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  1. Please post a link or links to your character(s) sheet here, this activity check is more for organizing the upcoming promotional exams for C-ranks, but we want a general count of who is still around. This check goes till the 27th of August.
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  6. There was a left over rule which was looked over that limited private jutsu to be created by A-rank or higher, that is now removed. Jutsu count by rank still are in effect.
  7. As of this topic, no characters can be made in a different village from where their bloodline/clan is attached to. This was a decision that was made earlier in the year and is now being enforced.
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  9. Increase appearance to 150 and this is fine
  10. Your superior condition counts as multiple abilities and I need further explanation on Body Supremacy
  11. Honestly this bloodline has far too much autohits and metagame potential in it, I've been thinking since I first saw it yesterday how to balance the concept, but it is rather similar to how the Yamanaka work at higher ranks and that is currently banned.
  12. @Saisaki Plans come together via careful gathering of information and then organizing the aforementioned information to convey an objective to achieve. Kabel was still in the process of gathering information which is why he was back in the port city to talk to one rotund restaurant manager and black market information broker Kruppe. To make things convenient he invited along Saisaki, his erstwhile protégé and current head medic to continue her outreach program while he acquired what information he could. Most questions that were going to be asked were going to pertain to the current events of the underworld in the other villages with some pointed questions on the two major ones in case certain rumors were making their way around the dark alleyways and bars. It was currently prime dinner service and the restaurant was roaring with the sounds of flames, cursing, clanging pots and pans, and the consistent chatter from a full house; servers weaving through the tables carrying trays of food and drink as they dealt with the diverse and bustling crowd. Kabel and Kruppe were having their conversation in the back office, no windows to the outside and with the door closed it might as well been an interrogation room with the black cloaked and masked presence of Kabel hidden in the shadows of the dim light in the office. Two cups of tea sat cooling off on a desk, while the two individuals were both sat with nothing between them. Kabel rested his on his arms on the armrest of the chair, using on his hands to prop up his head via a palm cupping his chin and observed the underworld dealer who seemed quite nervous with the presence of Kabel in his office once again. Being a restaurant owner, Kruppe dealt with many things that would be considered more in the gray area of the law, in fact the restaurant was more of a front for his more nefarious dealings. While the rotund and that is what he was, a weight and height that made him seem to be the definition of a slime ball, not only dealt with information but things like rare animals and other such things. Which meant that Kruppe has multiple stakes in businesses across the world and the shipping lanes and for Kabel that meant that he knew or knew of people who knew what sort of deals have been made. For someone like Kruppe who requires such delicate items for his clientele, he no doubt kept tabs on the pirates across the seas as well as the crime bosses of the other villages. Kabel came here specifically about clientele in a certain village, but was in the mood for a situation report of all of Kruppe’s contacts since it had been a little bit since he last paid the man a visit. And so he sat, letting Kruppe sweat out a few more pounds of water weight as he contemplated what exactly he was going to ask. In a side part of his mind, he was wondering what Saisaki was up to.
  13. I shall be gone for a weekish and will be back full time by next Monday.
  14. @Drak @Bastian The reports were piled up on a corner of his desk, a stack of the omnipresent manila folders which carried out missions and brought back information. Out of curiousity Kabel measured the height of the stack and it was 11 inches high. Almost a foot high of information collected by his shinobi and some of them by now wondered what exactly he did with all this information that they collected for him. In most cases the returning manila folders would be categorized and filed away by mission type with occasional notes taken if there were anything of substances within them, in this particular case the entire stack was turning into a series of three manila folders with details regarding a neighboring territory who seemed to be having some trouble with a mixture of foreigners and locals becoming a bit too involved in the dark corridors of power which was going to prove a problem for Yamagakure. Having a neighbor who may suddenly become hostile directly on its border or attempt to cause a ruckus in Yamagakure was a tremendously bad idea and so here Kabel was, writing down and devising the next steps to the elimination of this future problem. The politician that was assassinated on his orders provided a vacuum, an opportunity for that position to be replaced by a long term ally for Yamagakure and that was going to be the beginning of this operation. Discover, vet, and implant a person or persons into various spots of power that they can influence the current government to view Yamagakure as a regional if not an extremely close ally to work against the infestation that has taken root in their territory. It was a very classic geopolitical problem for the neighbor who was unable to guarantee their own independence without help. They had lost quite a few of their military forces in the previous war and have struggled ever since to replace it. In the mean time they have been dealing with a variety of upstart factions who view this as their time to come to power and have the government work to their benefit. To their north, they have one of the stronger villages who didn’t lose their force projection even after a civil war and they know that dealing with that particular village would solve their problem, but also in debt themselves to that regional power. Fingers drummed against the desk matching the pace and rhythm of the rain that was splattering the rooftop. There were no windows in this particular office as they were considered a weak point for intrusion. In fact most of the windows that could be seen from the outside either lead to the lobby on the first floor or into a variety of empty rooms which are locked from the outside with trip wire alarms set up to give notice of a break in. It was one of those paranoid things that Kabel practiced. The amount of time and thought he put into something directly reflects the desired outcome and as far as he was aware of no outside forces had tampered with his operations in his southern neighbor. Another reason as to why he was starting this particular operation at this time. He had another manila folder opened in his hands which currently held a couple of pieces of paper, one was blank and the other was a short dossier on upcoming politicians who could become replacements for their fallen comrade. Three names, three physical and personality descriptions, and now only a decision to be made about which one Kabel was going to choose to act as the first implant.
