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  1. Bump
  2. Please post a link or links to your character(s) sheet here, this activity check is more for organizing the upcoming promotional exams for C-ranks, but we want a general count of who is still around. This check goes till the 27th of August.
  3. Approved
  4. Approved
  5. Approved
  6. There was a left over rule which was looked over that limited private jutsu to be created by A-rank or higher, that is now removed. Jutsu count by rank still are in effect.
  7. As of this topic, no characters can be made in a different village from where their bloodline/clan is attached to. This was a decision that was made earlier in the year and is now being enforced.
  8. Approved
  9. Increase appearance to 150 and this is fine
  10. Your superior condition counts as multiple abilities and I need further explanation on Body Supremacy
  11. Honestly this bloodline has far too much autohits and metagame potential in it, I've been thinking since I first saw it yesterday how to balance the concept, but it is rather similar to how the Yamanaka work at higher ranks and that is currently banned.
  12. I shall be gone for a weekish and will be back full time by next Monday.
  13. Yes you are correct
  14. Just stepping in for the subject on throwing weapons, a thrown weapon travels at the speed and the distance of user's rank as based on the jutsu ranks. Damage is based on the weapon itself, a weapon launched from a bow or something else of the sort travel at one rank higher speed and its strength is based on the rank of the launcher.
  15. "The most secretive assassination method of the style. With this the user can cause their shadow to make singular motions of attack without moving their body. " - This has decent potential