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    The last fight was a bust. The fool didn't even show up. It had been particularly disappointing to Kaijin. He stepped out into the sunny field and took in a deep breath. He was just past the wall. With this, he stepped forward about ten meters. He had his hands in the pocket of his coat. This time around, the silver mask laid on his face drawing out his winter hues. He took in another deep breath. Hopefully this time his opponent would at least show up. He didn't care to be disappointed twice. He waited for his opponent to come out. The anticipation in the crowd was building after not being able to see the boy fight the last time. He surveyed the field once again. The arena was quite a homey place. After seeing it the first time and getting over the crowd of people, now being here was easy. He pulled his trench knives from his holsters and continued his wait. He huffed slightly and tapped his foot slowly. White hair was actually pushed out of his face today and he had chosen to go with black beneath his white coat. What better way to make his aims clear to his opponent than to express this would be the funeral for their hopes and dreams of winning the tournament. He smirked slightly at the thought. This was going to be fun.
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    Kaijin stepped into the Arena. The crowd was in a ceaseless uproar. They wanted to see what everyone in a tournament should want to see. He felt a bit overwhelmed for a moment. He had never before dealt with such a sheer massive amount of people. He gulped slightly, though found his nerve after a deep breath. People never made him too nervous anyway. He took in a deep breath. The crowd was on the edges of their seats as the official stepped to the center and yelled, "FIGHT." Kaijin slid his right foot back. He rose both arms, though left them open handed to protect his face. He peered through at his opponent and waited. For now, he would stay on the defensive. He didn't know this opponent all that well and he needed to figure out exactly what he was up against before he just charged in. Cool. Calculated. Sixty five meters between them. If the other was to charge forward, Kaijin could easily begin a ranged assault at 15 meters. That was the point of no return for the other. He took in a breath holding it just slightly. The other wouldn't be able to attack from this far away either. It would come down to a question of who could read the other better, and this is where Kaijin knew he had an edge. The sun high above them had led the white haired boy to come without his jacket today allowing people to see his slightly toned body. His silver eyes didn't leave his opponent even for a second as he watched and waited. Pale skin seemed almost beautiful under the light of the sun. As per usual he chose to wear white, but he very much planned on the white staining red, though not with his own blood.
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    Kaijin Saikechi
  8. Jutsu Name | Senbon Strike (senbon sutoraiku ストライク千本) Jutsu Type | Offensive Ranking | C Element(s) | N/A Specialty(s) | Bukijutsu Energy Cost | 25 Chakra Cool Down | One use per thread Handsigns | Hitsuji Range | 3 Meters Duration | Instant Description | The user spits a hidden senbon from their mouth toward their opponent in order to catch them off guard. This technique is highly precise, but the further away someone is, the easier it would be to dodge as it fires off in a quick straight line. Other Effects | This technique burrows senbon a bit deeper than just throwing them would. They are forced in about half of their length. Requirements | Bukijutsu , Senbon Status | Public
  9. Jutsu Name | Ice Style: Freezing Grasp (Hyoton: haaku wo touketsu 把握を凍結) Jutsu Type | Ninjutsu Ranking | A Element(s) | Hyoton Specialty(s) | Ninjutsu Energy Cost | 75 Chakra to initiate jutsu, 35 Chakra Maintained Cool Down | 3 Posts Handsigns | Inu - I - Hitsuji - Tori - Inu - I Range | Touch Duration | Maintained Cost for up to four turns Description | The user first commits to the jutsu by making the hand seals. At the moment the hand seals are completed, their hand begins to release frost from the surface of the palm and it takes a light blue hue. Should the user make contact with a bare skin surface, it'll apply frost bite at the immediate point of touch. Should the user manage to maintain contact, the effect spreads at approximately an inch per post. This can spread out to cover as much as the user wishes as long as contact is maintained and the chakra cost is continuously paid. Once initial contact is made, if it is broken, the jutsu is forced into cool down. Other Effects | Limbs affected by frost bite suffer a -2 tier in reaction speed that remains until the frost bite is healed or the limb is detached. Requirements | Ice Release (Hyoton) Status | Public
  10. The ice glistened with the fresh morning sun. A brief snow cascaded the landscape making it slightly difficult to see, though definitely not too inhibiting. Normally, most would avoid this tundra like the plague, but the ice prince had been raised in it. He had risen from the snow like a phoenix from the ashes. Today, he had left the overcoat behind. His lightly toned arms were visible. Any normal human by now would be freezing, but not the prince. Silver eyes glanced over the barren landscape coming upon his sensei and Izumi. He took in a breath of the frigid air. It felt like home. No. It was home. He picked up his pace to catch up with them. For once, he was carrying a full armament. This mission would prove to be a piece of cake for the team of genin and their sensei and his turtle. He knew all too well they couldn't disappoint, and he was ready to impress. He made it a point to walk slightly heavily so that the others would hear the crunching beneath his feet and know of his arrival. He held a hand up in greeting and smiled softly. He reached his opposite hand out to the man before them, but decided on a better, quicker choice of action. He pulled his bag from his back, and out from it his snow white overcoat. He placed it on the man quicker than he could even pose an argument. This coat, the man would find, was more than suited to keep someone warm. He would be sweating in no time. With this, Kaijin stood ready to help this man across the barren tundra. He double checked he had brought a couple explosive notes just in case he needed them. He went through a few handsigns quickly in his head. He was ready to dazzle the crowd this time around. His eyes shifted to his sensei and he gave a firm nod to signal he was ready. He had put his mask over his face by now. It was more of a ritual than anything else to symbolize that this moment in time was when he truly showed his inner shinobi.
