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  1. Zeus looked at the two and simply eat his drum stick. Because fuck them they were not important to him. However the girl did look rather cute. He kept his mouth shut and he would simply keep to himself for now. His eyes narrowed and he looked at the boy with his little toy weapon. He shook his head and finished the Drumstick, licking his fingers off the greese he looked at the two, and folded his hands across his chest as he shook his head. Standing there as he looked around. "Hello, Princess~" he cooed towards the female. Ignoring that there might be a spar out there.
  2. Zeus made his way towards the training grounds to see that there were two people out there. He took a seat near them, and looked up at them, He had a drum stick of a chicken leg in his hand, as he vicious took a bit of it. Today was gonna be a great day to see how this new generation fared itself against odds. He sat there eating in front of them Silently. He looked at the Girl and grinned he looked at the kiddio and frowned. He honestly did not like men. He saw the men as competition. With that being said he ate in silence. (I do apologize for the small post it's 4 45 am and I am extremely tired...)
  3. Name | Akira Nyuki Nickname | Aki Title Name | Zeus, Lightning God, Medical God Gender | Male Age | 25 Home Link | Village | Lightning Clan | Murakumo Village Ranking: | Chuunin, Medical Assistant, Three Man Squad Captain Shinobi Ranking | B Rank Element(s) | Lightning, Water, Storm Specialties | Medical(Novice), Ninjutsu(Beginner) Bloodline | Murakumo Strength | B1 Speed | B3 Reflexes | B1 Endurance | B1 Stamina | B1 Jutsu | One Free Medical Jutsu For my Rank That I will add later. Once I create it. Equipment | Forms | Creatures/Summons | Mentors & Pupils | Friends & Family | Recent History |
  4. Name | Akira Nickname | Zeus Title Name | Thunder God, Medical God Gender | Male Age | 25 Birth Date | 2/14 Hair Color | Yellow Eye Color | Blue Height | 6'7 Weight | 240 lbs Appearance | Akira is tall and muscular he stands in Six feet and seven inches tall. He is extremely bulky and muscular, he weighs roughly around two hundred thirty pounds to two hundred forty pounds of raw muscle. He carries a Sword with him, two Kunai hostlers on his right leg, and left, Six Ninja Pouches on his lower back, he also carries medical Supplies, and also he has a travel back. His Clothing are fancy and rich like, he also has Yellow hair and Blue eyes. He is charming and handsome, he is The living Embodiment of Lucifer when it comes to Looks alone. Village | Lightning Clan | Murakumo Village Ranking: | Chuunin, Medical Assistant, Three Man Squad Captain Shinobi Ranking | B Rank Element(s) | Lightning, Water, Storm Specialties | Medical(Novice), Ninjutsu(Beginner) Bloodline | Murakumo Favorable | Sex, Drinking, Fighting, Loyalty, Chess, women, eating Unfavorable | Men, Gays, Children, Disloyalty, dishonestly. Personality | Akira is a cruel and viscous man. He is extremely egoistical and has the biggest cock in the village. No really, he is the biggest in the entire Village in terms of length and Width, he is filled with analyticalally natures. There isn't anyone in the Village Female wise that he hasn't screwed. He loves getting his ego strokes, and charming the Ladies. He is dispute his disturbing ego, and Head Strong Short Temperateness. He is extremely loyal to the Village and he would do anything for the Village no matter what. He is Cunning and extremely sadistic, as well as Seductive. Philosophy & Beliefs | Believes one day he will be the strongest Lightning release User, and Medical Ninja, And to Be Denikage's Right Hand Man History & Background | Akira was born in the Lightning Village. His Parents were Former Gods of Lightning Release. They both died in Battle to the enemy Village. Akira planned to outlive their mistakes. And Become the living God himself. And destroy anyone willing to threaten his way of Life or The Village of Lightning. Akira became a Genin at the Age of Five. Not only then he later within that same Year became a Chuunin at the Age of Five. With such great progress and results. He was a trusted ninja within the Lightning Village. He grew up fast and took a Lot of Missions, during his life he made it his mission to slay women in terms of sex and undying plowing no matter what. He was not sure if he made babies with them or not. But he did have a lot of unprotected sex. Women didn't stop they just came at him because he was the best Sex God in the bed in all of Lightning Village. Akira is a refined Medical Ninjutsu with a Secondary Spec in Ninjutsu. Akira was an amazing fighter too he was extremely well in Sleath and taken down bodies upon bodies non stop. he was the most strongest and Powerful B Rank Ninja out there to be quite honest. He fought through wars and fought through angry boyfriends after sleeping with their girlfriends. He felt amazing sleeping with them because it made him feel the best. Because they went to him instead of being loyal girlfriends. Akira life was basically Getting Genin, Chuunin, Medical Ninja, Sex God, Drinking man.
