoming Ronin. Akira had grown and learned to control some of her new found abilities. She had taken an interest in fire and tricking other villagers. She had also learned that she had a thing for Genjutsu as well since kitsune had a specialty with Illusions. Now Akira plans to try to graduate from the Academy and be on her best behavior as possible. Keeping her masosadist thoughts to herself and hopefully keeping herself as well as her mental state under control.