  11. As all this commotion had occurred, Kaijin had still remained asleep even despite the quills now stick from his form. He rolled over onto his stomach in the snow and this is what awoke him finally. He darted straight up, huffed slightly, and looked down to see the blood staining his clothes from the quills that were protruding from his abdomen and chest. He huffed and looked around a moment, before seeing izumi. By now, the female could see the presence of bruising, but nothing appeared to be swelling to an excess. He laid back on his back in the snow using it as a medium to keep the swelling down and began plucking quills from himself rather hazily. He winced slightly with each quill, but it wasn't the worst pain he had ever felt. At least the animal he had fallen on seemed to be okay as it fled from the scene. He rubbed his eyes as he finished pulling out the quills and looked up to see his hammock still rather well put together. He looked once more to Izumi, and with his finger drew a frowny face that hosted a single tear on it's cheek and rather appropriately wrote, "That hurt". He stood, by now the bruising had set in, but it looked a lot worse than it felt. He sighed softly and turned to the nearest tree and utilized the walking practice in order to scale it to where his wire was secured. Using his kunai, he cut it down. With this same kunai, he threw it in order to detach the second side of the hammock from the tree. He quickly jumped across the rather small space to collect his kunai and then scaled down. He landed with a hard crunch at the bottom of the tree and looked to izumi again before grinning kinda sheepishly as if to express he was fine, though a bit startled. He looked around. He couldn't exactly remember where he had stopped earlier in the day. Kaijin had perhaps one of the worst senses of direction that existed. He rubbed his chin softly trying to remember which way he had come from.
  12. It just so happened that Izumi had chosen the perfect place to set up a tent, all except for she hadn't noticed the hammock made of wire above her. Soon after hearing some very light snoring, she would have no choice but to look up and see none other than Kaijin. One arm of his hung lazily out the side of the hammock and it appeared he was about to shift to roll over onto his side. This wouldn't have necessarily been a bad thing if it weren't for the fact that he was roughly four stories high. The girl below would no doubt witness as he began to roll. Falling wasn't the real issue. Kaijin had fallen before. The real issue was the porcupine on the side of the hammock at which he was about to fall. He would probably crush the poor creature as well as impale himself to some extent. The porcupine by now had looked up to let out a squeal as it realized what was about to happen, but found itself paralyzed in fear, then it curled slightly to extend it's quills upwards. Kaijin by now, within just these few seconds, had rolled off the hammock, still snoring. What normal human being could sleep through a feeling of falling? Easy. Kaijin. Though it appeared he would be far from normal.
  13. Kaijin - Saikechi
  14. I would like to make the following item purchases: Thin Wire x2 Spools - 100 Ryo Total Heavy Duty Wire x1 Spool - 300 Ryo Total Explosive Tag x3 - 900 Ryo Total Kunai x2 Sets - 100 Ryo Total Shuriken x4 Sets - 400 Ryo Total Windmill Shuriken x1 Set - 100 Ryo Total and the following jutsu purchases: Freezing Isolation - (not sure on price here? 150 for both e and d?) ryo Heart's Sense of Distance - 100 ryo Substitution Jutsu - 50 ryo Hidden Mist Technique - 50 ryo Surface Walking Technique - 50 ryo Transformation Technique - 50 ryo Chakra String Technique - 50 ryo Clone Technique - 50 ryo Genjutsu Release Technique - 50 ryo Suiton: Water Whip - 100 ryo Ryo total : 2600.