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    Weird, I got tagged in this somehow. Anyways welcome to the site I hope you enjoy your stay. It sure gets lively around here, Welcome ^.~
  6. ----- ZEUS IS DONE <3
  7. [ Kill ] | The leader of an enemy village is on his way to negotiate with your leader. Your task is to assassinate him first. No witnesses. (I am willing to do another Exam if A Rank is taken for starters. That other Exam being A Rank Exam for the evil organization. If not. then I will just do this.) Akira the proud Ninja would the Village Hidden of Lightning or Thunder which ever you boys called it now adays. He was extremely well rounded in varies techniques, Medical Ninjutsu was his talent. he was able to destroy enemy enemy without them knowing. He was tasked with Assassinating another Village Leader. Because Lightning Village wanted to make it look like the enemy of their Village did it. ANd to put someone else on the seat of the Throne. Which was reasonable. Akria dressed in the enemy Village Outfit, he had a mask on his face, a sword, a few weapons, and headed off towards the location of the the point where he was going to eliminate the Leader. it was a hot day. Even for his Village. These consideration were hard. He was struggling while he was on foot, due to the heat. It wasn't like he normally moved he was slowed and delayed. But he kept on moving forward once that was done he would Arrive at the point and weigh patiently. From what he can see he was in an open plain. From a distance a Large Army was moving. A Large Group of One hundred Men, plus the Leader of the Village. Taken out his sword, he would take a long bottle, and dipped his sword in poison. The Sword coated in it's purple edging, he would drop the Bottle after the Poison was drained and would sheath the Blade. He would then take out his Bow, and would then move back wards in order to to hide. Once they approached. He took an arrow cocked his String back with the arrow placed on it, and the wooden object in between his fingers, and then begun firing quick shots, quickly. Bodies started dropping on the ground. Scouts begun to move within the Plain, and into the woods, while the Elite Ninja stood by their Ninja, dropping the bow. he switched to his daggers, and begun moving faster, getting behind each of the Scouts, he sniped their necks, hitting their head and killing them. All Six of his daggers were gone. Hitting the Six Scouts. Next came the Ninja, who managed to appear behind him, He turned his head, and a massive double handled hammer came at him, swiftly moving to the side, he reached into his back pouch to get a breathing mask on, and threw a Venomous Pallets on the ground. Moving away from the Big ceremonious Miasma cloud, he would move next to the open plain, In the Poison cloud that came out of the Pallets anyone found themselves breathing the gas dropped and died instantly. Once he got into the open, he switched to his Spitting darts taken out an objects an AMmo for the darts, he begun firing off the darts into the Ninjas, dropping them like flies. This was gonna get wild extremely, he was wide open in the field filled with Elite Ninja, and he had one last weapon. That was gonna be interesting indeed he was gonna drive them a New one quite honestly. He was gonna kill them all. He grinned he had this stupid Grin on his face. "End Game." He said. Taken out his right hand, to where the handle of the Katana was he pulled it out and with one quick slash of it he cut down through every enemy within a 2m distance, rotating the Katana in his hand as he begun to move in ultra fast speeds, Moving past his enemies as he cut them down to shreds one by one bodies dropped like flies. It came to a point where he had silenced every shinobi within his range and everyone but the Leader. Who came out of his hidng place, and at once gripped his throat and slammed him down on the ground, making him lose grip of his Katana, the guy was massive nearly fourteen feet tall and he moved so fast. He took his free hand cocked it back and attempted to smashed his entire existence in one punch, he was in shock, he took his right hand, and under his sleeve a cord came out, reaching for the Katana handle, he would zip it back into his palm, and drive it right into the Man's Arm, the blade went as far as go through the other side, the Poison had gotten into the System, and the Village Leader dropped onto the floor besides him, Removing the Blade, he would sheath it in his back and nearly cry from joy. Akira didn't know what to say he was in pure shock he didn't know if he should cry or be happy. To be alive because honestly if that Punch connected through Akira, Akira would have most likely died. Still he was happy that he made it out alive in one please now it was his turn to leave and make his way towards the village. But first he had to Hide the bodies. He spent the rest of his day digging up graves and putting each of the bodies inside the hole, everyone even the Leader, and then piling the holes back with Dirt. To make them all nice and stuffed so there was no Evidence of this at all. Once that was all nicely done and fixed. He would then make his way back towards the Village. Man this was amazing victory for him he was gonna be the best their ever was. And the best that he will ever will be. He stuck true to his goal and mission and didn't let anything fall behind. With that in mind he would return back towards the Village switch back to normal clothing and would then back to report to the Kage of his Village for a thoroughly mission report. This has been a glorious Victory for him that was for sure to be quite honest. He was gonna get a big pay check and nice meals and lots of weapons and lots of amazing shit. Man this was great. (1006 words <3)
  8. Blue/Purple Hair Yum, Nice show for Side Boob but, she is too short so 9/10