  15. Yes you are correct
  16. Just stepping in for the subject on throwing weapons, a thrown weapon travels at the speed and the distance of user's rank as based on the jutsu ranks. Damage is based on the weapon itself, a weapon launched from a bow or something else of the sort travel at one rank higher speed and its strength is based on the rank of the launcher.
  17. "The most secretive assassination method of the style. With this the user can cause their shadow to make singular motions of attack without moving their body. " - This has decent potential
  18. Honestly, 95% of this are jutsu, some ninjutsu and some buki
  19. Then this can wait till you get to B-rank
  20. Based on your character, you are going Ninjutsu? Are you changing back to Bukijutsu or is this just an old topic?
  21. Kruppe never particularly liked these visits; they always brought back that memory of a younger Kabel with a mask of demon staring down at him from his ceiling while he was in his bed. He also knew exactly why he was still alive, because he knew things and knew other people who knew more things. He nervously rubbed his hands together as his mind raced to see how much new information he had available. Kruppe’s work was largely sanctioned by Yamagakure though that was mostly because Kabel understood the benefits of a healthy and well-regulated black/grey market that could act as a counter balance to down turns in the regular economic markets. Finishing his hand wringing, Kruppe tried the usual typical delaying tactic of asking a question so as to see how much he can weasel out of through a series of mostly truths with a sprinkling of falsehoods here and there. A man has to a right to some secrets right? “Is there something in particular that you wished to know?” That was question that was music to Kabel’s ears; he mentally ticked off his laundry list of things that he wished to know and decided something simple would be an easy place to start. “I heard you’ve been having some troubles with your suppliers over in Flame, what sort of troubles?” Kruppe didn’t like that Kabel knew about his supply issues, but dealing with the devil has its drawbacks. He wiped the back of his left hand across his forehead and carried on in a soft tone. “Well the government has put out some missions to push back one of the big crime bosses there, a Megu of the Bone Torches, which has caused my supply of rare insects from the Aburame clan to become scarce. It has driven up prices for my remaining stock, but that is only a short term solution.” Kabel had taken out a sheet paper that laid on the insides of a manila folder and was making notes while he followed along. “And I’m assuming similar issues in Mizumura?” That same hand came back up to wipe sweat off his brow, Kruppe was having some difficulties with these questions, mostly from the innate need to lie fighting against the innate need to survive and furthermore finding that those two concepts are against each other have left him in a sort of moral conundrum for the black market dealer. “Well the pirates that I use to ship my goods have been getting hit lately and so I’ve been bleeding money hiring crews and losing product at the same time, it has been rough.” And now came a carrot or as much of a carrot that Kabel was willing to give the man, “Now let’s say I was able to open up another source for you in our neighboring Earth village. I’m sure you already have a source, but I doubt you have one that would be similar to your status here. Essentially what I am asking for is a few names of mildly corrupt politicians that lean towards relations with Yamagakure due to your ‘protected’ status here.” That was severely tempting for Kruppe, naming names was no big deal, but it was that fact that he would be even further beholden to this devil of a man that made him hesitate ever so slightly. A quiet struggle played across his features as greed fought with his conscious though greed won out as it usually did. “Alright, I’ve got three names for you, Arai Hakuseki, Kenichi Yamamoto, and Noboru Yamaguchi. All of three of them have some dealings with the gangs within the Earth territories, Noboru and his brother Harukichi actually head the biggest criminal organization there and are my main suppliers. They deal with those blacksmiths that you already know about it.” That was helpful, more helpful than Kruppe probably understood, but it was for the best that Kruppe didn’t know all of the reasons why Kabel wanted to know such things. With the names written down with the rest of the information the knocking at the door was no doubt a staff member letting Kruppe know that Kabel’s erstwhile protégé had returned from her errands. Which was Kabel’s cue to take his leave, he got up from his chair and put his white mask on, “We will be seeing each other again, try to avoid getting into too much trouble.” With that last word, Kabel slipped the manila folder and pen into the depths of his cloak and made his way out of the office and to where Saisaki was sitting and took the spot opposite of her. “How did your trip go?” A simple question, but there was always something else in it for Kabel.
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  24. That isn't considered an ability, but simply part of the description of the item
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